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what's good job welcome back to another video before we get into this amazing video that you all love and you're gonna watch all the ads and you're just gonna get all the way through it because you love you so much my new song escape drops Friday aka basically tomorrow at midnight make sure you go stream that it's gonna be midnight on the East Coast and then over here on the Pacific which is like LA and like that it's gonna be like 9 p.m. and then like in the middle of
ddg 500 000 jewelry collection
y'all stay in Texas or some it's gonna be like 10 p.m. or something like that tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow let's keep track on my Instagram snapchat all that stuff gonna be letting you know order updates and like that so stay tuned man we're gonna go up for the go crazy would escape hashtag escape let's go crazy man make sure you get your trailers ready I take tucks ready everything escape drops midnight tomorrow Friday to be exact I love you and enjoy the video like et but
before we even get to this video again what kind of pizza do you like I gotta escape dip often erase you comes to the crib and just escape I'm kidding this cake I'm not the same make it from Michigan State I'm kidding this paste I'm richer wiser a lot of this thing so welcome back to another video which a boy DDG on this video has been highly requested cuz you I know my spending habits are very very bad right now I just been spinning and spinning and spinning but I promise
I'm done I'm about done at this point I'm about done I promise and this video is completely for motivational purposes not even motivational purposes I'm just saying I think it's my jury man look at this is like anything but if you look at this deeper than what it is which is if you look at it more than just a video of me showing you surgery take it as motivation it's really not that deep it's just jury you know I mean it's just a piece of metal with sparkly things
in it that's literally where jury is and being an industry that I'm in as an artist fell in love with it I liked it you know I mean a certain that I liked so should I like to buy some are sneakerheads some are closed hey Supreme heads whatever you want to call it I like jury I see something I really like I'm a body and jury just happened to be very very very very expensive but before we get completely into the video I want to say rest in peace of pop smoke a lot of y'all
don't notice me and was supposed to work I was with some lake with him last night was just when it happened what actually happened this morning four in the morning he got murdered which really me up you know an exam but I have dealt with this in the past where it's like well I don't you know I lost my brother you know it means so it's like I I felt it firsthand you know what I mean so I know what this feel like and I learned over the years and me coping with that my own
situation is that you can't sit and be sad about it you know what I mean is it what's done is done and that's that's just the truth you know what I mean and it's very very unfortunate it's very very sad you know it's very SuperDuper talented love those music still do to this day but I refuse to sit and be sad man I can't I just can't I just can't you know what I mean the COBE she me up the Jesus really tore me apart all this citizeness happening artist
bash happening in 2020 and I really just want to lift your heads up and just saying that don't be sad about it like it's nothing we can't be sad like at the end of the day like the truth is and I'm gonna give it to you straight like we are gonna pass away one day you know life is not forever you know I mean so it's like at the end of the day it's like what can you really do about it and for you to sit and be sad about it I'm pretty sure like I'm looking down on us
or any if you got any loved ones they looking down on you they don't want you to be sad because they can't help you you know to me at the end of the day you sitting there crying about something like quick cry like I'm good you know what I'm saying so it's like that's how I look is out so that's why I try not to be too sad about but um I was supposed to liquid bra last night and I fell asleep early and I woke up I woke up at like 2:00 in the morning scroll through my
phone like I always do because I lately I'm gonna sleep really really early woke up scroll through my phone went back to sleep well back up at like 7:00 in the morning and I seen that that happened so it that really me up like bad you know I mean I'm not gonna lie I don't see her act like I wasn't sad or nothing but I really took a step back up social media for a little bit lifted autopost and like that and then I just tried to just cope with maybe like Manas just up but
it's like end of the day you know there's nothing that we can do about it so I just don't want y'all to be sad about it and I really look at yours like mine I know some of y'all order to meet you know nummy but I don't you look at yours I come on he it's almost like I really care about John I know a lot of y'all be hurt by like this and I just want y'all to know everything is okay and you know just go keep pushing forward make sure you go stream is out at
