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David Wilcock 4/22: Wikileaks Dumps ALL Files!

May 10, 2020
Okay so we have to hit refresh that's what happened last time so you should watch the video so if it works well Wow 13 seconds there we go all good it's me your friend it's David Wilcock is it? how are you? I hope you will. I'm just as excited about what happened today or what I found out today as I am, this is great news, folks, what's happened. In case you don't already know, we've been talking about WikiLeaks having a treasure trove of seemingly outstanding stuff. data that takes everything we learned in 2016 and goes into overdrive, we're talking about something of such magnitude that it's the big data dump we've been waiting for, we've been hearing about data


since at least 2014-2015.
david wilcock 4 22 wikileaks dumps all files
I started getting reports about this in other videos here on YouTube and other places that I've shown you and at conferences I've shown you tweets from, for example, and if you remember, is a guy who has an experience really amazing in the In the computer business, he created a file sharing service that became very, very popular and made a lot of money. Some may not say it in the most honest way because it was more or less hosting stolen content, but they did it. It was called megaupload, but they learned. some interesting things that he came into contact with Julian Assange of WikiLeaks and that was some of what you hear in the film where they actually talk about him being arrested and the cops coming to his house and raiding him, like that yes, it's him. clean, no, megaupload was a little sketchy, yeah, but okay, wait, he's a legend in the computer science community in the hacker community, so to speak, and there's no better hacking 100 than WikiLeaks, because that is the best example, so in my articles I have talked about some very provocative tweets that we had from in which he openly stated that he had a trove of documents that he knew existed and that they were WikiLeaks documents and that when they published them they would not It would happen immediately because we have Research is fine, but when they fall, the world will fundamentally change and we will never go back to the way it was.
david wilcock 4 22 wikileaks dumps all files

More Interesting Facts About,

david wilcock 4 22 wikileaks dumps all files...

This is a great curated collection that I would assume almost anything you dive into will have a very intense effect. content, it may not be obvious, in other words, I want to lower expectations before we get too excited, it's not like you're going to open all the


and see, oh wow, look, here's the Satan summoning section, This is how a child sacrifice is done correctly. or whatever is in there, I don't even know it's crazy. Well, we have been hearing about this for so long and if you also remember, there was a time when Julian Assange had released an encrypted file and it was gigabytes in size. apparently this file is fine, this was like his change from Deadman, if something bad happened to him, he was apparently going to release it.
david wilcock 4 22 wikileaks dumps all files
The tweets from certainly implied that there was an organized effort to get this information out to the world at the right time. when the right situation arose and obviously we are in that moment now, therefore it is a great pleasure to do this program today because we have waited so long to see these data


, we have heard about this and now finally Starting today is when I found out that all these emails started coming in, they're all telling me what's going on, so let's go to the slide because I'm going to use my computer with me, now we're going to go over this together.
david wilcock 4 22 wikileaks dumps all files
So I don't know what the sad news is for Willie Nelson - he looks like a mug shot, but I think he's doing pretty well now that he's been bankrupt for a while, but I hope it's not too sad, whatever it is, we love you , Willie, anyway, blacklisted news. calm is a really cool website and look at this headline right here WikiLeaks downloads all its


online and then we have the source Twitter justice for all the CQs okay so let's take a look at what's here now first of all , you will notice it. that there are different dates in these files, many of them are dated January 1, 1984, but then you have December 1, 2016, you have October 8, 2016 and September 14, 2016, so each of This is pretty crazy, so let's start reading it from the beginning.
Afghanistan Oh AF property list there might be some nasty stuff in there Charterhouse I think it's a financial company Iraq Oh yes' property list


spy files anakata arian nation essentials bank Barclays one of the largest banks tax evasion censored by Guardian news Barnes and Noble I like Barnes and Noble we could learn some things we really don't like here blood and honor database research BMD BNP 2009 Bolívar IANA Budapest gay rights riots 2008 maybe they organized this, you know, to let a riot happen that happens with the deep state Cablegate us I've heard about that calf that throws boring newspapers I don't know what that is CBS News 60 Minutes it's probably something bad on CBS News sir accentuate the videos of the Columbia conflict I'm not sure what are the researchers Clinton emails ooh, okay, probably everyone I'm going to want to click on that one, right?
Colette Oh, murder, wow, detainee politics. Challenge to the Empire. FB, it goes on and on. Freddie Bells. I don't know who Gitmo is. Censorship of the Supreme Court. OK. I see seeing Iran, the telecommunications company Italy, child sex. 2008. Wow, that will be it. crazy julius baer stalking kenya menara you see what I'm saying friends, this goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on It goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on It goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on It goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on.
Scientology Smith County Justice doesn't know what those spy files are. I mean, as you can see, this goes on and on. It's totally incredible. We, the Catholic hospitals, the thousands of Marines in Georgia. I mean, it's crazy and look folks, I mean, every single one of these. It's probably like a whole study in itself and I'm just showing you the size of this thing, okay, just try to check out the anatomy of a subway trick. Amnesty International's abortion policy. The Scientology Anti Anonymous Pamphlet. I mean, there's just tons and tons and tons. of stuff, this is crazy, some of it may already be there but everyone talks about it like there's a lot of new stuff here and again you can click on any of these and there's so many so this is really crazy and of course, it stops at seeing, but let's go to the link now and I want to try to keep this moving.
I'm not going to get too bogged down in this, okay, so you have a tweet pin that's not the one they were on. I'm just showing. I'm not sure where the WikiLeaks files are, but yeah, it looks like he has a lot of other stuff that he just faked. This all happened in five hours, folks, so you're really excited right now and this could have been this. It may have been yesterday when he posted this, okay, so we didn't have the actual link, but anyway you get the point, so let's go to I'm going to do this now, we're going to turn off the mirror screens and Let's put this and put it on march when we're ready for the slides, we'll have it ready, but before we get to my slides I just want you to understand the enormous amount of scrolling that I just did. that's just up to the letter C and I reviewed it all on the WikiLeaks site, the link to which isn't actually there, but we'll have it in the description section as soon as we're done here.
This is awesome and what it is. It's going to take away from us, okay, the Alliance, so to speak, this group that is defeating evil on planet Earth, the deep state, the Cabal, the Illuminati, they need our help and I've said it many times. This is a civilian led patriotic mission in which for most of us here this is not a war of blood and guts, bullets and bombs, it is a cyber war in which you can choose whether you want to have anything to do with it or not , you can do it from home now, it's probably a good option.
It's time for a lot of us who want to contribute functionally to get in there and start digging because look what happened after 2016, just from the 2016 emails that were leaked in October about certain very high level people whose names I would probably create little markers in my video, so we don't necessarily need to say those names, but you know what I'm talking about and you know certain foods that were listed as keywords and those emails and how disturbing all those things are. and what we've learned in the four years since this happened, we've learned an incredible amount and people are still following the clues from those original emails and digging things up and taking them to the next step and discovering more information and going beyond We thought we knew, so today I'm very excited because you all have the opportunity to get involved and make a contribution.
There is so much information in these WikiLeaks files. I hope we all think about how we can dive into ourselves and pick one of the folders that maybe doesn't look like the ones everyone else would want to read if we all read Clinton's email folder or whatever, we're not going to get there At the bottom of this, we need to get into the weird stuff we need to get into the dark stuff, we need to really be like lawyers in the discovery process where the person you're suing has now been forced to turn over bank statements and financial transactions. and emails.
This is what happens all the time in litigation that Now we know a lot more because we have a full time lawyer, so this is like the discovery process for the Cabal, at least in the first wave now we can be lawyers, we can be civilian journalists, we go in and find out what the hell, they said what they did, what's in those documents and then you're going to have to read a bunch of really boring stuff, it won't be fun, it won't be enjoyable, but together we get our hands on these things and remember the validity . of the 2016 emails have never been questioned by the mainstream media, they have never questioned the validity of the absolutely yes, we will do the meditation at the end and Elizabeth will be there with me during that absolutely, that is a very important part of technology.
And Elizabeth, did you want to say something right now about what's going on because it's so exciting? I mean, this is a moment in history with WikiLeaks doing this release and then all the things that we can't talk about in the briefings that we get. We're not going to talk about that at all, of course, we talked to some of the sacred warriors who are part of this and today we're going to do a meditation to help send love and protection to all those men and women who are out there right now risking their lives. and risking everything so that we can live on a peaceful planet where innocence is protected and where beauty can be free, so that's what I'm betting on and talking about all of it. time and we're going to do a meditation for that later and we actually have your new video that we just filmed on this same set with the same thing before we went live, we filmed the intro for that, but why don't you tell him to all? about what we're about to release because I'm so excited about my video, yeah, it's my 2019 outreach dimensions conference and it's essentially the second or third time I've spoken on stage in front of you, you know, 400. or 700 people and I talk a lot about the sacred warrior, that's one of my big battle cries and I talk about martial arts and the Sacred Feminine and we made some music for it and there's some music that you and I made, yeah, it's very good and this is sponsored by our 501 C 3 corporation, which is called Wilcox, spiritual healing and empowerment.
We had a lot of people asking for ways they could donate tax-free and, in fact, we've done it all the right way. We are under the supervision of a CPA firm, so everything is done totally by the book, so one of the ways we give back to you is by giving away free content, so this is a movie-length show that has multiple camera angles and you. We are really going to love it and we do a lot to help protect the animals that we Slavs love. Let's go help some of Australia's burned koala bears. It is very sad that so many animals have lost their lives.
There are a million animals, unfortunately. A billion animals lost their lives in the Australian fires and there are still some injured that are alive, so we use that foundation to channel assistance to different organizations and we are actually introducing those in the ascension mystery school and well, what we are doing. I like them smallshort videos, so maybe we can let other people know too, but we are doing everything we can to be part of the solution which is to anchor ourselves in the sacred here on earth to make sure that this earth is a beautiful and peaceful place. for now and for generations to come, well, let's also put this on the record while you're here, you and I received some new reports that are very heavy and we're not going to say what they are, except for people who don't think.
