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Denny's Foods I've NEVER Tried Before! 24 Hours Eating ONLY at Denny's in Tokyo Japan

Mar 06, 2024
Hey guys, I'm Mike Chen, just landed here in Tokyo, I want to go to dinner, it's a little late so a lot of places are closed and I decided to walk around and see what's open and I've


been to Denny's before. Denny's in Japan looks very classy. When you walk in, there's like a little convenience store outside with Danny's baked goods, little toys too, so you sit down and they bring you an iPad menu, which is great because you can see the dishes in English. Recommendations. Chef's recommendation. Course with alagado and then avocado. Strawberry Caesar Salad so the first page is everything recommended this is just the seasonal menu look at this oh my gosh I can't believe this is a strawberry pancake Denny strawberry sundays a model strawberry this it's the real strawberry here in Japan, there's steak, bacon, spinach, corn soup there's steak hurg seran steak


ese beef stew chicken pork shabo Shabu wo there's fried chicken basically every kind of salad under the sun what's there chicken jum valaya garlic rice with pink pork cheese Hooded rice oh my goodness, there are so many things here meat spaghetti there Cod pasta roll grilled cheese oh my goodness, they have dundun noodles Chinese noodles Denny's here in Japan has almost any dish you want oh, this is a menu of desserts at a drink bar, this is strawberry oh, there are pancakes Chocolate sundaes French toast cold red bean soup matcha ice cream Oh, there are so many things I want to try, so I got a chef recommendation course and oh man, I have to try something else, also a grilled meat combination.
denny s foods i ve never tried before 24 hours eating only at denny s in tokyo japan
I want to try your dunda noodles, let's make garlic rice or rolled pork, we have raw salad. ham what raw ham salad my dinner tonight a drinks bar Chef's recommendation course I add strawberry Caesar salad rye bread garlic Rice with roast pork let's do it this is really interesting this is the drinks bar so once you get a pass you can have as many drinks as you can want there is a coffee iced coffee cappuccino all kinds of teas different soft drinks iced teas have some water this is what a Denny's menu looks like here in Japan this is 26 pages long I don't remember how big the Denny's menu in the past in the US.
denny s foods i ve never tried before 24 hours eating only at denny s in tokyo japan

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denny s foods i ve never tried before 24 hours eating only at denny s in tokyo japan...

I remember it being quite extensive, but it has everything from noodles to rice, steak to jambalaya and is so artistically designed. My strawberry Caesar salad just arrived, so right now it's strawberry season in Japan and these are the King strawberries, the strawberry Caesar salad. I had



it before. I think it's wonderful, refreshing, sweet and tart, with the delicious crunch of lettuce, strawberry and cheese. It almost has a yogurt flavor. I like it. The strawberry is ridiculously fresh, juicy and sweet, and they have it too. There are also bits of freeze-dried strawberries here for a nice crunch.
denny s foods i ve never tried before 24 hours eating only at denny s in tokyo japan
This is very innovative. My first entree arrived, roast pork with garlic, fried rice, so there are pieces of what looks like grilled pork with garlic chips on top, it smells so garlicky it's a tender tender piece of pork the crispy garlic pieces the rice has a little mayonnaise and a little corn the rice is buttery it's fragrant it has garlic the damn rice is outrageous it's fries so check this out, each little grain shines with flavor it goes perfect with that tender cut of pork, the pork too It's very spicy, so everyone who takes it will get that juicy tender pork, the creaminess of the mayonnaise, the fragrant rice, the crunchy garlic, this is a gorgeous Denny's fried rice dish, this is really very good.
denny s foods i ve never tried before 24 hours eating only at denny s in tokyo japan
Smoky, very tender, two completely different cuts of pork really add a very different flavor and texture to this fried rice. This is an incredibly amazing fried rice. I'm a fan of fried rice. I will eat fried rice every day if you love me. and words I never thought I would say in my life you have to try this Friday rice at Denny's. I mean Denny's at home, at least for me, really the


