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Deontay Wilder Talks Robert Helenius Match, Positivity, Greedy Promoters, His Future In Boxing +More

Apr 28, 2023
wake up that ass in the morning The Breakfast Club tomorrow everyone is DJ Envy Angela Yee Charlemagne tha God We Are The Breakfast Club we have a special guest in the building one of the best heavyweights to ever do it man Deontay Wilder who will fight this saturday october 15th at the barclay center in brooklyn welcome brother uh thank you so much for having me how you feel my brother i feel great about yourself i am a blessed black and highly favored you know man you and tyson fury went to war you know the year past and and and I'm sure a lot of people watched the fight, man, but when I watched it, I felt like it was one of the best heavyweight fights I've ever witnessed and I left that fight feeling like those two guys were warriors just like me.
deontay wilder talks robert helenius match positivity greedy promoters his future in boxing more
I feel like there was a win and a loss and as far as you two guys are concerned, what did you learn about yourselves after that fight? Well for me, it's just that they know I managed a lot of things that I was in control of. and the things I had no control over you know I wanted to test myself I wanted to see how relentless I was how limitless I was you know I mean so I learned a lot but I knew a lot you know I just wanted to test myself with a lot of things you know i'm saying i know there's a lot of black and gray areas of what i'm saying but um pretty much the same what is meant doesn't have to be explained for everyone to understand i know i have to explain myself about it, but it was a great fight you know it was a great fight one in the history books absolutely everywhere i go around the world you know people talk about it and um and um um love to watch the fight ok um , you know, I can't say anything but good things about it.
deontay wilder talks robert helenius match positivity greedy promoters his future in boxing more

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deontay wilder talks robert helenius match positivity greedy promoters his future in boxing more...

I saw you said a fourth might not be out of the question for you. It's not a real dog. I definitely mean the heavyweight division is very small so the numbers are why the numbers are small we can fight each other four five six seven eight nine ten times its not like every other division where its super packed you know um so I think that's a great thing about the heavyweight division where we can go in and fight multiple times only if you know the fighters are willing to do it so you know that and um and um so alone in the heavyweight division heavy you know it's a little I know when I was gone for a while you know a lot of people were pulling me in again and different things like that with their enthusiasm and stuff and um you know so now I'm now I'm back and uh just bringing


excitement back to A lot of things have been developed, um, different champions have been developed and, um, it's going to be great, you know, I'm looking forward to this fight, uh, come on Saturday as well to build up the excitement, you know, the Barclay Center here in Brooklyn has been one of my most dramatic some of my most memorable and electrifying knockouts so yeah I remember the first Ortiz fight I saw at the Barclay yeah yeah so I'm looking to add excitement here again, so when I came here, I felt so good, you know, I mean, I'm like I haven't been here in a long time, I haven't fought him here in a long time, it's just you know, you just have to be positive. i feel like you know i'm saying the vibes of it and when i got here and i put my foot down i was like oh man i feel like i'm home i mean so it's going to be good i'm looking forward to it.
deontay wilder talks robert helenius match positivity greedy promoters his future in boxing more
I was going to ask you to talk about the heavyweight division, you know when you were a kid, that was the biggest thing we ever looked at, we always look at heavyweight, whether it's Tyson or Holyfield, whoever, why do you think the heavyweight division heavy is not as big as? I was growing up, um, I mean, we had a lot going on here in America, you know, back then, I think they had so many different sports, so many different things, especially even before that time where you had you know, right? Yeah, doing the Tyson even during Ali's time, you know


was one of the main things because all the other different sports that weren't happening right now we competed against so many different things and um and I think uh the publicity side of I think they can do


as far as getting fighters out just like the UFC you know I was in Vegas training um at the Apex until uh and uh what Dana White does there it became a two million facility in and it he sold for four billion dollars and he did it without any Fighters fight record, you know, I mean, but his thing is that the records are for DJs, you know, so it took like 13 and 20 guys, you know, one in 19 okay that being the wins and losses you know and they turned it into a mega facility and every time those guys walk into the facility they have cameras in their faces, they have media training and little different things like that, they'll just keep the fanbase going.
deontay wilder talks robert helenius match positivity greedy promoters his future in boxing more
Stay familiar with their faces in the fan, uh, in the crowd and different things like that, and I think that's what boxed me in, I always say, uh, this, this is not a sport, it's a business in general and within of the business you have the green. eye monster and then more often than not people are looking to fill their pockets instead of um uh where the wrestlers concerns are and what it takes to get them out you know and I think that's one of the things missing. this uh business just to promote again, even more than ever, but everyone, everyone doesn't have a personality like you, Fury has a personality because they all have great fighters, but they just don't have a personality, yeah, that's true too.
