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Dear Apple.

Apr 04, 2024
Dear Apple, I use an iPhone. I have chosen to use an iPhone over any other option out there and that is because it makes my life easier. I have two full videos on that here, but the reason I'm doing this. One is that this could be so much more than it is and you've already done the hard parts by implementing these 10 simple things the community is dying for. Number one literally affects everyone. It would take the iPhone to such a level that Android would struggle. to compete, number 10 is every time I pick up someone else's phone, it could be an Android, it could be an older iPhone, it could be a Blackberry.
dear apple
I am constantly reminded of the fact that these sharp edges are not the way to go. I can totally do it. I understand why they've made the flat sides look new and Apple always wants there to be a clear sign that you have the new iPhone because there's a certain brag factor, but the fact that my phone leaves a dent in my hand should be A good indication that this is not a human friendly design and thanks to Rhino Shield for sponsoring this video it helps. Number nine is Apple Arcade. I don't talk about this much because I try to keep it as a personal hobby, but I love gaming and I really think Apple Arcade, this five dollar a month subscription for premium games is a huge missed opportunity.
dear apple

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dear apple...

The biggest draws right now are basically remakes of existing mobile games like Cut the Rope Remastered or Crossy Road Castle, but there's a real gap for AAA console quality. games could you even imagine an iPhone exclusive Pokémon or an iPhone exclusive Spider-Man game? Most of the time I leave the house, my iPhone is the only gaming device I have with me, so I don't think I'm in the minority. when I say it would be awesome if there were meteor experiences we could sink our teeth into and if you're enjoying this video then a sub to the channel would be appetizing, the potential is here, I mean this iPhone 12 Pro Max is already more powerful . than a PlayStation 4.
dear apple
And there are already over one and a half billion active Apple users who have proven to be hungry for paid content, even if Apple could get five percent of us to sign up for arcade games, that's 4.5 billion dollars a year. passive income easily enough to justify the cost of licensing these big names, it's about to get serious now, I admit I was never a big user of voice assistance, but since switching to an iPhone I've given it up completely except that time I asked Siri to come out. in a quote, no thanks, the point is that Siri is limited by two main things: Apple's privacy-focused approach.
dear apple
If you think about it, for a virtual assistant to be really good, they need to understand you, but for them to understand you, they have to. access and store as much data as possible and that's against Apple policies, so in most ways Siri is specifically designed to forget things and be less useful, and what I'm saying is that I think We can forgive this particular glitch given the number of people. They are now starting to worry about their privacy, however the other thing with Siri is that it also lacks the moment-to-moment intelligence of, say, Google Assistant; you are falling further and further behind in terms of how well you can understand context you don't understand. relate the conversation to what app is open at the moment or the last things I said and this is something that can be improved and if it were Siri it would feel less like a speech to text translator to use for one-off requests, more like a real assistant which is answering me correctly, number seven, it won't be news to anyone that Apple has a very strict view on customization.
I think their general approach to software is that if we give our users an unlimited number of options, then most people will choose. suboptimal ones and that will just hinder your impression of our phone so we will decide what is best for you and I think in 99 of the cases they make decisions that suit the majority but as a tech savvy user you feel the implications of don't do it. being able to make those decisions yourself and a good example of this is live wallpapers. We've literally had moving wallpapers on Android for over 10 years, but the best thing you can do on an iPhone even today is a static wallpaper that moves when you keep your thumb on the screen, it's almost certainly They've done this because they know that if they let people apply full video wallpapers like this then everyone will do it because it's cool but then everyone's battery life will go down and they'll complain, what I'm saying is that it's understandable, but at the same time, as part of a user group that understands the implications of a live wallpaper, it's frustrating to be patronized in this way and you feel this lack of options even more when it comes to the screen. lock screen on Android, your lock screen may look like this or this or this on Apple, it will look like this, there isn't always a screen like on Android, which is fine, that's one thing, but the most fundamental thing is that we can't add widgets. we can't change the clock, we can't change the flashlight and camera buttons, we can't really do anything again.
