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Decorating Photoplay Folio 1

Feb 23, 2022
hi i'm cheryl for pampered bear stampers. I'm back today with a video on how to decorate


one so in the last video we put together the bare


and here is folio one all put together this is very very simple as you may remember. from the first video with a couple of inside pockets with no extra pages or anything so it's pretty straight forward and here are the images on the reverse side you can see some of my doodles about sizes and that sort of thing but you can see pretty much how they covered it with patterned paper you have so many options in this this folio is six by six so you can go with any pad of six by six paper i just grabbed this one with the plaids um the good thing about six by six paper six is ​​going to be a good scale usually these are smaller prints and patterns so they don't look too out of place on a small folio like this so look at six by six papers I know too , let me put this velcro aside so I don't lose are these photo play echo park paper packs and others are great to use because you get a variety of papers that you can mix and match inside plus they usually have something It's like cut out cards you can see the ones pictured below that you can use in pockets or to decorate fronts and backs and that sort of thing and they usually have a sticker sheet and sorry I think my camera hit my camera on there and it fell off got a little fluttering they have a sticker sheet like this so there's a lot of stickers you can use again this is usually one of these paper packs it's my go to choice for a folio because there's a lot of stuff that go together you know you have the stickers that cut out and it's all good but since this is such a simple folio i don't really need all the bells and whistles so what caught my eye was a pad of patterned paper from 8x8 which is called love story and it has a lot of cute pictures around it of couples and again you have coordinating papers inside you can see i already cu tweak it a bit for the pieces we'll be using today um that's a nice scale p For a 6x6 album this is just a little bigger this is maybe a little big if I were trying to put this in a six by six it's probably all going to fit trying to put this in the chamber here is this area here and that would be nice but then again you know maybe just a little larger in scales but I love the little images that were available so we'll look at some of the ones we decorated so the 8x8 of stampery is what I chose to use for this album, has very little needs because there is not much to cover and decorate, and even so, I chose not to use the patterns here and cover the album.
decorating photoplay folio 1
I'm going to use a solid color to do that today so I just have a beautiful pink cardstock that we're going to use to cover it and then we're going to use the images from the stamping pad to decorate the inside and add a few things on the pockets and that kind of things to make this a really functional album so first thing we're going to do we're going to cover the front and the back and the little spine area here and I'm actually going to start with the spine this is six by six squares the front and the back is the spine is about a half inch wide um so I need to lower it a bit because I wanted a little white margin not much this um piece of paper I have here to cover the spine is about 3 8 of an inch wide and it is 5 and 7 8 inches I have been using masking tape to hold my paper together for a long time you can use a lot of different things we have our structure done so we no longer have to We didn't have to worry so much about things coming undone, even a tape runner might work, but I like the idea of ​​using duct tape.
decorating photoplay folio 1

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decorating photoplay folio 1...

