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Declan Rice Buzzing For Arsenal's American Tour | Aaron Ramsey Rejoins Cardiff | Bernado Snubs PSG

Jul 16, 2023
Well, Declan Rice is excited because Arsenal's


to the United States is going to make a very big statement, obviously, in regards to his first Arsenal Tower in America. Welcome to the Royal Academy football media and this is the transfer news show as you get stories from other teams but at the helm of Arsenal, Declan was quickly up and running for Arsenal's


of the USA, then , a former Guna who is Harun Ramsdale stabbed the united man when he was leaving Cardiff to join us now and after Arsenal he went to Juventus. from Juventus to the nins and returns to his club that saw him become a really good player, which is Arun Ramsay and obviously Bernardo Silva seems to have made the decision to go to only one club and that is none other than Barcelona .
declan rice buzzing for arsenal s american tour aaron ramsey rejoins cardiff bernado snubs psg
It's my selection button about 3 or 400 likes, don't forget to subscribe to this channel so you don't miss the stories that will be uploaded here daily. Rock and David is my name and I hope you guys are really having a good time. Fantastic night and here we come in peace to bring you the latest news and information on this, let's start with Declan Rice, stop talking about the US tour, remember Asthma is flying to the US today, yes he said it's another great opportunity to see a fan base in America. I remember when Jack Wilshere was with us at West Ham we went to China and we had his own and we had and he had his own fan base where all the Arsenal fans were crazy so they're all over the world so Is excited.
declan rice buzzing for arsenal s american tour aaron ramsey rejoins cardiff bernado snubs psg

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declan rice buzzing for arsenal s american tour aaron ramsey rejoins cardiff bernado snubs psg...

