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Defusing The Praetorian

Jun 06, 2021
done ok cant wait to get up at 4:00 in the morning yeah first time in a long time full in three all your energy and a car off great circle is counter clockwise . sorry it's 4 kilos 8 Delta Charlie 1 so yeah stage 1 is a 7 2 bit ready. I'm going to start with crazy. There are six symbols. please safe answer for me you fool. I don't have it diffusional first, ok let's do it. you're two words uniform yeah the next one is our EAD bill right you said middle right though yeah wait a minute the big red circle counter clockwise is red black , blue, thanks, stage 2 is a 1 and let's get this over with.
defusing the praetorian
Who is first? That was our correct EAD. so he was in the center right in the middle right is nothing, Triple H on him. Thank you stage 3 is a warm God listening is through singing I have it stage 5 is a zero why do you do nonsense that is for listening is it ready stage six is ​​a three button is nonsense I have it and what i was listening thank you star star triple dollar and if you have skewed it is two three seven ranks and stage seven is a dumber seven yeah ok rex that your stage seven is ok thanks stage eight is a race that more snot from the start is point dot india and november and dash dash splashing so that sucks that's right 592 is good stage nine is a four okay we want to get into this laundromat at 12 angels all yeah and how is this the same case we had before both keep out dumb both keyboards let's flip it's copyright euro smiley black star flat six white star C point forward and alpha echo standard keyboard is lambda kitty tennis and backward C point ok another flash magenta done not q's idea ue slam Rabbit hit it for now i got my two bits ready here ok huh like top query ok papa papa liquidation sub all t1 is interesting but papa papa will give you eight to nine great thats zulu golf clarifying yes giving me seven nine Victor Zulu Zulu is query zero complete your shipment is Papa Bravo Rex stage ten is a five Papa Bravo and one of his of one God and 12 is 6 Have you got your crazy chat yet? 5 4 You lost me.
defusing the praetorian

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defusing the praetorian...

Answer to the third query, please. 4 0 We are bigger than forget-me-nots. so crazy so peaceful yeah six ok that's stage 13 it's zero and watery 30 degrees wash to dry hopefully 300 fahrenheit um just check this should be discreet no no night i write heat low heat medium colon yes ok tho a bump eat it's special so i'm putting homeland oh no i don't know 32.3 fahrenheit simmer oh sorry ok so three hundred two points 300 fahrenheit simmer that's why i say it's good for some reason silly teeth is a keyboard regular tennis regular lambda kitty upside down state Reps 15 it's not eight I just want confirmation of one thing on the round keyboard you have a forward I see you ask well it looks like your rubik is red orange green white yellow sixteen is a five I haven't you given your EBP give me guidance keep on giving you color blush yes no guidance found but we can get it right keypad ready we'll make call after call flashing a little while on hold enerlo, a copyright smiley, black star, white star, go ahead, point Z, excellent stage, 17 is not eight fools. if you got some work yeah I can always keep myself busy okay I'm going to shapeshift to a pointy ticket too to get pointy I got it Rex we done crazy now Rex we wanted to do it there yeah um same color consecutively different words please say yes yes yes on the third to three coming flush done 18 is a six okay how we look at the colorful keys ah she has done the word is not guidance guidance just indentation front bricks and king of ghosts goofy excellent for on three legs 19 is a zero yeah t That's what I did there oh that's a 6x olsen max run thank you for the poker place and a horrible.
defusing the praetorian
Neutral Rex is 10 correct, true, 100 pots. Now I'm searching. You are skewed grooves. I already found a bug allowing them to be in the car. It is full. We have a jeep with a complete solution. Our bullets were spooked. true yes bias just go to 21 days or six oh sir ok im working on targeting sweetie he got the car in the front ok your shapeshifting you can save the ticket for point your browser. it was red, thank you, what did you have for us? orientation, great, yes counter-clockwise, thanks, stage 23 is the ninth. flash h all set who's on the first wires password morse code keypad button all set is saying it's the Akita keys turned only stage 24 for stage 24 it's a mess four to ten yeah okay we have we are doing X or bitwise, okay? stage 25 is six I got it I don't see my bit by bit there it's good for one zero one one yes zero one zero is zero I was a zero at the end let me verify that for you okay say there but a second you just give yourself several my date not good stage 26 is for gamepad dumb about one six eight seven and you're blind maze is news older yellow gray green red ok im ready to you're fast enough if you want to start doing that five plus yankee for algebra.
