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Denzel Washington Powerfull Hollywood Action Movie || English Action Movie || Hollywood Movie HD

Sep 01, 2023
Come on, jump, come on. He lowers the gun. I knew you would come out, put the gun down, I know you jump, put the gun down, sir, in a yadahana, the menu on Put the gun down, thank you, yes, it's time, it's on my side, hey buddy, wake up , jump, I am. It's not so easy to kill when my host dies and I move a spirit. No man can resist me. What are you going to do? arrest me What are you going to tell Stanton? I'd love to hear that, it's me, you, isn't it? Because? You just killed me, huh, but I'm still having fun?
denzel washington powerfull hollywood action movie english action movie hollywood movie hd
Aren't you still having fun? Foreigner, what am I going to do when we find out he shot first? He's cooperating, his gun was full of blanks, okay, and he took the gun out of a stolen car, that's right, a setup, he set it up for you to kill him, okay, I mean, suicide, sorry, oh, What the hell are you doing here? Hey, you take Sam home, you lock all the doors, all the windows in the apartment. Don't let anyone in at all, you can do that. Can you remember it? Okay, do it Johnny, yeah, are you mad at me or something?
denzel washington powerfull hollywood action movie english action movie hollywood movie hd

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denzel washington powerfull hollywood action movie english action movie hollywood movie hd...

