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David Choe, Steven Yeun, & The Lord of the Bobby Lee Rings | TigerBelly 300!!

Feb 22, 2023
people were dying they were dying and i was like this it feels good people are laughing and then i saw how when i started to get my groove i saw


on the side of the stage going to take him off stage cut it off and i was like ok i'm telling you how i felt i'm telling you how i felt and i said this jealous and it's not about jealousy dude well you just explained it to me now now i know that's what's coming from me assuming and now i ask you and you say hey , my neck hurts it's like i can't figure out what was the reason what was the reason you wanted it out of steve ok we should introduce everyone everyone steve and you and everyone hello fellow mailers people who work at postmates the stuff he's doing well um so um open for me in hawaii yeah and um you know how he is he's multifaceted and he's also um dynamic and can do many things and he's brave so I'm doing well do you want to open for me because I can do anything, you know I'm Dave you know whatever so come on up and it's like when you have an opening act they do 15 minutes 20 minutes this guy is on 35 minutes 35 minutes 40 minutes on 40 minutes went by and I don't like all five I I felt like and I'm like on the side of the stage, like laying down, lighting, you know what I mean, and he won't come off the stage and I can see the audience. what was going on was weird right and then you got offended because you didn't even say anything back then i know because i was scared i'm watching it now it's ok i feel safe with george and gilbert and steve here now yeah yeah i'm with you letting it be known that it's not a personal thing, it was just a thing and we had a magical time around it, so i've been coming on the show so far and i've been trying to explain it to


. like why aren't we best friends and basically my feelings towards him and it seems like they're making him mad like you can probably feel right now i wish i was here sooner it would have more content and actually i want something like this bobby right now why are you here now oh yeah so steve steve came to my house a few nights ago and we talked for hours about you hours it's so awkward I can't even do it this is an intervention no it's not interesting it's so awkward I can't even i can believe it so let me ask you just told me i'm so uncomfortable i can't take it but can you do it for a while?
david choe steven yeun the lord of the bobby lee rings tigerbelly 300
Because he's here, can you be open to hearing what we have? to say yes, he's fine, can you be open to hearing what we have to say, no matter how uncomfortable it makes you? you have to you don't have to yeah um i like that bow that's a newbie ok so oh listen that's my dad ok ok ok oh my gosh is this your real dad he's dead yeah ok ok so you know what I'm uncomfortable I know you know what I'm going to do what I'm going to do is I'm going to do this I'm going to take my headphones off and you're going to close your eyes and I'm going to listen like oh wow wow oh wow I want my ears to hear this like maybe close your eyes mike mike maybe close your eyes maybe close your eyes no don't close your eyes no no I don't want to click look at mine because this is sabotage and I love it go ahead do you think this is sound I don't know what it is just let's do it okay you think this is a no, I'm not do you want me to go or do you want to go, you go first.
david choe steven yeun the lord of the bobby lee rings tigerbelly 300

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david choe steven yeun the lord of the bobby lee rings tigerbelly 300...

Okay, I'm going to talk to this guy. It's okay, it's okay, dad, when I tell him how much I love him, I'm like, um, can you hear me? i want headphones oh i'm not good ok oh ok really good thank you um it's not that intense uh we were just talking and you know dave is great because if you know if you have an idea he pushes the button and then we're on the idea but basically we were talking about you and how unappreciated you are and we wanted to come tell you that that's what you talked about like we're talking because me because I know you're doing a little sometimes it's also like sometimes I make a list when I listen to tiger belly the funny thing i hear you doing is that no one respects you or your career and that's not true that's not true especially for me yeah because i respect you so much i know you yeah i mean i don't know that for you but you know which is funny, it's like let me come back here, wait, what happened to the listening part?
david choe steven yeun the lord of the bobby lee rings tigerbelly 300
I just heard her, she could make me a responsibility. I can't tell what you've been talking about that's true that's true that's true I want I don't have it I'm going to hug it so we started talking about tiger belly we started talking about you and um it's just uh you know we could know that we could talk about wife stuff this and that but the pain i feel when i hear you walk in as a man i went to this intro meeting i didn't understand the thing that used to be on the show called mad tv never said as if It was a show from 20 or 30 years ago and I sit there and say what you heard what Steve just said and I go wonder if bobby knows what it means to me and then I say that to steve and he says I wonder if bobby knows what it means to us and it's like i have it all i'm fine oh i'm not thriving but it's like everything you ever wanted all that's like do you know what you mean?
