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Deep Sea fishing FAMILY HOLIDAY New Zealand, bluenose, crays, kingfish and kinas Jacksons Bay

Jun 04, 2021
cowboy that in reality we have already hooked a cow that cannot be. added Rock just rukmi straighten up maybe yeah, well let's cut some people a little, crayfish, power kiner's and then we went back home to the bank, oh yeah, I'd say I love a place like this on the beach, no There is television here, the kids have been awake. Oscar, not Charlie, because the Charlies were relentless fishermen, there's


to have Charlie, but the other kids were running around like crazy in the desert cutting down trees and we came back and they've been cutting down trees doing some landscaping around the royal property, but guys what the hell Hell you have to cut down these trees luckily there are only two two and stuff so they will grow back reasonably quickly but it's still good to see you lumberjack run strong in the


this is the wonderful game of our soul for you who have not played a game so what are the kings and ourselves?
deep sea fishing family holiday new zealand bluenose crays kingfish and kinas jacksons bay
But always call all these guys kings and assholes. It's a great game. How does it work? Copa trying to explain it why don't you explain it Kristen you just play how it works tell us how it works my viewers can set up buy moron you're not explaining very well how it works Kristen tell us those words but Zach starts you play doubles, subs, threes then you have to play doubles all the way around, and it doesn't have to be higher than the card someone put to the right or you have to play to be nobody, yeah. - Trump is one too.
deep sea fishing family holiday new zealand bluenose crays kingfish and kinas jacksons bay

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deep sea fishing family holiday new zealand bluenose crays kingfish and kinas jacksons bay...

I think you're our new asshole horn, oh, you've got a-friend, so he go, read it, you whining fools, go, you can go five, six, seven, eight, nine, can you, can you, run, can you? I'm not going to go around, it's a good thing. I'm not explaining the rules because I just made all that up and that rule would have stood. Oh, that's right, come back down. I don't even play this game. That's right, come here being half. it got cut every time I played it that's why I can't they never finished everyone is coming back to me now we didn't actually do it they ate with an hour so we ended up with a king or hail king Kristen did We ended up with an asshole or not.
deep sea fishing family holiday new zealand bluenose crays kingfish and kinas jacksons bay
We have a king. I'll make sure the ass always has a demonic consensus. Charlie just got pregnant. Oh, Charlie had a rough day today, she just wanted to squirt me with the hose and the canister, and me. I've taken them, I threw them in the ocean, so I can remember that time, oh three, in ISIS, you think we open, don't you pretend, but then I like, with a, let it go, what would you like us all to do? King Kristen? We are sitting here watching television. We finally turn on the TV after three days without TV.
deep sea fishing family holiday new zealand bluenose crays kingfish and kinas jacksons bay
A lot of bastard. Let's turn on this TV because we're all upset and they have this beautiful show about Borneo. the South China Seas with turtles and coal reefs and first and the author life and the amazing amazing underwater world there, but I have been from Borneo to the South China Sea and my combination to get to the beach first we had to walking through 40 meters of trash that was two feet


, mostly plastic bottles and clinking and stuff, and God knows what else was there walking along the beach in the South China Sea because if I need to shit and then we got on a boat and we drove for two and a half hours. hours earlier we found a coral reef that wasn't dead from dynamite


, that's not really the case in the South China Seas, maybe if you gather dinner on the island, yes, but the rest of the South Seas of China is overexploited, almost no coral reef.
It is a barren wasteland and the entire world is heading in that direction. I really wish the History Channel Discovery Channel would show that side of our oceans, not just a beautiful view, I'm not sure, but being positive, right and people not. I want to see where the garbage is. We're a little ignorant, us humans, but it's happening and it's out there, just a little iron for you, but the whole South is trying to see like this, some of it is barren. a wasteland full of floating plastic on that note New Zealand is amazing and there is nothing like that yet, let's keep it up.
What did you get for your Charlie sandwich? This is what happens when you don't give your kids junk food when they finally get the junk they just freak out and binge if you were sick are you sick you know sick boy yeah I know they put it in now because You already took it out, the sick man came out, yes, I'm just afraid of the cashier, keep going, Nutella and the seller, delicious, that jar. It's called a hammer and Kristen didn't know what a hammer was, she thought it was just your standard BJ and then I explained to her what a hammer is.
She comments on the hammer she was tying if Gina and I were like, man, the FG knots. Sometimes it's a little tricky tying on the side of a dock when the sand flies are tying your feet together and she said I'll tie it for you and then I said no because I was going to show you, will you follow us how to tie the little F G knot, but there are probably already videos on YouTube, how do you know how to perfect FG? I'm not going to show it to you because you can look at something else.
I'll teach you how to tie one. Yeah, I'll teach Kristin out of time, but you guys can just. google it or youtube no we're here we've got the stick bait and then we've got a 2kg braid eighty pound black magic leader on a really cheap real Okuma a nastier cheaper kuma with the Shimano Triton so we have we have a good rod, we have a good leader, we have a stick bait and some real shit and we are going to try to catch a


while Charlie is trying to catch a cow, why can we use a live bait because I also have a bait rig I live black magic here.
Two nine live bait rigs on loan. Yes, I hope the kingdom comes soon and we can connect one. I don't know how we're going to land. We do not do it. Guess and there's no landing dock here, we'll figure that part out if we're in when we hook one up. Well, I haven't seen any kings, not a damn, I haven't seen any baitfish, how's your partner for the day? Pretty amazing, huh? I've been stuck on the wolf end there for about half an hour. It's very difficult to get consistent bait action when you're way above the water half the time, it wants to jump, dive and go do it. its noise like it's supposed to be and then when you get close to the dock it just skims the surface so I don't know if that's very effective once it gets close to the dock but I haven't seen any


or Kauai or anything for the style.
So I went with a cow. Expense I'm going to continue polishing that. I'll call it that. Finger for throwing hundreds of times. No kingfish tonight. Not Kauai. There is no salmon. It's just luck, thinks the old fisherman. of this quite consistent North Island South Island sometimes it shoots up sometimes it doesn't start again that's yeah redo take two I'll hang out with the kids then I'll go home to my lovely wife she's so lovely one is much better much better but of course what Was it that we were cleaning, cleaning, cleaning? Jack is tired of cleaning, actually he hadn't done any cleaning, but he's already tired.
Stellar work. I cleaned the tables well, what a great job. Yes, the ship still stinks efficient. Oh man, a hot, stinky day outside, look at that. The ocean is as flat as a pancake We're overfishing We're right on top Everyone's doubled over Tired and cranky The best day of our vacation They're not even going out fishing We're done Nick minute Oh, what is it? What is it? a fish that kind of fish, let him go for a run, just take her, she don't have a radio, guys ready for an amazing ride home, no screaming, crying or fighting, huh.

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