This is real, what would you like to tell them? Since David and I have been together closely for the last four and a half years, I have met about 20 insiders and some of them are people who are deep inside the government. there are insiders that he doesn't even talk about, that we'll talk about in general, but they don't really know each other and some of the insiders that are in the deepest levels of the warship on the planet, to that you would call the Alliance at this time we have received information from them that they are conducting active operations, which is a very important term, it is mainly a silent war, it is not, it is not published, they are not telegraphing what they are doing, no They are.
They make a big deal of it, they just take care of business and do what needs to be done to protect beauty and innocence really it all comes down to just protecting the peace, unfortunately we have to protect the peace. It would be great if we didn't have to do that. It would be nice if everyone honored each other and gave each other space as a six. feet of space and how about six feet of spiritual space how about six feet of psychic space you know, spiritual distances yeah, let's get started, let's get this up here.
It would be nice if everyone actually did that because then there would be no need for protection. We wouldn't have to protect children, we wouldn't have to protect animals, we wouldn't have to protect ourselves, but it's not the world we live in, so we live in a world where there are predators and it's unfortunate, but it is real. and those predators have been even more discovered today and it just happened today. You know that citizen journalists will be the ones to really unpack it, you, those of you who have a sense of sacred justice in your hearts and want to do something to make this world a peaceful place, so yeah, you know we're doing what we can. and we're also sacrificing things, but it's real, so anyway these people are losing their lives because we got those briefings and some of them are now coming in and I don't know if they're going to live or not, there's a lot of rush and wait, no We know, no one really knows what's going to happen or when it's going to happen, but I think it's safe to say it without crossing any lines. that there will be a lot of loss of life in this process and that includes a lot of friendlies, so I know how easy it is for everyone to get caught up in this and think, oh, this is a LARP, this is not true, guys.
We are making it up, we are talking to people who may not make it, this is very serious, well, and look what Julian Assange has sacrificed to get this information to the world. Julian Assange has sacrificed much, if not all, of his life. So let us know, pay tribute to Julian Assange, who risked his life to get us this kind of information and the world has not had the same sense, so he is one of those sacred warriors who I know we are all human too , so it's not like floating in the air here or ascending, so he's a human, everyone's human and they're doing these things, but there's a sacred warrior ship and his sacrifice has brought us this, you know, yeah, Julian Assange He's a total Hero and you know, when you do this kind of thing, they try to set you up and they did a really good job with him.
Thank God, I never fell into any of those honey traps and none of that happened to me. I've had a very good clean streak here, but you see what happens, you know, yes, people sacrifice, you sacrifice a lot when you come forward and take a sacred stance, and Julian Assange has clearly made his sacrifices to do what he felt which was the right thing to do, but What we also want to point out is that people are paying the maximum price and there will be, I don't even want to speculate, how many friendlies will not attend or will no longer make it because we don't even have any specific information. information, but we know that this is going to be done or has already been done in part and there doesn't seem to be any way that the deep state can actually fight back and I don't think they will.
I'm happier after this download, but I don't want to say anything to really stop the plan that they've always said, trust the plan and the people we're talking to have great confidence that this will actually work and we'll get nothing. kind of like oh, maybe this isn't going to work, we're not going to listen to that at all, so we'll do a meditation at the end and yeah, call me, okay, okay, Elizabeth Wilcock, everyone give her a big round of applause. I can't really hear it, but it's there, okay, so I'd like to know. We're not going to make this very long and as you know there's so much going on in the world right now so one of the things I'd like to do now is go back to the slides and I want to go over some of the things. which Q has already said.
I've said this before, but it was in the middle of a big five-hour test and now everyone is I'm going to want to sit down and watch that, so I just want to give you some queues to keep you excited, since now these data dumps have happened. WikiLeaks and we're going to go to the cue website right now and I'll read some stuff. that's new on the website so this is one that I pointed out on August 1st last year, they already said that public understanding of the events was just around the corner and that all seems to be coming to a head critical of this WikiLeaks. data dump then they said: be ready, Patriots, and this is very important, look at what it says above, be prepared, Patriots, it says: do you believe in coincidences? and then he says five, five, question mark, okay, of course, we all just got slapped basically.
For example, stop speculating about dates, stop speculating about dates, well, what do you mean five five? Okay, because it sounds a lot like May 5th and notice they're talking about it here on November 11th of last year, how is that a date? I don't know, okay, but that's the kind of thing that the signal allows us to speculate about given the fact that they actually mentioned it and mentioned it again very recently. Sincerely I dont know. I don't know if something is going to happen. that day, but what we found out well is that five five is a military code that means May Day and May Day, of course, means some kind of emergency, so does that mean it's an emergency for the Cabal?
Maybe it's interesting that we heard about it. these data dump releases are one of the last things that would happen before things really light up and we have also heard about the allegations being revealed and there was a lot of ridicule on Fox News as I said on my last show about the fact. who are preparing to reveal the allegations as soon as this week, it's interesting that the data dump happened earlier because maybe this is a big one-two punch where the accusations will make everyone want to go to the data dump, so now we have the data dump but we haven't seen the accusations yet, it's still wednesday and again please also keep in mind that the people in queue have always told us that we need to be patient, we can't rush this, we have to do it at the right time. at the right time and that's because I'm not involved in this except to remove little crumbs from the table like everyone else.
I guess I had more of them because I've been doing this longer and had briefings on this from behind. to 2009 about the idea that the deep state would be arrested, imprisoned, brought to justice with a fair trial and this is it, this is what they told us that they would have to stay home, that there would be operations going on, well, everyone you're stuck at home and you have to have food at home and either you couldn't leave the house or you really wouldn't want to leave the house, that's what's happening, so before we go back to the slides let me also tell you Just like that quickly, most of People now feel that this is the end of the world, that they have lost hope that the economy has been destroyed.
The latest headlines are really very bad. Well, I said this on the last show. I want to say this. Again the only thing that really matters is that the most powerful person on the planet is going to be elected in November of this year the most powerful person running the most powerful country okay that is of such importance that there are groups that will stop at nothing . and no level of deaths is enough to consider it off the books; in other words, they will do whatever it takes to win, they will do whatever it takes and so if you are not familiar with what is happening in the current administration despite fly traps and weaknesses that have emerged and the incredible anger that has been awakened in society.
I will say this: I am willing to overlook a lot of things if they can manage it because the scope and depravity of the things that have been falling is so bad that I will accept any solution as long as it preserves freedom and we end up better off and I think that we will be better off and here is a reason for this, well I have met with many many different insiders over many years and many of these people know this deep state, they know the military-industrial complex, they understand the secrecy, they understand the compartmentalization and there is a very key axiom here when you go back to the deep state and look at what's really happening, you have two factions, okay this is very important, you have the Rockefeller faction, which is the United States, and you have the Ross child faction, which is Europe, okay, Ross's child faction, of course, is the oldest faction, the Rockefeller faction is the new one. faction now originally what was supposed to happen was that the Rothschilds created the Rockefellers to basically be like a district of their secret control plan that would run the oil business.
When they did this, they did not realize that the oil business could become the dominant business. businesses to make money because at that time all the businesses controlled by the shoud were absolutely supreme financial system bribed judiciary police bribed federal officials electoral manipulation drug smuggling arms trafficking human trafficking prostitution all the things that are vices those businesses usually end up being controlled by They are like a mafia, you can't get in without them ultimately being the main source of profit. This, of course, affects things like the British East India Trading Company, which not only traded tea, but traded opium and got a lot of people hooked. drugs and then they will pay a premium price for it and then all that money will go back to the top.
Nobody in the Cabal thought that when they created the Rockefeller group in the United States they were empowered and began to cooperate so that this group has a differential vision but they did and some of this is actually religious because the Rothschild faction has a very specific type of religion called luciferianism and luciferianism is not satanism it's ok it's very different the luciferian belief system is that lucifer is not evil and again I would support religious freedom as long as other people's civil rights are not infringed upon and it includes their right to not be tortured, their right to be alive and enjoy a healthy life, if you want to say that God is this Flying Spaghetti Monster.
I'm not going to hate you, but what we have is a separatist mentality where the idea is that what most people consider to be the devil or Satan is actually the good one and that all other aspects of Western Abrahamic religious traditions whatever. ​​Judaism, Christianity and Islam, and they don't like anyone who believes in God because they believe that God is an evil interloper that they call Demiurge and Demiurge actually means half God, so this is a very interesting thing, it is a very interesting backstory because supposedly Jesus and Mary Magdalene had children, you know this from movies like The Da Vinci Code, right, that's the bottom line is that the row line at Rosslyn Chapel is the line of lineage, right, and these people believe they are descendants of the lineage, from what I have heard. different things, there are some people who try to say that some of them go back to Jesus and Mary Magdalene having children, if that's true, those children ended up a little out of place, let's put it that way, you might know that we are all human We all have free will.
We have received other reports that some of them trace back to certain lineages in the Old Testament, such as Isaac, Jacob and Sarah, that is probably true, but to be clear, we are dealing with a group that views itself as superior. to all Western religious thoughts believe that the God we all think is true is actually a Demiurge and an interloper, but still you know, okay, I don't totally support holy war. I don't support people killing each other because my god is better than yours. God,no way, I think that's ignorant and I think ultimately if you have Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha, Moses and Krishna, and we even add veer kochiya and Quetzalcoatl, you get all those guys sitting together in a room, which you make people talk, you know?
After a few minutes and people start to loosen their clothes a little bit, some consensus views will be reached and I think those views will be very similar and we don't need to fight among ourselves, the main thing that has been this clique. This is called divide and conquer, they want to tear us apart piece by piece, they want to dismantle the entire way things are done on planet Earth and they really believe that ethics, this is very important, okay, I'm not digressing. on a tangent, this is all very important, the ethics and morality of Western religious traditions, they consider traps, including the moral values ​​we would have about not murdering people.