defusing the praetorian
I don't see fast math right now. I'll tell you, buddy, it's okay, we'll worry about that later. Stage 27 is a three five seven two three. yes foxtrot three echo six alpha - foxtrot 4 delta 2 and two charlie five stage 28 28 two one anyone would like to do something interactive? go and no now look at the security station thank you i can do it our act is for you if you are sure let's do a signature states green dominant blue flashing fast upper left mouth november gulf we will do the after ok each security said i can do other things, yeah all the things we said you got a pretty good job for the month don't bloom it's good i got green blue blue yellow then blue yellow blue yellow red okay last sequence it's just green and that's a salt module Rex stage 29 it's a five it's ok dummy do a quick word search we have Bravo Foxtrot x-ray India in reading order correct serial word first ok everyone can go crazy and chat about this still see um covered stage is a three word search did you find the word series in it is ok the word x-ray no then the word fake then the word north-north is that thank you stage 31 is a zero possession at orienteering was free me Sorry second orienteering through this watch rolling initial yeah alright I had your game. pad I need to tell someone my Yahtzee roll along gamepad is one six eight seven sorry exit right down yeah up triple Bravo very nicely done 52 Rex before that I have Rubik's Cube and a safe combination safe but when a PS doesn't work, yeah I m alright alright Rex let's go on the big pick up quest left prime actually skip the left prime to the front alright down prime right prime yeah back prime down up prime right should finish well, thank you, stage 33 is a six that I need. to go up to get past security if you don't yeah plan what was my best math number please huge swaths of numbers sorry excuse us numbers two three seven three seven thank you um security up there if you top grade security zero eight three five nine eight Duffy hook if it falls it's annoying 34 it's a nine I want to do something interactive Bruce I'm just finishing up setting up the traffic light but yes to those four numbers okay um yeah okay that's good be semaphore sure it's ok so number jess members west and southwest that's north and south that's southwest answer next and south northeast that's nowhere thanks rex stage 35 is - want to make more Interactive? a point of order silly yes seven of diamonds four of spades six of hearts three of diamonds six of spades and if you listened to the councilman that's why it's 5 plus Yankee check: LEDs off two or three or more , the purples know exactly two pairs, yes, that includes everything, yes. exactly - yes Bravo Charlie alpha delta good stage 36 could we go hunting great let's open would you say ok find it I can't find your mole combo sure ok you said he can overseas Liu Kang correct right right Bravo up down charlie down left alpha ABC left left up idea stop my mystics closer sure ok i have three measures to one and A one is on the cross three in the center one on the cross six four eight one seven three five two and i'll give you a pair Reese code squaws we ha ve one green red fine yellow Green twelve green magenta X on stage 38 it's a zero diet sit down so I can give you read yes yes puzzling come on hey we have purple white green black purple red nothing matches only five goes to a black and everything is crosses except six so one two three four five crosses it's only five they get so black ok we're going to give it resistors too i got brown red yellow ,orange,green,yellow this would be good to learn soloing its not hard ok i have a unicorn in our constellation in mystic 39 its a five the edge you sound very calm thats silly but yeah waste management management of waste for paper five waste is good although I'm sure none for plastic hmm I'm going to do the division again ok so recycle 213 waste 71 in cycle two one three waste 71 yeah that's good leftovers ten they waste very well, Rex, silly, it's a up, eat your hair, the numbers on the game panel, pleased, the numbers on the game panel were 1687, thanks, yes, it's not very calm. uh if you're not too far from the mic then yeah um i can give you your order point are you looking for a three four eight nine heart or full clubs eight nine three four eight nine download oh ok thanks now 41 is a zero you'll probably go to zero your dummy life cycle is white magenta red blue yellow green and your dummy maintenance is alpha mike 5 5 Bravo Hotel kilo Wrexham i give you work count two vodka if i give you screw root you know you got good that's magenta green blue white red yellow your color switches the right girl is purple blue orange green red they're all good I think I'll go there Rex 42 is a 4/4 your two are four would anyone like to make something interactive if you haven't yet i'm busy busy i can actually give you your chest foxtrot one rex 43 is a full forty three or four this is good 44 is a zero i got your puzzling wires ok yes those wires six first yes if it's two or more leds cut lo s wires one and three we'll take you backstage forty five is a seven forty fi five to seven so y'all a little chill chiusa on my time yeah third coordinate Chesley dummy third coordinate in chess was suits Rex finish painting um I don't have can you get a paint and plumbing for me thanks yes I know them okay i'm ready for your i'm ready for your maintenance let's do it let's chip the windshield then change the oil in the speeches beard oil change is just as good my car is fixed 46 ain't got it Warner can't get me switches of colors yes three one two I would like three full Please, do you want to do something interactive nonsense?