least give them the number one you got I mean like I don't know what to say that's what I like speaking on like this cuz people can twist my words and she like that but it is very unfortunate I don't know it's just it's just crazy I happen cuz I was supposed to be there you know what I mean but I only think it to deeper bodied I just say you know what you know God has a purpose for everything makes no mistakes even though like that ain't supposed to happen ain't
ddg 500 000 jewelry collection
nothing good about what the happened it's just like you know it's nothing it's completely out of our control I don't want to speak too much about it recipe spot smoke man I thought this music I'm a huge fan when she would have got to work or at least be homies you know Sam but happens Russell no it's not much that we can do as people so we just gotta keep pushing forward but I'm gonna go ahead and I'm gonna get into this video hate to ruin the mood but I had to
get that out the way I can't just sit and act like that didn't happen cuz I really up my whole or on my holiday but I'm trying my best to make this video for y'all because I spent a whole lot of money and I'm upload that I get it back now it's a real door I really do miss you too I'm not gonna lie like as I've been uploading videos my moods been better I tried to detox uhm you y'all really toxic I'm not gonna lie yeah I think is toxic but I love you
no I'm saying I'll try to detox and not do YouTube January I barely post it you know times and and then I start posting again I'm like damn you know what I'm happy because I feel like I'm working the music industry so goddamn slow sometimes I don't feel like I'm working hard enough you know what I mean so it's like I could put out a song but that's like once every month or once every two three weeks or once every two months sometimes shoot a video here and
there that don't come out for another month or two you don't know that so it's like it's just so much that goes into this music that's so slow for me I mean uploading on you to it was actually brought my spirits up y'all calmness has brought my spirits up yeah I telling me to upload again brought my spirits up I'm feeling good I'm gonna happy move nobody can kill my vibe right now but not further adue that's getting to the videos so I got a lot of jury a
lot of people notice some of these juries from the last video which is okay but we got a lot of new juries so we're gonna go into it I'm gonna tell you guys the prices there's any snakey out there I don't get you I really don't get you a lot of y'all with the enemy telling me stay safe and like that but end of the day anything was to happen to me especially over something materialistic what can I really do about it you know to me or what could you even do about it so
it's like we can't live life in fear so I'm gonna spin this and I'm gonna have fun one wedding while I'm here so I got this ring right here you guys probably seen this ring already check it out like so I'm doing like the makeup girls do like this check out the ring hold my nails clean VVS diamonds Cuban lean green $5,000 I know oh my god dude you spent all that money are we gonna come over here I got that ring from uh la this ring right here finesse this hardest what I
got it for two racks so as you can see I got a deal on this and I didn't get a deal another one I got this from New York Kristine jewelers to be exact you know I don't know I'm not against give a shadows this this is one of my bracelets right here check me out check me out guys check me out yes sir spikey bracelet I might have seen somebody that little pump with these I know I seen him with him you know he inspired me to get these you know get credit words do what the ice box in
Atlanta got this from them $10,000 um this is my custom custom DDG piece body you guys already seen this I wear this in a lot of music videos and like that it's actually really really heaviness completely solid gold is pretty heavy you're not gonna lie it was originally yellow gold on the DDG but I actually got it white rhodium plated so fun fact if you guys by jury you can actually get it played in a different color and you can make the color of your jury different it still be gold but
it'll just either be yellow gold rose gold or white con depending on what you want to make it so from mother bat if I wanted to change this all rose gold I could do that I'm saying that's the beauty of it that way by a bunch of new you know exam let's be realistic ah got my Brill's also got the top vanalai I don't like to talk the talk too big to me so I took a loan that I spent a good amount of money on these and go tell you how price because I won't use your