david choe steven yeun the lord of the bobby lee rings tigerbelly 300
Yo, you know what that is why I asked you if you were open to this and you said you'd sit down? nail polish you do everything and never ever in my life i thought i would find you and i never thought i would find you again that's why i was like this is my chance right and you say all this you change my brother's life this is all you changed my life you changed my life and i want you to listen to it even if it makes you uncomfortable like see why you have to do that i don't know why i did it why you have to do that without sneezing all right that was a sneeze i mean are you taking in something which was yeah that's why i closed my eyes when i'm taking it in but i get it i get it i can't hear even i feel shaken by this but you know we even talk about it i was like i don't know maybe i should call it personally but then you know this is more yeah hollywood baby but really bobby you're like you're not i think you know this but sometimes it feels good to hear it like you did when no one else could do it for us , yes, we bow to you and people do not know it at all. you did it but but it's serious but it's i i i i don't make it a joke I'm not don't try you did you did you did you did you did I received it you did I received it I have absorbed it into my body and I'm going to say something back and I'm going to be as authentic and as real as it can be okay number one is realizing that it really doesn't mean that much at the end of the day it's like i have everything i need okay honestly i have a house i have some money saved i have a girlfriend beautiful, I have friends, my mother is still alive, my brother is with us and he is also thriving, so that's number one, number two is me.
I really think I'm acknowledging who I am not only as a human being but also as an artist, okay, and this last year has been very fruitful for me. I'm working all the time and things have been great and umAnyway, I'm going to New York to do something else, you know, I mean next month, you know I have sex in the city, so I'll do that and I'll, You know, and I'm so to myself when I hear you guys say that, you know? It really means a lot because I obviously love them both, I think they're both incredibly talented and I really appreciate it and I almost get really excited, you know, can I wrap up, yeah?
Because that's your thing that I don't want to scream, don't I love you? you know when i yell at you and do tiger belly it could be the biggest show and that's like me that's right that's that's that's that's Old Dave but today I accept you like you don't have to have sex in the city, you don't have I don't have to do any of that, so I didn't say that just because of you. I'm getting angry again and I'm not getting angry. I just want you to really understand what, but you know what happened to me along the way.
Here I was like I need to download something from Bobby, so I listen to bad friends. so good episode and then um at the beginning of the episode you were just counting how much work you had and then I almost flipped the car like he didn't need me to come here and say this he was like nonstop what yeah yeah no you, your stuff and me, you didn't need me, just so we're clear, yeah this is awkward for me because i know you don't need this and it wasn't me, this is not an intervention or us coming here be like you feel bad for me , it's like we just sat there I haven't talked to you in a while yeah so now I can tell you at a time when and I don't want to shrink you to just Asian American but like at a time when Asian Americans they're just focusing on that lane of what you've done for the community beyond separating yourself from humanity but what you've done for that specific community is massive and people don't understand if and that's what I mean is less for you and more on this show i don't think people fully realize what bobby lee did for asian americans oh this this at my house we are having this conversation at my house and i wish i was best friends with bobby so i could call him right now and he would pick up the phone and we could tell him in person and i said you know what i would do what steve tells me is how to do i'm excited and so i want to say this to bobby but he will never answer my call i should go to tiger belly and tell him so here i am now and you're getting and you're getting you're getting and so we start the show and he says oh no dvd i say there's no tiger belly there's no us without you there's no us without you that's true that's true i'm leaving there is nothing there is a void there is nothing there is nothing How about this?
Know? And then there's Bobby Lee on Mad TV and you're like, oh, there's hope, yeah, there's a light at the end of the tunnel. What you meant to me. Great, I want you to hear that it's 100 100. I heard that and I remember an episode of Tiger Belly where you tell the story that you guys wrote Korean BBQ and talking about what you're like. You self proclaimed a korean something parks bbq yeah in parks and then you ate it and that's because it's the crudest deal of shit to have to anoint yourself in your own mind with the value you inhabit and that's the function I'm trying to meet here dave is like let me give it to you like you got it like you did it and you did it for us you did it you did it for us um don't ask me to do um yeah psas i don't want you to know that i'm meeting with steve ali wong dave chang and come on we don't want to to this guy here can i tell you something i care yeah and i think i have a voice and i mean you know say hey man stop asian violence but you know what though what im saying is your existence is more powerful what you realize that you're just doing this show is more stopping asian hate than anything else yeah like you're here and Being your prosperous fun self is like you don't do what you were going to say.