That is definitely true. You know that many people do not like to talk. You know I just don't know if they're afraid of saying the wrong thing or they don't know what to say or if it's a fear factor. I mean some of them get nervous I mean this is like I said this is a business and every time we step into the ring we are risking our lives for the entertainment of others and I know that's true so maybe I don't know, I think what you said to the records, because Floyd Mayweather didn't mess it up, but he was part of the reason everyone wants to be undefeated right now, so now if you lose a fight, it's almost like they make it seem like they're not. like your career is over you don't know you don't know the sport so yeah they do they make it feel like you lose a fight now your ranking goes down they don't know the sport what's the ranking all grades have lost Ali lost Tyson's Laws zero losses I want to see how far you can go undefeated that's so true that's yeah yeah you're hitting the nail on the head um um that's definitely with him with him uh winning and under losing you know, everyone they have that, that, that, the idea of, like you said, if you lose, you go down, you go down, but in reality it is the opposite, the more you lose, the more opportunities you have.
You know I haven't seen guys lose that many times and every time you turn around they're in a title fight, you know, and it's crazy, but all these guys, I've got to keep winning, they've got to keep winning and then when they lose you know the fans and certain things they I mean I don't know it's crazy man how does it affect you mentally when you lose and then people are talking like crazy online and there are memes because it's a day and a different age now


with things going on? viral people posting stuff, does that affect you at all?
Do you ever get irritated by it? one of those things whether you have it or not you know that certain people care what certain people say but for me i understand this is a big world and you can't please everyone and anyone trying to please everyone. they're going to go crazy you know what i mean and you just can't do it so with me it's like it goes in one ear and out the other because i'm so blessed i'm so favored i have a beautiful family i have a beautiful uh system behind me and you know I just don't know what my mission is I know what my task is I know what I need to do in life and caring about other people's opinions I block it Yo Yo Shield my heart all the time Yo Yo Shield my my my my my space you know that's why i'm always positive always positive talking possibly believing and and with all those combined i equal positive results and that's with all my team you know i mean they say what you want to be and what you want to be to become you surround yourself with it and my whole team are loving people we talk about


with each other between um the world and that's what we come out with you know why a lot a lot of people can be so cruel and a lot of people are so miserable here, You know, I mean they say misery needs company when you're at The Breakfast Club before you went viral over some comments you made about killing your opponent in the ring, what did you think about that?
Do you think people misunderstood what you said because I saw that you were also talking about being at Barclays and being nervous because you know your opponent might not get back up most of the time? I think a lot of people take what I say that you know off-the-cuff true that you know a lot of times, especially with the media because with the media they'd rather be first than be right, you know and to me if you understand the business you understand that a Once we get in the ring, that's the item that comes with it, our lives are on the line.
I don't think people understand that you know you're a fan of seeing it from the outside. a lot of danger we're in when we go into that is that square ring you know I mean the head shouldn't be hidden in the first place the doctors always tell me you know the head shouldn't be hit when they talk to me about my power and the structure of my body and how it doesn't equate to if I hit something I'm going to do three things hurt the person I'm hitting hurt myself or it will be both and with the loan they were like you know brains don't they should tremble and especially when you're trying to learn about the body and you're trying to make sure you have the proper nutrition in your body and do the right thing to prepare for war because what we're preparing for is war and I automatically understand what it's about, so I'm just talking, I'm just talking about what can happen, you know, I mean we're not really trying to kill each other. but at the same time I'm not trying to be nice.
I'm not trying to go all over the place, you know, I mean because it doesn't matter if you go first round, round 12 is the same money, so you know like I always say. I don't get paid for overtime so that being said my demeanor that I have to have on the outside and then go on the inside is just that it's completely different it's a change and if I hit a person well or whatever. it can happen so it's the obvious of things if you don't have that kill killer mentality you could be the one to die be the one you can't contain you can't you just can't and it's just this is not a good business it's not it's full of thieves and I don't look like it I'm not here to downplay the business but I'm just stating the obvious of what it is and this is what we deal with this is what we sign up with isn't enough TRUE.
I love doing what I love to do. You know, I mean in this business. I've seen where it can take you from rags to rich to rich. It can make you rich and make you poor. you feel me and its just an up and down roller coaster with the business but overall if you know how to support yourself and manage it and you have the right people around you i mean you can make dreams come true some bad financial things happen while you're in this business not as far as people stealing from me and whatnot yeah sure sure these last two, two, three years I've been cleaning house, wow, I mean wow, yeah I've been cleaning the house. because you've made a lot of money you have to sit with the pandemic uh definitely and then you know you have a great financial team although oh man I don't have to do this anymore yeah yeah that's the beauty of the Humble boxing that i never have to get in the ring come into my life when i was coming back that was, uh, you know what made me feel so good and warmed my heart was my financial people called me and it was like what are you doing you know i mean you are that's why we built you up to the point where we built you up so you never have to come back what you're doing I like you know I know you're talking Humbly yeah that's a guy mine too yeah yeah so you know and i told him i had to explain to him once i was introduced to a statue that i like it just changed all my levels and my way of thinking and how i motivate and inspire people all over the world you know i'm always there for me people that's what I've always been for, that's what I use my platform for when others fear not being afraid to so you know what I mean but you know that being able to have a statue in the heart of Dixie like it's where the clans used to meet where black people were forbidden to go unless a white person took them to work in the house and where they sold slaves on the street and see so many people from all over the world come and enjoy holding hands with me and my family to celebrate my um revelation of a statue they see men and women break down in front of their children and point at me and say this is what a role model looked like this is a true king this is how you want to be no I don't know what I'm saying and when I see things like this it'slike it lets me know how important one is in the world to others, you know, I mean, you can go all the time and meet so many different people, go to so many different countries and meet so many different people and you can see the impact but You don't really understand that you know the real importance of it until you see certain things that you know especially as men because we are always taught to show that you know not to show love, that you know that I always have to have tough love or not cry, whichever whether it shows weakness or whatever. but if you really understand that crying is nothing more than a cleanse that's right you know what I mean there's nothing wrong with crying now it's a cleanse sometimes you cry too much it can have a ripple effect with a lot of other things , like when you're taking certain medications it can treat a certain thing, but it's also hard for certain things to happen to you, it's like you've ever cried so much that your head starts to hurt, you know, I mean you feel a certain kind of way in these emotions and things like sometimes that can't happen, but it's a cleanse, you know, i had a guy at the gym not too long ago who was going through something.
