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Demons, Hauntings, and Paranormal Encounters - UNFILTERED #50

Jun 06, 2021
They call it sleep paralysis yeah oh that was all I thought at the time it was dad that was the old house in my denny room that was where I had twisted sleep paralysis yeah didn't they tell us something about that house? I think there was something strange about her. Something happened in the house and as if he put that on. Oh, it burned, it burned. That's what it was. The house apparently burned down and there were people. inside that died that's what they told us it was like the people in this house burned down rebuilt like they rebuilt a house yeah and I don't know how this could have been 20 or 30 years ago, but that happened and it could be me I don't know, no It's that I don't believe in spirits, I've just never experienced it, so it's hard for me to like it, that's the strangest thing, like I've never seen a ghost.
demons hauntings and paranormal encounters   unfiltered 50
I won't sit here. and to say like I've seen it like you can't understand it, it's a very strange thing to understand, like obviously there have been people who have experienced things that I wish I honestly wish I had seen something so I could do it. be very firm in my belief that I am as I have seen it, I know what I believe, if you don't it's okay, I know my experience, oh I have never seen anything and that is what frustrates me. Someone who doesn't believe in this, but I've heard that you don't even want to make yourself too vulnerable to these similar spirits and because people like you are the ones who want to join people who want to see it like that. oh, give me again, right?
demons hauntings and paranormal encounters   unfiltered 50

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demons hauntings and paranormal encounters unfiltered 50...

Am I wrong or am I right? People who want to see him tend to attach themselves to those types of people, so I have never had that personal encounter, yes, I would like to confirm that, but I have had really strange experiences like in our apartment we had together. There was one night when I was alone there and I heard like I was in my room, like by the kitchen, yeah, and I heard footsteps like walking right outside my door, like towards the point where I thought there was someone there I think. that I remember you like I called you you called me freaking out yeah I was like dude I'm listening like it was the scariest experience I've ever had like it felt like someone was sitting at the end of my room I just looked and paced back and forth another and I had this overwhelming feeling, the hairs like on the back of my neck, we were standing and I thought that someone, something is here right now and I should not be here, yeah, it was like it wasn't a welcoming spirit or what whatever, where are you, oh, it's a friendly ghost, it's Casper, I don't think it was like, I don't think there's anything in your room that's not you.
demons hauntings and paranormal encounters   unfiltered 50
It's cozy at first, like there's no way, well, we can get into this too, but there are spirits or ghosts that come from family members or friends who have passed away, and you get this feeling of oh, that's them and it's like a feeling of relief, like they're okay, usually it's like some spirits when they die, if they've died in a place that they're very familiar with, they're in a house or something. Stay attached to that house, but don't feel threatening to the people who move in there, you know what I mean, there are people who are just ghosts or spirits who are like this, this is where I die, this is where I sit.
demons hauntings and paranormal encounters   unfiltered 50
Comfortable, this is my house and they are not trying to kick you out, some are but not all, it's just where they live too and it's not a threat but what he experienced sounds like it was a threat. It was so scary that when I got up, I grabbed my bag like I had thrown it in and then ran out like I had physically walked through my door to the front door and then ran out like I was crazy. I couldn't. being there because of how uncomfortable I felt, I don't know what and I have slept there alone several times, but something like that night I felt bad, there were a couple of nights where I experienced what I felt I couldn't be in the house because I had very afraid that something was going to kill me or something, so I just packed my bags and left the house.
It's crazy when we have these thoughts in our heads like we're like when we sleep, even though we sleep alone all the time and then just one night you're like packing up and getting out of here because I feel like tonight your mind is your worst enemy oh yeah the reason like back in the day when hundreds of years ago there were so many ghost sightings and this whole thing is like you had people, there was no electricity and you just had candlelight and you can make up something in your mind that you see in the dark like, oh my gosh, that was a face, but if you're like you're imagining it, like you can make a face like you can make, you can have the most thoughts, there's a lack of stimulation, yeah, and it'll feel so real, Yeah.
I can say that the


