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Der Antientzündungseffekt der Ernährung bei Autoimmunerkrankungen mit Dr. Anne Fleck

Aug 15, 2022
andré's inflammatory effect of nutrition on autoimmune diseases is tonight's topic my name is tanja renner and i would like to extend a warm welcome to all participants i founded nicky v in 2016 out of my own dismay and am incredibly proud that they are working together with such prominent experts today to be able to specify this digital event because it's about 1 you as patients are the focus here you have the opportunity to ask your questions tonight and I hope we can answer them all and now I don't want to waste so much time with greetings now i would just like to introduce the great speakers and on the one hand we have ms doktor an af


who is an internist and is known to many for her innovative work on television and above all her books like the energy book, which is one of many that also has great international recognition, and now we also have bradl for perdier newsletter subscribers with three books by the way she is an internist rheumatologist with a focus on preventive and nutritional medicine and everything here in hamburg so we have dr is an internal logic rheumatologist immunologist here in hamburg and today our expert in diseases of the inflammatory system professor christian Rich dermatologist and today our expert in the field of autoimmune skin diseases is on the iss and neurodermatitis and I am also very happy to be able to introduce myself to the professor since he is an internist and chief medical gastroenterologist in hamburg at the ak si and hospital and current expert in chronic inflammatory bowel disease wow so many speakers i can introduce and now i would certainly ask everything then you also said premiere on the 8th thank you very much for the invite for all of us for all of us too it's similar we all know each other and have a big overlap and i will explain what connects us so much now we have experts in the p psoriasis project for inflammatory skin changes we have experts in chronic inflammatory bowel diseases we have the leak as a nutrition expert and me as a rheumatologist and the inflammatory system diseases we all really take care of patients together manager andreas ette values ​​this morning and we talked to two patients and we actually work together and everyone talks about it then we want temporary medicine and not always just such small areas and thank you for all the speakers here who claim to do it we actually talk to each other and treat patients together another reason why this event is so special to us is that we actually talk interactively in this forum with these disciplines about the value of nutrition that is extremely important and that's why I really want to be able to start first, maybe Christian Reich, maybe he tell you, especially because before I get to nutrition specifically, how is the dermatology right now with inflammatory skin diseases what are the goals of therapy your dermatologists are pursuing right now what are they dealing with due to the budget for therapy what is your goal try that for a moment majcen yes many thank you perhaps I would prefer from the diseases that I am now talking about psoriasis and neurodermatitis to describe them as chronic inflammatory skin diseases, the art of sailors we also have in our subject a number of autoimmune diseases that lead to blistering of the skin , everything is highly respected, but for our common chronic inflammatory skin diseases, such as psoriasis, it is worth about two percent in Germany atopic dermatitis in adults between two and five percent you can more so calculate if you are seven out of every 100 hamburgers either of the two common inflammatory mats has occurred in the last 20 to years and I'm old wonderful so you're for young but you're already old and had in it a lot has been done in the last 20 years, I would say that today we can treat most patients with psoriasis very well, even those with severe disease there are over 15 new therapies some of which work very well and are very safe so if I have a severely affected psoriasis patient if you come in then I have a good feeling because I don't know how it works and , of course, the goal is for the patient to be able to lead a normal life, that's part of it, that's what we're going to be discussing today, certainly more than just me mechanically removing the skin disease, but that's super important for the patients and we have even set a goal there ss the patient himself hardly sees that he has such a jesus with the nova so to conclude everything looks completely different we have only had new therapies for 20 20 so which only recently hasn't happened a lot for years we discussed a lot user factors about focus on allergies about clothing what should i skip what should i do that against a little bit better a little bit worse but now there's been completely new developments for some time We are on the right track for some time and I believe that with a holistic concept we will be able to manage most of these patients well in the future, but also all of you have had cortisone skin disease for many decades or so.
der antientz ndungseffekt der ern hrung bei autoimmunerkrankungen mit dr anne fleck
I think I don't like what happened to us when I did it 20 years ago. dermatologists prescribed cortisone creams, so to speak, and perhaps rightly so, nat Of course, cortisone works internally or externally, it's good for inflammation, sure, it works with inflammation, but it causes a lot of side effects, and this doesn't only applies to systemic use but also typical ones this is usually something for a good solution to an acute problem chronic control of chronic dermatitis is nothing in this respect we were no good at that time severe psoriasis patients when I started at the university clinic in Göttingen I almost said they were tarred and feathered so they had something that is needed and that doesn't smell good got their skin on and then they had phototherapy and they were in the hospital three times a year for three weeks not honestly 20 25 years ago we didn't have to pay for andreas disease this means that with chronic inflammatory diseases cortisone still plays a role in this mo ment, the commission condition is on It's a very important thing to do with the drug in chronic inflammatory bowel disease therapy if you want to subsume that of course there is Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis as the classic chronic inflammatory bowel diseases .
der antientz ndungseffekt der ern hrung bei autoimmunerkrankungen mit dr anne fleck

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der antientz ndungseffekt der ern hrung bei autoimmunerkrankungen mit dr anne fleck...

The disease is characterized by the fact that most of our patients unfortunately live their entire lives for a long time and that is why we divide our therapies and accordingly the therapy targets a bit into acute treatment and then also into the patient support and to reduce this chronic disease to a tolerable level. and in the acute phase, that is, cortisone is still essential, but we have also learned that cortisone given for a longer period of time causes considerable damage, patients get desalination of their bones, and many of our patients complain of chronic side effects of cortisone. so that we actually only use it in the acute phase beforehand the goals of the therapy are asked and that is of course the first goal of the therapy, it is clear that the patients are better and how bad are our patients if they have stomach aches and diarrhea and need a bath in the ring in nyc and can't find one because diarrhea can be so dramatic and that is of course the first thing to improve ie quality of life improvements , but we've also learned in recent years that it's not just about patients feeling better now, it's also about the structural damage, the so-called inflammation Ladies can there be constrictions in the intestines or chronic inflammations also cause fistulas, for example, and some political patients and chorus and patients will now find this again.
der antientz ndungseffekt der ern hrung bei autoimmunerkrankungen mit dr anne fleck
We want to avoid that in the long run because of course it destroys the checkers and we need the western checkers to have options for water editing but also for proper nutrition rapie and I are particularly pleased that we are discussing ms black today because of course On the one hand, we say, of course, that you need our immunosuppressive drugs to achieve the goals, but on the other hand, there is more than just achieving the goals until the quality of life and nutritional therapy have a state of insanity. I am looking forward to the discussion. Is he maybe nice with his technology?