I know when I put these papers down they won't move on me so again I'm placing them carefully because I know I don't get a second chance at this we saw in the first video what happens when you have to pick it up and move it so by far careful i'm going to place this along the spine and place it in a fairly easy spot i haven't covered my punctuation line so i still have that i can still move the book and everything smoothly here is one of my covers and again using solid paper doesn't matter um front or back five and seven eighths by five and seven eighths because again my book is six by six um I went ahead and put the scoring tape on early for the cover because I thought so the people fiddle with it a little bit you know maybe you want a little more grip I use the quarter inch scoring tape but I usually just use an eighth inch if I'm going to use scoring tape in the books um to do the pa rte decorative because you just don't need it.
decorating photoplay folio 1
I don't need it to stick that hard, um, you'll have to be careful when you position it, pick one straight line or another to line up, be brave and do it, try centering it again, you should have a little white border around it. so there I have my back cover on I'm going to flip it over again flip this stuff over so it's easier to reach instead of going crazy trying to get it with the covers in the exact right position and potentially messing things up no mind you can write it down when you go to do the inside so here we go here is our second cover ready to go.
decorating photoplay folio 1
I'm going to find some straight lines to guide me here and I'm going to put this in place so we have it there. The front and back covers are ready and so are we. you can move to the inside and these again are 5 and 7 8 by 5 and 7 8. if you want a whiter border make it a little smaller, always test your pieces before placing them now on the inside I want to do essentially the same thing, I have pockets that I have to deal with on both sides and I have this inner spine this is the same size as the outer but since it has all the pockets around it and everything else I really want my strip to be a little smaller , so I stopped this one at a quarter inch so that's five and seven n eighths times a quarter inch I'm using my eighths tape score on this because quarter inches would be an exact match and that would bother me a bit it might actually be a bit bigger than my strip of paper and that would be no good so peel that liner off again tuck it carefully into place it's not as hard as it may seem it has lines on each side here so i can line up Arlo I'm only using the eight inch scoring tape at this point so if I have to move it around a bit I can usually do it with ease because the eighth inch just doesn't have the same sticking power as the quarter inch so So we've got it done, we're going to work on the left pockets first, I'm going to start at the bottom and for this one, and excuse me, I'm going to refer to my measurements, so I'm telling you my bottom right pocket is 1 7 8 inches tall and 5 and 7 8 wide and you'll have to look at this and measure it with your folio because sometimes you have to trim it a little more particularly at t The 5 and 7 8 side is just about the folds and how they go in and you're talking about measurements so small that there may be some deviation, so don't worry too much about it, just check it before you go. to adhere it and find out it's too big or too small or whatever, again I'm stuck with my eight inch tape.
I think this is more than enough. I'm going to glue all four sides to this bottom pocket. I'm going to find my straight sides and then go ahead and glue them down and so we have that bottom pocket covered now as I move to the middle here I measured five and seven eighths again and the height that I'm using 2 and 7 8 when I put my scoring tape on on this, I really only need adhesive on three sides, the top and the two edges because the bottom is just going to go in the pocket like that, but just like you see me do here. you want to test it out a bit and make sure it's going to fit if you have to trim a bit in the v The whole bottom of your cardstock looks like I tried to miss the mark a bit but let's go ahead and do this for about a half inch up.
About a half inch is what I have overlapped in that pocket. I do not have to. go all the way down i just have to have enough to tuck in and there we go so for this one i'm going to flip the book over again to make it easier to fit my cardstock so again no adhesive on the bottom preventing you from getting stuck . I'm going to go ahead and remove these liners now when I slide it in. The thing I'm most concerned about aligning is this top area. Sorry, I'm trying. I'm still trying to get the angle right. so do whatever's good for you um i'm trying to show myself a little edge there on top of the white sorry you don't quite have it so i'm going to pick it up that's why i use the eighth of inch, it's much easier to lift from the inside if needed than the quarter inch, but it will still stick and hold ev. everything in place so here we go again tucking this into the pocket and we have the second one in place and so you can see how nicely that white trim shows the pockets here is our top piece our top piece is two and three eighths times five and seven eighths and again I'm going to try it on this pocket first and make sure it slides in it looks like I need to do a little trimming on this one too it's not going to be that easy it's funny how it did it before but now it doesn't so we're going to take it out we're going to trim a little bit at the bottom again just about a half inch because that's about the overlap in the pocket try again if you end up cutting off remove too much of your scoring tape then go ahead and put another piece at the bottom because you want it to stick and not get in the way later, okay, that's how it snaps back on.
I'm going to change things up a bit. to make it easier for me and I'm going to go ahead and tack that in place now of c Of course if you've chosen to work with patterned paper you could use three or four different ones here it's a lot of fun you don't need a lot of paper it's really a very small book so probably two sheets of 12 by 12 would be enough to go through um maybe three eight and a half by 11's just because you don't have you can't do more than a six by six cut out of an eight and half by eleven but you can use the leftover many sheets so here we go and the left side of the book is done let's shift to the right on the right side we've got a big area here on the top two sides of the flap the bottom pocket and then just this little area here so we're going to start at the top actually on this one it doesn't matter where you start so start where you feel comfortable um remember our pockets on this side are reinforced so that we have more and space to work with cutouts. it'll be less of an issue for this but we're going to check anyway and make sure everything clicks into place and so this loo ks good for the top i can go ahead and remove my score tape and then slide it into its permanent place and there come on we have the top in place here is one of my flat pieces the flat pieces i cut this again this top was cut to five and seven eighths by three and a half tall the flaps you need two of them are going to be two and eighths inch tall and 5 and 7 8 inches wide you'll want to tape or tape all four sides of the flap just because it's exposed, there's no pocket to glue it or anything, so we'll go ahead and nail that down, keep it in place pretty easily, just put it down, try to keep it the same.
I strayed too far to the left so I'm going to move it around a bit and then go ahead and tack it. I want to have those white borders because I just like how it looks. You can go a little further. a little larger if you don't want to see the white borders I'm going to do the same for an inner flap again the measurement is two and one eighth by five and seven eighths for all these measurements check your own book make sure you have the same result, folding might change things, um, there might be a little crop difference between your photo, play folio and mine, so check yours, make sure yours is accurate, but they'll be somewhere around these measurements , a good ruler is what you need to get through so again we're going to put this in place leave those little margins now because of the bracing you've got a pretty big split here I'm not going to worry about that that's just the way it is, I've got a little piece here, it's three-quarters of an inch by five and seven-eighths, that I'm going to drop in that pocket to keep the pink, that's nice. from a long gap to just leave white so i had the adhesive removed and i am going to put this back in place.
I have to slip it into my pocket and place it below that bottom score line. take your time and make sure you have good lighting but our liner looks like there's pink underneath and it's actually only three quarters of an inch that's between you and me we won't tell anyone else and then our final piece on the bottom which I measured at two and seven eighths times five and seven eighths so I went ahead and put my score tape back on all four sides because all four sidesThey're open, you know, up and exposed. I don't have any pockets to put in here.
I'm going to go ahead and remove the marking tape again. I think you would be fine if you use a tape runner. I prefer marking tape because I like things to stay put and last very well depending on your tape runner. Sometimes they may not last as long. ok but you wear what you feel comfortable with i guess that's the main point there so here we're going to go ahead and center this give a little bit of white space and we're good to go with this part of the folio so everything still works and functions and now my bare folio has turned pink and we're ready to start


