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David Mitchell: 5 Surprising Truths & 5 Despicable Lies | Volume.1 | Would I Lie To You?

May 29, 2024
that I have next to the shed why to walk in the garden one PL what yes there are two two Ty a suggestion why Don't you leave the PLM CS near the back door so you don't have to get your feet wet if it's raining? You're full of home improvement ideas. I don't know because I'm an expert on what happens. ael pcil uh one of them Savages this shoe what's the other one doing? I know, I don't speak Fox if you want to do a good impression of a fox. I know a woman who will provide you with some Gul will show you exactly, so that's it.
david mitchell 5 surprising truths 5 despicable lies volume 1 would i lie to you
Why did I say hello, Mr. Fox? I'm trying to contact you, maybe I could stop Hing on my lawn, right? Lee, what are you thinking? Basically, no Englishman leaves a pair of trainers, Souls, as garden shoes and keeps them next to a shed, so he says. it's a lie it's a lie yes I think it's a lie well I'll go with my team although I think it's true saying it's a lie ok David throwing foxes in the garden truth or a lie it's a lie I thought I thought it was a lie yes it's a lie David didn't throw water to the fox only for it to come back and eat its PL salt.
david mitchell 5 surprising truths 5 despicable lies volume 1 would i lie to you

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david mitchell 5 surprising truths 5 despicable lies volume 1 would i lie to you...

I once sent 30 professional photos of myself to try to get an agent. I only received one response advising me to destroy all copies. from the photo what um David what pose were you doing exactly in the glossy print in the glossy print I mean, I thought it was normal, dignified at the same time, hilarious and talented, show me yeah, can you do it? No, I think it was. I think it is. was to do it. I think maybe my mouth looked a little bad in the photo. You know, maybe it was a little so ask or maybe, but you didn't bother to change, it wasn't like that and when was this?
david mitchell 5 surprising truths 5 despicable lies volume 1 would i lie to you
What period are we talking about? In the 18th century, in the mid-1990s, what kind of places did you send them too? Or did you just leave them in phone boxes around London? How were you dressed in the photograph? You chose, just in case, I was wearing a casual suit, maybe it was the late 90s, you know, a casual suit with a kind of zipper that you can relieve yourself with, yes, it's what they will wear in the future, it's very convenient. just walk in and whatever happens, it's okay, has this shaken your confidence? David, yes, didn't you think I


do a little more, but this time without the stove hat and the broiler.
david mitchell 5 surprising truths 5 despicable lies volume 1 would i lie to you
I do not think it does. I immediately got some more, I mean, subsequently I got other photos, you got your confidence back, yeah, so what do you think? Do you think it could be the truth? I think it's true, yes, yes, yes, I think it's true, true, true, it's true, David, true. or lie, it's true, oh truth, it's true. David sent 30 professional photographs, but an agent advised him to destroy all copies. On a wall in my apartment there is a mysterious red switch. I have no idea what it does because I've never done it. I pressed it and it refused to do it, right, mysterious red switches, uh, lee, where's the switch?
It's on the wall, not directly, but slightly behind the TV, right? Haven't you had to be tempted to touch it to see what it does? Distractingly, you know, it's bright red. I


