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Day 6 Frozen Leaves Christmas Ornament 2022

Apr 29, 2023
thanks hi welcome to day six of 10 days of


decorations i'm Cynthia Lou about us Halfway there guys well we're already halfway there so for number six I wanted something textured something that looked really cold and Frozen and icy so I was I was looking for texture in my room and I saw a bag of


and I thought that would give it a nice texture, but I didn't want it to be green. I already did a green, remember, so I painted one. big bag of


and I painted them white but I still wanted a little bit of that green to show through and you can see here that the green still shows through a little bit so I'm going to use one of these styrofoam decorations I'm going to start on top and I'm going to go ahead and I want all of this to be covered with these leaves so I'm going to remove the little metal wire on the back that I left on while I painted it and I'm just going to glue them around I try to make them what as flat as I can and I'm going to use a little bit of alaine's tacky glue.
day 6 frozen leaves christmas ornament 2022
I don't want to use hot glue for this because I just don't want it to get too bulky and I really want the leaf to get wet so it molds to the


, so I'm going to make sure to completely cover the


with the leaves and I'm going to use a paint brush here. and I want to cover the whole back of this. I'm going to add a little chunky glitter like some diamond dust um and I really want the top to look like you know but it's


and it's all chunky on top and then go down to maybe a light glitter on the bottom bottom and then of course I want to add some rhinestones here and there so I'm going to put this and this um topper the styrofoam topper is three inches so I don't know exactly how many sheets it will take to cover this, we'll figure it out together because then once I add the next one here I'm going to want to fill the space down here so I'm going to continue to do this and peeling off my one little wire being careful not to rip it off but there's the look of the first one which will give a texture perfect that I wanted to see.
day 6 frozen leaves christmas ornament 2022

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day 6 frozen leaves christmas ornament 2022...

I really wanted some texture on these let me put a dollop of glue and make sure your can use it because it is very thick if you keep it on its side it will be easier to use each time you are using it. I'm using my hot glue gun auxiliary silicone mat so if I put glue on it it will. just clean right away. I've painted quite a few of these, I hope I've painted enough, if I haven't I'll have to paint some more, so I'm going to place it right next to it, it will overlap a little bit, but I'd prefer to have a bit of overlap and make sure it cover it completely so next in between that I'm going to have to lift up a little bit just to make sure I'm covering this in the middle so I'm going to cover it completely do the first row and then I'll come back I've got glitter on my fingers I don't want to touching my camera is fine so I did a full row it took six sheets and these sheets are two and a half inches long by an inch and a half wide so I'm going to continue and obviously it's going to take six sheets for the medium go in the middle and it came together pretty quickly the alien glue dries clear and these are mulberry leaves which are um they are very large.
day 6 frozen leaves christmas ornament 2022
I am roses, the really big rose. The leaf is there and then there so at the widest point is where I added something like a cabbage so I'm going to continue to cover the topper and these are blackberries so if you have the wires attached to the back if you notice it getting it's ripping and pulling on your Mulberry um you can leave the wire on just cut it cut it yeah so it looks like it's going to take three rows it looks like this one is a little crooked I can move it around a bit and obviously it doesn't have to be perfect so there will be one more row at the bottom and I'm not worried about the little glitter on the topper because I'm going to add glitter to this I really wanted a non-fabric texture if you know which I mean, so I think I'm going to put the glue directly on top of the decorative painting that's under, let's see, and it looks like, um, let's see, it looks like this. one will go right here and it will almost go to the point at the bottom so it looks good so there's the next one okay I'm going to cover that and then I'll come back it's completely covered it took 18 sheets and there's a little opening in the bottom part that is not covered but i will cover it with something later the alien glue is still wet but i will continue.
day 6 frozen leaves christmas ornament 2022
I have some diamond dust if you are going to use diamond dust. be very careful there are warnings because this is real glass so keep out of reach of children finely ground glass adult circular vision required yes it is required so keep away from animals and children and then just don't let anyone I touched it so I'm going to take my gooey alien glue and I'm going to put it on top. I'm going to clean up the tip of this. I'm going to put it on top and try to get to where it looks a little bit drippy and like you know what I mean like I want it like it's dripping like it's