Yes, but I love it. shape i'll get there oh yeah ok and you're looking for which green green is a bud explain this ok it's the two against the wall next to t22 so it's also an L shape between two dots that are the same color as the tv yes that's right and it's also in that corner you know a corner or ok i missed the corner. Is the corner furthest from any of the other pixels? Okay, it's the farthest corner from the other pixels. Yes, goose, thank you, 10 meters. yeah ok good call pup go ahead green that's blue tetriminos green so that's ok everything is ok it's the T shape of the one that's exactly in the middle of it. what that means is the Y Shack under the - yeah, and the Y pool.
I'm sanded. I think again. I think it's the bottom map of Center I and Y yesterday. One of which is in the corner, one of which is far from the corner and is also L-shaped on the corner stage. Yes, I have a stage. another and pressing another ok and then duplicate let's see here no rowing for lightwire boom port word first rj off white what's after cheaper kids So it's the word port or module with a port name. word column enter 7th you russian huh correct submission is actually correct thank you um stage forty eight is full now the first color graphic squares were on a green oh jesus just look yeah that was silly we could give you a game of life yeah you want sure ok cool game of life are you ready oh cruel ok one for then blank then one three five then blank then five then blank then two three then four which should be columns of two one two two two zero that's right alright so we have five colors alpha 2 is solid orange Bravo three is orange blue instead of I'm going to get white actually okay Delta four is purple flashing blue and Foxtrotuno is brown black brown on and off if you do the reading I have Cashion's I have work yes he ischeap paid reading? it's friday so $17 one seven a shampoo grape jam lollipops spaghetti 0.5 pound turkey and 0.5 pound chicken that's a disgusting module one of you delegate doing what you're doing rex we can do it deadlock dumb you're button square does touch when it's ok you need a two second digit match they gave me ok it's good for confirmation and ninety two Rex is six ok um your astrology is no i meant nothing i can't say that just 93 is a wand he will give you from the retail book yeah i'll take the numpad red yellow blue white yellow blue red red red and blue ok and rex i do set me up a microcontroller sure i haven't seen all this link but must be here.
Speaking of traffic jams in the penthouse. I'd love to be that now, but I'll work with you, Michael, if you'd rather, we can do traffic jams now. OBS, I think it went down again, but I think we're back. 3 is top right Bravo 2 is a yellow hexagon pressing next Bravo 3 alpha 3 is empty Charlie 3 Charlie 3 is top left alpha wah empty Delta 1 Delta 1 is a red hex next to it Charlie wants Charlie one is bottom right left Delta 4 is empty Delta 3 is up there we have good luck Delta 3 well done Rex Hong Kong 94 is on 1 so micro is 808 pin strike and 5-4 thanks I see uh three days of my manual that hasn't worked at all for should be big racks you I have ninety-four stages, in fact, idea 95 is a three nine five is a three God what was that traffic jam? it was Delta 3 oh it was Delta three that was the traffic jam thank you I have your number pad ok number three nine seven one the classic 96 is a 396 is the three speaking of classic we need to make ice cream cheap payment yes a dollar and to set the change there is enough money one yes one point zero two yes it is 297 it is a seven good shot cub thank you I would like a workplace good qualities we have echo foxtrot shop alpha and charlie sharp you want distances or gaps distance is the place two three four three three paid my check cheap seventeen ok i got your microcontroller three white six white to blue for green 7 yellow no 7th no yellow no sharan seven yes the blue and green of checker a before yes i know double look this seven is with rst rsg is yellow new module that's belcher I have already done an exchange we have Atkins Delta nine and 0.75 place it Hotel at 1.25 and Melba the web book instead of 51.5 we are exchanging for a trash witch delta-9 0.7 5 Good Qualities Chord Qualities Dolph Sharp plus four plus three plus three is good Thanks Rex 98 is too dumb can you go to the microcontroller?