Well, they believe that all the rules that were established so that most people even if they are basically atheists, they still have a general feeling that there is something bigger, that there is a higher power in the world, if you go to the meetings. of Alcoholics Anonymous, which I did, I did all 90 and well, back in 1992, I attended 90 meetings in For 90 days, they always talk about the higher power, that you believe that a power greater than yourself could restore you to sanity and then some people in meetings don't like that and want to rebel and hence the way that is usually dealt with. at an NA meeting or any of these other ones you could do, they say, well, if you can't let go of the concept of a real higher power, then let's say the room is the highest power, then some people really get into that. and they talk about the rooms and when they say the rooms it's like a Christian saying Jesus these rooms have done a lot for me the rooms have changed my life the rooms and that's okay you know what happens if I want a Christian one line quote Jesus He said wherever two or more gather I will be there and so when we gather like this and talk about the salvation of planet Earth, the salvation of humanity, this is something big, it is something exciting and we are all coming to terms with the fact that our planet does not It is a fairy tale as we were told it was by the main talking heads in the media who impose a political point of view, impose a religious point of view and on the one hand we have people who are spiritually focused and then a religious focus It doesn't necessarily mean that you're that spiritual because sometimes religions make us worship rules and so the spiritual teachings that I'm familiar with with the Ageless Wisdom that I practice say that we don't want to worship rules that we don't want to. worship a word or a person I don't want people to worship me, okay, I'm an imperfect person.
I've never tried to present myself as a Savior, there's no cult, you know, some of the negative things we get online. Oh. David Wilcock is a cult leader, well by definition I would need to have at least some kind of group around me, which I don't know, thank God we did all this built at home so I could do it at home because I'm what a loser , we didn't even have a studio and suddenly there's a pandemic and now we have four camera angles in my living room, so that's pretty impressive, so the point is okay, look, we're getting through this, but it's important.
To understand how this happened, we have two groups, we have the Rockefeller faction, we have the Rothschild faction and this is one of the things that insiders told me for so long that the Rockefeller faction really wasn't as accepting of the Lucifer thing as rushing to coming out of the faction, the Rockefeller faction, for some interesting reason, they came up with the idea that they're Christians anyway, they still believe in the rapacious crazy things that the Rothschilds do in terms of how they work. In other words, they use the same strategies, they use the strategies of black ops intelligence, assassinations, well I'm not saying they're the good guys, okay, they're still very evil people, assassinations, wet work, mind-controlled shooters, all these things which should be very obvious.
For you, they did all that, but they didn't actually believe the Lucifer thing and this fundamental disagreement catapulted into all these different areas, so one of the things that we do know for sure and that has been discussed many times is that the Rothschilds in They actually signed the Balfour Declaration, now the Balfour Declaration is what promised the Land of Israel to the Jewish people, but it was a declaration that was just made, so the Rockefeller faction has always had a close and close relationship with Israel, now they don't. . not at all anti-Semitic and at the same time there are interesting things coming up about Israel that we have heard recently, there have been reports that Epstein was informing Israel with the data that he was obtaining from people for blackmail purposes that the security company that Harvey Weinstein was using it was called Black Cube, you know, tormenting people and trying to threaten their lives so they wouldn't come forward to get Harvey Weinstein Black Cube was an Israeli company.
Okay and we've heard for a long time that the Rockefeller faction was traditionally running the Republican Party and the Rothschild faction in America was traditionally running the Democratic Party. Well, let's assume that's true for a minute. What did I just say about the Rockefeller faction in terms of their spiritual beliefs? They are not really Luciferian. They do the same. things, but they don't believe in this idea that Lucifer is God, some power, but it's much less common from what I've heard firsthand from people who look me in the eye and tell me how this works, okay, it's very It's interesting to note that during the time that the Republican administrations were in power we fought a lot of wars that occurred largely in Israel's backyard and this includes things like Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and many of these things and, again , there is nothing inherently wrong with helping.
Let's get our allies out because we have allies and Israel is a great ally at least in principle. Now you can have a country where there is a problem with leadership and it doesn't reflect on the people or their race. and does not reflect your orientation. I think that as all of this unfolds and we have the great Great Awakening, there will be interesting information about the relationship that was established between the Rockefeller faction in Israel and the Republican Party in the United States and you. I can see where wars were fought and what happened in those wars and think about who's in the background, who's in the neighborhood over and over again.
I want to see Israel fully respected and I want to see them loved and I want to see any of this anti-Semitism nonsense to stop this is a crime this is wrong this is not a Jewish conspiracy these people killed Jews in large numbers genocide all right that's real there is no way that you can cover that up and try to say oh that was like that But it's not the case that they don't like anyone who believes in God and there are a lot of people in this group from different ethnic and religious backgrounds, so I will always speak out against that because one of the things that they will try to do what all this starts to happen to say oh this is anti-Semitic this is anti-Semitic I don't think it's not I'm never going to say that because it's not true then and then we have a certain number of people who are going to write comments and many of those comments will probably be automatically blocked by the algorithm, it's not even me who will say really horrible things and they will believe it well and this is a wound we have to heal in our society.
The main goal of this group is to divide and conquer, but there are two factions. Well, the Democratic faction was the faction that was making money from things like the financial system, because this is the Rothschild faction. Its main objective is financial instruments, large banks, financial trading. The main business of the Rockefeller factions is oil, so if you look at the fact that in the wars that are being fought, we know the two big wars, Iraq and Afghanistan. Iraq is oil. Afghanistan is the opium trade. Now the United States has withdrawn from Afghanistan and they are going to be able to start governing their own country again and one of the things that some insiders have urgently asked me to convey to them and that I am going to do now is that we have a potential rights crisis budding humans Elizabeth I'm going to talk more about this, but I also want to do it right now, when the Taliban regain control of Afghanistan, it's very possible that women's rights will take a nosedive because they could once again be forced to wear burqas according to his capacity. living in a free society is threatened, your freedom is being threatened, your rights are being threatened and you could end up suffering a lot of pain and backlash because of the way things were, so one of the things that we really hope happens is that as the United States is withdrawing from Afghanistan because we are withdrawing from these theaters of war around the world, that is happening right now and I think that is a positive thing, let's wait and try to make sure that as the order in Afghanistan, as they withdraw and return to run their own government, that this be done in a way where women are not oppressed, where they can maintain their rights and we do not have a deeply crazy fundamentalist situation that returns to power again as a sort of reactive recovery movement now there may be ways that aspects of the American government can help in that process it's not just military and it's not just withdrawing there are ways that we can help them create programs for women to fund those programs to ensure that they are in place to ensure that there is some kind of structure so that women's rights are not destroyed and that is one of the critical points that I hope you will take a look at and not Let's not just dismiss this because we are in the middle of a big pandemic, this is a big one and there are a lot of women who could really end up being tortured, so we really want to take some time to make sure that we're looking at Afghanistan, we're making sure that the transition happens peacefully, so let's go back to the slides here and then I love coming back to this about the Rockefeller and Rochelle facts, so again it says here: do you believe in coincidences? 5:5 calm before the storm if you look up and you know what was the month and day that the public queuing campaign was started what was the month and day that it was started Durham was the same and again here this is great, he's talking about Durham going after what they would call the company, the agency that starts with the sea and then 5 5 that again is code that they just dropped now, so whatever they're talking about back then , all those things are coming to a head now and then they say be ready, ok, so they are telling you that something is going to happen now.
This is another really interesting thing on November 11, like I said, where the queue was moved to the Department of Defense zone server and that's 11.11 point 18, being the beginning of the domain name America will be unified again the future test the past now as the future proves the passing line is the same thing that appeared in a post on Looking Glass. I made a whole video on which we're not going to try to review that your time is valuable. you can go back and look at it, anyway, to the point of what it says, the Department of Defense's own server has the information queued up and that's very exciting because when we have the Department of Defense of the United States government supporting the publications . tail as a defense of critical infrastructure is a war it is a cyber war and they put that structure behind a wall that is essentially in the cyber sphere and in the Internet sphere it is a protected military compound this would not be happening if this were so.
It's not real, we wouldn't have seen society fall off the cliff like it has here randomly. This all seems to be part of a structured plan which I don't think is a bad thing because let's be clear on this when we find out about these arrests. We are going to discover that many prominent people were brought to justice or are being brought to justice. We are going to discover that they all gave testimonies in incredible detail. Many people have sung like rats on a sinking ship. There was a book that Weinstein was carrying when he went to the trial, which was Alya Kazan and she is a very famous person in Hollywood history as a traitor because during the McCarthy era she reported on the activities of the deep state in Hollywood, this communist infiltration that Now everything the world laughs at that, but if he just changed the communists and you say Illuminati, that's what it really was, Kazan ratted out a bunch of people while he was going down and then Harvey Weinstein took his book to the courtroom and that He said he was going to snitch.
You may not know it yet because it's not public, but Harvey ratted out a lot of people. Okay, he still had to go to jail, but he gave a lot of very, very useful information. Many people have already been interviewed and we are. I'm going to discover a lot of things, it's extremely exciting and even now that WikiLeaksis throwing this at you, Santa Christmas, Merry Christmas folks, this is the big gift, this is the data dump we've been waiting for for years, it just happened and it's extremely extremely exciting, so we'll talk more about the two factions in a minute , but actually I connected and looked and there is the zone server of the Department of Defense which is eleven point eleven point eighteen point zero to eleven point eleven point eighteen point 255 how in the world could this have happened if it is a role-playing game live action LARP, which means it's not real.