I obtained the discernment of the spirit. I can feel things by RNG and emotion. Sometimes I also have vision. A lot of people don't know, but what this guy had. You know that this is the mirror of combat. I mean, after we got him from the Spartans, he was going through something. I can feel him all over just talking to him. crying together in the gym you know what I'm saying and they don't understand that it's just a part of me you know I mean I connect with people you know and that's just all kinds of people and the things that I was going through I was there for comfort him to motivate him to just give him a hug sometimes we just need someone to say i love you bro look into his eyes and i love you and really sincerely give them hugs and let someone know that you really care about them you know i mean because in the world that we live in, especially in times and days like these, sometimes i sit and think that this world is going crazy.
You know, I mean, sometimes he's afraid to raise children in this world. or whatever i think about miles all the time i think about my wife all the time certain places and stuff hey make sure you have you know you have things with you make sure you know you are aware of your surroundings because sometimes when you live in a certain world, especially when you have life, it seems that it is made for you, you live in your own bubble, that's right, you know what I mean, that's how it is when every day someone looks at you and always tells people that everyone we are somebody we admire, motivate, inspire, but on the other hand, they always look down on us and pray about us too, and I'd rather be the predator than pray, yes, you know you said something earlier because you were talking about when when humble called you and I don't go to lie.
I thought the same thing. I'm like: why is Deontay coming back like you have nothing to prove? You have nothing to prove to anyone. what is the reason you just explained yes you definitely know that I am a people person you know that I love people and I love to see people succeed and do well in their lives even if they are doing better that me, I am happy because I tell people that I immerse myself in my happiness and my peace and when you are happy in that peace, no matter what your finances are, no matter what your environment is, you are happy, you know, I mean you. i know i've been so much i would have been broke and it would have been you you know i've gotten to the point where i have money and all of that means nothing if you're not happening in that part that's why they're why this is Lonely at the Top that's real yes because they are not at peace you can have a billion dollars and be miserable and not be happy and you can be the only one at the top because you don't know who to trust you always have to watch your back even your best friend many of them buy friends and stuff and then you get to the point where you jump off the cliff you recommend suicide because that's why it's lonely it's not because everyone doesn't have it the name made it there yet so you just wait everyone coming there now it's lonely because you don't know who to trust you don't know what to do because you're trying to keep your money and everyone else is trying to take it from you so it gets to the point where you jump off the cliff you know I wonder if you're so perfectionist because I remember after the Ortiz fight and then I think it was the first period for you like no, I have to go, what do you say?
I have to co-correct this, leave no doubt. again is that perfectionism in you is like nah man i have to make sure to beat these guys almost definitely it's just something that um inside of me not just what you know what others say you know because i don't really i dwell on what other people's opinion of me and what they say or what they think you know i mean i get confirmation for myself and gosh you know i mean yeah but hey when is when there are certain things inside of me that, um, you can't leave a doubt, you can feel a certain kind of way you feel non-complicit or certain things that you wanted to do that you didn't want to do you couldn't do or didn't do at the time and especially with Ortiz, you know that they will make all kinds of excuses about certain things, maybe the referee can break it and if you are in your corner more than a certain time, they will give them more time and all this and you will like it.
I won't get breaks in the boxing business so with that being said I like I said I don't want to leave any doubts in anything not even myself or even others you know and that's why I take certain challenges you know I don't even It's not even my obligation or I don't even have to spot the fight at that point, but because especially with Ortiz, you know, I mean, that's my uh, that's my guy, that's my brother, you know, I mean and um and fight it unites you, I mean it can separate you depending on how you handle the situation, but with Ortiz I see a man who deserted his country for his family and came here to the United States to try to build and he was a great fighter, but nobody gave him an opportunity because of him because for a lefty and his skill level of being left handed we don't have many south poles in the muslim octodox box meaning right handed but he had the skill level. and his determination was from the root to support his family, his daughter was born with a type of condition other than mine, so I immediately had a connection with him, even though I knew he was dangerous as if he wanted to fight with the. to bless him I want to bless his family I want to be able to get him blessed with money so he can support his daughter and get her out of that situation you know and I took on that challenge I offered him a chance two of them even when he failed the drug test that's Another big thing in this business, everybody wants, everybody wants to cheat, it doesn't matter if they put rat poison on them, they'll shoot them in the butt, you know?
