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Der Abschied vom XXL-Shelter & Camp...

Feb 19, 2023
absolute master so the props go to the people on the team we managed to demolish very easily but i'll put it like this all the good memories stay good and the videos good that's good yeah that's our advantage always we can get along watch the videos again and reminisce so that's good max i'd say we'll go down i've done two more things you don't even know them before we go back in i just found something i don't know which one of you , the video but of course we've always had worst case scenario exercises , that's always been our thing , I only told you briefly when there's a fire downstairs and we have to get out of here through the ER , yeah, the knuckles so Karl just pulled a line from here he still has a piece in today and oh oh these are stories you tell your grandkids that's exactly something lovely there was another project in the planning stage that's why that you can see it's so hard here i've installed another flap here because it was supposed to continue but of course it's also a shame that history actually built such a nice flap here also tough so that was a of the things that still happened away from the cameras.
der abschied vom xxl shelter camp
Now let's get out there because here, of course, there are also really great stories happening on a great topic. great theme holzkitchen that was held here already cooked and there are recordings where Fritz was visiting the two floors were not there yet that's just maybe you have the excerpt there it was pretty good I think it was here and we had such legendary broadcasts we had just like that we had a glass of sugar and i fire him full of the thing on his thigh pretty pissed off and brandt and he starts hacking something i don't want to present that come here totally oh yeah three chat is neat where's the Vaseline here oh man kind on Vaseline painfully, it hit me, so it was the same stories, I mean, they smile and my part also causes sadness, but yes, the kitchen was the best example of live broadcasts that took place here. this racking pole how it looks is also legendary is fully fit put everything on it including the shovel actually exactly the scenes we just built for the sequences scenarios we built how much mon cherie you have to eat drunk it all came up here the big knife test here on the block i just broke my knife here look genius and madness just a kick so you can get up off the table in an emergency such little things huh sawmill no i didn't know what was coming but i thought so come what's better than a little of wood exactly a lot of wood I have that now five cubic meters are now there processed it's just a great adventure park with so many beautiful memories and thoughts you have here so fire pit it all started with that before anything was there since the beginning is the XXL monster


trip a thought i just had is how many celebrities were already actually galileo was here green was rapper martin nice you came it took a year he had knossi in


and knossi was he was the last who was practically here to visit who i showed him that wow thats comfortable here its vikings you know the vikings series you think youve had sex here before now no one was there anymore and thats crazy thats crazy its packed as a pilgrimage place as a pilgrimage place for good friends and yes it makes me very nostalgic I have to be honest but of course also a suitcase full of beautiful emotions so of course don't forget the The legendary table is actually a very huge ancient one and here we have another thing that I think is great.
der abschied vom xxl shelter camp

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der abschied vom xxl shelter camp...

Our regulars table down here just lights up and everyone can stand up and just get up and have fun turn down and but still warm feet so it's the little things that end up bringing things down yeah a dream a dream came true. everyday life we ​​could talk about problems here was really a place for therapy we talked about things that mean the world or not about children about problems about worries about happy experiences that you shared here when you came here together and all from one challenge we both We had an amazing time I don't know, have we shown the cookie before we want to sit back down for a bit?
der abschied vom xxl shelter camp
Go to your cozy warm place it's just a dog place no that's more than the nice warm fire place no. very important and also placed in the fridge just so we can protect our food from mice yes and we also have a safety concept no we always had fire holes in the back place here is another one of our tools corner shovel no there there's the emergency box of fire holes again so that's yeah it's a lot, a lot, a lot of emotions yeah i know yeah i sat down with chris and we just reacted at 7 o'clock see you soon first season we both here with the laptop chattering teeth just as cold as hell was good what are you ready? yeah what should i say people get excited too late as it is.
der abschied vom xxl shelter camp
I still have a few weeks. write me in the comments, of course, a lot happened apart from the recordings and cameras that were working because of course you can't capture everything, but in the end wonderful memories and beautiful moments were created here, as I said, also far from the camera that you didn't notice If I've piqued your interest, so to speak, you haven't seen it yet. If you can see everything from start to finish, you can watch the videos. I'm actually looking forward to the future. I'm excited, although of course there's a lot of work ahead, but hey, that's part of it, that's the game and I lost it.
Well I think it does the most dangerous things that nobody else does here and in the end you just survive

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