Why in the world would a supposedly trashy internet forum be a yawn fest? there on the Department of Defense's own server because this is real because what they're telling you is really good and Austin Stein Bart came up and I actually made a tweet and said, "Go check out this guy's stuff because he had some interesting videos ". He was sued federally for standing up to Q and saying it was all him and I feel so sorry for you man and I just hope there's a way you can get out of trouble by being cooperative, but I don't.
I really don't know what happened, so I just apologized to him. You know he contacted me, but for a number of reasons right now, if someone is in the middle of a pending federal lawsuit regarding his online activity, I don't want to give in. in the middle of it, so I'm sorry Austin, hopefully you can talk to us once you figure out how to unravel this, maybe he'll have to apologize publicly, that's probably what I'd do if someone dropped that kind of thing. I would be asking for a public apology so let's go back to the next thing I want to show again is November 13, 2019, nothing can stop what is coming, nothing and that again shows how heavy what is coming our way is because they are talking of things like Pelosi's son, John Kerry's son, Mitt Romney's son, Biden's son, hints at geolocation, Ukraine hints at energy, so it seems to imply, as I said before, that we're going to get information on these political figures and others that his children have gone to countries like Ukraine and received gigantic bribes for some reason, we are not sure yet, but he says that when gs calls, DS always answers in gs, of course it is George Soros, nothing can stop him coming, nothing, they are very, very interested in that being the case, so look at this on November 16, 2019, they said that the harvest will soon be delivered to the public for consumption and this becomes very, very important in what what's happening now that the harvest has been prepared and will soon be released to the public for consumption now let me go back, well we're here and I'm actually going to do this live with you right now because what the hell are we live?
We're going to mirror the screens again and we're going to move on to this is how you find the signal in case you haven't done this before, you go to the signal map PU B and then here you go, okay, now I want you to pay attention to this right here because it's Ridiculously exciting, it says that the corn has been harvested. the corn has been harvested and then when you click on this, this video comes up which is this ambient music thing where they have these little animated wheels that spin and it's very, very calming and relaxing music, there's nothing else. to that that, so that's not really the data, the data is that the corn has been harvested well, so and there's another thing here, you know, it says we are ready, let's set a mission well together, we will win, we will clear your mind and he will queue and then this. it's chq chloroquine there's a lot of stuff here but anyway this to me is very, very provocative and then another thing I'm seeing here where it says one if it's by land two if it's by sea and then they have two lights on what it looks like like a wheel like you would steer the ship, okay so this is the latest latest Intel, we just released it now, what could it be about?
Well, I don't know, okay, but if they say that the corn was harvested in the previous briefing, I just showed you that he said that the harvest will soon be prepared and delivered to the public for consumption. You could argue that harvest refers to things like the data dumps that just dropped today, so they said corn was harvested on April 17th and now a few days ago. later we get this huge data dump from WikiLeaks, so this excites me, the corn has been harvested, they're talking in the past tense, they're saying something has already happened, so one of the questions we could legitimately ask based on this post is: how are you guys? you've already done a lot of things, maybe you've already arrested a lot of people, have you already done a lot of things?
I don't know or well, maybe you do, we'll find out, but that's all I'm going to say, so it's a pretty provocative headline and then when they say one yes by land two yes by sea right after this other quote let's go back to the slide very quickly because here it says ex-military people that please do not disappoint us we were willing to die then and we are still willing to die now, please make us proud and they say for God and the brother of the country then they say one yes by land two yes by sea now what is the historical precedent for that okay historical precedent for that if not I don't know yet, it's a reference to the early patriotic history of the United States of America, specifically regarding the idea of ​​a code that was given to them , I believe, to the Minutemen, who were the original Patriots who stayed up all night and made sure that if any kind of war activity occurred, they would be ready to run at full speed in one minute and 60 seconds.
Hopefully they would get that information where it needs to go so that the United States doesn't get caught in an invasion because breaking away from the British was very difficult, there wasn't much money, there wasn't much support and you're fighting this gigantic British Empire that's so scary. . The American Revolution was kind of amazing because it was done on a shoestring budget and so it was code and this goes back to Paul Revere and all that kind of stuff. If you know, when you're a kid in America, you get all this American history every year in elementary school and it continues all the way through high school. one if it is by land two if it is by sea it was a code that had to do with lights and if there is a light that turns on it means that there is an invasion that is coming by land and if there are two lights it means that there is an invasion that is coming by sea , OK?
Given the fact that Q gave us two lights, what could that mean? It is possible for me and I don't have any report on this. By the way, this is pure speculation, what they're asking us to do by doing these kinds of things that they They want us to think about this They want us to speculate if it's possible and I don't know, okay, but I'm just saying it's possible that there is some type of classified operation that we do not know what we are for. For the sake of argument let's say there could have been two ways this would have been done and one of the ways could involve more land work and they would say the land option and the other way could be the sea option and Again, I don't know really what that means, I don't know where they would go or why they would use ships at sea, but another thing they said that I talked about on the last show is that the black sites have been closed and these are ships that are at sea where they say in the queue that MK ULTRA was happening there, there are probably a lot of children imprisoned there, we are hearing all these reports now about children being released from underground tunnels.
One of the headlines I saw today 50,000 children apparently just got released, that's not confirmed. I haven't had time to go back and look at it. We have a lot going on here, but definitely, when Q says the black sites have been shut down. Those black sites are by sea, so all I can say is that active operations mean people are dying and they are doing it ethically. They are not attacking anything with bunker buster bombs. They will do it the right way, but doing it the right way. Unfortunately, the right way means that a lot of friendlies are lost in the process, they are dying for their freedom for the planet and we feel really bad about that, so whatever we are going through and the problems we have online and the opposition . that we have had nothing even close to what we have faced until the stress and the pain and the fear the trauma of the soldiers possibly in the tens or even hundreds of thousands I don't know how many are actually dying to get it give us back our freedom so we honor them we salute we salute your sacrifice we salute your service because there is nothing more virtuous or valuable than offering one's life as payment in exchange for the safety and freedom of others that is the ultimate sacrifice it is a sacrifice that I have always known I could end up making for doing what I do.
This is very real. The opposition is very real and they have many assets and many resources. Many people are surprised. They say David, how are you still? I live well, we do our best to follow the rules. There are spiritual rules in the universe. We never flaunt them. We never take advantage of them, but it is a very consistent teaching that at least you will be predominantly safe if you have preserved your karma to the best of your ability, you may make a few mistakes here and there, yes there is a lot of forgiveness, but where you really get into trouble it's when you do things like blatantly screw people with large amounts of womanizing money, you know, have sex with someone, say you'll be with them forever and then turn your back on them and cheat on them, never call them again, that kind of Things, actually, when you become an influential political figure or a public figure that can get you.
They killed that type of behavior. These angelic forces I talked about can protect us, but we have to follow the rules, which means you have to be a genuinely good person and, again, there is a lot of room for error. Corey Goode is obviously not a perfect person. I am NOT a perfect person, the president of the United States is definitely not a perfect person. Many people want this to be different than it is. You know, you might want me to be different than what I am. Well, now I'm running for you, buddy. I'm out there like Rambo jogging with my crazy military dog ​​getting in shape the love handles are disappearing it's incredibly cool.
I never thought that would happen, but it is incredible and that is why I like what is happening in the world, not because of the fear pornography that the media sells, the pandemic is horrible, it is fine and what they force us to do is horrible. I was talking to Elizabeth about this the other night. How come we are now? The entire world is under house arrest. Well, let's think about this, if you are arrested for a crime and we have an overcrowded prison system, what do they have to do? They might give you this ankle bracelet that you wear all the time and you can be at home doing absolutely everything.
They give you no food but you are a prisoner and the main thing is that if you leave your house your anklet rings and they notify the authorities that you broke the thing and now you have more time well, that is exactly what is happening, so this it's like a global incarceration, we actually have everyone in prison and one of the things that Elizabeth and I were talking about the other day is that you have to treat your cellmate well and when you're in prison it's It's stressful, it's terrible. Elizabeth and I have had incredible stress in our personal lives through a variety of different intersecting factors going on, including a variety of different legal things that our class is launching, with all this information coming in and people trying to get We got killed, which is very, very real, it's a lot of stress and that's why in the past we haven't always handled it in the best way.
I have traumatic memories from being on several sets I have worked on before and so I sometimes exhibited stress on these live ones. sample because I didn't know how my slides were going to work and all that kind of stuff, so we'll try to make sure that doesn't happen again. I'm going to be very, very careful so that doesn't happen again. relaxed, stay calm and that's a really good thing, you know, we all have to learn that this is a very unusual situation. Many reports are coming in about domestic violence. Many reports are coming in about the use of weapons on each other in homes.
A huge increase in temporary restraining orders or TRs is due to a huge increase in incidents of actual violent outbreaks, so again, I don't think this is the end of the world. I do believe that we are going to get through this and it is very, very important. that we really put these things into practice at home right now, so one of the things I had for you that I want to talk about is the emblematic soliloquy. This was a funny thing I was given the other day and I think this is actually good practice now.
I usually teach people when you want to become spiritual, when you really want to start delving into your task on a spiritual level where you can journal and write things down and write about what's happening to you. Feelings are basically like what they used to call journaling and that's good, it's actually very good, it's a healthy thing to keep you on track, you need to be listened to, that's fine, but whatI have discovered that I am the great conversationalist in the family. Well, what I've discovered is that listening, asking someone else to listen to you when you're stuck in the house together and you have nowhere to go, you have to narrow it down, you can't do too much. okay, you want to avoid dwelling too much on topics that, even if you're very enthusiastic and very positive, we all need to respect that we have nowhere to go, that we're stuck.
Together at home we are basically prisoners in a cell right now and therefore it is very important that you give everyone their space, so in my case I came up with a humorous name for a technique and I call it soliloquy emblematic, and this is really fun because What I've been doing is going out in the yard and talking to my dog ​​and I'll share with my dog. You know what's going on and how I feel, and what I find is that as I do this. As I share about myself, I might be talking about one thing that I think is the main topic, but at the same time I will realize that as I say it, I will be able to know that in a meditative state you can become the observer of yourself and you can think what else is going on that you're not seeing and when I become the observer I say wait a minute.