I mean they'll put in their arms they'll take this particular thing they'll eat a certain type of meat and say it was bad meat or whatever they know what they're doing in this business all trying to climb up and get to a certain point but with I gave Ortiz that opportunity and I blessed him and his family, he made his first million with me and, um, that first fight with Ortiz, which showed me how much warrior spirit you have because I mean there's a thing when you come in and you're knocking out everyone, but when you have to deal with some adversity, yes, in the middle of the fight, people think that you were on your feet a bit, but you recovered and cleaned them up that's when I realized. as I said it's fine as long as there is a warrior you are very skilled I knew I was messing with Ortiz especially um during that time and um but you know it was for me it's not win lose Win Win Lose or draw for me it's is the meaning behind it fight what is how is it going to help my family or his family and things like that and that's who I always am that's one of the things I'm in this business for not just to show my greatness because I feel like we all have greatness, well greatness is only determined by service so every day i apply my serve.
I tell my kids to apply your service every day. apply your greatness that's the only way you see success in life is just apply or you'll be one of those people who sit here talking about someone else i have all this time on their hand worrying about what the other person doing or being nosy in certain businesses and things like that, we understand that misery needs company and here we have all been and and and as I said drenching ourselves in our urine, so only blessings come out of our mouths, their only prosperity is only positive speaking others. like I said even if you're doing better than us we're not happy for you right now Deanna you have this fight Saturday at the Barclays and you're going to be fighting Helenius so do you have a connection to him like you talked about the connection? you know you've had in the past and you also think about the money he's getting from this fight because it's a big deal for him yeah most of all it's a big deal yeah and the position he's in after this fight . yes yes Victorious he's going to become a mandatory for us yes the eliminated title fight yes this is a WBC Eliminator alright so you know any of you could go to the fight any from us well you know he's the mandatory mandatory for a certain belt he has but um you know USA would be in the audience too he said he wants to win this fight so one word um yeah like that that the next fight could be an uh for a title, you know. and um, especially if the US is a man of his word, that I know a couple people that have been around the gnome and they know they validate it, so we'll see what happens, but with my opponent with Robert, he's never been in this position before and you know that he has always wanted to become a champion of his country and you know all that and stuff like that, so what is that?
I deal for him and, um, you know he's been my sparring partner for a long time too, so we know each other well, um, but the important thing here is where it counts, so everyone bring the AAA Plus game when you fight for me. sure and uh the only thing i got with him is i just hope he's fair you know a lot of these guys who want to want you to know they get to a certain point and want to want to cheat and do certain things or whatever there's so many different products that can't be detected you know I mean it's just the game of drugs and the people who detect it you know they're always after it because there's always something being created and they're trying to detect and then catch you I know it's a crazy, so we'll see what happens.
I'm looking forward to this fight, it's going to be an amazing fight, even though he's my sparring partner, but when you get in the ring you know I turn him on. I'm always rooting for you but I really want to see you fight U6 at this point so I guess politics must be preventing the U6 Fury fight from happening because they were talking about it next. I don't know what's going on with that man. that's another thing that kills boxing, dealing with these


, you know you deal with certain managers and things like that and sometimes they can, they can prolong a fight, they can prevent a fight from happening for a long period of time, like the uh my guy Earl Spence and Crawford yeah yeah yeah because it's a business like you said it's a business it's a business there you know it's a business the green eyed monsters are involved with the monster of green eyes.
They have no loyalty to anyone. you know I mean all they want to do is fill their pockets and their needs and even when it's satisfied they try to get more you know I mean make sure it's good and with that being said sometimes a fight can drag on and when the wrestlers are ready i think you know if you're in your prime and you feel good let's fight about how much money you're trying to make and try to make how much money you really need to live in this world you know? I mean especially you don't have too many obligations to meet and things like how much and yet you know I mean good investments will keep you going so you don't have to keep going.
You know what to say now let me ask you this with um with heleni like you said if he wins it is mandatory for him to fight us if he wins what does that mean to you would you want to continue fighting or would it be this? I say I'm three years older you know a lot of people you always know like I said the media would rather be first than be correct and they always take my words and scramble them and turn them into you know you get the clicks and likes you know I mean that people have to get the clicks to make it sound like entertainment or certain things he didn't say but i'll put it in you know you have the edit you know you have big publishers in there to put certain things in there and stuff like that but i told them i'm only three years old that's it I can go from six fights to nine fights and um and I'm out of here they know I'm in my late 40's I think, uh, that'll be it for me and, um, that's all there is to the service that I will provide So within these next three years I'm going to keep fighting, win, lose a tie, I'll keep doing what At least that's my plan right now.
I mean everything can change. finished and that's why I advise all fighters to go look for it, scansCT scans, MRIs, you know, I mean brain skins, you know, test your body to see what's going on because as wrestlers we all know we want to show how tough we are and things like that. and you never go and check our body, um internally you know externally we can feel good we can feel great but internally your body might be telling a whole different story until you go get checked on certain things like then i advise everyone my wrestlers just go get checked out go see what's going on you know I mean I see a couple of guys dating mental illness and you've been able to be comfortable talking about it and stuff like that but there's a lot of other stuff that they go into it they don't talk about it that they don't want to reveal and expose and stuff like that and stuff, a lot of them don't have the money to go get some help and stuff like that, you know what I say in sports in a real sport, when you sign with a team, they help you if people run to you, they already have certain things available, mental health professionals, therapists, all of that, yeah, especially medical care, you know, nine days, I mean not even it's even now in days has passed through the history of time certain shows come on you know it's a certain requirement how much it will take to get a uh to get uh uh to support this fight uh with health insurance and um insurance health care and things like that, but they just get to the point where they can actually put on the show, they're not looking for someone to get hurt to pay for some things I don't have a lot of times I had to go to and the hospital bills are legal.