der antientz ndungseffekt der ern hrung bei autoimmunerkrankungen mit dr anne fleck
I can briefly say that the goals for peers are that we want patients to be pain free. we want to be as pain free as possible without cortisone and we really want to stop the disease and then try to wean the drug as it progresses, which means being therapy free is a medium to long term goal. possible option in dermatology therapy-free or not a target for chronic inflammatory skin diseases, so you always have to distinguish between Due to the philosophical goal of therapy, I believe that healing and the so-called technical goal of therapy depend much of what we can really achieve and if there are patients where the best possible early control of inflammation also leads to disease freedom without further drug therapy, we are learning who that is, there are some drugs that are better at that, being able to achieve what we call a remission without therapy where the disease has fully returned than others, but there are also many patients who have had one for years need drug therapy and that patients in particular who had active disease for many years before are two important issues that we dealt with one early enough in the right way to be able to influence the cu rse of the disease positively and secondly we can also patients what else can those who have had active disease for a long time do and the answer for both is probably yes luckily we have medicines you can safely give for many years if necessary, and also, with therapy? , extensive control of the disease is achieved and, if you think about it, what therapy can mean for us.
I'll take extreme examples that I get a subcutaneous injection once every three months, so it's also a very good treatment option for most patients. actually, the goal of nutrition or nutritional counseling if the patient advises that we now have everything here, including multiple sclerosis, which is associated with chronic inflammation. is the focus for you when you live what is it about for you anti-inflammatory or quality of life d hey is a connection that is an anti-inflammatory bridge that equals more quality of life and the only inflammation the way yes as we can see right now here in this beautiful forum of experts, it is not only concentrated on the skin the path to the joint the paths disappeared also in the intestine also these small symptoms if now it is an increase in itching an increase in sneezing it is a home cold because sometimes the unfortunate symptoms haven't even fallen into the pit the kid has the signs are chronic inflammation in the bush and what i learned in an exciting way and the fun part is that i originally wanted to be a dermatologist that was my first goal as a doctor so to speak , i was with the wolf professor in bees in school and i thought about becoming a dermatologist and i did. too a little frustrated what I have left as a strategy as a tool and this frustration what else can I do besides conditions interest Before is that my strategy is fundamental and now it not only stretches autoimmune and inflammatory diseases here and actually it is a formula that you can even use preventively medically anti-inflammatory then healthy nutrition because with it you reach the gut the strongest health and eu system in the body and the anti-inflammatory diet is also incredibly smart from a preventive medicine point of view and because I wouldn't want more for us or myself nor for all of us ornithologists that we also question much more what the disease is because of what happens with me in practice, there is not only nutrition but what could be the cause of this and I often see latent infections that I often have many inflammatory in the oral cavity which also play a very important role through the connection mic and also heavy years of exposure amalgam that even the hautb image can have a lasting effect for people to look left and right and to look i can turn off any trigger which b is always like gasoline in the fire and if you look now what does that mean specifically anti-inflammatory nutrition then healthy nutrition then it has to I also say clearly what I have learned through patient work my great teachers are also many who learn the lessons of patients and their experience.
I was able to learn that you can very well save cortisone through certain anti-inflammatory strategies, that is, in the sense of high doses of omega-3, to name an example, and what completely surprised me, which I never thought possible before, would be that you can potentially lose weight even with cortisone, which was actually unthinkable for me personally,i try to be a little more specific now how are things you have always read that amalgam has something to do with inflammation and that needs to be removed let's be a little more specific first of all it's ok now recommendations for all our inflammatory diseases it doesn't matter if inflammation is at 1 percent of the value in the lady or if it is in willow skin there are different recommendations or r by my hat with rheumatism or does that really apply to everyone have to say everyone is an individual and the same that we all have a genetic footprint, in modern medicine people are always treated individually, we have tolerance and individual preferences and that's why you only do justice to a person if you also take it into account now, if you now focus on nutrition and then of course now some pillars here form a solid foundation where I can really say from experience that he has done it too meanwhile the e studies have proven the power of omega 3, for example, there are people who even surprise me, eat fish three times a week and still have very low levels of omega-3 chemically objectified in the laboratory have a high intake of omega-3 due to illness and then there is this now in general The recommendation of what would be a classic anti-inflammatory diet so that in your lifestyle you avoid refined foods high in carbohydrates and high in sugar as much as possible a lot of fiber high in water foods high in vital substances vegetables green space salads herbs spices like the the crown jewel of naturopathy no seeds like protein and good fed sources need moderate fatty fish Meat is significantly reduced and only foreigners are a sustainable source and we are such a brodesser nation and Germans clearly love bread, but if you see a lot of grain being eaten like I always do that, subconsciously also have Let's go with the omega 6, we would have turned it up a bit, so I pay attention to what you can save here, but of course it should always be enjoyment and joie de vivre, so that's very important to me. it has to be fun and in the long run you make your andrea tourist as close to your instinct and we have it right now rt what to avoid and what to recommend let's leave the chronicle so how clearly can these effects of this be seen diet in a colonoscopy of this type, for example, which can be visualized in the intestine so it is really a question of the century and the Ultimately, the question of the century has not yet been answered one hundred percent.
There are many extensive studies on the individual components of food, which, if they had an anti-inflammatory effect from a scientific point of view, were then tested in practice, so diets were then given in which these substances were particularly large. A large mass has been administered, unfortunately this has not shown any direct effect on the inflammation itself in our patients, which means that I cannot recommend any discrepancy regarding any specific colitis or any large diet. but of course there are diets and we have components that improve the quality of life of our patients ducks with chronic inflammation of this type get extremely worse, that is, for example, often the components that contain lactose contain components with a high fructose content and I think that we will also talk about the legs later.
I don't want to anticipate the many patients with chronic intestinal inflammation only in the case of colitis and corona bring a significant improvement in quality of life, but now you take a certain dietary component and the inflammation disappears, we couldn't prove that and let me come back to make this point, I think it is a very important message for our patients what conventional medicine calls giving up as much cortisone as possible giving up cortisone take the new medication that we have available and also do good individual nutritional therapy and this combination of the two will give you an optimal quality of life upwards helps I also notice that this connection also allows you to significantly save on medicines and also significantly increases the effectiveness.