now i went ahead and cut out some pieces and we'll deal with this closure strap here in just a minute i cut out some pieces from the paper pad history of stamperia love it's so pretty on both sides it's kind of fun to use different sizes and shapes on the pockets whoever is


this album can go ahead and put whatever items they want to use the paper to mount photos and that sort of thing um , so I'm just adding a few different pieces here I put the ones I like more towards the front, the ones I like a little less or more towards the back and that's the way I do things so u m is all good i actually like those flowers so i want to leave them in the front but you have a lot of paper you can use anywhere for decoration and that kind of stuff i saved two images i liked for my front and back cover so I have them reserved I don't know exactly which hat it's snagging on because there's nothing there to catch it but here we are there we go because I cut that piece of paper pretty close to the right size and another here you want to put some pretty big pieces or even some simple cards a2 there or something so there's something for someone to decorate here um otherwise the folio itself doesn't have a lot of room to decorate some cute wedding stickers I think would help you finish it off too or there's a lot of pictures on this pad of paper for example these little ones I'm going to cut some of these up and put them in these areas and on the flaps it's a little hard to make those decisions until the folio is fully assembled soft and well you just saw me do that so um i'll have changes for when you see it in the store but this is what i have right now.
I chose this image for the front cover and I think there's a lot of names for the bride and groom's names and dates and that sort of thing and this im age for the back cover for them to assemble but first we want to do the closing strap which if you remember , it looks like this if you remember that we folded along the first and last marked lines, we had a pretty decent fold and the rest of them we just gently folded so that it had a curve instead of having a real accordion fold or something like this now what i want to do at this point is cover this with the pink paper as well to match i'm kind of left the same edges and that sort of thing or at least tried if my measurements are good um so what I did was mark it and the easiest way, oops, I have it backwards the easiest way.
The way to score it is to line the pink paper or whatever paper you're covering it with with the bottom paper and just mark where those score lines are first and last and then go ahead and score on those two lines now. you're going to need it multiplied by two because you have a front and a back just remember er one folds like this and the other folds nicely what i want to do is put them in place on the white i just want to join the end tabs but not the center before I attach it I want to take my fingers and just gently curl that center because I want it to curl the same way as this sort of accordion pleated part.
I'm going to go ahead and remove the scoring tape from both ends. I'm actually going to do one end at a time and place it on the target and my scoring line should match up and then I'll go ahead and remove the scoring tape on the other end and I'm going to place this end where you want it to match up like the best you can score line to line and end to end so what you have now is a piece that does this so we're going to flip it the other way if you remember when I originally started I put the scoring tape up because I was going to attach it directly to the book.
I didn't, so that's okay. I'm going to go ahead and expose the scoring tape. No. We adhere it to the pink paper and it will be way over the top here but okay this will still be the part that is attached to our book you won't notice the difference essentially so on my pink side I'm going to go ahead and remove this score tape i didn't need to put on i had a lot on target i forgot sorry guys and line that up looks like it could use a little extra adhesive on this end but ok this will eventually be attached to my book and everything will it'll fix so don't worry about the silly little things worry about the big stuff and then I'll go ahead and remove the scoring tape on the other end and put it in place and there you go if I have my book closure and It should work the same way that I was going to do it in the first place again I'm going to continue just gently curving there in that center I can fold these lines back and everything should be fine so this short end will be attached on the back of the book and then this end can come in and I don't.
Why do they have that? I'm not quite sure why they have such a big panel in the middle because it doesn't look like we really need it, but okay, it's there, so I can go ahead and fold it up a bit. to something that seems more appropriate for the size of the book because I don't want to have my book open four feet when it's not going to you know that's crazy to me so here we go that gives us a nice amount of expansion for the book and it's all good um I'm going to put marking tape just on this original little square to stick to the book from time to time I want to use for this part I want to use marking tape because I need it to stick and it sticks really well and you saw when it was putting the pink on the amount of sheet music tape I actually had in place.