I was a year two years old and I end up paying for my own stuff you know I have my own stuff set up because I've already learned through the history of time you better have your own in this this is an individual business all the time through effort As a team you have your team of course they train you that's the team always but they can't help you when you get to that place I'm going to ask you do you know there are soccer players up there you know one of the questions is if you have a son or a boy would like his son to play soccer and 90 of them say no if one of his sons wanted to box huh with all that he said with injuries and he knows his head is not supposed to take a hit do you want a box for your son it's for me for me it's especially about my kids how they feel you know if they show me passion if they show dedication if they show a hard work ethic then i'm going to let my kids do whatever they want you know what's positive for them and they feel that They can do it.
I am 100 supporting them. I'll tell you the pros and cons and whatever it takes. they know they see they know they understand they very intelligently understand what's going on and if that's something they're serious about they've got to be serious about this business you know I mean because I'm serious and I speak for that's why i just came from a different place right you came from alabama you wanted out you wanted to support your family they don't necessarily have to do exactly you know i mean so it's a different fight it's a different feeling , is different. exactly and you don't see people going into this business that made it or with a silver spoon in them everything is not for those kind of people if for people coming out of poverty or looking to help their family uh you know get some kind of financial gain and different things, like just once you see people with a silver spoon come into this business, they do exhibitions and things like that, you know, I mean, but as far as the business and you have to start from scratch , you don't see that and we're all trying to make it that's why you see wrestlers keep signing bad deals with bad bad


and things like that because the way they do it they'll send a Rompe it can be fifty thousand bucks you know, and if you don't have money, that's a million dollars to you, you know, I mean, I remember when a hundred dollars was like a hundred thousand to me. it's hard you know what I'm saying knowing you had to feed the family yeah you had to feed the family and go to work and that's gas so between that time and feeding the family and gas you didn't really have extra money for extracurricular activities activities and things like that this is all you had this is what you know and you hold it tight so when certain promoters come in they bring that briefcase with all that money in you know I mean you know what I'm saying and if it's slide on the table, place it right in front of you.
I won't say names of certain guys or certain information like I know you know but they do and when you uh when you're rock hard on a hard look what you gonna do especially you young man you're used to fighting for free anyway let me bring that bread bro let's go because you already have your mind what do you want to do with it how do you want to spend it I already spent it I was reading. this article about a boxing scene by the rowdy fish Simmons and said something I don't agree with. He says that he feels like you're not a Hall of Famer. um, what do you say?
Well, you know that everyone will have their opinion on certain things. I mean, you don't know it's their right to have that opinion about themselves, opinions can be wrong, that's right, definitely, definitely, but you know my fist is already in the Hall of Fame and my body will carry it with me. Along with that, whether they believe it or not, you know it's not up to them at the end of the day and what I've done. I have done amazing things. in the Hall of Fame, the man hasn't, you know, I mean, I've been past him and stuff and put the icing on the cake.
How many, how many, how many, how many? talking about where a facility okay facilities Say Hey I want to give you a state I want to pay some money give you a statue or whatever or organization come in I want to give you now I'm talking about state funding as a legitimate step not too much not too much so when they did they put me on a short bus um one of the few that have statues here that represent something that really means something when you get a statue man so they put all my achievements um they said all my achievements while i've done it inside irene have been set in stone inside the statue, so no one can ever take that from me when I die when the haters go extinct or even with my lovers, you know, when the inevitable comes for us. that statue would still be there, you know what I mean, so with that being said, you know I don't care what people say or do, you just know, let's see what happens and we'll see, I know. what the


holds i know what it's going to be and um and that's all that matters things like that you feel like it's not like that you don't know i mean because everyday life feels like i said rendering my service to my greatness that's what It feeds me, I practice what I preach, you know, I mean, I can't say one thing and then go do the other, you know, I mean, my grandmother told me years ago, she said, honey, you're not going to be able to talk like others that you're not going to be able to hang out with certain, uh, like other people hang out with, you're not going to be able to do certain things like other people do because God is trying to use you, you're anointed by God and, uh , you know how you live life and experience certain things that you understand more and more you know what your parents talked about about your grandmother or certain people you know just because a person is old doesn't mean they love them well why don't they don't take as old it is better that you listen to the old man or that old woman they know what they are talking about that does not mean they are wise it is not wisdom comes from knowledge and you must apply knowledge to life to become wise or you will be considered as what we all can know. i know i'm a homebody not really people don't really see me you know what i mean i don't really go anywhere you know i'm happy at home you know i have multiple properties all over and me and my family we travel to different things, we're happy, we're happy and I love to see that I love to speak positively about them and show them what it's like to be truly loved and show support and be able to provide their greatness. to this world because if you don't, you'll get stuck, you'll just sit there and even though we know the years go by, you know I mean three years, I've seen, I'm three years older, that's it.