Do not hurt me. Do not hit me. Yes. You like it when people hit you. it's been the protest since the beginning of your career and that's kind of validation that we're trying to offer you again not that you need it but just the knowledge it's like sitting here it's like Bruce Lee that's not me I have an Asian waiter who isn't me and then and then there's this guy this guy goes out with him and I'm doing well I got really excited and you know that the first day I was on mad tv a producer called me into his office and told me He said sit down I sat down and he left when you auditioned I didn't want you on the show I don't want to I don't think you have talent I don't think you're right for the show he's a producer on the show and I really know and he says yes it's like the owner of the show really likes you and a couple other guys but like me only you know so he was basically saying like me and my writing team. that the people that will probably write you things that you know he said don't take it personally, you just know and I remember turning around and walking out of that room and being like on the verge of tears. when i get something yeah there's another hurdle and there's another wall i have to climb yeah and this was one that was so high because i had to make him change his mind and when you don't get a chance on the show right you don't spend a lot of time In front of the screen and written parts, how are you going to hit the ball?
So it's like it was, it was, you know, it was hard, you know, and I stayed there. I just showed up, you know. you showed up and it was hard i think you didn't just show up even though you took several years of beatings and yet you thrived like you got weights put on you and still thrived and now you're here thriving regardless yeah and i wonder like you knew you might as well take off the weights What a concept, wow, wow, and that's not an intervention point, that's for me as someone who launched off your trailblazer and your shoulders.
I can tell there's a point where I was like, oh great. I could take this off I put this on I kept this and it became something I justified and now I could take this off and then you're like it's good like I could do it right just uh you know you know I don't know what this is but what do you mean this guy comes to my house? I know I appreciate what you just did and this is the first time in my life that I agree with you that yes it was hard and I did it and I and they didn't want a Korean guy on the show. they said we want we need a white man cause they know and then they tasted me andNot that much either, but I don't understand everything about Koreans.
I always get it and I guess this will be my way out. I always get it and I could get emotional just talking about it. always filipino always yes always you know why they show up in vans can i tell you why they told me because there ain't none of us anywhere and i'll be like that is what's driving me crazy it's like even in this apparent asian wave there's no none of us i don't see a shred of myself i look back on my life i go philippines appeared that's why we come together for you always i can always say and i i so i saying this i don't even identify i maybe i don't avoid because I still want it.
I don't reject Korea, but I do identify more as Filipino than correct. Thanks, David. I say something. up always for me always let me tell you they stand up for me show up they buy my date with me like they like it all my tv show is made by filipinos but we got your back all day dave and then and and to feed my own ego i was like you know i I was like but why did I ask them you know my first show was like 50 Filipino and I was like there's a Korean there and the other one is my dad you know and they drove from afar and me. i said why why do you know i want i want to hear the ego boost right here but i also tell you when you said that earlier about koreans and wanting them yeah you know i told you the story when i was at the comedy store one time just put to a Korean actor, I'm not going to name who it is, I'm just saying I'm not okay, they don't want to start a war with them and he brushes me aside and says, I have to tell you it's you. re disgraced you know what I mean people start war because you know onstage I'm a bit I'm how I like to use the word edge


I'm very edge


onstage and he just didn't like the themes and you know a I mean, I did a little bit about you, you're, um, you're, you're setting us back 10 years, you're a career disgrace, yeah, and all that kind of stuff, and I was like, no, but you know why i took it because i know how he dresses, yes i know what kind of music he listens to.