Yes please. Is it golf for a second? I will understand that there is no golf. Don't show. okay yeah yeah um ok i'll get that in a sec can i give you some creation with us rex sure thanks i cleared a day for weather to hit day three is a rainy day because it's a heat wave and feel free to do that module ok i'm ready on my controller fast i need seven seven red i want magenta ok four five hold on over five five five is yellow ok so we're ending at eight which is white white yeah Thanks Rex stage one hundred is eight dumb hundreds and who's on the first yeah okay zette huh pup what was the color of pin sevens? don't worry now rex ​​change everything to two three five up can i do 532 isham one hundred one is zero all the bottom right is not everyone is a quebec coupe right zero look how you played on it thank you next is very good - nice middle right small right is Z eh so ein - so look at two words and then like this and with an apostrophe or the opening screen of the next stage open top right so to us so it would be great to smash stage 102 is seven alright reset to an awesome a fool let's go - dot dot delta and dot dot dot dot dot then let's go to alpha 2 2 delta 5 what is - - - then dot - - doc then dot then - doc then dot then doc - doc and that's all I got.
I'll take care of that. Thanks. I have your monster trading card right away. Street Fighter is that more of a drum holder yeah piano keys sorry we'll keep the module piano keys sharp more ba drum holders that's right yeah that's God okay I've got your you Morse amazed 103 is zero Rex has the most mice top right right bottom right bottom left bottom right right bottom left very nicely done thanks 104 Rex is right dummy can we do an I? I'll give you let's make a text field Bravo um I've got your monster load of swapping corpses swapping that crap hard blue no blue hard to protect your blue you're doing fine thanks 105 it's a seven person charlie work creation unless you want nothing more I've got your text field I'll give you a lutz dumb belt tango adjacent Lima Golf whiskey Quebec Bravo Romeo echo November Yankee Sierra Charlie that first letter was a correct correct tango and the scream take alpha 1 response text field Charlie 1 Delta 1 very well done Rex 106 it's a nine I got it thank you I got your creation yes happily you will be making a dinosaur yes yes that's egg and earth egg is life on earth the weather is windy then egg yes great thank you stage 1 is going to be a six um you cou will give me work that i have done nothing in forget-me-not.
I think it's time you got interested in that 3D maze. Well go to that. Do you have a cable in four? Yes Volta La vida is excellent green before ours they are different colors the previous one is not white black or red the previous one skips a disc the previous one should not be cut the previous one is yellow white or green good stage 108 is to feel free to do things well and what was the first time in creation I was clear yes in that car oh boy so i realize abc 3d maze words i think its west but i cant be right i got your letters adjacent, okay Lima all the middle row Yankee Charlie there should be seven very well done fool Rex 109 it's a fool night if you can catch me can I give you any day life too yeah okay that's for 6 then 3 then 1 for 6 then for zxj then 5 then 4 5 6 then for five six and then five that should be columns of one two one four four four Rex 110 it's a fight yeah sorry it's a little hard.
I'm flipping my paper because I was an idiot regular game of life really Omashu top row empty second row 3 4 then 2 4 5 then 3 4 then 3 6 then 4 then empty then 5 6 columns of 0 1 3 4 2 2 correct also correct 111 Rex is not 8 ok so if you want to take a couple of quick ones for us yeah I have some festive keys which is a circle in a snowflake and a double slash have we done CPK yet? the holiday is ready Duggar yes we have echo flat Foxtrot echo flat Charlie yes alpha flat Foxtrot echo flat lovely 112 that's an 8 right that fool and the currency exchange you want the medium?
I know you won't talk. I want the top. I'm talking US dollars and I think it's a 4 because they're full of money redone it's red yes it's red yes oh my god come on come on five yes sir thank you it's for the middle end of Rome 14 it's a sunrise finished location 114 says seven are correct 114 is one of the seven most amazing locations please Delta Phi thank you silly let's take a dead end yes ok. oh, I will and I left the keys are 68. I will. You may? I asked puppy to save some solutions for a bit while he worked on forget-me-nots.
