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De sneeuw locomotief - NL (Seizoen 7)

Apr 25, 2023
oliver the snow engine and drugs and big sturdy engines haul freight and passengers when the roads are closed due to heavy snow but oliver thinks the snow is dirty and counts i'm a big tough engine press one day i wouldn't walk by she calmly well, as for me, she, he, the car, I always love the snow, a little later I saw that some children made a huge snowman for the winter festival every time Oliver passed with him snowman bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger, I can see it. mr oliver snow has something magical and then the snowman was completely finished meanwhile back to his nice warm shed the fat controller stupid for waiting on this must go to the marrow on your back some things are needed for the party but all that snow goes and wheels so various useful and reliable what reasons make the heart in any weather quickly loaded and started snow was on the switches froze and drove to the lining of the station oh over boiling cauldron a poor man his machines started to limp is there something wrong with this yes a little yes that can't be any smoother he felt horrible he was sure the kids would be mad at him oliver's engineer went to get help the fat driver was about to leaving the office when he got the call busier getting tomorrow early morning gather homework the driver can come back and bring the news but then i'll be here all night oliver yes unfortunately the village inn had a nice warm bed for everyone drivers but it was getting colder and colder the fire had gone out and that chimney was covered in icicles he was right all the time there is nothing but snow his car began to think about maybe that's breure the next morning the children saw what they it had happened look a girl walked our snowman has an eye on his tummy no friend laughs a little boy who is oliver who gave the kids an idea when he woke up he was surrounded by happy kids audible it's a big snow locomotive they made everything working out and he was so relieved he wasn't even cold when he thought of he came with the tow truck he really didn't want to leave he had such a great time at the winter party you're absolutely right he yelled about the snow he actually has something magical maybe mr oliver I'm not sure
de sneeuw locomotief   nl seizoen 7

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