It's going to go by so fast yeah you know what I mean just imagine you're 25 and that you showed up 30 and 37 here 40 like how many years has it been you see your kids getting older and older how I test my kids that the height is they know how they can't reach over the counter so i can put certain things on the counter now i just point out getting to the point where they can reach things and do things as a man they are growing so you know you have to not I care about stupidity you know I mean I just don't I don't accept it I don't because sometimes you can get uh you can get 99 people who are saying great things you and you make this person say some things bad because of the way they got spicy with their mouths and you want to get out of all these people you didn't get into and you want to get into this person who sent you some emotions you will get more attention when they say something that is contrary to exactly what other people say you know why because this world lives in the negativity in which they live that's why the news always that's why you know it's always bad and if it's good no one won't hear anything about anything good is if it bleeds it's what's on the news that's what what they do and it's so backwards to this world what we say and what we do you know I mean nobody cares about the good that nobody wanted uh stop so oh that's great that's good but everyone wants to hear about who and who did business, who cheated who, who did this, who got shot or whatever, but if anyone is doing any kind of charity work or helping a family or keeping their family from closing the bank. their house is fine you know they should have saved them and they should make no one care about the good in this world everything is bad and negative and it's crazy because that's the only thing that could entertain people is the bad and stuff that it's the only thing that can motivate and quote them, but if your mind was Advanced and you had a mind that didn't care about certain things in the world, those things would bring you happiness and they would bring you peace.
You know, I mean you'll look at a person, you'll really be happy for them, not just because you see them do well, but it's a feeling, it's like music, music is something you feel and not what you hear. seeing certain things or hearing certain things that inner feeling like especially how you say you lost someone you know you love someone it's a feeling it's not just saying i love you you know what i'm saying is when i said i can feel that and that's when you know that it's authentic it's real it's genuine and that's what we do that's why i love the people around me that when you tell me something you feel like this is coming from your heart do you know what i'm saying because that's what makes the body control your mind don't control your body you know i mean a lot of people think the mind controls the body but it's not like that it's your heart that's why you have to follow your heart because many times the mind will tell you to give up . will tell you to give up you can't do it and when negativity when people throw emotional garbage at you you're like you know what you probably think yes they're right you may have all the talent in the world but you won't be able to show the world your talent because you care about what someone else says or thinks about you, so you sit back and relax and let someone else not care what is being talked about and let it blossom and blossom and get all things.
It took you a while to get to that point though because you are the person who invited the troll to the gym back in the day well now i came to him i went to him yes i went to him but you know when you were surprised he was there when you showed up I wasn't surprised he was shot I came because he didn't he was in California he didn't come all the way from Alabama so he didn't expect me to come but for me I always tell people to really understand you when people are describing an A or telling me things it's like in my head it's like a movie to me that's why i press play while you're explaining to me so i see it like a movie that's the only thing i like i get excited or can laugh for sure things harder than others or whatever it may not even be funny to that person but to me it's funny because I pressed play in my head and saw that you knew certain things happen and that's how I am like that when he was he when she was texting me and she was explaining about putting duct tape on my daughter's mouth and all these different things i visualized her in the chair oh lord duct tape you know she was crying for a daddy and that's all that's all I went I went my all the intentions were to go kill him, you know, I mean it wasn't to box him, you know boxing was what had to be prepared to do it, you know, I mean I brought my gun and everything, I brought my camera and I brought one of my uh one of my good good one of my brothers with me um to this uh to this beautiful event that we were about to have and when he looked at me his eyes were like he had seen a ghost because it wasn't you know they talk talk he was not expecting it at all you know I mean andwhen i got to ah man when i saw this guy like the feeling that came over me so i know how people how the hell they say the devil got into me i know that feeling you know what im saying and i had to like it i had to i had to like anyway it was crazy that we had this conversation this morning because i was talking about the reason you leave people's children alone is because when you ask a parent what would you do if someone did something like that to your child?
The answer is I don't know because you don't know how you are going to be pressured as a parent when someone does something to your child or says something to your child. Come especially when you love your children, that's right, so you don't know what love is until you have a child, that's right, that's why, for me, one of the best gifts in this world is having my children being someone's father I mean there's nothing impressive about being someone's father and that's one of the things you know and then my daughter you know she was born with spina bifida and um and I told her when she was two that daddy will be able to support you and be uh, dad will be able to support you and he will be a world champion and he will be able to support you beyond what you believe and you know when you see people like that and things like that, well, it's something I understood what happened um we ended up I end up winning the gym we were in we didn't they let uh do our thing there so we had to walk to another gym and then on the way walking I saw this dark alley and the devil got into me again I started walking in the alley and my voice changed and stuff and you know the God hand with me the movie guy I was after because I was filming everything and all of a sudden something I just came to this alley and I decided I was going to kill him right there in that alley.