place I go when everything else is closed. I don't think I've ever


it. Food of this quality like Denise before. I am very happy with the main dish. 2 has arrived.
Let me refill my tea. I think I might have discovered the best Coca-Cola on the planet. Melon Coca-Cola. You have to try it. This is the Denny's Recommended Set Menu. I love to sit down for a bit because I was so distracted by my amazing pork fried rice. Now the pasta is dying a little, which is totally my mistake. Beautiful crab on top and bottom, the crap is pasta. with herb cream sauce, this is a really boiled and very moody pasta dish, oh yeah I'm going to try that fresh basil right away, it's so rich and creamy with king crab meat on top that you can taste in every bite and that crab is very, very sweet, they also give you a couple of slices of bread with the pasta, which is a very toasted bread, but this is a delicious and very elegant bread filled with pasta and on the menu you can even accompany it with wine or make what I do with a little.
Coca-Cola melon, the dessert that came with the SE meal recommended by the chef is an avocado and the coffee in it is like sticky coffee, the coffee is very thick, check this out, it's really interesting and instead of the simple coffee in the that's the ice cream. I think it's a mix of coffee and brown sugar, so the texture is very thick and sticky, it's like ice cream infused with coffee ectoplasm. I like it, it's bitter and sweet. This is definitely a very, very unique aato, really different from anything I've tried before. It was a very fun find.
I love trying popular restaurants from different cultures at Denny's in Japan. It's very different. The menu is the size of a Cheesecake Factory menu. I think because this place is pretty close to my hotel and opens pretty early. I'm going to come back tomorrow and have some breakfast, so Denny's breakfast has a completely different menu and runs from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. m. to 11:00 a.m. m. there are some traditional things like pancakes, scrambled eggs, bacon, french toast, something that looks really interesting, shrimp and chicken. and eggplant with spinach also because it is seasoned with strawberries.
I also have some strawberry pancakes inside, there are eggs, mushrooms, chicken slices and shrimp and they give you some olive oil and wasab to add in here too. I feel like this is less. of porridge and more of chicken soup with rice. I really like this so there are a lot of great flavors and textures inside, there are eggs in here and when you get a little bit of yolk there is a lot of richness and creaminess that comes with that. The texture of the rice is very pleasant, it is not soft at all, it is almost al dente, the mushroom is delicious, the shrimp are sweet, accompanied by a little of this eggplant on spinach, which is juicy and refreshing, it combines very well with the porridge , wasabi is definitely a nice addition for a bit of fun, and of course, unlimited coffee, tea, and drinks at the beverage bar when you include it with a meal that costs


