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Delta A350 Full Review - Delta ONE + Delta Premium Select

Jun 06, 2021
- Welcome to my new video. This is my first time flying Delta One to the US and I will be flying on their latest aircraft, the A350. Delta used Terminal 2 in Beijing, and Delta One Elite Freedom Flyers have access to the SkyTeam lounge. I like this terminal because it is much smaller, which means a lot less walking. (upbeat music) - Hello, welcome aboard Delta. - This is my crew on the Delta flight from Beijing to Detroit in the new A350. And they told me that this is the last time they wear this beautiful red uniform. Are you going to miss the uniform? - Yes, yes.
delta a350 full review   delta one delta premium select
Really? - Well, I'm sure the new one will be just as good, much better. Very good, a pleasure to fly with all of you. - Many thanks. - I was able to get on board first for a filming of the new cabin just a few minutes before general boarding. There are a total of 32 Delta One suites in business class in a one-two-one configuration. Each Delta One suite has direct access to the hallway and is equipped with a door to ensure great privacy. The window seats are definitely my favorite as I often enjoy looking out the windows. (upbeat music) There are a total of 38 Delta Premium Select, which is


economy class, in a two four two configuration.
delta a350 full review   delta one delta premium select

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delta a350 full review delta one delta premium select...

Each seat offers 38 inches of space between seats. (upbeat music) 226 economy class seats in a three-three-three configuration made up the rest of the cabin. Delta A350 has a capacity for 306 seated passengers. - Hi, I'm John Zeglin and I'm the captain on our flight to Detroit today. We're in service for Flight 188 from Beijing to Detroit. Initially we will take off to the south and climb to 350, initial cruise altitude. This is Delta's newest flagship aircraft, the A350 900 XWB. - And what is the flight schedule, John, today? - 12 hours and 10 minutes. Initially we're going to get to 350 and then we're going to get higher as we move across the North Pacific.
delta a350 full review   delta one delta premium select
Today's route will take us a little further north, into Russian airspace, and then through northern Alaska, and then across Canada, and then on to Detroit. 350 we cruise at Mach eight-five, which is 85% of the speed of sound. (upbeat music) - I just settled into my seat here, 8D, last row in business class here. I have tons of Delta Airlines stuff. They put this on the seat. There are two pillows here. And, this is a nice Westin Heavenly bath quilt here. There's also a Tumi amenity kit, and a slipper, and also, a noise canceling headset here. Everything is laid out here ready for you.
delta a350 full review   delta one delta premium select
Ready to relax, and ready for a good flight. (upbeat music) - Welcome to Delta One. - I love flying Delta One. - Oh, really? - Absolutely beautiful. - Actually, it's my first time so I need to try because everyone says good things about Delta One. - It's beautiful, Delta One is the way to go. - Ok. (upbeat music) (aircraft engine) (aircraft engine roars) (upbeat music) Once airborne, the crew sprang into action with drinks followed by dinner. I noticed how relaxed and informal the experienced crew is when they perform their service. Passengers enjoy light conversation with them. (upbeat music) - So, Spanish Rioja.
Pinot Noir. - Pinot Noir? Okay. Californian? - This is a type of Vinho Terra. It's Portugal - It's from Portugal, okay. - Yes, from Portugal. (upbeat music) - It's really a kids' cocktail. - In fact? (laughs) (upbeat music) - This is not business class food, I was wrong. I thought that was my meal, but it turned out to be