It's on the other side of the page. That's a bit tedious if you don't laugh we're done I have to check ok check another read also for something but I need to find something first complex buttons yeah white red puffy hold press you can check its role in the syllabus, by dummy, give me a sec, go ahead. dance practice ain't nothing monday second half wesley band practice monday second half wednesday rex sorry one plus five that's a five where i should probably watch kruky once in a while in a moment yeah ok im ready for cool piano keys ok we got Moldy the side lightning we got a familiar inverted bowl of the wrist flat short that's the fool with lines on either side 26 is 22 Rex sorry 1 1 6 is a 4 no ash Really I can't save the ones that I'm solving no I don't understand I'm kim there it's fine CPK it's not that bad if we do it in a multiple of 12 what is our time it shouldn't be the charcoal times 59 oh wait you go for a multiple of 12 in time yes shouldn't be the rule 2 is that rule - ok is the rule six rounds any of the rules did that sorry um yes we'll go for 48 oh yes yes please ok she'll give you a reading on the smells yes for favor avent game ura is coming so she left seven one one remember this received a four foot one four degrees 9.2 gravity and one one one one the pressure items are ok the weapons are long bell fit and the magic items are the trophy and the ticket from the drum room and we can do an interactive yes certain sequences we have blue standby circle okay let's go there blue standby circle that's a standby okay I'm turning blue for them to win any position okay yellow one bullet sucking touch it ok and yellow hold hex hold it well thats cyan zero any position ok so far so good we got red press square touch it press blue theme square and loophole hex touch it blue hold square touch it ye ​​llow press Mexico leave it that way it will be and red hold axiom touch it ok and finally yellow Delta Circle is ok white Delta square don't touch it and blue a bullet so don't touch it it's ok No I'll figure this out but he wants ice cream I'd love to play right now okay oh sorry a little less exciting um Bob would like Rocky Road classic Tootsie Fruitie and breathy got it keep him on that watch we should talk about key game 16 and a half, thanks. 56 Rex one one seven two zero he is getting vanilla ok wait german maus yes ch t thats the end of the world got it five seven two one send that yeah ok i'll wait for some ice cream no no really 68 keys got it yeah, I already know the answer okay um I'll get some cash and stuff go ahead cash so okay leave him the keys Bravo okay the Rex woman is one I got it and then white yeah yeah blind, way, dead end, up, middle, middle, middle, down, left, down, right.
It's good 119 is a four I'm going to send plus 120 is a three I'm going to send The other sequences 121 is a three. I'm selling ice cream, so Victor would like double chocolate, raspberry, double strawberry, and the classic Rex. You need something now. I just keep working for gamma. God, I'm all I can give. I also charge in complex buttons Shoe pop that the middle one to two is seven ok keep the caches for a bit longer. two and I have to go do an IDI so I hope that's enough ok I'll take a look my system has fallen behind can I xray it so I can continue ok I just have the triangle it was face? bottom is pointing down and next to each other Ches and a speech bubble got it let me get to that save the answer when you find it of course I can give you the coordinates too shortly let me give you this answer yes , yes, of course, bastard. and it stops holding answers I sure don't see progestin gold one more moment you're looking at the x-x-x inside a box yeah hit me good 15 asterisk 5 is the size of the grid we have pointed brackets 2 comma 0 pointed but first 1 St wait wait Mikey bracket you know with that 2 comma 0 be honest that's right first 1 St garlic brackets for comment 1 5 comma 1 nothing else 10th 10th go to the northeast corner 1 comma 3 nothing else 9 - 9th there should be a thank you Rex you have 122 stages yeah um we're getting to cruel time I'll let you know I need you to look I need you to look at the binary LEDs and give me another reading and verify that one of yours was off okay one three five one two five one two four two one two four three four touch the horn that accident anything you want to charge in I'll give you the binary LEDs an Xbox in the X-rays good 123 as a rain jacket and with half a minute of the piano keys ok the F binary LED will It will be green at decimal number two, that's LED four. it's there that's ok it's going to be back in a while it's going to take a bit of time there's this good T thanks 124 it's a back three ok it's ready for danger on the roll give it 10 seconds ok no I can see the time he comes into the table, okay and come on, echo Delta Shark yes Delta Foxtrot sure yes Foxtrot Alpha Shark yes Golf Sharp Charlie Sharp Yes Charlie Bravo Golf Alpha very nicely done Rex 125 is a nine point okay, I'm ready to work your Baines with you sure my space alpha space space charlie to my right is