What they chose is fine, it probably suits a good portion of users, but not everyone you see, you can really tell. When using iOS, Apple has had to hold back, they are very aware that giving users too many options can not only result in people making bad decisions, but it can also be confusing for people who don't want to make those decisions, for example. We're constantly improving things trying to make it as simple as possible, but there's definitely room for a little tab in the settings menu called pro features that would allow anyone who knows what they're doing to swap out that flashlight for a wi-fi switch. fi to make the font more readable for you and I can't believe this isn't already fixed, make it so I don't have to manually swipe up after my face has already been scanned with Face ID.
I probably unlock my phone 100 times a day, that's 36,500 swipes you could easily save me every year. People have found workarounds for this, but if anything, it's just a sign that they're desperate and Apple should intervene. and do it correctly, I totally understand the hesitation here. This controlling attitude is why iPhones are so polished, but there are ways to add options that don't obstruct the average user's side note. This is the same reason I stopped using Apple's. The keyboard is strange because it's just an assumed feature on Android, but on iPhones there's no option to add vibrations to keystrokes for me, it's just a must-have feature that makes typing more satisfying, so I moved on to the Google keyboard , but even Google's keyboard has been weakened here because Apple restricts the amount of space a keyboard can take up.
You cannot add a permanent number like you can on Android. In fact, I posted a tweet a few weeks ago asking what they wanted and there was a total. Number of people who actually said that the only reason they don't use an iPhone is because there is no t9 dialing support or, in other words, a keyboard that can predict the word you are typing based on the number keys you touch. Very simple option. to add, but the biggest offender in this customization issue is the icon packs. I'm using an ios 15 phone now and I love the updated safari, the new UI elements and the fact that I can use portrait mode on Facetime is awesome but the way it handles icons is poor see with In last year's iOS 14, Apple introduced the option to use custom icons for your apps, it was a workaround, it was a bug even when completed and you had to create and apply each custom icon one by one and it took hours and sometimes days to configure your home screen using this technique, but even then iOS users sharing their settings became the number one trending hashtag on Twitter.
It was the perfect showcase of how iOS users right now are hungry for customization options and iOS 15 was Apple's opportunity. to do it right, but they didn't and I think that's on purpose. Apple takes a lot of pride in the design of its software. For them, it's as important a part of the phone as the glass and metal it's made of, and that's why they want people to be able to do it. Simply seeing a phone from a distance, recognizing the iconic software and knowing it's an iPhone, is the same reason they've had the same consistent notch on every flagship iPhone since the iPhone 10.
It's the same reason why their imac 2021 has a chin that would make waluigi proud, it's a visual differentiator and they would lose some of that effect if they started encouraging people to use a pokemon icon pack. You have to remember that this does not apply to Samsung, Xiaomi or Oneplus because they fundamentally did not create their software, they are simply borrowing it from Google, they do not own it and therefore have less incentive to make it iconic or even think about restricting what you can do with it, I understand, but from a user. The prospect of not being able to change icons quickly is one of the main things I miss when using an iPhone plus.
If Apple created an official theme store where people could buy them and apply them with a single tap, it would be a great source of income not only for the developers but also for them, number four, one thing that I have really felt is missing in these new iPhones is a fingerprint scanner and I understand that, technically speaking, face ID is better, it's more secure, it's even easier for the user. built into everything except people wearing masks, which has been a reality since 2019 and who knows how much longer it doesn't work and the only evidence we have of face ID is the huge notch on the front that contains the sensors for it.
I'm not saying I think Apple should replace Face ID, it's an amazing feature, but how wonderful would it be if there was also a hidden fingerprint scanner built into the power button. Can you imagine you could literally tap it once and be instantly and safely on your phone? home screen you wouldn't even need to touch the screen properly three main things now three changes that I think would make a huge difference to the experience of living with an iphone and the first is simple usbc what are you doing? Android phones use usbc. macbooks use usbc ipads use usbc iphones have a lightning port, it's just strange because when I went from android to iphone, unsurprisingly the iphone worked better with my existing