So I know, but what I'm saying is that you're the same kind of Korean that I am. I feel good. Remove that part. We are the same type of people. We are like. I might like that vibe, yeah. i was trying to tell you yeah korean all this we could do that but you know certain people and you're like this guy gets it yeah he's out of the pre-dis pre-dis like a prescribed role like you're operating outside of the projection of who we're supposed to be is huge and that's what I'm saying that's what you've played with which is probably why that guy told you that idiot scared yeah because he's not scared . i hate psa right there we were when we were sitting in that restaurant m cafe and if you saw it you saw it and i say don't look yes because we like to show the food during riots yes as i remember as my dad's friend this korean guy and You know we were kind of outraged, our whole community had been burned, yes, and then people like me were like I have to say something and he said: don't do that, that's what n words do well, just like us, we don't Like, there's this feeling that if we say the wrong thing or make too much noise, they'll send us back, so you're a bit too loud on stage, right? he did his due diligence to become that kind of asian and then here's this guy and everyone looks at him go wait you guys are related in the same oh oh so what you do reflects on him and he didn't like that yeah and and to go back to just i want to finish the filipino thought yes i wanted to know why they are here and she said they said what they just said because there is none of us there is nothing he is like i go but what about the pickles and the scratches? like you know cubert i go what about them look there ain't nothing i mean that's why joe coy is doing so much good yeah they go they go for us it's a vacuum ain't nothing yeah so we admire we'll take what we want can get we'll take dave cho or bobby lee or you know and i was like i'll take it obsessed with little bits of filipino blood like there's an olympian named natalie cosslin she's a swimmer she's very blanca passing she is amazing yes but the fact that i grew up knowing she was even a quarter filipina made me bond with her so hard if there is a contestant on american idol if there is anywhere if its nicole scherzinger or shea mitchell or anyone with just a little bit we all memorize those names and adore them and adore koreans we just adore anyone that might sound a little bit like us or feel a little bit like babe marcelito pamoy i know marcelito so there's a guy who just me get angry there is a guy named marcelita pomoy look at him above, he was in the United States, no, the United States has talent, but like the champion, yes, yes, of course, this guy can sing like a beautiful lady and a man at the same time, can he? right and second?show he did it simon cowell says yes dinner did it like you need to impress me more and i'm like he just did something none of these could do right how dare you say that right anyway i have to defend marcelita please do belly tiger i mean current topic and everything i say today is basically like you do it yourself yes i learned a lot today stop asking for permission stop going to the door like please teacher, can you let me in? the door just make your own door i'm not going to do a three hour podcast don't do it we're almost there i've been trying to finish this i don't have three hours if i do an hour hey i know what you're trying to do why don't you yell at this guy because he hasn't done anything to piss me off and i was trying to end him in the kingdom i'm not scared of him i'll yell at him if he pisses me off he's dragging this out to three hours it's not it's not it was it was it was a surprise that's it i'm all like that's a pretty handsome postmas and then i say what is he doing at my house and i leave oh it's stephen june it was just a surprise but i have to say this even though um y'all keep pronouncing my last name wrong yeah yeah we got you too what is is yes is young is young yes your career fake i'm filipino i'm filipino i'm filipino i'm filipino okay no no i need to stand up for myself sorry i need to stand up for myself right when people say it though like you know when you watch a show and people say your names or you see why people say your name yeah you just say oh that's how you say it like you know um johanna young look yeah yeah yeah I see it that way because that's the way joe rogan says it right but its probably not the correct pronunciation stop talking to white people you answered your own question i know hey if you feel like i feel the same way when you feel when you see that people Asian women appear in the mainstream media and you feel that. like that thing yeah so what do you feel when you watch star wars?
There are only only three Asians, yes, the two kung fu masters in rogue and then and then rose in the last one. feel threatened at all or any of those things what do you mean you just said like when i watched walking dead and i usually felt you know with rose yeah i felt sympathy no because like because um i thought she's cool in the first place that her, I thought she was amazing in the movie, right, and um, she was a different person than when I saw her, I thought, oh, that's great, she's so cute, you know, and she's great in the movie too, you can tell that she's a great actress and I just kind of sympathized afterward when the movie came out and stuff, you know, I mean, um and I, I'd stand up for her until the end of time and they just ripped her off for that movie, there's a lot of people, there's lots of asian americans, um and me.
I'm only talking about Asian Americans because you know Tiger Valley, but, uh, where they're put in situations that are extremely difficult to break through the prism of expectations of how they're supposed to be, yeah, Kelly, Kelly just being pushed the deep end like when i think about it like watching from a farm like wow she just got pushed into the bible yeah you know and then it was like that's why she couldn't breathe that's why she couldn't enjoy the bible . She was like a member of the clan leaving that movie. I came out and I was like they need to keep Star Wars white like no they really do.
I thought I couldn't enjoy it because I'm watching Star Wars, which I love and want to enjoy. the movie and then all of a sudden I see an Asian and I'm like, oh here's all this weight now of what this person of color is supposed to do and if they get it wrong it's like I could enjoy it the way I enjoyed it. as a kid and you're just looking at it wrong. The second movie was not directed by JJ Abrams. The state of mind. The second movie was terrible. you can't tell me that movie was good, i didn't actually watch it, yes there is a scene i saw. one yeah yeah i just watched the first one yeah well maybe my point took it off i think my point is wrong then sorry i just mean like i mean like off limits to the literal movie in yes, yes, but just the meta reality of how that community pressure, the expectations of the American gay majority, how such a person is supposed to be the gatekeeper, like everyone who wants to project themselves onto Kelly, and the expectation is painful and people don't realize what it feels like. why you just have to make your own star wars, i know, but what i mean is i'm almost done with it now.