is anything that is not scientifically explainable, like you can't explain it through normal science, I mean, everything you've talked about so far is like it's your experience, you can't really fit it into any kind of mental framework that has been presented to you so far, but you felt that it is like a gut feeling that you just cannot articulate, that is something


and it can also be described as supernatural, but supernatural is defined as something related. to an order of existence beyond the visible observable universe, so they are things that you cannot observe, it is just a feeling that you have, it is very strange, yes, and as I was saying, it could be a positive thing too, like the best friend of my mom. passed away, yes, and she loved butterflies and it was her thing, she loved butterflies and the day after she passed away, her husband was sitting on the patio and a butterfly randomly came out of nowhere, isn't it like that.
She had like butterflies in the backyard or something, but she came into the yard and flew up and landed on her shoulder and was like sitting on her shoulder. I love it and it was the strangest thing because that doesn't happen like it just doesn't. I don't have a butterfly, it just flies randomly to the right and lands on your shoulder and you just relax there, yeah, but the next day like that, that's so strange to me, like that, that's your thing if I was like, no HE. that to me that's like it's okay like it's a dildo it's a good feeling yeah this is a crazy thought and I think I'm not saying this is it but I'm now I'm on the other side of this lane.
I'm fine, what if there is a higher spirit? You know, God said, Oh, let me make this person happy real quick. I'm going to get an Atlanta butterfly because I know. Your mom's best friend loves butterflies, but if you say that then that means you believe in God, yeah, and that means well, I mean, yeah, I believe in God, but sure, but that means they're in heaven. and that is so. still, they still comfort you, they still remind you of that person and they give you comfort of some kind, regardless of whether it comes from god or spirits or you know you know the multiverse or the paranormal or something like that, it just offers you comfort in something like that.
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Additional restrictions apply. Visit for more details again. That's 80 Unfiltered and use code 80 Unfiltered to get 80 off your first order. I know Mariah has a lot of really interesting stories about paranormal things that she's experienced and if you want to share them because I've been there for some of them, you want to start with that one, yeah, okay, you can chime in and if you want, this year my grandmother passed away. and Heath and I went to her funeral and we're sitting at the funeral and we had martini glasses because she loved martinis, it was the wake, yeah, it was the wake, so we.
I'm sitting in the room with my grandmother and in her apartment we have a security camera inside so we can keep an eye on her and so all the aunts and uncles have an app where they can keep an eye on my grandmother and her dog in case something happens. what happened yeah so when she passed away they obviously cleaned the apartment turned off the camera whatever my aunts and uncles are by the coffin and just hanging out with Graham and we're all the cousins ​​are sitting in the chairs and Suddenly we heard like barking and we thought what the hell is that and we all looked around and my uncle takes out his phone and the notification for the camera app appeared on his phone so he clicked on it.
He turns off the camera, like we don't use cameras anymore, like it's off and how long has it been off for days, days, yeah, but that's when he came up to go to the right, he walked up to Graham and I looked at him and it was my grandmother's dog barking in the apartment because we left her in the apartment, we were going to come back for her, so the fact that she was barking and there was no one there like she does, it's very strange, like she really doesn't did it. bark so she was barking number one number two the camera was on we're all trying to figure out how the hell this is happening and then the martini glass falls off the table and then we all turn around like what the hell is going on like it's just a thing after, yeah, it was very, very strange, the glass was sitting like a table, like no one was around, it wasn't sitting, we were all sitting, oh yeah, the glass felt like no, it was, it was a table and a martini glass like nothing made it fall and it wasn't just like, it happened so fast like we all froze and were sitting there like you guys saw it right I think.
Grandma is literally drinking, I think it was weird, but it was really fun. We were like this we wish we were in a class right now because he's there, yeah, like everything is here. It was the most paranormal thing I had ever felt. That was like it took me a second. I thought wait yeah but it's nice that you can still take it as comforting like you are like you're with your grandma that's how she would like it oh my god this is for her like of course like you love it like all of me life my grandmother always told us that she was like when I died like she just wanted a pizza party like she didn'toh, okay, that's just the tip of the hat, you have to say it with your eyes, oh, you've got something in your eye, come on guys, bring it, bring it, come on guys, and that's it. first season goodbye first season I love you

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