I'm talking about a theme level, but then there is a deeper level, there is like a deep spirituality. meaning where actually this thing that I'm talking about out loud applies to these other things that are much deeper, so you can use free association, you can talk to your pet or you can talk to yourself, you can do it in the mirror . do it outside, you can talk to whoever and that way you have the experience of talking, which is like socializing, you can listen to yourself, you can check the symbolic meaning of what you are talking about and look for the deeper levels and if you find them, go there, but I actually think that speaking out loud is a good way to process all your emotions as we go through this unprecedented challenge, so with the soliloquy it's what happens in a play where the main character or one of the characters is They distance themselves from the work and offer an internal monologue of their thoughts or hers.
A soliloquy is where a character spends a lot of time talking to themselves and that is a typical tool that was used in Shakespeare's plays, so now what I say. is the word emblematic which means symbolic so an emblematicThe soliloquy is where you go and talk to just your pet or the mirror or whatever you want and you let the symbolic nature of what you're saying and seek the deeper levels come through you now. Yes, David Wilcock just said it. you know talking to yourself is a good practice but you know we're at home and you don't want to be stuck in your head and yes you need to talk but you also need to have the ability to give your friends and some family time if you have good people to talk to. that you can talk on the phone, I think that's cool too, but I also think it's good to talk to your higher self, you know, you can talk to God or whatever you want to call it, the intelligent one. infinity the Creator talks about what you really feel and I think he's really going to help a lot, so I don't know what the hell, if it's by sea, but there's really a lot of chatter here, it seems like that's how things are. we're really getting going so let's go back to the slide for a minute they're saying the corn has been harvested that's very provocative they're saying deaths are going to happen something about a military operation is what it looks like we're ready set one The mission is good, nothing is wrong, everything is on the right track together, we win, where we are going, we are going, everything is good, so there is a lot of things here and you know they also said that it will be your choice to know if we go through that with the CEO of Twitter.
That's something very, very disturbing anyway, let's go back because this is all that gets us to where we were on the last show, so let's go back to this and go back to the split screen view so we can get you back on track here. Alright, again the link here is that it says that the harvest has been prepared and will soon be released to the public for consumption and now they say that the harvest is over, that the corn has been harvested, so probably a group of people already They have already been interviewed and that information is being prepared to be given to us and how a responsibility is eliminated the hunters become the hunted that is a very, very provocative statement that means that these people have been rapacious, they have been, I don't know.
They stop at nothing until they use torture, death. murder and our entire planet is threatened. I mean, this is the degradation of the environment. This is the massive loss of life they would like to create. There is an exceptional amount of information that we are dealing with a biological weapon. Don't know. I don't think that's anything other than the truth. We're getting some strange reports about you. You know, they don't necessarily know if this was designed or if it was accidentally leaked, but if it was accidentally leaked, someone seems to have tapped it and messed it up. with this and made it worse so anyway I'm seeing a lot of things online right now and they're saying it's not like most people don't even realize they have this right so there's a lot of things coming up reports.
Now you know? It's actually not that bad for most people, depending on the percentage of where you read it, it could be between 20% 50% 70% even more than, like I said last time, 85% of people up to 85%. Of the people who actually tested positive for this they never knew they had anything or they had minimal things that they could easily handle, so it's strange because this virus is very, very aggressive, if you have a compromised immune system, it's very, very dangerous. It attacks the heart, it attacks the kidneys, it attacks the brain and, of course, we know what it does to the lungs.
The immunologist I'm looking at is. I've been doing research this week and it says they've never seen anything like this. but still, this is real, so when we look at the scope of what we're learning and the scope of where it's taking us as a planet, it's actually very exciting because this seems to have been the cabal's last attempt to try to direct things. in their favor rule out the 2020 election prevent freedom from happening prevent people from being able to gather prevent people from being able to support any candidate prevent debates from being held force voting to be done by mail well David that's crazy, how could anyone be willing? sacrificing many tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of lives or potentially millions just to try to win an election.
Well, then you don't understand the Cabal, you don't understand what these people are capable of, how evil they are, how crazy. They are what they have done before. I've been a student of these things since I found out about it in college in 1992, when I learned what was being done with American corporations that supported Nazi Germany and didn't even hide it. That's all well and good, so now we're at a point where all of this, the bizarre outdoor assassination of the US president in 1963, and the media is covering it up. We know something is wrong. There are a lot of great songs in the 1970s, like disco songs that came out after Watergate, they're very happy songs, everyone was very excited.
Elizabeth and I have been listening to some disco stuff like cool in the gang, you know, we feel like Isley Brothers because there are a lot of cool songs. music from that time when people were happy and Stevie Wonder, so I think we're on the threshold of a very, very powerful moment in human history, so let's go back to the slides again, the hunters, these crazy people have become the hunted. These are huge trees in a massive sedition and we are all going to learn about it, so on November 19, as I said before, they said there is no step 5, this is the end, so to me this again shows the sequence by what we are going through. right now it is the final sequence we are not going to have to wait any longer this is this then they said that the Great Awakening is going to be biblical now yes, I have talked about the three days but I don't think that is all It is the three days, they may or may not happen, it's okay because plans keep changing, but the overall goal is the same.
It is a fact. You can see the recent executive order declaring a national emergency and Trump potentially activating up to a million. reserve troops so that all kinds of things can happen when they say it's going to be biblical and then in the recent question and in the post where it said and frogs to destroy them quoting Psalms, they are talking about the plague, so I think it's going to It would be biblical if they understood that something would happen like this because let's not forget, okay it's easy to lose track of all the other things that were happening, if you have the ability to use satellites to generate gigantic amounts of rain you could direct the rain towards deserts and raise a bunch of locusts and then cut off the rain and the locusts will move to wherever there is food and that's how you create a locust plague.
Well, the locust plague is one of the things in The Bible, the Kabbalah did that and those locust plagues are incredibly bad and they are ravaging Africa and now I think India, so the food supply is very, very in. danger and that is not something that happens overnight, but it is an attack on people. of this planet and the population of the planet in progress, okay, the United States cannot sustain, no one in the world can sustain this shutdown for long, it's not like this is a new normal, all these things they're saying, oh well we're going to get a vaccine by the end of 2021 next year and we'll just relax in our houses until next year and then everyone can get the Bill Gates vaccine, oh maybe you'll even put it up your nose, that you don't have to get a shot oh great come on, I also saw an article today that really attacked hydroxychloroquine, the malaria drug that was touted by the president of the United States as an effective treatment for Kovat and apparently they had a new study.
I don't remember what. I think it had 238 participants or something, but the result was that that particular study, which they say is certainly a small data set, they're trying to say, oh, well, Covid didn't do anything for these. people and it actually made it worse and didn't make them less likely to die, okay but there's been a lot of other stuff about the benefits of chloroquine and now the media has to fight back but what are they doing? I'm trying to say it's all nonsense, but if it is nonsense, why did these other places get such good reports?
Once again, you can't believe everything they tell you in the mainstream media. These are the people involved in What's Happening? I was never invited to any of these shows. Talking to a talent. Booker reached out to me today and yeah, you could try to get me on those shows, but I don't know if I really want to go because of them. They'll just set me up and talk about me like I'm an idiot, use the most embarrassing images they've ever found in my entire life and that's what they'll play, you know? We don't deserve to be treated like this, we're trying to get you your freedom, so when they say it's going to be biblical, they're talking about plagues and you know, the locust plague and then this real pandemic and they talked. about having mirror technology, that's one of the things we did a great video about before and that technology allows people to look into the future with reasonable accuracy.
You may not get all the details, but there are some very, very interesting ones. things in the classified programs that we don't know about yet in the open world and that we are going to learn about that is very, very interesting, so the next one they had was that I was going to target you on December 2, 2019. he said: be ready , there's a public awakening coming, be ready and the nuns are fine, and then we get this image of what looks like some kind of landing strip, some kind of probably military thing that's going to happen there.
I don't know exactly what that is, but we could speculate that it's probably an answer that people have already found, they've probably already tracked down that image, but the public awakening is coming and they say be ready, they had already told us what it means to be ready, which is that you have to have your food and water stored, so this is Not only did I get informational reports, but things that I was also telling them, so they also said on December 7th that the panic is real and everyone should be on the alert. play and then the dictionary definition of evil, so once again panic is for the people of the deep state.
They are very, very afraid and, you know, they are falling rapidly, so we talked again about the national presidential alert system. There's a good chance that at some point your phone will give you a message if that starts to happen. so we really know, wow, everything we've been told in these briefings is coming true. I don't know how that will happen, but anyway, it probably could be that they do, maybe they don't need to use it. I don't know, so it says that the first accusation revealed will trigger a mass popular awakening, the first arrest will verify the action and confirm the future direction, they will fight, but you are ready, soI think we will see many more things again and again.
You will fight but you are ready again. They are very, very confident that this will work in everyone's favor. This is probably one of my favorites. The enormity of what is coming will shock the world and how does that sound now with this whole pandemic? Things are happening it's very important so you can see it right here post number thirty seven twenty eight and they say you know we're with you they said friend and patriot keep your head up sometimes you have to sacrifice for the greater good and there are a lot of people who are going to do that, so again the enormity of what's coming will shock the world and Q doesn't need to keep saying the same things over and over again, but look what just happened.