No, I never do what I told you for me, no, they are letters, lieutenant, I told you it's a sect, something strange. Psycho-Aramaic Satanist reincarnation culture has APO written on his chest trying to send some kind of message sending a message this time you're the killer yeah I get no breaks no benefit of the doubt back to the police station now it's a very school respected teacher police tonight the officer spoke abroad with the school teacher's wife you got married four months ago she is pregnant he just received a raise for suicide by police shooting at the table he needs a gun I will get the audience as soon as they can people want the world to make Sense, the only way I can make the world make sense to me is to arrest you and I'll have to do it abroad, it was a clean shot, yeah it doesn't help.
denzel washington powerfull hollywood action movie english action movie hollywood movie hd
Coffee, you want to talk and from where I'm sitting. We're dealing with it, there's no manual and we have to buy coffee with dirt, tell me this in life, John Jones, wait, yes, in life, yes, I wanted to see if you want a cigarette outside of life, shall we catch? bad guys, yeah that's what I used to think, it's not good enough, I mean yeah, you shoot me for talking like that, but hey, at two in the morning, you can talk however you want. What are we doing here? Do you know what I do? I'm saying why we exist, maybe it's God.
denzel washington powerfull hollywood action movie english action movie hollywood movie hd
We find it difficult to believe that we are part of a great moral experiment, you know, conducted by a being greater than ourselves. I mean, it's a being as big as us, how do you care. we five billion of us who are like ants I mean, do we care what ants you know from a moral point of view? Yes, yes, of course, Hobbs, I'm following you but at the same time I'm losing you. I know. I mean, are you? Heading to some places, well, we're heading to some place and if we don't figure it out, maybe if you do find out, you die of a heart attack, you find out what it is that you won't be able to go on any longer, you'll get promoted in the meantime Dolores, she says than us.
We're put here to do one thing one thing what's that what's different is uh different for everyone yours is lasagna lasagna and just one thing not like two or three or maybe two I don't know it's just our opinion it jumps it's like when it arrives a moment and we can do right or wrong and when you know when your time comes, oh that could be it all for me that's the beauty that you never know, hello John, is that you, yeah, hello, I just wanted to see if You were fine, yes. yeah, okay, let me uh, I'll call you later.
Okay, that was a killer and we'll fix things later. Oh, I killed someone. You forced me to kill him. What do they want? Just tell me what. they want they want the demons want the fall of civilization the fall of Babylon as they say it yes, they are definitely doing a good job, aren't they? You know after I shot the teacher? Zazel moved in with someone else, are you sure your death was positive afterwards? Death, yes I saw it, oh yes, listen to this. I was looking for one of your dad's books and it says um outside.
I guess that means that outside the body, outside, they can survive on a single breath. There is a Hebrew text that says that the breath can carry them. for 500 cubits I never knew what a cubic meant which is like a distance or something like that yeah from the cubit to the finger so 500 cubits would be about a sixth of a mile yeah well you're right so I guess I are. limited in certain aspects what are you thinking? I don't know ma'am, it's okay, yes, it's okay, then maybe I'll see you tomorrow good night stranger good morning Sam oh hi uncle John oh hi thanks for tucking me in last night You're welcome oh stranger all I remember is that someone made me chest tickling, why aren't you there?
Where is your father in the bedroom? He is sleepy. Look at the national news last week. You may have seen a similar case. It's okay, it's okay. okay, foreigner, okay, foreign words, yes, front loads coming to get you, he'll bring you for more conversation blue, no, you understand it yet, no, uh, yes, I have to go, okay, I heard the boy getting dressed Immediately just do what I tell you, please. Are you ready, yeah, I'll move, what's going on here, play a little trick on someone, no, we were going to go out the window, sweet, but he's still asleep.
Foreigner, foreigner like the book of the Bible, yes, foreigner, all right, foreigner. Bad for you, you know what's happening, son, the police think I did some bad things. Well, why do you think you did it? Because someone made it look like I did. I almost saw it on the show. I'm not talking about something. another thing also about your dad honestly busy no, Sony is not asleep, did it hurt? Do you think she will go to heaven? Yes, anyone deserves to go to heaven. He's your dad. I also believe it. Thank you. We have nowhere else to go.
It's my nephew saying hello. Hi Sam, nice to meet you here. Hello, you are in pajamas. I wasn't expecting company, but I'm glad you're here. Why don't you come and buy the fireplace and warm yourself, Azazel wrote. his chest unless he does something, he's Buffy, okay, foreigner, he dies and can survive for a breath, so 500 elbows right now, at the same time Zazel tells me when he moves, that Spirit, no man can resist , what does that mean? Someone who can. It doesn't come in by touch, it can still come in through the spirit because if when it is in spiritual form it is fighting for its life, it will be much more powerful, tell me what you are going to do, whatever I do, I have to make sure that You and Sam, they're safe if you take them somewhere no one knows, not even me.
I have to go. You will stay with Greta for a while, maybe for a long time. Remember this, no matter what people say about me or what they do when you don't. remember that I am doing it for you and I love you, how can I go back to sleep when I wake up? everything is going to be just as it was foreigner I'm ready foreigner hey Jonesy, how are you? I'm worried, man, what am I going to do? Where are you going to go? I do not go anywhere. I'm going to take a long trip where no one will find me.
Yeah, shoot, we've been partners for a long time 12 plus Chelsea 12 plus, so was there anything you had to say? I, yeah, remember what we were talking about the other night, when the time comes, you know, watch out, okay, be good, you're probably wondering what I'm doing right, this is where things get a little complicated, now It's just me and him Hobbes against Azazel. I thought I had it but he thought he had me too foreign I knew you'd come, you know, yeah, foreigner, you've done enough, huh, you made me kill an innocent man, you murdered my brother, get out you son of a bitch, how much more can you have fun?
Hey Jesus Hobbs what are you talking about? I didn't do any of that. I'm the Porsche mode they sent here to bring you, so now it's you. Hey, is it me? What would you expect it to be? I'll let you drop the gun I know you got one or what shoot me where's the fun in that huh huh you're making me do this now drop the damn gun do what he says skip jealous so who else is here? Uh, hello, Tim, come out. Only the two of us are gone Hobbs Josie you know I didn't do this you know I didn't do any of that I know what it helps we both want to believe you jump but we have to get you Stan, no I don't know if I can do this you talk you say the hops disappear In the woods we drive his car to the lake we finish the story what's wrong we bring the son of a bitch that's why we're here he did good I don't make it even better but it's not our job to decide now drop the damn gun Jonesy put the damn gun down thanks, okay, thanks sorry Stan, oh yeah, another one for so many years you think he's seen it all but you haven't But his life always gives you one more surprise, one more, sometimes it's big, hey, I'm your partner, man , go on your free run, keep thinking, how about that, huh, don't be he just killed his mother, Jonesy, are you one? at the same time, huh, this is how we do it one by one for free, this is all mine, you like stone peaks, I bet you don't, big monkey fan, if I kill you it's the end, the medical chapter and the life of the hero of misfortune, one more. piece of human thumb but turn it over if I die I come in you put 20 more kills on your account before you leave now maybe that's enough for you or that chippy you were talking to why you want to do this I die, you die What's the most fun?
Can you guess it? But the most fun is sure you can now that I played with you from the outside. The funniest thing is that I become you. Thank you for having me, you have me well, but I have to ask you something that doesn't Let me commit suicide Why? Because I need more time. Time for what 500cubus, that's a long way. Hazel Jonesy dies too quickly. As powerful as you. She may never take me away from her. Oh, she's realizing what you think you're going to win. This thing, God willing, you never know, let me ask you something, why do you think Milano came here but she couldn't die as a chick?
I think he wanted to do what I'm going to do, but he couldn't do it. outside, take out whatever it was, open your eyes, go around sometimes here we are this beautiful place there is no other human being around my house you and I who are we you don't smoke anymore it's true I don't know why because cigarettes kill especially cigarettes mixed with poison the same poison you used to kill my brother you are so sweet together yes it's you I'm sorry Josie oh like I said at the beginning I was defeated, tricked, poisoned by Detective John Hobbs, can you imagine what it's like?
It feels like being alive for thousands of years and realizing that you're actually going to die because some self righteous cop decided he was going to save the world, yeah a demon can die and Hobbes figured out how to beat me at my own game so what The war is not over I promise you not even by a long shot oh, you forgot something, didn't you start? I said I was going to tell you about the time I almost died. See you thank you foreigner foreigner foreigner foreigner foreigner thank you thank you foreigner foreigner

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