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De Bruyne feat. Batshuayi zum Belgiensieg: Belgien - Wales 2:1 | Nations League | DAZN Highlights

Sep 23, 2022
Belgium vs Wales is also a superstar duel Gareth Bale alone on the bench with the Dragons and Red Devils offering all the star power edena saw the captain and Kevin de Tan early on in front of the Freenetic fans in both the side Welsh as Belgian and the hosts enter the game very well Munier for Badu who sees De Bruyne and the 1 to 0 10 minutes before the advantage for Belgium a great goal great occupation of the penalty area also by Belgium and when a cross pass like that there is in the There is currently no better player in the world than Kevin de Bräune to convert Wayne Hennessy but it was difficult to avoid a shot from Kevin de Bruyne against the direction of the run and the Belgians continued with Wales completely overwhelmed in At this early stage by Juri Thielemans after a quarter of an hour after the next scoring opportunity, Wales were determined to chase their opponents down the pitch and so they continued with Running counterattacks, we tanned too much space 27 minutes almost 2-0 the ensuing action was offside a really strong performance from Kevin de Bruyne 33 minutes of play the captain one every difficult moment from NASA at Real 33 the next final for Belgium , Roberto Martínez could be really satisfied with the performance of his team just before the break for the Bräune Bad Schall 20 as if it were Manchester City and bajuwi earling harlands super de Bruyne and then the blind pass in the direction of Bad Saul is almost must press the line 26 caps before he now has one more than Kevin de Bruyne from Wales and Wayne Hennessy little to see until after these 2: 0 the first offensive action that broden Witzel has to save and comes the first tied action of Timo kortois but in the place is almost cliché by Welsh standards and with it again and again these opposing moves from Belgium again Kevin de Bruyne and Wayne Hennessy keep their feet on the ground or and they can avoid the 0:3 a lot to laugh for Belgium in the first half great performance that changed in round number 2 Johnson Brennan Johnson for Kiefer Moor suddenly one to two 50 minutes Brennan Johnson the lot It's fun on the right flank and then Kiefermoor against the debitant 18 year old seenotypasst with goal and bass you can't keep up with the Welsh supporters begrudgingly because Gareth Bale was also part of the California 11 hour game he now wants for FC and they weren't fit enough for the starting XI Belgium now less active in attack until the 77th minute of play when the Turkish referee signals the penalty but we see that it is not a penalty Joel with a superior tackle hits the ball first and then Kevin de Bruyne even more a game in V of Kevin de Bruyne so a clearly wrong decision Ali Paradise takes the S He scored plus one against two and in Wales with Brennan Johnson had scored his first international goal against Belgium in a one-on-one first leg and he was an active cost again today as gareth bale laid down for williams and in the dragons belgium can't really break free he arrives even level and then they are finally hard to keep between this ball for short roberts comes on as a substitute he takes his head off but he was short he is there Belgium go through at the end of this test win two to one against Wales they have their final against the Netherlands on Sunday and on the other hand Wales is threatened with relegation if they don't win against Poland , then that's it for Valais with a part of the League of Nations
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