quite an open area it's alpha Bravo Charlie you said yes yes I see where you are turn around go back to the Alpha yes turn to the right, straight, right, it would be a wall, let's go past the Alpha, yeah, sorry, you're going to the corner, straight, straight, right. alpha right and blade straight trans fiery left is ok five west is ok turn straight left turn straight alpha left her and straight right turn straightcharlie straight straight Bravo to five West um get this right turn left right into that wall it's good well done one to six is ​​a five one to six is ​​a five got it the alphabet works I have a Sierra golf lime echo thanks geez ok sorry golf here is the word ok 27 is a six coordinates wait what was the first and second word in the second sentence of seashells hotel i have fish in second words what repeats the first and second word of the second sentence was Hotel echo Hotel ACK thanks freshness coordinates we're looking at northeast corner and 1 point 3 excellent thanks 128 Rex is a lot put someone out of a job yeah that's ok Rex if you can go to amity for me and you can also get perspective pegs pegs and , therefore dumb rock paper is rock as decoy rock is the yes and also connection check for you dumb is 4 3 2 6 4 7 3 5 coming to friendship I go from left to right we have u n and two candy canes three carrots an egg time or some time and the red tree hangs down we also have strawberry grapes and the blue shield with a pink six point diamond from top to bottom ok yeah part three candy canes egg the timer shield has and you have 128 stages done idea list yes consideration generosity honesty and that's it thank you 29 is a connection zero list connection check false false true true false true true he is good thank you 1:30 is an 8 you got worked for a silly minute oh yeah ok backstage HR thought very well Green names we have Caleb Samuel Eliot River and Yoshi Red names are Dylan Rebecca Sheila Damian and Mike let's hope you guys are our mastermind and cheerleader red grapes yeah go ahead the greens are chameleon and defenders so anything to catch him not right now victor can have a raspberry ripple ok great great to adam likes double strawberry, classic mint chocolate and double chocolate, they give you a hexagonal matrix in a moment for people who want to see me make hexagonal pasta. like a guitar go ahead we got a descending triangle at three for any circle at 70 and we're blue at five six mint chocolate chips for adam in 10 seconds that's good rex 131 is a goofy 8 dice face , Yes. h do it i have xi8 zet bottom right H set y 9 only the first two characters please Nov 9 Hotel Zulu & 9 & 9 yeah well next one is H 6 8 s in the middle left is H said y 9 what it's nice November 9 is that - how do you lose here yes great and finally X is a 10 bottom right ih 6 X 8 Oscar Hotel 6 India 8 Indian 609 I understood it thinking Rex 1 3 2 is a 1 . it's silly, sorry, well done backwards and was going to charge my expenses.
I'm working. Can you grab me an emoji mouth? Yes, I `d love to. It's nice and easy. I also have that lure so I'm working on it ok I heard I heard you have center zoom yes I did nine Tom your emoji thank you ms you that one three four is a four I got fire Elliot lo sorry ellis here ok fine i will work the rest thats always good to get confirmation i got your rock scissors paper lizard paper please cute one three five rex is well understood what to do you think adventure game is great can i give you friends yeah follow me love me you won't hire me your highness allah ok very well done rex one three six is ​​a six i got a i got a zero lab check lamb and crocodile this is going to be easy because it's love me fall thanks Wow one three seven Rex's o f five I have your zero lizard Triceratops dolphin Rhinoceros cow visit tricera dolphin wine is ok visit correct try it a dolphin my account was dresser monarch dolphin a lizard Sara dolphin is ok thanks one three eight is a zero than R ex if you wanna tic-tac-toe with me are you really alright yeah I'm alright great tic-tac-toe are you ready yeah yeah for a 2x6 at 200X next up is oh, yeah last row and you were quick sorry oh oh zone x2 that's three nice traffic shoes weren't there dense middle right next one is X remember let's get on with it yeah top left the next is X little left next is Oh double pass thanks 39 it's a 4x perspective X when you're ready oh I forgot all about them f G H I J case I got your game your adventure game yeah let's go balloon tabor trophy these good replays 140 it's one that's going to be the stupidest nonsense too um actually yeah i'll get back to that - - - still dots dots dots - Victor dot dot dot dot dot i think hotel hotel a1 you if you give my respect you're probing i'll be upset probably don't worry green green is green yellow blue yellow magenta yes i see green yellow blue excellent yes hidden that see rde yellow blue yes i'm going to go up down left now it's up left for one it's a set up down left hand works up left up down left to say what good 141 is what is a seven and what was the bottom center button in tic tac toe it was that