arms and back yeah cool the the top girls cool this a little big bottled up with heavy notes a warm a lot anyone meet my upcoming music that you're gonna probably put up pretty soon I'm gonna just wait it now I gotta talk to God okay going to be getting the little stuff out the way the prices are no no no is not gonna math this right here fact you got one bracelet you got two bracelets so as you can see these two braces right here okay you can see both Cuban link bracelets regular
locks no type of diamond locks or anything like that this is actually my old white Cuban so I had a white Cuban and went around my neck like this as a choker and I told him I'm tired of this I want some bracelets saw when you got these two braces right here and this is just my cubic cut up into very very simple man you know I'm a cheap man in a day I've spent a lot of money but I'm still cheap you know if I'm getting up go right here we have a very very simple nice fluent
ddg 500 000 jewelry collection
tennis necklace that is too along these two together was twenty thousand when I bought as a chain you know so you even do the map on that I'm not doing a map I let the other judges imagine and I want you to comment below the prices that I got together this right here this is I don't know the pointers on this I don't know the exact upset to be bad but these is if you want that subtle drip you know saying it's all my that ain't got hella money is go about a fake once bro
like bin look just like this you know there's an I'm to you I got like oh my god like I was a British ship though I can't wear fake jury because he made my neck turn green and like my skin is very very sensitive to silver and like that so I got a buy white gold you know what I'm saying so I bought this BBS diamonds are shining spent a lot of money on it I think I spent this twenty bro nega's take advantage of you in the jury game just make sure you have with the right
people and like that but I spend too much money on this it's definitely not worth 20 he's supposed to get something like that for like between 18 and 8 and 15 at the most 15 at the absolute mold 15 is waiting you know I'm saying I said absolutely most all right so we got this right here these are baked pointers these are what much bigger as you can see the difference see the difference in diamond size these are about double the size this one right here is about double the size
it's the one I always wear I just be having his home you know upset this is about a cool gold 20 ball so I'm like that you know saying something like that lot of these s I buddy sits over time like these Cubans I bought this like three years ago so it's like I bet this over time so 2020 let's just say 40,000 for these two you know I mean which is a raping price and not gonna lie I spent like 25 30 years I'm like that now this is my favorite piece right here now if you
don't know cartier actually makes this in store the actual Cartier store I went to icebox and Atlanta got this from them and this is my favorite bracelet I wear this every day I just don't have it on right now I wish it every single day it's my favorite bracelet it's nice moves it's not tight not uncomfortable anything don't forget that it's there none of Zen I paid about 10 for this Cartier charge like 40,000 so make sure yeah I don't even go to these like
Cartier about our Rolex with Diamonds anything like that is a waste of money them won't tax yo ass and the Diamonds don't even hit like that so go to us and go to these third party joints and get you some if you go span some cheese now I mean telling maybe thinking means every referrals or some like that but I got this this is about ten yeah i doing a math make sure I get to calculate around now we're gonna get it to the SuperDuper expensive stuff but before we do that I got this
piece right here I Loki swear I promise I'm not capping I wanted to get this - wait you got baguettes in the face you know saying you got baguettes you got a little pointers in there and like that very very small very very subtle just sit right there not crazy hey all right now we're gonna get into the specific okay you talked about the dirt the grills talked about the diamond I mean the UH the the Wayne's in shape I need about my rings not talk about the little DDG pinion talk
about the bracelets and like that and I mean talk about the UH tennis changing and now we're gonna get into the big ball a big shot caller okay we got this Rolex reigning red-faced Rolex checking up check it out diamonds on it diamonds diamonds and diamonds I mean dad you got this Rolex Ari array of face rolling forgot this about thirty five thirty five thousand dollars make sure you got to calculator out I want you to tell me two prices that I gave you comment below thirty five thousand
dollars right here this is a very very expensive watch anything that I got right now is very very expensive but one thing about me I really don't be wearing this this is basically I have wear this with music videos or I'm going to anything or some like that like I don't like wearing flashes because be watching you know so try to ride me gonna be I look so you got this right here 35 rats come over here I want to just watch for a very long time that inspired me to get this