I just received the WikiLeaks data dump which is very, very exciting. On December 19th they said something big is coming, so if you're thinking, oh man, this FISA thing is so boring, yeah, maybe they're going to show that, just like the five eyes, countries worked on their surveillance . apparatus to steal the presidency I don't care if the election was stolen I don't care wait a minute just because it's not okay for some people who follow these mainstream media it's not okay to like the current administration you can't just throw it away delete all laws, you can't just throw out the Constitution, you can't just say oh yeah, now it's okay to commit treason, now it's okay to conspire behind someone's back and illegally conspire with these other countries to say that the WikiLeaks stuff didn't come up. from a Democratic National Committee staffer with a flash drive, but it came from Russia and then from former presidents like President Obama, who appeared on NPR while they were leaking, they leaked to you in line and so on, and in fact, they just said well everyone knew, everyone knew on the inside that this was uh this was all the intelligence agencies knew what was going on, you know right, man, there's a reason why Q just got involved with all of that. and I saw it and it was like, you know, there's a lot of things that he said that are definitely going to prove not true, I feel really bad for him, I do and I hope there are a lot of people who do the right thing and can get a sentence reduced or some leniency being cooperative on December 29, 2019 they said the truth will be they said and then the twenty-first injury they said they are trying to protect themselves from prosecution and protect the puppy to prevent the public from finding out the truth.
This is January 21st, so they don't want anything to happen to them and what better way to protect them from preventing the public from finding out the truth than to throw the entire society into a total downfall right before they are about to be defeated right before that these operations are about to be implemented right before there are arrests hey, let's release this crazy thing, let's release this crazy virus that, although it's not that lethal For most people, you still have to keep everyone at home because if you contract and you have comorbidities, you are in a lot of trouble, so this is a big change for planet Earth and it is very sad that this has happened, but we can use this.
We can use this as people or as a home to find out what really happened and clean this up, so they said on January 23rd the truth and facts will prevail, the public will learn the truth. Oh, and by the way, people are like, how does David have the psychic ability to know what the slides are going to say before it comes out right. I'm using Apple Keynote and you get the next slide ahead so I can see the next slide as well as the slide I'm already on, that's how it works. Not that I'm psychic, sorry, just an opening statement.
Okay, the public will know the truth and then they'll say a slow trickle will turn into a flood and think of grand jury material, so now that all of this is happening, nothing can stop it. Nothing is coming and now the flood has started with WikiLeaks so this is very very exciting nothing can stop what is coming and this seems almost absurdly overconfident but then they said what a storm you will see well we are preparing for that and I. I think there will be some really surprising things and this WikiLeaks thing. I hope you'll join us to get your hands dirty, leave us a comment if you find something interesting, we'll look at it and make videos about it.
We're not going to sit around waiting for the cavalry to arrive with trumpets blaring and guns firing, we're going to get our hands dirty and do this work with the Alliance because this is a group effort, so it's an ironic joke, not now you worry. It won't be boring forever, well this is just two months before everything shut down. Corrupt Democrats fighting for their lives to keep the media and government focused on POTUS, look at what is happening now and call it the Great Awakening. said what happens when people find out the truth what happens when people wake up they won't be able to walk down the street the Great Awakening that's starting to happen so they said buckle up and panic in DC you know, isn't there equal justice under the law? law there is no accountability these people will be able to get away unscathed buckle up there is panic in DC people really believe that those responsible for this attempted coup of a duly elected sitting president will go unpunished okay now look again we said it you've been hit so many times, we all have some form of PTSD from a media that's giving us nothing but negativity for four damn years the entire time of this administration, it's a non-stop avalanche of negative coverage ninety-nine percent and it's like I see this as something similar. to a dysfunctional relationship and remember I have a degree in psychology and I also studied suicide hotline crisis intervention and prevention so I was actually trained to work on suicide hotlines.
I know about domestic violence. I saw videos of women where their eyes are closed. because they're so swollen from being black and blue and their lips are crazy and they have cuts on their face and they're crying and they just got hit but they say I still love them and I still want to go Back to him, okay, so we've all had that we've all been beaten, we've all been abused, we've all been lied to, we've all been betrayed and betrayal is absolutely horrible and when you find out about a betrayal that is so bad, the typical experience that one has is shock and anger and another which is a very important psychological principle regarding these domestic incidents that are happening now it is much easier for us as human beings and I try to be very self-sufficient in this and not let this happen, but it is very easy for us to take the frustration about other things and projecting them onto a person who is close, so we must always be careful that what we do not want to do is never put our partners, family or children through our own darkness, we want to try to keep it to ourselves and again, if you can, practice emblematic soliloquies or talk to yourself intelligently, in a structured way, in a therapeutic way, talk about your frustration, talk about your anger, talk about how upset you are, verbalize it, get it out there and get it off your chest. , you don't need anyone to listen to you, God will listen, higher beings will listen, okay, okay, your dog might understand you, who knows, did you say food does? you say walk, yes, well she will be encouraged by that, but anyway, yes, this is a time for all of us to wake up to the fact that we have been beaten and abused and yet somehow the abuser us He said it's okay for us to completely screw each other. with this guy, we hate this guy, he's the president of the United States, but we hate this guy and because we hate him so much, we want you to hate him and we'll give you all these reasons all the time and yeah, we're going to break the rules and we're going to do things that are illegal and we're going to get in trouble, but it doesn't really matter because don't you hate it? just hate it, man, there are laws, this is like legal systems and the Department of Justice and federal investigations, subpoenas, interrogations, depositions and testimony.
I mean, you can't do that even if you don't like the guy, like you normally do. If you have a stinker in the White House and you don't like the person, wait until the election and vote, we have that power, but if they are taking power away from the people, if social media has been manipulated by big tech, then can you only understand one side of the story then there's a problem and again if you're liberal if you're on the far left because remember I grew up in a hippie family in upstate New York that's about as liberal as it gets that's very, very , very, very left-wing then I lived for five years in Virginia and three years in Kentucky and I also spent a year in Texas, so I have the northern and southern regions of the country as intrinsic core experiences that built me ​​to be who I am.
I was happy to be in the South, it's fine, I didn't have any problems with it and I understand both sides of it. I understand the political divide I have and again, if all I had available was information coming from the media, I would do it. You probably hate the president of the United States too because you can focus on things and you can get really angry about those things, but isn't it cool to just imagine the possibility that there's something going on here that's so incredibly exciting that this guy you might not? it's like he might actually be involved in a much deeper operation that's maybe hundreds of years old if you look at where it started in Russia, at least since the 1950s, in the United States, maybe longer and these two factions , the Rockefeller faction and Raja, are not coming to it was no longer a presidential election between the Rockefeller candidate, who is the Democrat and/or the Republican, and the child candidate, who is the Democrat, and if you look closely at the 2000 election, you have George W.
Bush versus Al Gore, who was vice president during the Clinton administration, okay, the Al Gore faction, what was he talking about? He had a movie called Inconvenient Truth, right, that movie was about climate change and that movie attacked the oil industry, even back in 2000, when they were trying. to bring Al Gore to power that is the Rothschild faction that wanted that and what was Al Gore doing? He was making the oil companies look really bad by talking about climate change and even back then they had this plan to deindustrialize the world to shut down the use of oil to shut down the industry, okay because they knew that if oil collapsed, their rival , the Rockefeller faction, would fall because the Rockefellers live off oil money, so think about this.
I want you to really think about this. Inconvenient truth. Al Gore, okay? that's the Democrat side, that's the raw kids side and they're actually attacking the Rockefellers, the Rockefeller side is going to fight wars to stabilize the oil and it's all about the oil business and that's where they are at The Clintons and the Bushes, actually the The Clintons were actually the raw store faction, but the Bushes side in particular will really push that narrative of, you know, the oil wars, so the most important thing to what I was referring to before when I talked about the two.
The only thing the factions have always agreed on above all else is total secrecy. They cannot allow this information to become public. They cannot allow that they will fight to the death. Now keep in mind that the Rockefeller faction considers itself more Christian. I don't really get into Luciferian stuff, but they do the same shit and they're still trying to kill a bunch of people and they believe in depopulation and they believe in mind-controlled shooters and they believe in manipulating the courts and manipulating justice. system and rig elections and penetrate the military and penetrate corporations to control the mainstream media this is what they do this is their livelihood they thrive on it but they don't believe in Lucifer they don't believe in Satanism they have their own weird things that They do it, yes, but it's not the same, but even if they are going to fight to the death, it's okay and that thing is very important.
So Vaali said this in the year 2000. The Illuminati whistleblower the only thing they always agree on is secrecy. Now I know. From my many years of working with experts, let's go big for a second because I'm going to give you big hand gestures. Now this is the only thing I know from working with experts for many years and hearing this testimony. From above, the only thing they always agree on is the need to maintain secrecy. They will fight each other to the death. You'll find a Rothschild hanging from a towel in his bathroom, off the bathroom towel rack, like yeah, that's a great idea. how to kill yourself, let's do it on the towel rack, you'll find the Rockefellers dying, you'll find Rashad dying and they're killing each other, but even in the midst of that, they'll never, ever, ever, ever tell you what they're really doing because there's a mutual agreement that they are fighting for control of planet Earth andThey think it's sexy, it's kind of the weird psychopathic nature of these things that you see in a movie like Mr. and Mrs.
Smith, where they put Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie together and they fall in love while trying to kill each other, it's not like agents. Opposite intelligences, right? They are having a romance while trying to kill each other, that movie is. a very basic statement about how the Cabal really views what they do they believe the world should not know what they are doing if the Rockefeller faction wins then we go in the oil direction if the Raw faction wins Shoud we go inward more of the direction from the financial service the raw jobs were trying deindustrialization gives you a pretty big clue as to who could have done this right deindustrialization keeps you at home keeps you quiet keeps you from being a threat to the existing power structure that's all important and that's why I implore you again, please, if you don't really understand this, if you don't have the pedigree of 25 years of studying this and talking to experts like I do, 25 years of voraciously digesting information about this cabal, actually it's more than 25 years it's like 27 years, okay, once you see the breaking of the secrecy, once you see real information coming out and something like Q, not in this volume with this specific detail, the WikiLeaks stuff and now we have a new data dump, there is no way that the two factions or any of the other factions in the deep state would want this to ever happen, well I think the president of the United States is just another example of the same old fool and will become the dictator.