products, but then when it came to cables, it actually added clutter instead of taking up away from it, when I used to use an android phone along with my macbook it was great because when I used to go on day hikes I literally only needed a USB cable, but now that I'm using an iPhone I need two sets of cables and two sets of accessories I'm not the first person to say this when I asked on Twitter.
I'd say there were at least 100 people who responded with USBC as my biggest barrier to switching to an iPhone, even if they love their phone on average. The Android user cannot justify abandoning his entire set of USBC accessories. Apple had all kinds of consumer protection and environmental bodies coming to them like, hey, can they use USBC like everyone else? The only defense against this, which tends to be more or less Apple's answer to it's now too late, is this idea that since they've already been using Lightning for so long, if they change now then it's true that there will be a lot of lightning users are going to have to get rid of their lighting fixtures and go and buy new usb-c, so this is one of those situations where there really isn't an easy answer, but what I think is more realistic and I would say even more important is number two.
This iPhone 12 Pro Max camera is phenomenal day or night portrait mode or ultra wide angle, I just press the shutter button and I know it's going to be good, the problem is not that iPhones are missing out on camera quality. I don't think Apple should start adding 100x zoom lenses like Samsung's galaxy s21 ultra. In fact, I think the lens choice here is quite balanced and you can hardly expect more from a phone designed for the masses. It will never be as specialized as an s21 ultra that is made exclusively for professionals, but what it can.
What can be changed is that the iPhone cameras should be more fun. Take the vivo x60 pro plus with its gimbal stabilization system. All these great zei style portrait modes. Different types of night mode and advanced features like eye and body tracking. Fundamentally, yes, the camera of thesmartphone is a tool. but I think it's increasingly used as a creative outlet for people and I think Apple focuses too much on the former and not enough on the latter, like what if Apple built augmented reality objects that you could place in your photos ? and AR quality videos you can get on these new iPhones that could be amazing, what if they had AI-powered facial adjustment features so you could change your eye color or try a new haircut to a certain photo that might be quite funny, what about the more interesting filters, like the ones that can selectively colorize or the ones that can caricature your face?
There's plenty of room for Apple to make its cameras more exciting, and as we've seen, that doesn't necessarily mean the camera is going to be more bloated or confusing, you just have to position these options so that you'll only find them if you're looking for them. looking for, but what is the number one thing? because you might be thinking, oh, it's probably going to be valuable or The prices aren't really how I see it, Apple makes a lot of profit, yes, Apple phones are expensive, yes, but that doesn't necessarily mean they're too expensive, I really think, unless you're buying something crazy like that 170,000 gold phone.
Smartphones offer many times the value we buy them for in most cases. People, your phone is probably more useful to you than your TV, your laptop, possibly your car, those things amount to stupid amounts of money, so I don't think you can get the best smartphones out there for a thousand dollars. It is a scam. The fact that iPhones vary greatly by region and sometimes reach close to two thousand dollars is an issue that I think needs to be addressed, but what I want to talk about here is something that affects almost everyone. user of a single iPhone, regardless of the region, and it is the battery, specifically the battery of non-large size iPhones, for a longer time, the batteries of the normal iPhone have been selected to be enough to last all day, to start, but considering that every year you use your phone, the battery will lose some of its maximum capacity within three years, it is often a problem and the difference between these phones and the Android flagships, which are now starting to have very generous battery capacities, it will start to become Clearly as this generation of phones ages, this wouldn't be a big deal if you could just take the battery out and swap it out, but actually taking the cell out of an iPhone 12 is nothing less than a 42-step process which is more steps than Simba's grooming regimen, besides all smartphone users, iOS users stand to gain the most from a better battery.
There is no other phone brand that receives five or six years of software updates after launch. That's awesome, but can you really use an iPhone 6s? in 2021, not without replacing the battery, you can't and if Apple were to increase the capacities from 10 to 15, that would finally allow for 120 hertz refresh rates and the ability to charge other phones, which are features I am reminded of regularly. I'm missing out on the competition and just on the topic of battery, this battery notification that takes up the entire screen and pauses whatever video you're watching or game you're playing is really annoying, it's minor in the grand scheme of things. but it's the perfect example of how Apple is too condescending.
Some users may benefit from a small warning when they reach the five percent mark, but all we need is a small pop-up at the top that disappears on its own. B This would not be so. First of all, it would be a problem if we were allowed to see our battery percentage at the top here and see that most users are very aware when their battery is low and don't need to be interrupted on two separate occasions to be prompted. remember when I have 20 and 10 left, three two one, okay, the reason I trust it is because of something called impact propagation, it is the material that Rhino Shield uses in all cases and what they say is that this material Combined with the honeycomb lattice on the inside you have all the protection of a dual aid case without the need for two layers, it actually means that the minimum safe drop distance while using one of these cases is 11 feet, which , unless you ate a lot of spinach as a child, that's more. than the height you're going to hold it from, which I'm pretty sure is why you get a lifetime replacement guarantee with every case, but what's really important to me is that it's coated in such so you can a lot just spot clean like you know it's covered in dirt right now because well, I threw it outside on the floor, not anymore, oh yeah, and you can choose your buttons, your trim colors, your backplate, There are literally a million different ways you can do this. watch everything from nasa to naruto and if you use the code mister boss you can get 20 off the first week of this live video to find out how many spy cameras are recording you right now.
I have a video here or to watch. Which tech company has the worst customer service? My name is Aaron. This is Mr. Who's the boss? I'll see you next time.

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