I decided it was going to happen, but then a vision came into my head and I saw my man give me away, you know? I mean and you know he's a friend of mine I had to take I had to take a deep breath because I S I know I mean we're glad you didn't crash I can't believe he walked with you and the video was coming out I saw the video where he you punch in the gym y'all yeah that's when we hit the gym ok ok ok and i ended up asking my lawyer to do some paperwork to get it legally. he wouldn't know it suit me or anything like that you know he ended up signing it but the grace of god i brought two left gloves so my right hand had a left glove on too and i made sure to pack the left right air because i know i'm just, you know, I mean, but it was the grace of God all along, it was just a grace of God, that was something you know in my life, there was a situation where, as you say, no you don't know what you're going to do no you know what you would do when they're dealing with your kids you just don't know you know i mean it can be a trigger point you know right there i am just like me i'm ready to lose it all my son you know what i mean but you know it's a lesson , uh, while you live in life, as I said, through experience and knowledge that you applied to life and it makes you wise, so in this. at one point, anyone would have known, do it now, you know I don't know what I do, but yeah, did you feel like the man never ratted you out for anything?
I know it was nothing to give away at the time. he's still with you yeah yeah okay okay and you can tell it's like some kind of psychic ability yeah I don't know I don't know I know I had to discern the spirit that sure didn't I have. a lot of situations where I've seen visions of things from or enough people that have happened just the last three seconds, two or three seconds and then they're gone and, um, certain events have happened and they happened like since you were young or this is something to sometimes you can sometimes you make me have the ability to do something and then things happen to you you ignore it or don't know what's happening you know what i'm saying and as i got older i started taking advantage of myself and the only way i could connecting to myself is spending a lot of time with myself, that's why i tell people that it happens a lot, it's, it's, ah man, it's so refreshing, it's amazing to spend a lot of time with yourself to be able to say that i'm alone. or you can I can spend months just being myself I don't need TV I don't need internet I don't need any of that because my mind is so unique it's so advanced I tell people a space confidence even though I'm from a small place but my mind is so big it's not cramped, man, it's huge and when you have that, when you have the ability to touch it with yourself and then connect to the universe and the things around you you find entertainment within yourself you find that I don't need certain things I don't need certain people I don't need certain activities going on in my life where I feel like I can't be home I have because some people just can't stay home they have to be somewhere they have to go somewhere they have to be around certain people and things or if not their life is so boring you know what i mean and bless them but i think i thank god you know my mind has said i don't have to be around certain people i don't have to go to certain places i don't have that having certain things you know having entertainment to find joy in this world I can have myself and me and I know what I mean and and it does a great job when you when definitely when you're great at meditation you absolutely know what I'm saying and you come and meditation is the great meditation with visualization has been a big part of my life when you learn it I learned it at the Olympics when I went to the Olympics a person came to the Olympics to train us and we had an exercise related to meditation oh I'm even doing it. yeah, and certain things, uh, I like to take you, you know certain things seriously, you know a lot of the guys, you know the wrestlers, especially being wrestlers, you know certain things, you know you just want to maintain that image or whatever, and all that and stuff, but for me, we were practicing some things, she had us get up on the mat, close our eyes and start visualizing certain things.
I took it very seriously and I think I thank God that I did because I took a lot of it was the beginning of me uh meditation so from that point on I started practicing and practicing the perfected practice so I started practicing and then practicing and I started tapping even more than ever and especially when you visualize through meditation and visualization is just visualizing yourself it's like every day what you want to do today you want to visualize yourself for having a great day you want to do this what you want to eat who you want to meet what kind of energy you want to be around and stuff and you visualize that it's almost like cheating on the test and then when life actually happens you're following that course you might not get everything you envision there it's like life sometimes the the the the the the hardest things are the things you don't see you know how you can live in the moment of that or how you bounce back or how you handle a situation where you couldn't visualize or meditate and then it happened it happens but the things you can't control are like damn I saw this it's true yeah I mean it's like running a race you can see the course you can visualize the course you know everything on that course and when you run that course it's like it was easy like bri you know you did it effortlessly because you already envision yourself going through it so when it came time to do it it was easy and it's a beautiful thing once you know which may not happen for you on the first second third fourth test but the practice was perfect that's what they say and I advise everyone to go into some form of meditation either visualization or if it's just knowing that they have a beautiful app they are. called uh uh headspace that teaches you those spaces yeah combat i love meditation i've tried it in the past i couldn't figure it out about two years ago i finally learned how to do it you know i do it with my beads do i count my beads and i sing my chant my mantra yeah so i can get away for about 10 minutes so do you have a certain room you go to or because some people you know turn their closets into themselves certain things in my crib turn the lights off count my beads sing my affirmation i try to do it in the morning and sometimes at night before i go to bed yes it keeps your brain going well i built a meditation room yes i understand im doing that now yes oh , beautiful man and then when I go in there I always wash my hands and feet and face because I want Purity and my grandmother in between she was she you know very big in a a a a a bible and she was a pastor so she always wore white so i got this white uniform that every time i wash my hands it feeds my face and i put my uniform on nothing underneath just that and i walk in there and man its just the security to come what i asked for what I think about what I visualize and things like that, and whatever's going on before I go in there when I come out, how are you?