I want that again because this one I don't want the closing part to take a lot of stress so you want to make sure it stays where it needs to be so four pieces of scoring tape doesn't seem excessive when you think about the work it has what to do even though it's a small piece and i use a lot of tape i think i should have stock in the company but that's all good i'm going to go ahead and trim those ends a little bit they're a little long you might as well have exposed the sheet music tape and fold them back, but you know, six out of half a dozen others, yeah, I'm going to go through my book and make sure I got the right side, you know? as it's supposed to be it wouldn't be unusual for me to put something on the front cover that belonged on the back let me put it that way so I'll move it about a half inch and center it there you can place this where you think it's the proper place to go it just has to be in the back and move to the front and for that part to be done it's very secure it won't come loose I can fold this to the front now and I'm in good shape remember my poster board , the original folio is still underneath and folded so I have a bunch of fol. d lines I can use to bring this to the correct location for my folio I think what I'm going to do is cut a piece of pink cardstock to go behind this and then mount this image on the closure flap it's kind of too big for Putting it would have to go below.
I don't think I like that idea so well. I think I would prefer to see it at the end and I would know how to do something to reinforce this. I am only concerned about this role because it is a bit flimsy. I need the poster board, this is how it will go right there and then you'll open and close it like this. What I want to add though is something to keep the book closed. What I'm going to do is use a little bit of velcro. Melissa has some perfect Velcro in store. I don't know what I did with mine, so I'm just going to use some regular velcro that I have that is self-adhesive, but you need both. sides, you don't need to have this big old loop, hers is much smaller and will hold it just as well as the other option. s to use magnets, she also sells magnets that work, the problem with magnets is that when you put a layer of two or two of cardstock in the middle, it's suddenly a little bit harder to get those magnets close enough here. they are strong but not super strong if you know what im saying there so again use whatever makes sense to you what i do with the velcro is bring the two sides together and then i go ahead and expose one side of the adhesive and i can put that on my side of the flap here again.
I do not do it. I try not to go to the exact edge of anything. I just think that makes things easier and I go through my book and see how it looks. Everything looks fine. bend a little here for a minute there's so much going on on the right side that sometimes the crease doesn't stay as sharp as I want it to and it tends to scoop a little bit on the left side so I'm just going to push everything I'm going to keep Go ahead and remove the you can't see this because I'm off camera just remove the liner from the sticky part or the velcro here and then I can go ahead and close the cover I don't want to pull this out reasonably but I don't want it to be tight just because I want to leave room for expansion when i get photos and everything else in this folio it will be thicker than it is now and i want to accommodate that so my velcro is attached i gave it a good push and now i can open and close it with no problem i can search ways to disguise or decorate the velcro but personally it does not offend me again.
I'm going to cut a piece of pink cardstock. Put it behind this image and that will be my cover. You probably want to add a little ribbon. or something like that because that's what i do some fun embellishments but you have a lot of options get a nice sticker pack something like that you can add names and dates lots of places around here for my back cover again i want to use this image so i just have to figure out how to better see that I have closure issues again that I have to solve, but that's not a big deal.
I can find ways to disguise this and make it work. That's part of what you're doing here: just finding ways to make the folio. work for you you can see in the picture that in the photo playback they used a button and loop closure for their folio there are many options you can use so we saw this is very long in the front and goes all the way to the end here so it wouldn't be hard to make a bow and button that would close it again they used patterned paper to decorate so you can see how they mixed and matched the patterned paper but you want to have lots of fun cards and other cut out things to stick on the pockets for people to do what they want with the folio it's going to hold a lot you have the nice flat pockets here two of them one deeper and one shallower and then you have two reinforced pockets here that will hold a lot the deep pocket which is six inches tall and then this shallower pocket with the flap at the top that will keep things in place again remember you can add photos here and here and here are lots of places where you can add photos and memories and everything else so this is just a really fun little versatile album.
Sure, stop by the store and see the completed album in person, it'll be there along with a few of the others when you finish them and you can choose whatever makes sense to you by putting together a cute little photo album for someone to commemorate. weddings and family events and all sorts of things so thank you so much for looking today

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