what's this famous dex I've seen him with this about three four years ago who told AP just start getting money and I was like man I won't watch this couldn't find a no nowhere it was like basically discontinued nobody sold to and I finally found it and when I found it I was like damn I gotta get this yeah I know I had different watches in the past our first world X was yellow gold I just betrayed and in like I don't just meet about to do now this is the most watches that
I ever had at one time now so in the next watch this is a panic oh no panic oh my wrist front oh by the way it is this is a paddock this is my favorite new watch you're not gonna lie because white is simple you know I tell you our prices is 55 thousand 55 55 guys she's doing a math this is this is my favorite watch though at the moment maybe because it's new I literally just got this in the last video that you watch well when I did my house tour out I bought this watch or whatever
this is this is a beautiful watch beautiful you know and in the day listen I don't want you to be inspired by me over jury please and thank you I don't want you to I want you look at me and it's me got a lot of jury I want weird really like him when I grow up this don't mean if you ain't got no money you know exam like a lot of these a lot of rappers and he needs to spin a light on jury that's just cool and all but like what happens to lifestyle what happens to the
the fun in it you know I mean like get you some money first when you got you a lot of money then you can go and go buy you a Patek or some like that none of me but this ain't don't mean just watch right here sandy wrecks there's more close to 65 it's a little bit of captain my rat 65,000 that's a pretty this pretty expensive for this though it's a small watch you know it's a forty one millimeter don't get it up but I bash it's like a robber body honestly
that's what I really give a for it okay this right here this is my baby no cap this is my arm I was GQ can do this some go to Duke you do a jury video from me so the world can see like I love y'all but I want the world to see this too but look check me out rm30 Richard Mille watts I bought this watch specifically to have conversations with like Drake specifically for this reason because I know only with big money is banished I got big money when I am gonna Drake money you know
I'm saying I ain't got no jz money nowhere near it you know I'm saying so it's like when they see this they like Otis young oh oh you hit Oh young you hit okay babe you moms and I bought this watch to have conversations with grown folks of money literally your exam light at the end of the day we all know this watch is cool the NAS is cute it's cute or whatever in ain't the hardest watching an entire world but it does look nice on wrists I actually haven't wore
these in a minute but it holds its value as well it's completely playing playing watches them you lose value at all and it's still a hot watch you know I mean it looks nice on the wrist it's very very so you know if you know you know it's one of those type of things now we're gonna come into the newest member of the family y'all probably won't ever see me wearing this not gonna lie big ass change Oh better ass chain okay this chain is phat phat a man DDG custom
duties new chain do I want to tell you how to price or the prices this I tell you my bet the price of this is a hundred thirty I paid 130 thousand for this particular watch right here so probably my cell artist after today because we show you up close and in person real fast real quick so you got this is a chandelier you got Pontiac up top I know it's too many diamond you probably can't see too good but it's a Pontiac up top DDGS big will baguettes in the middle and you got made at
the bottom knee got baguettes on the outside of this muhfucka three rolls right here pointers we get pointers to end it off and then you got a Cuban two-tone Cuban chain right here this chain is very very heavy all bust down I still just end along 40,000 the reason why it's hard for me to calculate is because I pay a lot like cash so for pay some if I buy some with cash like I'm saying I gotta remember what I spent on it and plus I bought another chain I'm not trading it for this
you know Sam actually a cheap jury buyer I just don't buy a bunch of so this is 40 and then the pendant was 55 so this is almost $100,000 huh he needs some milk yes five thousand dollars away from my honey never again never never again well ah that's the jury updated him I spent too much money on it how much money did I spend comment below right now by the way this is over the years you know I didn't made a lot of money over to pass over the course of 34 years you not I mean so you
know Dan must be I didn't know I spend them with money on this I mean so it is real quick I gotta escape debuffing a race you come to the crib and get started this game I'm getting this cake I'm not the same maker from Michigan State I'm kidding this pace I'm richer wiser a lot of this thing and Google's lying about what I made tons about