about 20, I think, 80 or 90 yen, per which only costs about $2 for everything. you can drink and the porridge without the drink bar is only around $690 so around $4 for this giant, steaming bowl of deliciousness is like a really satisfying and delicious giant bowl of chicken egg soup definitely good, what comes with all this really. quite healthy and very filling breakfast that olive oil which was a nice fragrant fragrance, after this, I got something equally satisfying, a little less healthy, which comes out pink, they are beautiful fresh strawberries because Strawberri SE in Japan from December to May, These are their Japanese specialty. strawberries are called king strawberries and usually when you buy fruit at a place like Denny's you would expect it to not be so fresh.
This thing is plump, juicy, it's a huge ice cream, whipped cream, two fluffy pancakes with strawberry syrup and strawberry cream on top, I think. that's so delicious that's so good with the fresh strawberries now let's invite some whipped cream and some ice cream to the party put it all together every bite is sweet it's sour it's creamy it's juicy I don't like pancakes I really order them but these freshly made pancakes with the freshest strawberries you can find and ice cream and this loaded plate of pancakes again with fresh strawberries only about $5 is my full breakfast this morning for the porters the eight spinach the drink bar and the pancake plate around of $13 and that includes everything and I'm completely full it's time for dinner and I moved hotels um at the new hotel man it's almost connected to the dennies I've been going to and I really don't have many ideas for dinner. tonight we're going to try those dunda noodles at Denny's, so my new hotel is here and Denny's is here, it's as it should be, so I didn't know that apparently Denny's also has a lunch menu.
I thought the lunch and dinner menu would just be the same menu, so I bought a clean bowl of miso. I saw them selling their bolon sauce so I thought it might be pretty good so I bought their spaghetti with meat sauce and finally of course the dund noodles which I wanted to try. I may have ordered too much here because in the photos the MEO meatball didn't look that big, so this meal says you get one meatball and one ramen. Can you believe this combo? 900 yen for two bowls of food. It's absolutely mind-blowing how much you get.
The value for money here at Denny, which I don't think I've ever said before, gives you some delinquent milk and a little pepper to make the bowl of miso meat with chives on top look like eggplant onion and minced meat Ultimately, this is a lot. of food, I thought from the price and from the photos it is like a small bowl of rice and meat. This is absolutely humongous and there was an option at the end to make the rice bigger. How much more rice can they put in here? really spicy, it's spicy I feel like there's too much rice here, the racial thing is definitely a little off, but the taste is fantastic, the sauce and the meat are very tasty, very rich in flavor, it has a ton of Mami in there, you can savor 100%.
All that delicious miso mince is delicious as is the refreshing crunch of the scallions, the egpl is a nice touch. I mean, it's delicious. I just think there's too much rice here. I'll chase it with my favorite drink from Denny's, melon, Coca-Cola, look at this ramen. looks like a showyou Ramen with a piece of chashu a little spinach a little crinkle noodles the broth looks pretty good, well the broth is not very good, it's kind of a mixture and the noodles are a little soggy, I mean, It tastes great, but super one-dimensional. The broth and chashu are super hard and dry.
I was wondering if I should get a giant bow ramen here. I'm glad I didn't, that wasn't good at all. Jny sells his bow sauce at the register, so it must be good, then it smells good. this bowl of pasta is about 450 ok i like it a lot and i'll tell you why it tastes almost exactly like the span me sauce you used to get in high school cafeterias of course the pasta here is much more al dente , while the pasta in the dining room is simply friendly. It melts like a marshmallow, the sauce tastes like that to me and I personally love the diner's spaghetti.
I think this is great, it's a little sweet, a little spicy, it feels like it has the same racial sweetness and spiciness as hot, so rich and meaty, it's a little buttery. For less than five bucks for a taste of pure nostalgia, it's definitely worth it for me. I like it so much, it's ONE CNY, how much do they know, if you know what I'm talking about and you also love the dining room spaghetti and my sauce. and if you are ever in Japan and want to relive that taste go to your local Denny, even better will be if I have some garlic bread to go with this, finally the dunun noodles, this is a really yummy noodle dish with the same Meat sauce.
On top of that they use the sauce for many of their dishes. I think yesterday the crab needle also had a bit of their bologna sauce. This is very, very thick, smells very peanuty. I think they also put an egg here to enhance the richness. It definitely has peanuts in it like very, very peanuts. I feel like it definitely needs more peppercorns. It has a little bit of spice. There's a little bit of spinach here. A little minced meat and it tastes good. It's definitely very peanuts. But to really do it you need a good amount. of numbness good amount of pepper which this doesn't really have I mean they give you a black pepper shaker which is not the same it's a little spicy I think it definitely lacks a lot of flavor a lot of depth right now it's just super one dimensional it just tastes like noodles with slightly spicy peanuts.
I mean, it's not edible, but it's not good. I think the best thing I ate tonight was the miso meat with rice and the high school pasta, but every dish you eat you definitely get a lot of food for the money, okay, I'll finish before all my noodles have soy and get back to the hotel in less than 5 minutes, it's very convenient, so Denny's in Japan has nothing to do with Denny's at home from the food to the price is related to the quality of the ingredients, it's like a completely new restaurant I wish I could replace Denise from the flavors of home, apart from all the ingredients, from the vegetables to the fruits, everything as fresh as possible, they use many seasonal ingredients and this time of course, the strawberries again, fresh, juicy , sweet, delicious, some of the items that tasted really good, the garlic fried rice from last night, thePorridge this morning was great, oh the strawberry pancakes, amazing, I also love the drinks bar so usually if you eat them with a meal.
I think dinner is a little more expensive, you know, 250, but you get all you can drink cold pressed coffee hot coffee cappuccino different types of tea soft drinks is an amazing deal. Of all the times I've been to Japan, I never even considered going. Denis, but if you're traveling here and looking for a pretty decent meal at a really good price, well at Denny's it may not always taste better, but it will definitely fill you up, maybe they should use that as a slogan. Foods that I recommend, fried rice with pork and garlic. I highly recommend it.
I think I would also highly recommend the pancake, especially if you are here during strawberry season. Oh, one thing I wish I had tried and didn't was the matcha sunde. I bet it's spectacular, so that's my review of Denny's here in Japan, as always, thank you all so much for watching until we eat again. See you later.

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