Just with one look at this chat, turn on the light in the blink of eyes that many people ask what would be a good omega-3. therapy that you can use in practice can recommend so it is also important that sometimes flaxseed oil is not enough to adequately supply these long chain omega 3 fatty acids dh and ep in practice and that is why he recommends oils with this additive, for example a more dhfk and the best are those above light, heat, oxygen exclusion, pressed safe omega, so if you're lucky, the bottle is no guarantee of a good product , but we have the freshest pressing and this quality so you really notice the differences and that's a piece of the puzzle where I can say you can handle the cortisone with it and it's also a Spaniard who is dermatologist with you How established is this recommendation for a diet change? i this inflammatory skin disease can already be tested specifically on you with accordion savings so for the first time cortisone therapy and now I'm talking again about a surprise area neurodermatitis has no place there anyway , so I would say that for us it is no longer about saving cortisone because there we have just seen that much, much more and much better things, but there are very different and very complex relationships between inflammation and nutrition in the case of psoriasis, we know that fat visceral in particular acts as a turbocharger for inflammation, which means that being overweight in many psoriasis patients is an inflammatory requirement. inflammatory in psoriasis there is also psoriasis and that prevents gesa gt does not have a specific diet and has tried a lot there is no diet for psoriasis but a healthy diet as the project said normal sports activity avoid smoking which actually has a carrier factor in pink police if nicotine assigns anti-inflammatory but in psoriasis it is also in all the small carrier factors, that is, a healthy lifestyle, a rich and healthy diet, normal weight, sports activity, are factors that are well documented to have an effect anti-inflammatory in psoriasis, in neurodermatitis, the situation is much more complex, many patients with neuro so have Allergies Many believe that you also have a food allergy, in fact, the percentage is probably much less common, but not all carrier factors either caused by food are now cross-reactive with actual allergens, so nothing determines that you have nutritional advice avoiding triggers avoiding food allergies remains a clear role in preventing relapse, for example, or in generally helping disease activity be controlled such Maybe you would like to bring us a little to the level with catchy phrases that you can talk about the individual components of food maybe once you say how important the movie is to you and where you should pay special attention to it, it should already be directed at omega 3 fatty acid say a few words about is what but should i eat something special or should i eat it in capsule form i can briefly say if suddenly there shouldn't be a neurologist there but the whole group consists of m patients of course i think we are all here today even if there is no neurologist there you can of course also adapt to MS or that is also absolutely in the autonomy they say m more is rheumatism of the brain and that is absolutely important again we only mention it again very briefly because now there is an incredible number of participants so the electricity market romines exactly 3 fatty acids and moving forward is always good that I have said a lot times and written many times maybe some of you are already listening to it.
It is not only about the debate about what we eat, but also about how we eat. So, especially patients with ulcerative colitis or the intestines, everything must be chewed well. before the digestion process begins in the mouth and that is often overlooked which is point one then also the timing of food intake how often do i eat so there is also well documented data on frequency from food if I restrict the frequency of food grozny i also generally an inflammatory, in addition, there is also a little physiological inflammation after eating, so I try to treat chronic inflammatory diseases, no matter if it is now rheumatism is lupus is multiple sclerosis is rheumatoid arthritis or psoriasis and there may also be others in the bread try reducing the frequency of food it suits this patient because if he has migraine reflux or tendency to gallstones after not fasting for a long time and in the choice to fast to give the body a rest lead them to autophagy in the process of cleansing the body's own cells that are recognised. recommended for everyone equally at least 12 to 13 hours but if the defense said and then suffers from the cranes it does not have to be 14 or 16 hours of torment I think it is even quite banal advice that is also important and to which I personally have accustomed and there is a small tip as a refinement is to drink between meals because I simply do not dilute the stomach acid is also an important factor and therefore also demonstrably improves the absorption of nutrients from mashed food ern can and now it which would be, so to speak, if that was said in the cinema it would be very good because now something belongs to the house, so according to your own enjoyment, really a lot of green things everything that makes up Vegetables with legumes you should pay attention to Also because of the content, the so-called antinutrients are important to you, which under certain circumstances can be a problem for some people.
Deliver these foods well in advance. Raw food should always be washed enough and I say this for logical reasons, which are often forgotten, fruit also belongs wonderfully, but if you like pears, mango with your apples and what is very important, the intestine is a key figure in our health and also in overcoming these diseases and he also loves bitter substances, which means we have the connection of the bitter substance receptors of the tongue that directly attract the bitter substance receptors in women , that's why I put, for example In practice, not only in this case is it really universal for a person's own 0 1, but I also recommend bitter substances, for example, in the form of teas.
Dandelion nettle who likes bitter bitterness can also deal with their own team or there is also eg peter spree, which can be put on the tongue between meals, we have an immediate stimulation of the flow Or fresh and a prebiotic douche for the soho mega drive elimination name. I would recommend the following. The capsules have the following. disadvantage that they often have a long shelf life and in that case I am always in favor of the product being made for health or for its shelf life and I am a fan of consuming nutrients from natural foods unfortunately I see that it is also with people who eat themselves very healthy if then sometimes in a row and analysis of minerals sch aut who still have a lack of insulin due to deficiency consistent with diabetes or omega 3 are therefore long long omega 3 is perfect if also complements it because of the problem of overfishing etc. for example in the form of its own which was the point that is important and the quality of the research yes tell me something to get plants what is that and why you should think not it would go so far so again one does not tolerate it the other does not what is that?
These are, for example, tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, also potatoes. that they really worked together, I think there are also clear connections with Islam, this food heals is a messenger substance of cells that migrate to the edges of our body and under various influences almost cause a release of histamine if, for example, also there is a lot of stress and people with chronic diseases often have stress and then unconsciously have a lot of histamine, heated food or peas also have a certain effect then above all one can chronic infection that may not have been recognized to date, for true, we know that even a bar and multiple sclerosis are related very important factor recently also finally proven studies can increase huge histamine and then people have migraine joint pain painful gastrointestinal discomfort and really benefit this group, who feel addressed when attention is paid to the content of food and testing whether that also has an effect on symptoms so joint pain can also be triggered by loose histamine andreas how is it with chronic inflammation? intestinal diseases that is now recommended if you must eat a lot of raw foods fruits vegetables is what such a basic lady who tolerates well has to put the microphone that is really extremely different we have seen a chat now also a question about foods that contain roses nothey are tolerated by everyone, especially in the acute phase b when the inflammation is there, raw food is extremely poorly tolerated, so we think or advise you to eat steamed food, but if you are well adjusted with the medication and the inflammation is reasonably controlled, salad and vegetables, etc. or a lot a lot well tolerated there i am completely up to ford lag ultimately its about organizing your life something i ran into again this morning or this afternoon i had a bowl of salad within three minutes in front of the ambulance and then I also got emails saying that I advise my patients not to do anything under any circumstances take your time to eat and then take a little break afterwards that also applies to our patients with chronic inflammatory bowel disease and perhaps the most important message, especially for younger patients is to leave it alone not just walk away but analyze what you eat we see so many patients the specific closure skip the medications because then you will have a better quality of life but then there will be a vitamin d deficiency a vitamin d deficiency b12 and even worse an iron deficiency tested the ingredients then possibly replaced them mostly a with components of plant origin and I think that is the most important advice we can give, you have already had many questions about gluten in the chat, maybe you can say something about it, totally the case, the history of mac already You've hinted, on the one hand, we have a clear gene-associated disease and that's the footprint because patients don't react allergically, but at least the protein content in the grain gives you a real toxic inflammatory change in the picture and the only help is to dispense with gluten completely. it works hi nowadays it's pretty good you can even get gluten free cookies and cakes at the supermarket in the edk nowadays that's a group that has to go gluten free entirely but there is and we've learned a lot in the last few years that there are also gluten patients who have gluten in bulk offered today they are no longer tolerated and we know that in industrial manufacturing or in modern companies the good content is much higher than it was, for example, so without Doubt is very important advice to avoid a certain amount of gluten, he says if you have no traces, that is, no clearly toxic disease, you can try it and do without the grain if you improve, then slowly return to a certain degree and then you've reached its threshold of good tolerance.