Wait, wait, this is not led by the president of the United States, this is an operation that precedes him and that he was invited to participate in, so that's one of the biggest things that drives me crazy: there are all these people who may have already died. There's probably a ton of deaths already, I don't really know and there's probably a ton more that are getting ready to happen and we thank the soldiers and we support you soldiers. I really believe this because I am doing the same thing as myself. I'm here and I'm giving you this and I'm laying it all out there.
I'm not going to hide anything. We need to save our planet. We need to return control of this world to the people who know what. is the right move to make at least to a less distorted degree than Satanism and blood drinking and human sacrifices and depopulation and microchipping the population and killer vaccines and electromagnetic frequencies and all that crazy stuff we hear about how okay, that's enough as a planet. Earth, we say thank you, but no thank you, we're done, we're done with this, we don't want to fight each other over gender, race, religion, nationality, age difference, generational, you know, let's do some of it away. to the Millennials. lazy, they got screwed up a lot here and now it seems like if nothing else was going to happen, they would get screwed even more, but we know that when these arrests happen we get a reset of the global currency, we get trillions of dollars in funds from them. for the deep state to see that they're going to be repatriated back into the economy, then people think this is the end of the world and it's really bad right now and the headlines are really scary, but I don't think that's really true.
Oh, and by the way, we saw a world at home. let me go back to Canberra to listen to Stefanie Germanotta. Thank you, you didn't do anything weird and you did it very well and again we love you on Star is Born. You really gave the middle finger to the music industry in that movie and My full support, so your report card is a wasted day and I thank you again for what happened now, isn't it interesting when you look at this world at home? They had the three main network guys in Jimmy Kimmel. Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert, the original three major cable networks, CBS, ABC, NBC, the hosts of late night TV shows.
I don't know if there's ever been anything where the three of us presented this before and it was all a bunch of videos of people doing things at home and then okay and then they say at the beginning throw away your wallets, this is not a fundraiser and a Sometimes I feel bad in these videos if I talk just a little bit about a class I'm offering. online program that I offer because I don't like marketing, I don't like hearing that stuff, well, they say throw away your wallets, this is not a fundraiser, but then the whole program every time you watch one of these videos. of which some were good and some were definitely not very good they were not well filmed they did not sound good and the acting was not very good but after almost all of them it is just advertising advertising advertising everything seemed like a great infomercial and we were constantly pushing some kind of fundraising funds, well, I want to talk, you know, about this, okay, because if you've been in this field as long as I have, there's a well-known fact that the Clinton Foundation raised money for the earthquake.
The survivors and Haiti never received it and the President of Haiti, or I think it was the President of Haiti, came out and gave a very, very passionate and angry speech about how that money never reached Haiti, it was money laundered, they used a situation traumatic. and they made a ton of money, so what am I looking at? I see Keith Urban and he's married to Nicole Kidman. He probably had the best performance of everyone. He did a rendition of Steve Winwood's classic High Love, which is one of my favorite songs. and he did it really well, he did it in a three take where he has three versions of himself doing the different tracks, you can see Nicole Kidman come in at the end, she did a great job and then right after, who can you see? well they didn't even say the name Stephen Colbert, his wife Melinda Gates said and then he says funny things and just calls him Bill so I wouldn't even say the two words, first name, last name together and here here he shows up and he's there at his house and it was obvious to me that he probably paid for this and then my mind starts thinking about Clinton and Haiti and the fact that this thing is a very harsh advertisement claiming to be the World Health Fund.
Organization, but then the big star where everything is supposed to be made to look cool like this guy where they don't even say his name together with the two words together, okay and if you know about this like I said before from the UK Daily. What was expressed in 2009 was this article called the billionaire club in an attempt to stop overpopulation in which it is described that Bill Gates brought this group together to discuss how to reduce the horrible problem of too many people on earth and what we do about it and they agreed. agreement. to focus on vaccines and then the following year he donates 11 billion dollars in 2010 to his foundation Warren Buffett donates 34 billion dollars that is a total of 46 billion dollars and even if you subtract 5 billion for his expenses they are 41 billion dollars they could have spent designing this damn thing that is now changing the entire world in a very unpleasant way and again, if we don't reopen society, a lot of people could die from suicide, starvation and, at some point, It's crazy to leave everything.
It closed for an indeterminate period of time, so we are already seeing states in the United States beginning to separate. South Carolina, Georgia, are two of the states I can remember. I think Tennessee was another one that came to mind and already said Let's reopen now there's a lot of controversy around all of this okay but it's not that dangerous for most people and hoping we don't get it is nonsense, we will end up developing what they call herd immunity where everyone has gotten it everyone processes it, so again, it sucks to have the flu, but that's the most it's going to be for most people unless you have pre-existing conditions at any age, comorbidities as they call it, anyway, let's go back to these slides that I talked to.
You talk about the two factions and now let's get back to this, the only thing they always agree on is secrecy, no one wants the truth to come to light because then everyone would be destroyed, no one can have fun fighting over who will rule the world. Already on February 9, 2020 they say that one word is justice and then, as I showed you last time, it's about, haven't they figured it out yet? It's not about Trump's corruptions, making sure that they don't find out about his corruption and this is very True, this is why this seems to have happened and then on Valentine's Day they tell us that Let's prepare for a televised world, we sit down and you know, the testimony was delayed because again we are waiting, when are we going to hear from these? people you guys have already made arrests, I'm sure there are secret things going on that allow for public dissemination of critical facts before the televised world meeting, well that would be like Harvey Weinstein, Jeffrey Epstein, all that kind of garbage that already happened before. to a televised global meeting that hasn't happened yet but now the first shot has been fired with this WikiLeaks class D.
I mean, I don't even know what the hell we're going to find. I just said let's go. live this is where we are going to live today we are going to do this right now well the story is very interesting and fresh before we really know something so that you get inspired and want to do more with this so that then they say you know sometimes the A necessary form of an update for the American public is provided by the same people who are being investigated, so I guess that implies that the media will change strategy.
Look what happens next. They said it's going to be a very hot spring and summer on February 17th and it's definitely something that seems to be happening and then they said on February 17th to be straight, the game is over for me, this implies that by February 17th February certain mission-critical operations may have ended. I don't know, but I can certainly speculate. With an informed perspective, they wouldn't say it was game over if they didn't already think they had made it and had this in the bag. We are dealing with this coronavirus, yes, but this may have been as a last resort. when the Cabal already knew their time was up and well you guys can't have a happy plan that we're going to destroy it on the way out, that's probably what you did, so prepare for the storm, that's where we are now Of course you've come far you're ready they had nothing from February 25th to March 9th and then they said again nothing can stop what's coming and prepare for the red now prepare for the red is another military term meaning red alert and , therefore, red.
The alert is when the red love the red lights come on like if your submarine you hear a siren and then all the lights turn red and that's red alert and that means that each soldier has to get to his station immediately to his station, you run to your stations, you are on red alert, you are active, you are in position and you are ready for war, so when they say they are ready for red, that is a big deal and they set it on March 9, which means that people were being put into active status. operations that there are, we are hearing a lot of murmurs and I don't know all the details, but apparently a lot of things have already been done and are being done and we are just not finding out yet, but we will.
Everything they said was direct. GAMEOVER, nothing can stop what is to come, so no matter what seems to be happening in the world, they believe that this plan is so solid that nothing will stop it and in fact, I would agree that on March 9th. They say God wins well, this again implies that it's okay, we're dealing with them they say it's going to be biblical, God wins, it's not like they're saying the president is God, they're saying the real God, the good god, the God who really loves you and wants to make sure that you are safe and happy and that you have a home and can feed your family and can help your children feel safe when they go to sleep at night, that's what we want, we want a world. that is free of psychopaths and murderers and deranged lunatics who want to plant information in your mind that is not true and screw up your head and screw up your way of thinking, and I don't appreciate that you know that we have to get over this and From a spiritual perspective, I think that The reason these people were able to do this is that they were empowered on some level because we weren't brave enough as a planet to look this in the eye and face the fact that people would actually think.
In this way, it was unthinkable to most people that there would ever be something like this in the world where everyone is stuck at home and there is this killer virus that goes around and destroys lives and destroys people's families and destroys mothers and fathers. and daughters and brothers and Sisters, it's so fucking sad that someone would go to such lengths to try to kill people on planet Earth and do it during an election and who gets to rule the most powerful country in the world, but that's what they're doing and that's why one of the best way we have to counteract this is global meditation, so without further ado, that's what I would like to do now.
So honey, let's start with the bowls in a moment. Let me guess the dog heard me.Elizabeth could be somewhere else, so let me quickly have everyone put an animation here and I'll make sure to find it so we can do this together. Do I have any good animation here? Let's see, well, let's go for this one. Just one of these slides here, so I'll give you that real quick. I'm going to turn off the microphone. I'm going to find her so we can start the meditation with me for just a second. Alright, Elizabeth was upstairs watching, so now we get the band back together, so let's go back to the we're going to go to this, we're going to this stage, the shot here, do you need help?
This is powerful magic, my friends, very good. Positive things we are going to do for planet Earth to give you the meditation you need to make the right decisions for you and your family. Oh, and by the way, I brought another stupid, cheesy jacket that I have in my collection. At some point I thought it was a good idea. I don't know why, but this is another one of my Las Vegas artist jackets. Tie a yellow ribbon around the old oak tree. Thanks, thanks anyway. I'm not going to use this one for too long, but it's kind of like Liberace and yeah, it helps if it's okay anyway, it was fun.