say it's about 3/4 of an inch or an inch wide SS, like one of those kitchen switches, it's a little bit like that type of switch, it's kind of raised in a kind of attractive way where it's possible you want to get TW, so it's in an up position, you'd have to move it down exactly, oh that's always scarier, yeah it's your house, if it was down I'd assume whatever it does was happening. right, and I would be afraid to turn it off, that would be aw, I might need it, you know, I might turn off the oxygen, you've never come close, you've never touched it, you've come close, but you've never done it.
I've gotten too close. I don't live in a very large apartment. I can't cordon off an entire area of ​​the house just because of the proximity of a mysterious switch. I need that space. How long have you been there? I was in your apartment and ignored this change. Well, I moved into the apartment about 11 years ago. That's a long time to ignore, but sometimes I do other things. It's not just about solidly ignoring change 24 hours a day, what is it like? Your grandfather's dialysis machine turns on, so Lee, what are you going to say? This mysterious switch, is it true?
I started to believe it because I thought yes, you have those switches in your house and you don't know what they are for. I have them but you would have to press the switch, right? Oh, I would have to. I would have to flip the switch. I would be flipping that switch. You can't not play the violin. Can you just be there? to play with him, yeah, well, I remember watching an episode of this show where David was talking about how his bedroom door didn't have a handle, he had to claw it open every time he opened his bedroom door, so so much, he's not going to worry about a change, he lives in a SL, he's going to leave the, yeah, basically, yeah, he lives in a poor neighborhood, so, I say, I say it's true, if they paid the proper repeat rates by Dave, it would be different, so Lee.
What are you going to say, truth or life? Dez, he's telling a lie, you think he's telling a lie, why well, I don't think he can ignore that look, that smart face, look at that beard, now he looks, he looks like a professor. He doesn't have a bedroom door handled. How do you know what you saw? truth or truth or lie I think I'll go with 10 yes and saying it's true you're saying it's true David truth or life it's true yes it's true David has a mysterious red switch on the wall in his apartment that he never presses my parents recently made me to install a new kitchen because my apartment embarrassed them how bad the kitchen was, I mean, I considered it adequate, that good comes back to Dear, I have a very adequate kitchen, how would you describe the old kitchen?
They had sticky units, some of which I would like to turn into personalities. Hi Brian, I have had a very pleasant experience. lonely day exactly Brenda where do the pans go hi Tommy the toaster did something today no Ian the iron seems to be working no no no so your parents came you feel the kitchen is not that bad they were very unhappy about it and finally they said: look, We really think what you should do with this, we will deal with the manager if you know if you pay, but you are a creative mind, I mean, you should have given them some guidance on the way. you wanted me to describe a creative kitchen design direction that you imagine someone like me could have given, okay, you may have said I want an island in the middle I want an ARA and a traditional God I'm not going to make a planet an island and then a lagoon an island I want dragons in the north what is the new cuisine like? um, it's simple, I think they are cream units, have you been a kitchen salesman?
What is the most complex thing you do in your kitchen? I think you worry. about death, so what do you think? What do you think Nina? I think she is lying because her eyes widen when she


. She also does the same when she is excited. So what do you think Charlie? I think there's something that I think about Rings True because I imagine David probably doesn't care about his cooking, but other people do look at it, it's the truth, okay, you're going to tell the truth, go ahead and say it's true. , truth, okay, David, truth or lie.
In fact, as a child he used to play board games against a cube with a painted face. I named this cube Steven tatlock wow what games did you play? Monopoly um uh. I played a game called diplomacy and even then you were thinking of becoming a politician, yes even then I am not a politician, why is it St tatlock? Well it's basically named after a friend of mine, why did you play with Steven? He had no hands. St St Steven tlock wasn't always there, but after I painted the face on the bucket, he was, did you paint the face on the bucket?
I think my dad painted your dad's face was involved in this sad story, you decided you don't have friends, but your lucky day is this. It's Steven catlock, what can I say? My father saw me talking to a cube and decided to accept that side of my nature. Did your father invent Henry Hoovers later? This is your girlfriend, so if you were playing Monopoly, you would have your chance and then I would run around and pretend to be Steven. I didn't mean to be Steven, but I found out that I had to pull for Steven and Steven would need help moving him.
Has Steven ever won? Yeah, what do you think Lee is? Is he telling you? Do you really think I don't know many people who have an imaginary friend with a last name he is one of the few you called him Steven tatlock or Steven you said it's your turn Steven tatlock you have to do it quickly or else I He will usually follow the path of the other cubes , I usually call him Steven ah, you're quite friendly, so yeah, did Steven tatlock know there was an imposter? An imposter. I call him the imposter. No, I never mentioned Steven Tatlock to Steven Tatlock.
Did you ever mention the real Steven tatlot to the cube? I think probably not. No. I think that would be blissfully unaware of having been playing with levels of reality. I don't want you to think that I felt like he was somehow being unfaithful to you. The real thing, I'm not imagining it, this is some kind of romantic movie. I can't imagine the real Steven Tler coming into the game and you go to Stepen Ste St St. Let me explain, so what do you think? Then it's time to guess the truth or lie, I think it's true, you think it's true, I don't know why, look at David, we know why, what do you think?
Holly, I think uh, I don't think that's true. You could ask my friend Boris Dicky Boris Dicky Boris Dicky says no, it's true. a lie, you're saying it's a lie, you and Boris say it's a lie, okay Boris Dicky bis scky David, truth or lie, in fact it's a lie, oh yeah, it was a lie when David was a kid against the one who didn't play board games. a cube he named Steven Tatlock

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