I would like an exact one. I completely agree and have a small note as experience value. Sometimes I think that. It is not necessarily because of the club itself and because of modern breeds, it is said that it is excreted almost unused, but there can also be finite or inflammatory changes in the mucous membranes of the intestines, I often see it like this in people with chronic infections or the lyme disease which i think maybe it's not just the knot itself but how the body treats it but it did exist and then i'll give you the hint just like you said people should leave the pimple out for seven to ten days, who wants, for 14 days and then again specifically provoking so that then several times a day you eat a spelled bun or a wheat bun and then some people will notice something else. this also goes for dairy and milk protein and tolerance so to speak i think its still underestimated many have lactose intolerance casein is known to be a problem having fewer people in the prater and there i see a lot of people who have chronically blocked noses due to casein intolerance and are also more prone to migraines so this is also one of the musics i love with dairy and you can do the same with kloten or you can do ten days loose the two for a few days it's very difficult and then you find out for yourself and if you have to follow the strict rule then it's okay if you eat it from time to time christian maybe maximum from the automatic logical point of view something to do with the quotes to say because that is also expressed a lot in the skin is the game that has a relevant role in the information about iss or neurodermatitis the association with is your experience after hey yes that was a big discussion before many and the clinical picture of the so-called histamine intolerance was discussed and some believe in it and others do not believe in it, the fact is that the allergic reaction is one of the best. mmten type, namely that accumulators lead to the formation of the source of skin deformation or cause itching, which we also refer to as type 1 allergies that neurodermatitis patients also infrequently have, there are people who simply They have urticaria and they don't have neurodermatitis, that plays a role there, without a doubt, and we also know which cells release histamine and many patients can also be helped by using antihistamines, for example, it reduces the effect of mister bean and now there is no problem with lara and completely and everyone. you know what foods belong to which one likes fish champagne certain types of cheese that can happen yes we know how much histamine foods contain normally women's body has the amino whether he has seen there himself he has an enzyme system to deal with breaking down histamine supplied by food and this histamine intolerance must be based on the fact that that, for example, these s the aforementioned enzymatic activity in the intestine is activated and then, as it were, it is no longer supplied with the food it breaks down quite a bit and then you come to the theory of an intensification of the allergy because suddenly too much histamine is ingested I'm not quite sure if I believe it, but the fact is that many patients who have such unclear allergic symptoms, nervous, I thought he was pinching his nose, allergic symptoms not only come out of the mucous membrane, but also it just turns into a swelling. to a swollen nose in addition to your nose or itching the pictures have symptoms then you are against these foods that cause the real real allergy so you don't find that yes also no idea measured that's why we don't believe but then try it and then you turn it on, yes you can take it for a long time, the idea is that it works in the gut, the enzymes are efficient. the lichen is that you can change the food that you can change your diet that maybe it should work with antihistamines I must say that I have a long list of patients on call so with something like that it's better yes and in the end of course it faded right so it's me.
It does not matter if this disease occurs or not, the fact is that allergy patients can often be helped by making a real allergy and then you can put something at stake, which may be of interest to many, that histamine intolerance is which is now classified also in the family miracle because the mast cell activation syndrome is so abbreviated that the professor of the rings in bonn wants a lot for it with an interesting paper and there he can also determine the amino whether there are other values it is pressed to are but they can also be negative and histamine breakdown products in the urine collection it is also spain 24 hours n rest and then sometimes you make these patients slip away and the affected people really have an extreme path that goes from migraines from itchy skin to reid dental problems joint problems and often go unnoticed I also like going to psycho corner and I think q Because this mca is there, we always have to ask why the human being has this mcs that drives the measurement cell crazy, so to speak, I think a lot more research needs to be done? look because I think it's a lot of unreported cases it's assumed that 18 to 25 percent have the same symptoms in their own way and then really you can at least use these antihistamine strategies that hofer department said can help but and that is important to find a cause and relief that is an experience how long do you have to make such a change in the diet to know if that was the case I have so much practical experience w that is, everyone in our daily lives there is nothing that does not exist.
Once I was very surprised. I had a lady who was a patient who had been having problems with her finger for over 20 years and after ten days she said and credibly I can move my finger better again just after a little adjustment with migrants and less sugar and grains I think you have than to do it jokingly do it with love relaxed and relaxed because that will not work should think about it on the first day for God's sake man is lucky because the last day and if then step by step he has to say most of them happen from experience in a three to six week time period a lot happens and in practice I tell the patient to imagine a nice long trip, for years yes and then really a whole lot happens so I also experienced that a irritable bowel also became massive irritant years existing also surprisingly after three four months ten which were also addressed through some concrete recommendations on how you could di solve pc power those are really cool times you can look forward to and often there are yes i raised my hand here because i was chatting and i have to say here amazing ag thru chats forums do what we are going to do then you yes well i can't see right now yes i can see hydra the most creative by and i would like to be a dermatologist who also passionately deals with this disease almost because we don't have it yet so let's control a disease where the formation of inflammatory nodules unfortunately often also leads to the formation of tracks and the load on the maxl breasts in the genital area on the buttocks is incorrectly known as agents a very difficult complex disease where inflammation plays a role what role does the user play a role there is also overweight how a true internal risk factor earth is worth knowing that you have a disease that also has a strong association with the disease chronic inflammatory bowel so again one of those gondolas that goes back and forth between topics disease of the inflammatory system honestly i have to fit in there too what would be directed at nutrition helps beyond the general anti inflammatory rules we've already discussed normalization of being overweight very important i have to say it would fit but i would like to add one more thing to the discussion because i just got back from a conference in boston and you're not so absolutely fascinated that you don't want to open up the really big problem there is also an explosion of data for the dermatology I mean we first saw a study where psoriasis patients were given 1 harmless killed intestinal bacteria and in a large double blind placebo controlled study so the wa Actually the most important scientific claim is the long-term anti-inflammatory effects found in the area where the drugs are ineffective ectives and I find it to be such an exciting approach that maybe it goes beyond pure nutrition that we're focusing on here today, but drug therapy is also not really an option, it's actually probably a physiological tolerance that induces the mechanism is not to calm down an overheated immune system in the case of long term psoriasis it is more operative we want to read the note right away and take turns answering the slightly choppy questions maybe andreas again and then we would do another round together yes wonderful yes allow me I would answer two questions in a chat A lady asked me a question, now I have a cd in, for example, a disease associated with gluten and also a lactose inspector, and what can I continue to eat, and the question is quite easy to answer : a disease associated with gluten, that is, celiac disease causes a lack of lactose and when we eat these gluten properly negotiate empathy to sensitive through nutrition therapy, that is, omitting blood, then the symptoms of a trace of gluten-sensitive enteric area will slowly disappear, it takes about one to two weeks, and after four weeks, patients can also drink completely milk again, the reason is that the inflammation in the mucous membrane of the small intestine is gone and lactase, the enzyme that breaks down the sugar in milk, is produced again in the mucous membrane and it takes a certain time, which means that if we treat a disease, namely inflammation, and we treat it appropriately, then there are many symptoms and also many nutritional components that we can eat and that makes sense.