oh yeah it was thanks first item right and the adventure game was a balloon on the right check it out yeah thanks rex symbol cycle sure ok so we go for the left halo and the multiple polka. the left side is also three useful three complete one thousand five hundred four eight hundred four eight six nine and say hello yes yes right-handed little city dolphin dress badminton that person was bent and in a 5 which is to dress ready then city dolphin dress bad net yes, go ahead, flip the thing c numbers dangling for the left badminton and tell me what the numbers are sorry 207 six nine two six two two zero seven levels ok i got your more cymatics yeah charlie dash dot dash dot well done , one times two is six, dad, well done, Scott, which one of these flavors? it was on sale but it didn't sell to the second customer classic classic yes very well done dummy let's grab a light bulb remember stuff was weird up in green all green dull off i chose you made your bitmap sir yes sir yes great i need you to check a memory rule for me Felisa stage complete second stage for you - on display on stage fool whats the rule press first position thank you ok Rex one complete 306 points ok i got your symbol cycle first letter received and most of my solution was that Yankee got first letter plus cymatic Yankee thanks yeah right what I'm 36 I'm ready to give you a light bulb okay she got one for three um yeah girl okay one for four is one nine. t see resistors please and bolt ok we are g going to unscrew i screw is the bulb the bulb is on press i i i thanks Rex one four five is a - I gave you resistors before rack city still doesn't work give me some that bit Mouse is 610 seven four and ten those are the right blacks yeah thanks catching up on forget-me-nots ok so mix of one ok it was brown red yellow orange green yellow alpha two serial delta then Brava to Charlie nothing alpha 2 Serial Delta then Brava - Charlie no good wonderful six is ​​a long run Purvi got you I'm sure yeah yeah I said yes oh sorry sounded like you were on your way there and one five five six two five two five five six J Polly maze after this run amazing bitmaps there is a three yes it's very well done Rex one four seven it's a walk ah silly go to the iPhone yes for a moment it's t three pigs over six to c inco, okay, Rex's polonaise is a five-sided tear, the curve is good, one for eight is a - okay, we're going from three to five three anyway, yeah, iPhone, yeah, it's every button that you need now is there a king pig now then? go top right back to message full one is the second number rob i don't understand anything nick yes cool picture the dog has a white fence in the background correct the bottom half of a fence yes pointing left cool um tinder for one hit is 44 Capricorn cinema hamster I don't like them well let me know when you're ready Rex 48 Capricorn beating goldfish I don't like them well either 34 so go beat the dog I don't like them either two - seven six - well done Rex one four nine is a seven which is close to that time key dummy go to web design hash as content hash img avatar there are three lines the first color is purple we have a z-index some pixels we have a padding and we have a bottom border with some pixel buttons I'm adding less padding ha I also have pixels yes pixel padding and uk colored buttons.
I have 149 stages, is that correct? - clockwise to four, yes, a counter to zero, okay, a counter to one, yes, from one to fifty to two - 14 - against 13, yes, and a counter to 53, very nicely done Rex 150 is a seven Rex, if you want go with this token password I can't do it I have I have a band with mine I have bandwidth - don't take it as - oh sorry - fancy recorders backwards see doc question mark lambda and star repeat - h's backwards dot C question mark lambda white star in bottom row first backwards C question star h h lambda backwards C questions dialect and then a tail below yes in this opera in the top that is at the top I want to show that 151 is not 8 starting position in usual poly maze with 270 is not 23:23 Thank you Rex that such an identity for rade well Ben what has been thankful shirt again there Dan is cool everything cool t-shirt thanks 1 5 2 it's a three designer reject nice one 5 3 it's for anyone call anything you don't think it's done just seagull I'm working on it ok Rex new query repair ok we have four and three lights on and a car off and the set is 4 kilo eight Delta Charlie 1 is ok with up beats it's green light and 1 2 3 4 5 that's 5 notes there's a triplet there it's like a quarter eighth triplet or something fourth triplet half triplet cool in the middle yes oh look triplet half quarter now there's only trip to the fourth half yes done you know press bard's eighth note you know press this equation s enough times yes well done 1 5 4 is for whatever else you need to do the key is popping up quite a bit now so you'll have to be patient with me on that don't worry right I can't see the unsold modules 1627 ok the Keystone's that doesn't give us a stage does it but the beginning Rex you have 154 yes I do what needs to be done and do.