I just wanted to show you because you know I have clothes in my room and you know we have to use them for something. and we've got the girl, we've got the girl in the shot, I probably can't see her, but yeah, okay girl, just wait, wait, so I'd like you to take some time to be alone in what you're already doing. , but you are with me, so you are not totally alone, breathe deeply for a moment and simply relax and, as you breathe, feel the sense of peace and calm that comes over you, allowing your breathing to be perfect and effortless, exhaling all feelings of stress. a heat that moves through every muscle, heat on the bottom of your feet as you continue to breathe deeply and go deeper and deeper into a positive, loving, receptive state, as if your feet have little warm slippers, light slippers, slippers. of energy and you feel that Warm tingling sensation that relaxes and heals any problem, any tension or stress in your feet and then you feel it slide down to your ankles, relaxing your ankles and that warm living light slides up through your calves and the lower part of your legs curing any problems you may have. you breathe deeply, you feel your knees relax, you feel the light moving through them and everything working so beautifully and then you feel that living light moving up your thighs, now moving through the top of your thighs, moving through your buttocks, moving across your groin area as if Now you are swimming in a pool of liquid light and you are deeply relaxed, moving up your abdomen and back.
Feel that energy rising through your chest, healing all the organs in your body, healing all the possibilities of something going wrong for you. your upper chest and upper back releasing all that muscle tension in your back everything is relaxed everything feels calm and peaceful moving through your trapezius muscles the muscles next to your neck at the top moving through from your shoulders seeing those joints and perfect harmony and health warm energy simply relieving all the tension from your shoulders and now down your arms through the biceps through the triceps feel your biceps and triceps relax letting all the tension and stress go down to your elbows now letting your elbows be completely calm all the stretch and tension is released through the upper forearm area feel your forearms completely melting in love, melting into pure white light and then into your wrists , give your wrists a little love, let that loving light pass through them to your hands, to the thumb, the fingers, the palm, the back of the hand until you feel that everything is alive everything is liquid light and now you can notice that your entire body up to your neck is bathed in this beautiful pool of loving white Liquid Light your muscles have never been more relaxed you have never been more calm confident safe and protected you are safe this is a safe situation for planet Earth for Humanity you will be fine this is going to work everything is moving towards a Great Awakening a televised world sit as you now feel that energy moving through your neck You may even want to orbit your head a little.
You may want to let your neck move. You may want to make small circles with your head. Let your head fall back naturally. Just relax all those muscles. Don't let any tension build up. We always store the Most of the stress is in our neck, so just let your neck relax completely, take all that stress and all that tension out of your neck and let it go. It's such a good thing when you can nourish yourself like this and give yourself this gift, it's so wonderful. It's good to just let that relaxation happen, let the love flow through you as it is now and you'll notice it moving up your neck and to the back of your head.
Do you feel the back of your head now? You feel? how soft, warm and effusive is that loving Liquid Light that the back of your head spreads with love moving over your ears, the tops of your ears, the sides of your ears, the lobes of your ears and now you will feel that energy moving across your face, your forehead feel your forehead lighting up with the passion of divine fire the Liquid Light awakening your true divine self moving through your nose moving through your eyes any stress or tension you have ever had in your eyes that pain in your eyes when your eyes are tired stay up too late everything is going away your eyes are so calm your eyes are so relaxed your nose is relaxed your cheeks are relaxed your lips are relaxed your chin is relaxed your whole face the muscle of your jaw notice all that tension that you might be carrying in your jaw muscle all those times you can open your mouth, you can move your jaw if you want to just let the tension go, feel those muscles relaxing, calming down, becoming so soft and so nice that it's not even a big deal to just go with the flow and notice your teeth. and your teeth are relaxing and everything is so peaceful your tongue is relaxed but now your whole body is bathed in a liquid light a piece that helps you delve deeper and deeper into the truth of who and what you are really asking yourself some very questions. basics What is existence?
How did I get here? Where did the universe originate from? How is there a greater higher power that guides and nourishes us all? Can I draw near to that strength and humbly ask for strength for hope for guidance for inspiration for peace for tranquility for love for kindness for compassion for patience for forgiveness just let that happen let that experience of light flow through through you so that you have everything you need to feel even more at peace than ever you are almost like a child now safe and Warm, protected, cared for and loved, nothing can harm you because you are indestructible.
As you go even deeper into yourself, you notice that this light is indestructible. There is a purity in the universe. There is a purity to you and to who you are and what you are. what you are doing here and there is so much gratitude for you so many divine beings who love you so much and eagerly await your awakening let's call them, ask them what they mean and we will make my wife see what she wants let's say calling our ancestors of our soul lineages, those ancestors who They loved us, asking them to be present with us, any of our spiritual guides, ascended masters and the only infinite light, and we asked that the light of the divine would fall upon us in us and through us we illuminate every cell of our body and breathe deeply as we inhale that light that fills every cell and we exhale husband of anything that needs to be released and again we inhale that light filling your body and we exhale letting go of any burdens returning them to the light asking any of your spirit guides or angels that you can work with may they come to you now and surround you with their love with their protection and with our guidance and as you handle that love and breathe out everything you need. let go and now ask for that divine light and angels spiritual beings who are loving and helpful to surround and protect the sacred warriors who are here now and who are secretly defending the innocence of beauty on this planet which includes the children who include the earth the elements and the animals and all the good sacred beings that live here see those secret warriors protected surrounded by light those who are taking the stance that must be taken see them guided and see this world as a peaceful world as a free world and visualizing this planet the animals and the happy elements free and smiling we breathe deeply as we exhale as much as we can thanks to the divine Angels spiritual beings sacred warriors and we ask each and every one of us to have the strength, clarity and guidance . to walk the path of beauty.
Amen, we also surround all our troops with love and light prayers. Force. We support those who have just been activated and discover that they are now on a very important mission to save planet Earth. Those who may end up losing. their lives what they are about to do, let us pray that they are protected, that there are as few casualties as possible on both sides, that this happens peacefully, and that the work that needs to be done to save this planet is fully accomplished. precisely so that we take back the planet we don't have to live under the constant threat of people trying to kill everyone we're done with that we are moving forward as a planet there are so many people gathered here right now there is so much power in the vision of so many people at the same time and so we imagine health and happiness for ourselves health and happiness for those we love for our family help health and happiness for all beings and a beautiful world where we enjoy ourselves music art dance beauty and I appreciate the spiritual dimension and beings spiritual imagining a peaceful Earth.
Very well, take a moment now to send all this Earth the thoughts of love. The whole planet could be scared. I might be scared right now. The Earth could be afraid of what is happening. the earth could be afraid that this is not going to work the earth could be afraid seeing everyone so scared let's ask that all those people in their homes feel peace we have the power to reduce this domestic violence all these reports of restraining orders and arguments horrible, let's imagine that everyone can listen more, practice, you are an emblematic soliloquy, if you want to do it, take time to breathe every day, so as not to ask others to take on too much of your burden and be helpful and understanding.
Kind, considerate and compassionate whenever possible, as this is the truth, you will be freed to be kind, as the entire planet is trying to teach us, let's send that energy to planet Earth loving this being that is our home, is ours. mother and he is our son, he is being born in this new reality in this new way of life where evil will be exposed and we will never again repeat the decisions that were made in the past, we will never again have to let this demonic control device control us. free living and eternal sovereign and then I ask you to take this energy and return it to yourself.
It is such a beautiful gift when you can love yourself to truly love yourself without all the complexity of trying to get into some deeper spiritual message or teaching without everything. the intellectualizing and searching for information and looking for specific facts but simply loving yourself to know that you are okay you are worthy of love you are a being of infinite value and that is so valuable you are a great gift you are a great joy to be around people love you and you have so much to offer and you are so valuable you are that perfect divine spark of living light incarnated in human form the universe could be rebuilt only from what you have your ideas your thoughts your perspective is wonderful and there are many others who love you too, you are never alone and you are never without help and you are always safe and again let's send that reassurance to our frontline healthcare workers let's give them everything we have.
This meditation imagines you free of infection helping people get better, reducing deaths, getting through this peak period we are in now and taking back our planet, and again let's support all those who are in any type of military capacity and who are achieving the change we need at this point in our evolution on earth let us never forget in the broadest sense that you are the light you are love you are the only Infinite Creator and this is as it was now and it is everything we do this is how it will be and nothing nor can anyone take that away from you, so everything is fine now you can go back to the room it is good to continue doing these treatments we want to make sure that everything is fine for the planet Earth we want to continue doing that practice that supposedly reduces deaths from crime, global terrorism at 72% with 7,000 people, how many do we have now? 11,800, so we are above the number of the world,yeah, and I pulled this out of nowhere for you with half an hour. notice there's no email or twitter just boom post it so that's pretty awesome.
We have the magic number. Elizabeth will be speaking tomorrow in our Great Awakening class. You want to tell people a little about what you're doing tomorrow. sacred boundaries, so it's about the boundaries of our spiritual, energetic, emotional space and how to identify them and how to talk about them and it's still open, yes, we've actually decided that because a lot of people keep asking to come into our class. I have an online class right now. I've already worked 10 hours, so last Sunday and then the Sunday before that I did two five-hour lectures that left people absolutely stunned.
It's all new material that they're very excited about. We're not going to bore you with the details, but there are a total of ten classes, ten modules, so three of them with Elizabeth and we're going to get into some really intrinsic things about how to use light as a tool and how to heal. the wounds in your aura and being able to hold the power of the Ascension process that holding your light body is very important to heal those wounds there is much more to come so we will leave the card open if you want to get involved there is a link down there to the class and it is all new material, which for me is difficult.
I've talked about a lot of things, but the reviews we're getting are incredible. We receive almost no cancellations or refund requests from all people. We are blown away by it so check it out and it will help us and we are very proud of what we have already accomplished and we are very proud of you, your awakening, you are doing a great job, you are learning what you need to. To learn now, let's delve into WikiLeaks, which is a great way you can help get in. Be curious. See the things you think others might not see.
Read it and tell us what you find. See you next time. Here on the official David Wilcock channel of Divine Cosmos there is no LARPing here, this is real, thanks for watching everyone.

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