Dairy products are extremely important to many patients because they contain calcium. Don't give up, proper control of symptoms and inflammation also gives you the opportunity to eat much more nutritional components than before in the acute state. The situation of inflammation is said once with chronic intestinal diseases. There are all kinds of soundtracks about the importance of nutrition. Yes, it is the longest year in Germany. There are clear guidelines that one part of the guideline says chronic inflammatory bowel disease symptoms improve significantly. we can have patients who, for example, have Crohn's disease or colitis for a long time, very oftenhave typical symptoms such as irritable bowel syndrome and nutritional medicine advice can be extremely valuable and, on the other hand, Mrs Beck has already said that we can use crowns, for example Vegetables and fruits are more recommended than, above everything, this type of prepared dishes of industrial manufacture.
Periodic warnings are given. On the one hand, this has a historical reason because we know that in countries where there are no industrially manufactured food components. which often, india, africa, the chronic - inflammatory bowel disease is extremely rare and in diseases and in areas of america norway germany chronic inflammatory diseases are much more common which may have a genetic background on the one hand but it also has to do with nutrition and that's where industrially produced or refined or sugary products are at least suspect, so professional societies recommend avoiding them, but there is no specific diet, how is it with chronic inflammatory skin diseases and Christian it gives you a hint in the guide that nutrition is important and should all dermatologists actually pass this on as part of their recommendations, so in the case of neurodermatitis, I've already talked about the complex connection between actual food allergies and food intolerances, this is always dealt with extensively, many young children Because the al real food ergies are often present in young children, they can also be difficult to diagnose, so it's discussed in detail anyway, and in the case of psoriasis, gentlemen, I'd like to bring this pro-mobility term back into play. , so it's a technical term but something that I find incredibly important I can't find any of the diseases that you named them as he called them chronic inflammatory bowel diseases not chronic skin diseases not major static diseases are not pure organ manifestations these they are diseases of the inflammatory system are as such they occur more frequently in certain patients other and they also belong to metabolic diseases that patients with psoriasis that we could not believe have a three times higher risk of suffering serious cardiovascular diseases even if they do not have the typical risk factors for which there is this complex interaction ion between inflammation ng chronic inflammation metabolic changes in both directions inflammation promotes metabolic disorder and metabolic disorder promotes inflammation and this fact is also found in the guidelines so you won't find recommendations for compulsory schooling on specific diets there either but you will find a comprehensive treatise. about dermatologists they should also discuss this aspect co mobility nutrition sensible normal weight as part of a holistic consultation before now i would like to do something for natural organic diseases than you then i would like brenner to come andreas and christian if we could have a chat with ms


right away go through it once and choose maybe 1 question about our areas of expertise from top to bottom and maybe because we have almost 100 questions with almost 300 participants we probably can't answer all of them but if we can cht show the questions as an example and sometime can you say something briefly about it.
Now I would briefly tell you something about the long recommendation of nutrition in dementia, which is the usual format of diseases, and I think it can also be extended to multiple sclerosis For us rheumatologists, it is very important that this issue of nutrition is very big and ubiquitous but still not a proper part of the guide because the data situation is actually the studies and there was never any talk about the question where can you read the study the study situation really isn't good that means i followed it but then how many studies list native oil and rheumatism diseases and there are none or what about turmeric and roller diseases?
There are no studies that meet our standards to see medication under so that there are studies for the Mediterranean diet and that is actually what is relatively easy to know we know it is easy to implement but even this simple diet there are only 14 studies that implement the criteria that we established for all the opponent drugs and these studies have about 50 patients, which means that 25 ate one and 27 years the other and we have and if now there are some difficulties to establish all this therapy without really having good data to these individual recommendations, of course we all have experience that if you tell patients that I eat industrial sugar they will have more or less pain or when they drink alcohol they admit that it is our age but that we have to deal with inflammatory diseases at the moment I can change my diet now so I need to take cortisone I think that has already been resolved that does not give the data and I think that's the case, at least for inflammatory nervous disease g for inflammatory diseases also not to say I want one or the other and this this we can save on drugs we want that but that hasn't really been tested and we can't there isn't just one study that has shown we need less denomination or we need less pain meds she's a problem so we have to have that as part of our recommendation but we can't blame each other it's your impression it's also kind of a supplement and we don't play like we have to integrate but what of course I see with tears in my eyes is that there will be no study promoting little hesse so there will be no investment behind and that's it I also get it from colleagues too uke some of them now would like frame eat with certain or with neurofibromatosis there is simply a lack of interest in quality and you always have to say ma when it comes to nutrition n ta It also has the problem of proof that it is just fact only to the extent that a patient told me many years ago that he would rather have become unscientifically healthy than remain scientifically ill and was also someone I would like to see studies on to the extent in which I know unfortunately the study situation is always going to be left behind and you still will, but as I said, what is important to you, I think it does not say one thing against the other, so you have to say it over and over again when acute wards are pending you shouldn't hesitate and act quickly even with medication don't wait but it's an ideal supplement and unfortunately it's coming now it also comes from the effectiveness in patients who feel that but I think if we would give a lot , a lot many to one of our patients in a data collection and only 28 bars now or psoriasis party would also show up there, or mirror correlations gt, long story short, lan Ger son, the studio situation is always bad and many years ago they just smiled at me, so what's the point of all this or do you see a connection?