yeah I mean hmm and I want a little because i want this to be really thick on top i might even add some seed beads just to thicken it up a bit.
I'm going to go down some of the drops and you can use whatever glue you prefer, of course as always it's a personal choice. I'm going to take it and I'm going to hit it all the way down so that it really gets that diamond dust in there, like it pushes it down a little bit, like I want it to push down on the glue and flatten it out a little bit. It looks beautiful and frozen and beautiful which I don't like to be no I don't like to be frozen I don't really like cold ok so I'm going to take my little spatula no glue gun helper spatula here and I'm going to pat a little bit in small areas because I don't want to cover all that texture.
I want some of that texture to show through. that's like the above with hot glue. I'm going to let this dry a little bit, just flatten it out a bit and then I'm going to go back and add some more of the finer glitter that I got from Gail. to add some of that in there and add some rhinestones too so i'll be back ok so i let it dry for a couple days and i think it's great how the color came out it looks so cool now i'm going to add some seed beads some little baby pearls some rhinestones and remember these little dewdrops yeah I'll probably add a couple of those too but I'm going to use hot glue for this because we don't have time to let this set , we need to continue this so first I'm going to do the little seed beads on the outside and I'm just going to add the hot glue and then dip it in skip that a little bit further in there these are just regular seed beads not they are nothing special there are several with clear silver lines and my hot glue gun isn't on oh ok i'll let it heat up and come back ok my hot glue gun or glue gun is hot so that I'm going to, I don't know, here and there, I just put little drops of glue and then I'm going to press it like this because I want it to be thick, I miss too long because it needs to fit in that little area very well very well this is going to be so chunky weird that some weird padding just grabs right onto those beads so cool really cool and if I'm not happy with that and want to add more I'll do that later but right now I don't want to get too much so I'm going to leave this to the side and then I'm going to do the baby pearls.
I put it in my little cup, my little baby pearls and this. it's just little plastic beads huh and i'm just going to do a little detail like that yeah that's me just to break the other stuff isn't that so cool and chunky? This one is really fun because I get to be a little messy like I get a play that I'm playing and this color scheme is going to be amazing with my tree. I don't have green on my tree, but I do have white, pink, cream, and gold. Let's put it there, okay, a little more here.
I need a hot glue stick, okay, let's see, and some of these will come off a bit. Lots right there. I think it's pretty good. I didn't use that much so this is the side view and I also have glitter. upstairs i have dazzling diamonds i still have some of the dewdrops and some rhinestones so i'm going to let this set up fivemm flat back crystals and i have some threemm i have some little dewdrops and i'm going to place sporadically and after that I think I'm going to finish with a little bit of glitter because I mean no I really don't need much else it just looks amazing I love it so I'm going to place the biggest dewdrops first and not i think my crayon is going to work so i might just have to pick it up and do it so i'm using hot glue i don't think there's a right or wrong side after all those years of buying all those dewdrops and tears i don't even know if i ever wore them you know when something is hot you are like oh i have to have all that get them and not wear them.
I don't know if I've ever had them, but that's okay. I'm wearing them now, yes they look great. It is another element. that you don't see every day going here foreign cool and after i put everything in here i'm going to go through it very carefully with my heat gun to get rid of all the cobwebs ok i'm going to go in with the biggest rhinestones and put them here and there where did i put it? I don't even know where I just put it. I'm going to look back at this and know where I put it, but I don't.
I'll keep an eye on where I put the glue. Some people may look at this and say it's too messy. I can't do that, but some people are going to say let's do it. Not everything is for everyone, but it's fun to make a mess. one and once it's all done it won't look messy it'll just look like wow that was definitely on purpose those things were done on purpose and I had a vision in my head but I didn't know that green was going. for show, so I think it looks great with that green and that was not part of my vision.
I had no idea it was going to happen so I'm very happy about it I'm not even going to need the three mil rhinestones I think just these five Millers 5 mils are good I don't want too much I just want to accent the foreign Bob Ross would call to the green coming up let me give you a minute because i know y'all are probably saying call it a happy accident one more here so i'm going to start with the father i'm going to put some dazzling diamonds on it that's good enough so i've got the dewdrops i have the rhinestones pearls pearls it's so thick alright I'm going to keep these things.
I will be right. I'll be back. OK. For the shine, I'm going to use sparkly accents and just place little dots here and there. I'm going to sprinkle the glitter on and then I'm going to go around the bottom leaves, but right now I just want to sprinkle a little bit of glitter all over, since we need a little bit of glitter and then everywhere the glitter is sticky. it will stick I have pretty fingers and now you can see the glue webs really well. I'm going to get my tweezers and those dazzling diamonds are beautiful.
I don't use a lot of glitter. I haven't in the past, but about time. It was time to use some glitter and if I had sequins I would put them here as well so this is what we have and now I'm going to go around like the glitter accent leaves but I'm going to put this on a different applicator like so which will have a thinner tip so it doesn't come off as quickly and then I'm going to grab that, I'll come back, okay, so I put it in this little bottle with this little tip and I'm going to circle the leaves. and maybe around some of the drips with some bright accents and then I'm going to add and you know what I'm going to stick something in this to hold it up so it doesn't have to touch the topper that I'm going to be covering the bottom of anyway that way I can twist it and make lines and little blobs and stuff and then after I put all the glue on I'll put glitter on it so I'll just keep adding it here and there I know the glitter will catch it when I sprinkle it on the topper and this is going to making the shiny accents take a while to dry so i should be able to cover all the lines and things i want before it dries on you.
You can use whatever adhesive you like and a drip right there. Moana drips, then after I add the glitter, I'm just going to put a Topper here and then a little pearl on the bottom and it's going to be done and it's going to be like this. cute, it's going to shine and my tree spins, as well as my ornaments that have glitter and rhinestones and those things that shine with the lights because the tree spins. I'm going to add a little here the lines don't have to be perfect because it's just brightness it's not like a dark line that you're going to look at so I want some of the vein lines to give it a quick look add a little more here and there and I have two containers of diamonds or dazzling diamonds okay I think that's good I think that's good I've used a lot of this one okay I'll take the other one and open it here with on one side oh here we go i got these dazzling diamonds from Gail Meyer she's one happy Stamper she's just the sweetest sweetest person in the world ok now she's not going to be so shiny anymore it's justthere's glitter on it happy tap tappy tap I don't want the topper to fall off the stick so I'll be careful I'll let this set Shake It Off and show a little bit more in there I'll make sure everything gets covered nicely so I'll leave this setup go back and we will do the top and bottom and it will be done fine the glitter is dry and i have everything to finish this is so beautiful i love it so much there is still a little bit of glitter left ok for the bottom i am just going to glue a flat pearl on there like this and then for the top I'm going to put together a ribbon like this and then I'm going to use this little watermark and this pin I'm going to run the pen through the ribbon through the watermark and then I'm going to put some hot glue here like this and that's it , there are some beads and things that will still flake off, you know here and there and a little bit of glitter, but for the most part it is finished, everything is cold, crystalline, icy, shiny, beautiful and textured.
Christmas decorations with Cynthia Lou Who please come back for day seven and share this video I like this video and God bless you. Merry Christmas, I love you all, bye.

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