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DeOrr Kunz's grandmother remains hopeful that her grandson will be found

Mar 17, 2022
example that, for a long time, you had in your back window to tell people what happened, yeah, so it was, um, a wish, a dream and it was to Bring the baby Dewey, it was something I felt driving around that people would say, oh my gosh, is he still missing or you know, just mention his name and one night when I was at the state fair we went to the demolition derby and I came back and there were people sitting around my car and I I was like, well, when I went to open my car it didn't make the same sound, I was like, wait a second, that's weird and when we pulled up, someone was smashed to pieces. the back window of my car and I was you know it was awful because it was like the windows were replaceable you know and I think they didn't do anything to me because I didn't pay to get it fixed or anything people in the community got he reached out and helped and redid the vinyl and redid all this stuff, but it was what they did to Baby Dior, you know, I mean, why do something like that?
deorr kunz s grandmother remains hopeful that her grandson will be found
I hurt that baby you know I mean what did that poster and vinyl on the back of my window do to you so you know and that was hard but you know there's other things that happened um you know along the way from the start um, I walked into a convenience store and I had this guy look me right in the face and say, you know what? I should take you out and beat you up and leave you on the side you know, in a ditch. just like you did to your


and i was like wow you know and i got out of my car and put my hands on my head you know my head and hands and just bald and bald and i was like you know 100 that you weren't there that ever you wouldn't do something like that to any of your grandkids so get your shit out of the car go back to the store grab what you were buying and be okay you know so you know there were a lot of bad things that happened but is there something you want to add, something you want to say? anything you want to say to these people looking no just thanks for supporting baby dior and know that david marshburn is a man of his word and he


come back to help us and we are thankful for everyone who is still helping us look for baby dior and you know he says his prayers and just remember july 10th is coming up and we need your support and love
deorr kunz s grandmother remains hopeful that her grandson will be found

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deorr kunz s grandmother remains hopeful that her grandson will be found...

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