I thought and it's really important if you carry that with you that people complement each other individually and that you offer everyone here no matter what autoimmune disease is present, more rare or more frequent if you individually have a healthy lifestyle for anti-inflammatory ladies. where i would also definitely bring sleep on board then you may as well save on medication but you absolutely need it at one point or another and i just wished this research would be more successful because it also makes it easier for us colleagues to convince others because i it would be the same that you would like to recommend something that is documented for example there was a Also a question that I want to address directly is that dietary supplements prove msm turmeric are useful if they are from own empirical experience recently there was also a study from the university of bochum that showed itself very impressively in ms and that made me happy so I'm the boss please continue that's exactly it especially in ms the focus is more and more on connections with the microbiota and that's why now there are no patients in my practice without a bowel cleanse, that is, a building. of the intestinal flora mainly through nutrition or brown prebiotics from I would give you the choppy answers right away from Renner von nic maybe you could report your own experience you also have a chronic inflammatory disease and that was one of the reasons you started technik what kind of experiences do you have with yourself nutrition made is what what at the beginning of the song of which one d I went to the doctor or was it more frustrating when the first medicine did not help me Microphone system please turn on the microphone please raise it is yes , it was a long time for me too and 20 years ago i have to say nutrition doesn't play a role and when i look back what i ate 20 years ago how i ate is a big difference from the current situation and to a very extreme degree i changed completely my diet three years ago and a shirt is very healthy I hardly eat any wheat products and I eat much more consciously or have a much more selection bigger vegetables the meat I eat and I think in general there has been a rethinking that you can see in a lot of people and I can only say that I'm doing it Great I'm fine so I'm continuing therapy it hasn't replaced therapy, but having this feeling that you're really fit makes me feel good and I've sunk a bit again last before Christmas. chten fingers last year and the christmas before last i was totally consistent even in the summer i didn't eat ice cream with my daughter our stupid special but they really didn't miss christmas this year because they think i'm a bit clicked and now matschiner walter christ and I'm doing something here and I just notice I notice I'm tired and you can tell what's really bothering me is I know when I change it I'm going to be cleaning a lot and I just can't do it right so I'm just addressing everyone with a healthy diet, but I also know that I feel much better when I run again and now and all these experiences that I can absolutely confirm and I am very happy that vom fleck is here today and underlines everything so massively but how do you say it does not replace my therapy .
I tried it at the time, it was also an experience. I tried twice and told my ar. zt can be proud that the fasting video was a great experience, but after three months the students really just wanted him back, so he was always there. exercise, I'm still in wine therapy, okay, professionals will try to find a question and answer it, yes, I have already selected a few questions and a whole series of questions have been answered, a very interesting question, of course, it is also useful if not like nothing yes fasting helps fasting always helps with our chronic inflammatory bowel disease patients of course because food components are not handled in such a way that they are possibly metabolized by microbes and then lead to a lenz plateau , most patients feel a little better after that but man you can't eat anything for the rest of your life you need an egg a man has to find a diet he likes that supplies the right nutritional components and one you should not forget the vitamins so that you allow patients who are reasonably well nourished and who are well with their inflammation to do a fasting cure So, what should you do?
So, in no way exaggerating, but it is very typical if you eat less sugar, that is, most patients feel a little better, we know that, especially with our irritable bowel patients, and the benefits should not be exceeded, but anti-inflammatories should definitely not be discontinued because we have to make him see that the integrity of the intestines, which is seriously affected by inflammation, is maintained only then can nutritional therapy be good? Cristian would come to a doctor who is now little about advice nutritionists is a third party telling politicians how can this be dealt with? just methotrexate mtx that helps i'm there i really have to say this is a very important disease in which it is an autoimmune reaction against the body's own it is still understandable why dermatologists know it well because the site is legal often inflamed from a very characteristic way the ear is inflamed but the earlobe where kei The cartilage inside is free, so it has not really been diagnosed if you know, but the dangerous thing is that the air flap of the boxes The bones of the Cartilage can also become inflamed in other places in the body.
I can talk to the participant. Try a specialist. find this is a rare disease you have to be a little familiar with it it is a much better drug than methotrexate woman if he is right away you can play me back then you don't have to go public here now but just leave for someone who be specifically familiar with this disease another question histamine and itching in neurodermatitis we have already discussed histamine histamine is one of the many substances that can trigger itching in neurodermatitis because it is only one of them it is often the effect of antihistamines or histamine in a diet lost inthe itching so it's limited that's just they're d there's also multiple factors and often means patients know about everything and they can't stop scratching and they have blood on their shirt and they sleep and not 8 so that it's really a key symptom with of and in t was neurodermatitis and if it was all milk or low histamine diet doesn't help then the inflammation needs to be treated and we can do that very well nowadays and there are lots of good strategies to alleviate the itch if you just change your diet and therefore it is not enough on its own thanks here just a goofy question on the subject of intestinal sanitation for what is recommended Basically and you don't have to do expensive stool tests now which is very Frequently what triggers this autoimmune process is that the intestinal mucosal barrier is not completely intact, that's why you then like to work with amino acids, vitamins, for example, or I also like to use different mixtures s of tea to for the first time the intestinal mucosa gregory then of course of r the use of probiotics to accompany everything that strengthens the healthy intestinal flora, thin and anti-inflammatory, so the vegetables, greens and herbs in the amount you can tolerate they also slowly increase which is lovely for example acacia fibers or ground psyllium husks in organic quality by the way these are also I even put things in the checker recently and a teaspoon makes the paste take on a sudden some creaminess and forgot a little more fiber, they are also tasteless and the acacia fibers in particular are also tolerable for people who tend to have flatulence and irritability and then it makes sense, but then it is coordinated individually with the consulting doctor, taking probiotics and that really opens a clear door again which would be, for example, what every autoimmune patient can certainly do and then there was another question how do you see yours i bought hashimoto with lupus out thats also a classic thats hands what is the first autoimmune disease it usually opens the door to second autoimmune diseases so its not uncommon as consolation and with hashimoto i have seen in particular from experience that first of all 80 in all autoimmune diseases really affect oral health so that's what drives patients tell me there is no crime scene in the oral cavity and also and also with the attempt at a gluten-free diet also there one may have hashimoto particularly influenced well to a question back to arthritis iss and vegetarian diet I can say in general for inflammatory joint disease there are not many studies on vegetarian nutrition, as I said there are more facts about the mediterranean diet, not too many carbohydrates, if possible, meat two days a week, fish & reverse taste fully vegetarian or vegan, not too much alcohol of course, now a special recommendation for a vegan diet can't be made now that they're more or less a panacea is if someone figures out for themselves that it's good for them then there's no nothing wrong with that you have to make sure that certain elements are not too few like me with twelve orphans not too few then i have to start with getting replaced i think the mediterranean diet is really a good honor for all rheumatic inflammatory diseases no i advise my patients to eat vegetarian or vegan the mediterranean diet includes everything we need christian then the next dermatologist yes there are a lot of questions about a little drug therapy versus a change in diet and some benefit has also been mentioned .