That's right, you know, I mean, you smile and you're happy, you feel love, you feel, you know it's a beautiful thing and I think the world should be able to practice it and try to get some kind of understanding because a lot of things go on in the world, man is like you're like the man what the hell are we doing especially you know black on black crimes you know I mean I'm so sick of it and I say how do you feel a certain passion heart when you say I love you when I say that like I'm tired of it sometimes i see vincent for me i share tears you know what i mean i really cried for my people i'm like oh my god it's like we have enough enemies yeah yeah i get it ah it's so sad bro It's so sad to see certain things and senseless, especially when this senseless murder, uh, uh, man, and I understand certain things that put us in a situation where we have to fight. things i understand certain things but certain things just nonsense man it's crazy it still breaks your heart ah man i want to cry tears right now i understand what i want to say cause i'm so tired that's how tired I am of seeing it I'm like, I know the world It's against love and all things positive, but like God, come on, what are you doing?
What are you doing if you are not providing your greatness to this world? what's the purpose you know I mean if you want to go kill I mean I'm not going to promote that I'm not going to say that look I've learned certain things that say everything back and I said because certain people I can get it out of proportion of what i say but man we need to spread more love in the world especially with our own, our own kind because this is ridiculous. What is happening in the world is so ridiculous. I want to ask you. one more thing I know you said a full fight with Fury as possible that's it Fury says that too uh you six you say you want your six Anthony Joshua if that fight was available would you definitely take that you definitely know? actually being Anthony Joshua is still the biggest fight in the world a lot of people say he's everywhere even bigger than Fury Joshua even bigger than Fury and even bigger than fear and upset you know I want say, yeah, probably all over the world, yeah I get what you think everywhere I go I still get asked about it.
I don't care, man, they want to see that fight and I don't think Anthony Joshua will last two rounds with you. It is my personal opinion. I just want to say when Joshua I just don't know. man he just doesn't have his own mind bro he just don't want to I don't see her talk negative about anyone or anything like that I just hope certain things for certain people and things like that and hope they expect it for themselves I see so much potential and so many things there's more left for him to do, but I think people around here get into their heads about certain things that he's not the kind of person who can tell the difference between me and certain things, of course, certain people have mentioned you in a certain way. way, but sometimes you have to have your own mind to understand what's right and what's wrong and how you're going to build for your family, not build for this man or whatever, because I always tell Fighters that we're the product you ain't gonna put no ass in the seat without the product that's Point Point blank that's it you can't do it and Buzz being a boss being the product we have the power and when you get to a certain level, you should be able to use your power, that's why i never let anyone dictate how my career should be. wow and that's why I'm in a position where more than 98 percent not eight percent of the fighters have nothing to show for it after the game is over you know but you see all this you know Hall of Fame, oh man he was a great fighter, he knows he did this and that, but what was the show for instead of Parkinson's instead of brain damage, mental illness or speech impediments? i dont even support but you see those same people who made the wrestlers and run them and steal ah he was great they are millionaires they live in mansions they take care of their kids they take care of their grandkids you know i mean but the fighter. that he made all of this happen I have nothing to show for it that's the way it is and that's why I stood up for myself and tried to help other fighters too especially the ones that were here you know what I'm doing but you.
I know that sometimes when thepeople feel like you're from a small place or whatever, you don't really know what you're talking about. You know that sometimes I make up my own words. Sometimes I stumble over certain words and things like from the south. what we do man and i'm passionate about what i say so sometimes my passion can spill over and what i'm saying and sometimes up here all the time with us and then like oh you don't know what you're talking about, but the proof is independent i'm in a beautiful seat like me you know i mean right now in life you know i mean i have a beautiful family my finances are amazing i'm in a business where i never have to go back no matter what and a lot of wrestlers can't say that even a lot of them at the top, you know, I mean, they can't say that a lot of them at the top ask for advances, you know, I mean because their money has run out so they asked for advantages for the next one fight and stuff like that and it's crazy and I try to tell them but with Joshua when you talk about a guy who says he has to go to America to find a heart and then you know I mean I don't know maybe he saw The Wizard of Oz before to say that and then that or whatever came up, but you know certain things that he says, you just know, right?
Don't search me you know I don't I don't know I don't want to talk negative you think he wants to fight huh that's that that's the question if they if they didn't want to take 50 million dollars guaranteed I want to fight bro 50 million dollars and and when I found out that on my social media that it came from my analyst that came from Al Hammond himself, he said he put it up and then Joshua contacted me personally and I'm explaining to him as a brother, I even contacted him as well as not you need certain people bro you know you're the product you can do we can do this man we can make a lot of money the things i always said i'm i'm better i'm going that's right thanks for joining us this morning oh man thanks a lot hey Wilder's back the excitement is back please come and show support and love you don't want to miss this fight it will be on fox pay per view right here in brooklyn um that's what i know you know i mean just come with me um, I'm knocking guys out putting them on the canvas and stuff like so um my title uh for this second ring is having fun you know I mean I've accomplished a lot in the seat that I sit in I don't like so I have nothing to improve but uh i want to bring the excitement so here we are once again we're back the heavyweight division was boring when i left.
Wilder, I'm always going to put you on the edge of your seat, you don't know what's going to happen, but when it happened, bam, honey, good night, that's right, yes, it's The Breakfast Club, good morning.

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