For the American tour now it's a good opportunity for us to travel and spend some time with them as well and also perform in front of them. We have three games in three big stadiums, so let's take advantage of the fact that the preseason comes once a year. so it's time to enjoy yourself, get fit and start winning games, which is good for you, so you are excited about the American tour and Arsenal will play three games in America. Rexham Real Madrid and Man United before they return in the year. minutes to play Hawaii is the Emirates Cup final against Monaco as they prepare to play on Sunday against that um, what's the team, it's the man, City are hiding in the Shield shelter, but we knew that their announcement would be made on Saturday because Arsenal couldn't?
declan rice buzzing for arsenal s american tour aaron ramsey rejoins cardiff bernado snubs psg
Traveling to America without his marquisition or his signing of Maki has been declared a priority signing made by Michaela Tata Declan. The advice is that if he plays for Arsenal and that means that his debut will be on the 20th, I think this month. as they face raksam, that will be Arsenal's first game before they play United on the 20th. I think the 20th. 26. Let me check. I want to be exact. I want to be exact as snow. Where are you and your parties? here comes Arsenal Arsenal are going to play no, they will not play against Rexham, they will play against the MLS All-Stars on July 20, three days later they will play against Man United and four days after that they will play against Barcelona in the United States, so those are the three figures that are going to play the tide and the rise of the clan will really be part of all those matches and he is not an injury prone player, so we have no reason to worry that he could be really injured to see if that He does not appear in all those games he has been training in Portugal before returning to England to have his medical and then flying back to Portugal before flying back on Friday when the announcement takes him to his home in London where he he will join us today in training and then he will join them on Saturday and on Sunday they will fly to the United States, which means he is ready to travel with the team, but one of the statements is that when I hate to get my attention it is about get hit and win games why Declan Rice came to Arsenal.
declan rice buzzing for arsenal s american tour aaron ramsey rejoins cardiff bernado snubs psg
Michaelity convinced him so much that he was the missing piece in Arsenal's puzzle to lift the league and he might agree with Michaela Tita that we will see Asana. They have little left. a bit of physicality you know in their midfield because the statement joins us at the moment and it's completely confirmed that that means when they're going to play against big teams, everyone will be partying, like I said, so Declan Rice will play in the number eight position and will offer a Therefore, defensively solid, he makes good interceptions and no player made more interception blocks than the increase in declines last season, which means they will have a very good player, good in attack and good defensive play, so in that system you really understand that winning is I'll hate to talk about it being very viable at the Emirates Stadium as you put Declan Rice in the Arsenal team that played last season they changed tremendously that's all so I really understand what you're talking about the statement, but it's about the American tour. and you're waiting to see how he'll fit into that team, but for me I don't think he's really going to struggle in that Arsenal team.
Do you know why he is the 25th player that Michaela Tata has signed now? He being the 25th player that Michaela Teta has come forward to sign, that puts him in the position of being a player who is going to do that and who is not going to fail at Arsenal because for me I think the only player who failed at the asthma who migrated signed was William played one season his contract was terminated because he earned 300,000 pounds a week and they let him go, but those who really call Albert sambilokonga a failure, there is no failure that is almost sold for times for the amount of money that the club bought him Sami Albert sambilokonga was bought for I think 17 18 million pounds and that's not it, we are receiving offers of 30 million pounds for the player, so whoever else is being considered a failure with Michaela Tata um both were seven million. pounds and the teams are willing to offer twice, that is, 15 14 million pounds for the player, so that that player is not a defect because in no failure is he sold for more than the amount of money they bought him for.
A big failure is like Nikola Pepe, both for 73 million. The pounds and Arsenal are just willing to take like six million pounds off the player who is a flop, but with Michaela Theta hasn't signed players with Arsenal money and they will hate to fail, so I think Declan Rice will fit the bill perfectly. "He is a proven player in the Premier League and the good thing is that the three players who are there will hate to sign two of them are really proven players in the Premier League, they know the league and it is about him getting into the chemistry of the club and I think they." We are going to deserve more minutes than the players who have already existed at Arsenal, because one of those things that you obviously see is that these teams really get into the team chemistry, so that is the climate for you and him. he has called himself into a situation where he obviously tells us what etua means to him, but it is about him getting fit and lifting trophies at Arsenal, after that we will have one of the four Magunas who is Abram Ramsday today.
I headed off to sign a new contract and he rejoined Cardiff City in two years' time. Remember that when Arsenal signed him, he was a Cardiff player. Wells and this is where he was going to go, obviously, go play with his age. Think Aaron Ramsey, what is he? your age R1 Ramsey Aaron Ramsey is 32 years old. I think he's really getting a few more games and, by the way, he's been a journeyman from Wells to Arsenal, from Arsenal to Juventus, from Juventus to France and then back to Wales, but he played most of his career in the Arsenal when you look at the number of games he played for Arsenal, I mean, Arron Ramsey, he was at Arsenal from 2008 to 2019, which means he was at Arsenal for nine years, he played 262 games and scored 40 goals.
Upon leaving Arsenal, he found himself playing for Juventus, that is, from 2019 to 2022, 30 years from Juventus, he went in the rain to Rangers on a pitch and then was sold permanently to Nice, where he played 27 games and obviously he scored a goal. Yvette has played 49. matches and scored five goals and he was really earning a lot of money close to 400 000 pounds because he was signed as a free agent at Juventus because he went to Arsenal as a free agent, the event has never injected money to sign The player like that what happened, he played at least 27 games, one goal, i.e. one season from 2022 2023 and here he comes to Cardiff to say he could resume his career there, his boy would join the club, i.e.
Aaron. Ramsey, but I really like the player and the talent of the player and he is one of those UK players that you really put your money into to be one of the best players, even though he never reached the heights of him. I think he came to Arsenal in It was a very bad time because at that time Arsene Wenger didn't really have an elite team because if he was in an Arsenal like the one these days, I think he would have been a very beneficial player, he could play in that midfield as a number eight central attacking midfielder.
He creates chances, he scores those goals and that's what Adam Ramsay really got you at that Arsenal Club, so I think he's one of those players who's obviously going to have a long life in his career. He was a little injury prone, but he recovered later. and he is one of those who is going to take his team Wells to the World Cup as it is now, so as it is, it is really a great thing, and here we come with another story that comes from the Bernardo Silva Sports World. We have been told that Bernardo Silva decided to temporarily put aside offers from PSG and Saudi Arabia and focus on a move, sorry and focus on a move to Barcelona, ​​it is his priority now that he has moved to Barcelona, ​​he really has many question marks. but first let's leave aside the move to Saudi Arabia and PSG do you know if you are a player of the quality of Bernardo Silva 27 28 years old do you think that in your career you are having other Good Seasons like three seasons in you and if The club of your dreams of your childhood, in which you always wanted to continue and play, comes for you.
At least you give them a chance, but that means they are going to keep around €120 million from the Saudi club that PSG is also willing to offer. class D money because you've seen them in what they've done for Korean Bape. They have been giving him a million pounds a week. There's 52 million pounds a year, so I think they can offer about half a million. million pounds to Bernardo Silva to go there, but he has actually saved money and said: "I would love to go to Barcelona, ​​​​but the most perverse part of this deal is that Barcelona is a very good club, but they don't They do not have the money to sign a player and they consider that he fits into their squad this season and they are even fighting to sign other players that they are having in the Barcelona club as a trunk being Oil Romeo and they are fighting to sign them. and how it will happen, how They will manage to sign a player like Bernardo Silva, who could ask for around 250,000 pounds or 300.
Barcelona will be the big hinge of his transfer, but I think he even loves Barcelona. I wanted to send Barcelona last season, but the deal was never my choice. keyword, so this time Javi is knocking on the door, but Javi is quickly considering all your Romeo and Yao cancellations as priorities to join. You are welcome in the comments section. Below, what you think about Bernardo Silva snubbing Saudi Arabia and PSG for Juventus, sorry for Barcelona. Finally, what do you think about Aaron Ramsdale returning to his team at the club known as Cardiff to play football? Rock and David is my name.
I disconnect. Now see you later and I cover you all in the beautiful Mary Jesus Christ. May those alive for God bless you abundantly ciao ciao Muslim viewers and subscribers.

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