They also commented on my experience after 30 years. yes there are things you can do with a change in diet make it not often no It's not very predictable you have to try it but we heard a lot of good advice today and I also think that in individual cases it can definitely have an anti-inflammatory contribution additional, but in the case of severe inflammatory diseases, you also spoke. joint inflammation severe skin disease that shouldn't lead to growth drugs or drugs that might actually be good yes I'm a big fan of this kind of antibody therapy where you actually use an endogenous principle to normalize a substance that is too much there the question here is can i do it pix and change your diet it will not be like that if a doctor has made the decision to give you a and a severe so it does not mean you should not try a diet change do all this if you are very well if you are free of inflammation Of course you can for a long time discuss with the doctor whether such an antibody therapy can be omitted, but it is important for me to say that we have achieved so much in the last 20 years with this therapy of antibodies that will not lag again yes and then of course a lot of specific questions about what diet for vitiligo I also have no answer who what diet for vitiligo to be able to talk for an hour about the level of this vitiligo disease oxidative stress that has nothing to do with psychosocial stress increased release of aggressive oxygen radicals in the skin plays a role and possibly white spots there is a diet that it can be very useful but it is also a lamp for tele-inflammatory diseases and there is also a whole range of very effective therapies I do not know of any specific one for vitiligo because I can also alleviate them and all those who listen to us there is not this specific approach for vitiligo gms specific nutrition so everyone listening to us should walk out here with this good feeling that overall a Mediterranean oriented healthy anti-inflammatory nutrition with a few refinements that we've also indicated already can create a clear living reputation and that really always you have to discuss that you need the medication which should in no way be a question ado, especially in the beginning and always completely always communicate honestly with the treating physicians that is also a very important thing i think i brought up another question on the subject of post co witt longo will there also be newer works that can be well confirmed and should again be closely related with a high epstein-barr virus load so personally i think i do e that many disease progressions whether it be hashimoto or cancer patient onset have an extremely high computer culprit and this virus is also supposed to be involved and there was interesting data from china there they also tried this witt longo with actually there was also a Question about how to influence high dose vitamin c and acupuncture.
I have had good experiences with this, in contrast to this vitamin c in capsule form, which you can use longer with high dose therapy, even if too much is excreted. in the urine Achieving a sustained plasmatic level and that creates a clearly subjective relief of the symptoms, but here also clearly we need a lot of time and it would also put into play the aforementioned strengthening the immune system, intestinal sanitation, sleep, etc. and a long regeneration or the mic worked again mic in the i see some wa remediation microbiome questions at work should i replace the first ladies question not the extremes?
The larger end is, for example, an antibiotic therapy book. that they are not marked through a typical pattern specific to gut bacteria but through a so-called speech and your user says it's a mess the most important point is because the microphone looks completely different to me and if you go to America now for two weeks in chicago you're always a citizen so it's different micrograms then you come back and it's the same as it was before that means the fair wants to give you no specific bacteria that we can use at least for chronic inflammatory bowel diseases that now specifically cure inflammatory diseases chronic gut bacteria can and therefore err on the side of not being so excited about patients showing us these gut bacteria tests and some colleagues saying that this bacteria is actually missing and needs to be replaced it's about having a healthy mix of gut bacteria and we have thousands of different intestinal bacteria many of which know We know that we do not know that at this moment unfortunately we know very well, but the advice that we can give is something very natural.
I hope women tell you more about it, so I often just recommend firm yogurt. bacteria in it that you can also use to build the intestines. Is a settler college known to be beneficial in Crohn's disease, but only in very mild forms? Otherwise there are no recommendations for replacing bacteria so now there would be a lot of questions about food supplements and food weight or food change believe dust usually says it always came from this the goal should actually be its having a balanced diet and absorbing everything through the normal nutrients that we are i think most of them are not fans of taking nutritional supplements in the form of capsules it was still exactly the same many years ago today i see that in some cases it makes sense to do so add, but only one agent can make the foundation must be individually tailored to better nutrition and unfortunately that is also something that is not funded in our health care system. vitamin d this is a point that i criticize a lot and also regret and from the point of view of functional medicine of functional nutritional medicine there are indications, for example we need vitamin b to build the mucous membranes that now the eyes are the mucous membranes of the mouth or the lady there may make sense and so I'm also a fan of me seeing what it is and then specifically supplementing the deficiencies is what I think it would be great if we looked at it before for example determine selenium determine manganese specific to low chromium certain circumstances could prevent disease help with silit deficiency is also widespread manganese deficiency is also widespread because for example chronic infections like borrelia stress food and manganese beck and eisenberg and then people are deficient in iron are tired and do not have hamann deficiency that also gives a little recoil which is a in view of this quasi-modern nutritional medicine that has its justification if it is done sensibly and if you then say that if I take something and there really is straw and wheat you must urgently make sure to coordinate with the treating doctors first of all so that you simply have something in the radar offer here is still taken and it is that the pure substances are label reading is important, it does not have additives, dyes, gluten, lactose, but below there are manufacturers who serve this quality.
How long Chris years? Such a long question also related to ideological diseases. Many questions. Maybe I can somehow do something preventative. smallWe talked about it and in fact now there is very good data that the children of mothers and fathers who suffer from neurodermatitis themselves, these children are at greater risk of developing it alone, there is very high ranking work published years ago that were there by taking lactobacillus which can show that that the later manifestation i.e. the actual later disease of children can be reduced there's a lot of good follow up data on this that one is looking for one doesn't know how resistant this is but that one it can also change immunological parameters in the long term by influencing migration at a micro level i think so and in that sense it is something this this prophylactic idea that can certainly argue the last point here high dose vitamin d 20,000 units per day per which would be very careful, normally he needs a thousand units per day if someone is efficient, that is, he has a real deficiency, although he can go beyond people sa nas under the idea that it somehow has an anti-inflammatory effect taking 20,000 units of vitamin d a day for a longer period of time would be clearly against Exactly on this was also my question to what extent it is possible to prevent autoimmune diseases with food or with vitamin d in particular and many of them Educators are probably already after autoimmune diseases, but just a few weeks ago a vital study came out.
This vital study is actually about the extent to which heart attacks can be prevented as to how much to paint and omega 3 fatty acid consumption and that was a little disappointing but now in follow up examination it turned out an examination of several tens of thousands of patients that actually taking 2,000 units of video with a day could obviously dierig taken for more than five years this occurrence of inflammatory rheumatic diseases a v I can avoid that now for all diseases erms, but for individual diseases and if it really affects healthy people, there may be an end.