economy, which is called Delta Premium Select. I was really impressed. Ours was the same food as the budget many airlines would have and just extra liquor with the seats. But they actually thought a lot about it.
Watch this. You got good roast beef and cloves and scallops for an appetizer, and you've got good china for dinner. We have salad and it all comes on a tray. - Would you like some white bean soup? - Give credit to Judy China's catering in Beijing with that soup. Watch this. - The soup is so delicious. Yes, the whole time we had tomato basil, and it was gone. - Actually, the Delta Airlines crew really takes care of me. They treat me like their son, actually. They say, Sam, you have to have Western and Chinese food, so they put the tray of both meals on my table here.
I'll show you. My weight will go up 10 pounds after this flight in Detroit. (upbeat music) Oh my gosh, this soup is so good, this white bean soup, cream white bean soup. Simply exclusive. This is not the US airline I was expecting. This is exclusive and the chopsticks too, very nice. (upbeat music) The best of the best, of course, is the ice cream. Definitely, ice cream, ice cream, ice cream. (Laughter) Show me the real Delta ice cream. - Crush the nuts. - Yes. - And then we have some mixed berries. - Okay, that's great, mixed berries and whipped cream. - Remember everything so that we make a real ice cream. - Those are the works. - We haven't run out of ice cream today. - Today is Sunday, you know? - It's Sunday? - Yes. (lively music) (laughs) - Thank you, thank you Arnet, this is beautiful. - This is Swenil.
This is 2 million flyers for Delta Airlines. In fact, he's interested in talking about his experience on Delta One, on the Delta One A350. - Oh, this is fascinating. I have never flown in a plane like this. It's beautiful and very comfortable, probably the best business class seats I've seen in my twenties-- - But you can say something critical. You're a positive-- - No, no, no. - You have the right, you have the right to say what you want. - Nothing critical. Everything is so good, and I'm looking forward to a good sleep and I know it's going to be a great time, you know? - This is my first time flying Delta One, and I just met Rebecca and I just met Goudala.
And I feel warm, I feel like family right away. I felt that connection was coming closer because they treat me like their son or her siblings and they took great care of me. They even gave me two meals so I tried a Chinese and a Western option. (Laughter) And this is the beauty of flying: making friends. Rebecca here is a Delta flight attendant, and she just showed me that she's wearing a Northwest Airline badge that encourages her. I mean, Delta Airline merged with Northwest at that time, and talk about it, why do you use this? - This weekend is a retro weekend, so we got to use wings from other airlines, and I'm a proud Northwest Airlines merger flight attendant. - Excellent, because you started with that.
You always remember when you started, back where you are. - Yes, I started in the year 2000. (upbeat music) - The sun is gradually fading as we continue in a northeasterly direction over Russia and the North Pacific. We had very clear weather below, and what a privilege to be able to enjoy the beautiful nature from 35,000ft on the A350. (upbeat music) Delta has a great inflight entertainment offering with great noise canceling headphones. It's hard to believe that there are so many international movies and even a channel dedicated to children on board. (upbeat music) This is the time to try a flat bed in the private suite on Delta One. (upbeat music) The width is actually better than I thought and what I like is that it has an actual foot in it so It's not one of those very tight spaces.
And it's long. I'm six feet tall and it fits me well. I guess it can fit in a six-three, six-five just fine. The best, again, is the privacy here. It's a bit hard to watch TV like this, so you may have to go up a bit if you want to enjoy TV. Really nice private space, this is what I value the most. Very good, good night everyone. (light music) As I slept for a few hours and woke up, I was in disbelief that it was so bright and sunny outside. It seems to me that the sun never really sets after a time of fading, and it came back again as we continued north over Russia.
You can watch the ice break up and melt as summer approaches. (soft music) - Your espresso is ready. - Just having the espresso in the kitchen, it was difficult. It was like, you know, blowing up all the long-haul flights. Your hours, your biological clock is backwards. And the thing about filming on the plane as well, concentration when filming is very difficult. It's like I'm working on the flight too. I'm enjoying this of course. I love bringing the best to show my followers and viewers my content. I want you to enjoy that experience with me as you sit at home.
When filming too, I constantly have to think about what is interesting. You need to look outside, one eye to look at the next content to shoot, and you know there's a lot of stuff in there. But having said that, I am very happy every time I finally edit my film and when they are ready to be posted on YouTube. The people love it. I read all the comments about it. People love my movie, so that's the great satisfaction I get, and that's the motivation to go further and further. (upbeat music) It's been such a long flight, I get to see the Delta Premium Select, which they call DPS.
And the seats have extra legroom. It's actually a two-four-two configuration, and the economy actually has a seat plus three-three-three. And it has a nice recline, so you've got more legroom here. Not only that, I was actually impressed that it came with a Tumi amenity kit, but there's also a good noise-cancelling headset here, which is nice. And of course, you need a shoe for your comfort in flight. I like the way Delta probably put a lot of thought into deciding this part here, and this isn't just its economy plus it gives you extra legroom. This really gives you additional comforts. (upbeat music) Guys, I'm telling you, I'm surprised that Delta has more authentic Chinese food than any other airline food I've ever eaten.
This is breakfast. Chinese noodles from the very western province. It's like a flat noodle here, and this is amazing. This is


of flavor, and they also come with a chili sauce here, so I was so shocked because I never expected anything this good in Delta, but food, especially Chinese food. - Thank you for flying with us. Would you like a chocolate? - Oh, that's very nice, thank you. - Enjoy your visit. (upbeat music) - After a 12 hour and 20 minute flight, we landed in Detroit. A Delta special services agent picked me up in a nice Porsche Cayenne and transferred me to the next flight to Atlanta.
Like everything on my flight from Beijing, it was very nice and welcoming. Delta was a huge surprise in every way, and I look forward to more Delta flights in the future. (upbeat music)

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