I don't know if you might think I have a cool game of life. Clever. lean with me Clan. Get ready Rex. so three three columns of 0 3 2 2 1 0 yes no clock so we got it I don't understand the matter of solving the number sir Did the game of life matter about the solutions? the right souls Arabic Gold unrivaled 10 hours will be upside down on top and then swords blue white away there will be 22 minutes very well done Rex 155 is a how many white pixels were white in the lower left quadrant lower left sealant There were 12 all that i got a blank it was 12 ok thanks maybe i need to work with me in case i mess this up.
Bravo 4 Bravo 4 is flashing green, yes you rested inverted, to the right, I think I counted without me, how many solutions do we have? i got right now a fly cause i did it weird and called it true i thought ok thats what you did ok so i need to work star yeah im looking for whats missing here this is really big some screws they go well, so the phase sequence we need is red, purple, red, yellow, red, that's a round trip rule. it will be three clockwise all the way, but I would still have to give you the full sequence, so what we need to do is those words, hello, battery holder, letters, numbers, red, purple, green, yellow, give it to me at the end, yes, yellow, red, blue, orange or you. he said he wants the sequence additional yes zar additional orange green is red purple red yellow no red orange green yes i got it green blue purple red is ok stage 1 5 6 is zero got i guess not much more correct stage adjuster yes most amazing fact that it is only changing cruel cruel game of life the whites are 1 1 4 blank one three five blank five blank two three then four yes mommy shadow yes yes plus one full than space I'm not very well getting to it worse i can try to catch th The answer in the strike rush is not fair.
I don't know how to do the cruel part. I'll help you with that. New York, no, go ahead. three then four currently the column totals are two one two two two zero god is all i need to know is the whites i'm dumb want to give it the other whites or the other whites should be bravo four and foxtrot one ok that thats all i need to know ok yes sir the only other solvable i can find is a vanilla mice charm on the clock nine minutes eight and a half minutes thats in two strikes yes i have plenty of time how many solutions do we have one five five I saw that orange is orange blue I don't think we have time to argue and follow Rex, could you get some vanilla, well you better get in there? to brother why is it ok um right right right up left left right platform ht up right up to the top left down left up left destiny thank you one five seven is a Wang we are in an even number uh sauce that for peg was3rd in solution top left do you need my answer because i think you correct yes um there are an even number of soul shifters but i have a thing of mine yes alternate Bravo for toddlers.
Look at Robert to vote for can we do this for an even number of salts with an even? I recalculate I have to admit real quick like we did Rex are you ready on this forget-me-not as soon as I get here yeah I'm going to need you to read that forget-me-not as fast as you can I got it I heard you how long is on the clock now five minutes okay come on yeah second row two four five fourth row four and then we go Charlie seven eight Charlie seven eight don't read your estimate of L above twice give me your answer again uh row for you for five row four is four yes rows 7 and 8 are 373 give me the first four rows again blank yes two by five blank or rewrite please blank two by five yes blank for blank on white wow Rex Read what color flashes the third and final sequence of Simon which was red um muscle red and beats green forget-me-not ready nine nine two one three seven eight three five three nine seven one nine five six nine seven one zero four eight oh two four five two eight six four one nine seven zero zero nine two one eight one nine five five one three one nine five five one three five eight five three three seven five five two seven eight five two oh five four one six nine seven two three seven three six two five four three nine three four zero five three four two one four nine eight zero three s ix six nine seven two zero one one nine three three four then turn seven eight one zero five seven seven three zero three six seven six eight six five one seven two two four eight two four zero three four eight one seven six two eight five five seven six one one three one zero four seven three two six three six six nine four three one two three six holy oh my god we got it we actually got it first try first day me with the Mr. day with avatar 41 seconds to go jesus nice

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