It was a large study that is now assigned for the first time, but it is very interesting for our immunologists and also in the easy to implement in daily clinical practice andreas you have another question but I have not wanted to say one more thing about food supplements yet so three points for us vitamin d is of crucial importance, especially for patients whothey have to take cortisone , even if only for a short time vitamin d is important today broke in hamburg the concerns did not separate we probably have a d deficiency in our latitude meters anyway so we recommend the vitamin d substitution to all of our patients, but not at the dose of 20,000 units per day 20,000 units per week should be the highest goal is a normal mirror high that is consistent with the flec k to measure the second point is vitamin b12 in some of our patients the area of ​​the intestine is operated on because it was inflamed which can reserve vitamin 12 and then the patients have a deficiency there you have to talk to your doctors and doctors and I can ask questions, then reserve and the third point is iron which also it is extremely important to our patients and we have heard from many now that if the iron level is too low it makes you feel tired and co lol it's really very important that we substitute properly and then i wanted to show something very briefly i don't know if you can see more than you can't see but we have an inflammatory we have a self help group for chronic inflammatory bowel disease patients the DCCV and you just have 200 pages in your affiliate magazine on nutrition for chronic inflammatory bowel disease and you can write to dccv and sign up for sure go search and there very specific questions that come up in your chat will be answered again in the max book maybe something more to say there are many questions in the cortisone chat how far you can optimize nutrition during ongoing cortisone therapy it's all about no space tritium video idea do you have any special tips?
Many of our patients, whether it's bowel, skin, or sensitive central nervous system diseases, take a portion of what for those patients basically really as much as possible about profound life changing anti-inflammatory. then the healthy would be here. I also actually prescribe Mega Drive Care with oil to see how you can save cortisone with it, so not since, which I've been doing for about 17-18 years. I have had very few patients who still need cortisone. at all so it's amazing how much you then open you can lower the smaller doses or even lie down at the same time under the k Alliance has but power of course you also have to pay attention to bone health to pay attention to vascular health and I recommend the classic recommendations for vitamin D and also magnesium because if the supply of magnesium is also the supply of vitamin D and calcium in balance, then maybe you still have elevated homocysteine, it's already a bit very very subtle on the vessels but there are certain recommendations here as well so whoever says so now i would recommend the pragmatic before what and basically i would say invest a good one with mega safe vitamin b production in as low doses as possible and control regularly the level with the GP and then also take magnesium on board, so it only fits the reduced stress tolerance and at the beginning of my studies enc I found biochemistry so interesting today. i love biochemistry books even more you can see where everywhere what nutrient in what cycle lus reinfried magnesium co to the central committee and so we are somewhere with the whole body soul spirit also biochemistry on two legs and here they are on reality alone or also in case of severe fatigue and with participation of hertz or also with the prescription of statins that really is very clear to the patient now they are told something in the chat and those who listen to us must also prescribe q10, the key enzyme, just to mitigate the side effects and that's also very important for energy level and over forty it's Definitely too much walking takes the power of coenzyme q10 from the body of the blanket and that's why that just does it, so it often doesn't change, there are still theological questions that the video can answer, I think we've answered the most important ones and if I look at time a bit we're pretty funny sos if we exactly have 90 minutes since the Chair transplant is also a question of chronic inflammatory bowel diseases or if you want to say something about it in general.
That's really a very difficult subject, so chair transplant, there was this idea that if my stool has microbes on it, then I mean someone healthy's stool takes it and then my gut bacteria go back to normal. There is much to say about it. The most important point is that, unfortunately, stool transplantation has not shown any good effect in chronic inflammatory bowel diseases and the only diseases where they have really had great success with stool sample transplantation is colitis due to clostridia particularly affects patients who have severe diarrhea after taking antibiotics and also special risk groups that's the other one the first but the second one is much more interesting for you we talk so much about microbiologists and we talk so much about bacteria that on one page making people healthy but on the other hand also making them sick and that's why the experts pointed out early on what are we really doing carrying foreign bacteria couldn't we really be making people sick hence diabetes, depression, inducing heart disease if we induce foreign bacteria? bacteria this whole theory we don't exactly know yet, but the gradual euphoria has actually receded to investigate the components, that is, to substitute certain peptides proteins that may not be infectious in themselves, to encourage the microbiomet to normalize again, but much except the stool transplants are being done as before I think the collection of questions that will come our way tonight leave it at that we want to stress again that everyone is doing this voluntarily in their spare time and I would like to thank everyone for flying in individually for christian reich and value really great event and i myself learned a lot and i think the topic will continue to be with us a bit and now i will move on to change how the final word for the event has thank you very much everyone yes so it is left for me to judge to say thank you we had almost 270 listeners at the top im excited for all the participants i also had a lot of interest which made me brought an unbelievable amount demanded, fleckig will now be interested again which of your books would i choose for autoimmune heart disease i would really recommend the book energy even if the title is misleading but there inflammation of the digestive system is the way out and also a concrete recommendation to correct the immune system of the ladies. question that I could not answer anymore but the bar with three please start epilepsy in children because if you ran with a book advice to the fat man Yesterday I received a letter from a woman who has had epileptic seizures for 19 years and was taking medication and was resistant to therapy and really did it with a simple change in diet.
I have never seen the woman who no longer has an outbreak. - oops I got the lyrics from your magnet computer so here's a nice little push too about now that it's part of a higher quality diet in the US There are also clear recommendations for kids with epilepsy we're still lagging behind , but also thank you very much for the appreciation that you allowed me to participate I was very happy Yes, I am also very worried about it. I always read about it on the podcast. I can also recommend it. I think everyone now I have been motivated to change our diet to live a healthier life, which is very important in combination with your specialist doctors.
Be vigilant and don't be afraid to go to the right doctors. I know the journey can be difficult at times. it is difficult to find the doctors. I would like to motivate you and use your netzwerke ton network. Sick people would like to simplify exactly this path a bit and show you how it can be done right now. I don't want to drag it out endlessly. I would be so happy that you never watch TV episodes. Don't call me lazy icon. If you subscribe to the nicky v. the donation remains the same, she helps us with this work that we do and this group of experts, of course, it is only possible in this way thanks to the pharmaceutical industry that believes in us and also constantly supports us thank you very much for that and the earth is worth it i was unbelievably happy to have met too we got to meet this round aries daughter with you it is already an unbelievably familiar round thank you that you are so ei i am a big part of our network and also of you teacher as you too he is an expert in itv brain.
I'm always happy that I'm a part of it. Thank you. Plan and start the morning with a healthy diet. in this a student belongs in a sense

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