I'm doing it with helpful tips. what you're trying to do i know what you're trying to do and you're not gonna do it can i say something gilbert gilbert gilbert i'm turning it off i'm a fan of tiger belly yeah why not why don't you go i wanna do with the advice hey how many no no no no no no no bobby go anywhere bobby ok but i'll let you know i'm going to do a 10 minute tip unh and i'm done do it 10 minutes ok i'm not yelling at you i'm just telling you what's the deal, how many times do i have to be on your show, i'm here, let's do the show, we'll be.
Been doing it since half past three, bro, then yell at this guy. I am not him. He didn't do anything wrong. You did not do anything wrong. He showed up and went on for another hour. It's cool but I'm just saying sorry Steve rude so what is it? Oh god oh okay everyone hopeful with Barbie isn't it helpful? It's a 300th episode. This is a blessing. oh, how long has it been perfect, bow 300 times soon, probably like 12 hours or something, do you know how many hours he's talking? it's a lot it's a lot shut up i know i see the same things over and over again i have to get out of here man yeah it's like go do it ok y'all talking i don't want to interrupt yeah you know what's funny I had to say his name a million times because we were in the same improv group to sell our show. i had to talk about him as a former student i think our whole group said did you know you guys are the same? yeah yeah yeah okay, here's the question, right? kelly stephen young yes


ok that was the artist you're fired ok thanks hello hello I'm a musician and I've been told by my doctor and therapist that my mental health is deteriorating now that I've been diagnosed with depression anti-social personality disorder and disorder the avoidant personality my parents never heard this yes my parents noticed and i have been avoiding them too i lost most of my friends i am not in a good place mentally so its hard for me to make new ones however my music that has been created while i sit like this has become my best work, but it lights a fire under me and i don't know if that's healthy, what should i do? sacrifice my mental well-being for the sake of music and art or should i try to be better mentally before doing anything else what do you think i'm 18?
That's a story I told myself for a long time like yeah it's like you knew when I first got you. when I sobered up right there, I was like, that's going to make me funny, you know, I mean, it's like yeah, I mean, you know one has nothing to do with the other, right? hard as if he was going to beat that throne of like every artist, every musician, everyone, me, I respect that his career is like the highest person and that's the narrative, right? This is how you must suffer to be a great artist you must be suicidal to be funny you must be the most active and that's all I heard that's all I admired and you know you know my thousands of hours of therapy are just like you say they are a lot all of this you say the same thing over and over again it's like for someone who is so innovative and creative you are you are a coward you are a coward like all these like it was a boring story and i got up and cut my ear off and did it and then i and then I died and it's kind of boring, it's like I do exactly what this kid said, but then if I'm healthy and I love myself and mentally don't deteriorate or thrive, then my art is going to suck, they're like that's a story and that might be true, but why not as someone brave and not as a coward?
I'm 45 this is the happiest I've ever been in my life I have peace in my life you know things can make me break out but then I have peace and this is the best art you know and you could say that's of course you're going to say that, but for me and you know I have thousands of paintings that no one has ever seen I have podcaststhat no one has ever heard like i said i have over 20 hours of tiger belly i recorded myself that i have it if you guys want it it sounds i believe you it's crazy george it's me yelling at kawhila. come on man like you're going to get sick and that's the thing is I bet his music is like chilies right?
They all have to be drug addicts and it's like the day everyone got sober they did blood sugar. Sex Magic, which is like their best album to me, so the whole story of like oh I gotta stay in this, like Up-ness, and and comedy is like you know it's funny right? But the world of comedy is so dark, right? It's so dark. and it's like and so I always need examples show me show me the person who is healthy who is also funny and is like well maybe they don't exist maybe you have to be first maybe you have to be the one then this guy maybe has to be first , maybe I don't have an example, so maybe you know how to rock yourself, you know how to get inspired, I think that as a partner of that, what you're saying is like sobriety has nothing to do with understanding that there is no one way of doing something that there's something individually unique about what he himself possesses that needs to be expressed and you don't have to be prepared to do that like sobriety does it doesn't mean you do it traditionally um i don't know if that makes sense what i'm Saying wait do you think do you still think you need to get up to be funny it's not right that's what I'm saying I don't feel like there's a party still think no oh my god this guy I'm just saying this guy is the guy what no hey it just doesn't stop but with this guy but um no I don't think so okay yeah and suppose this question also leaves me too and if it does and if it does it doesn't matter because I'd rather be this you know i mean even oh my god you got like 20 burpees today anyway just so you know right there was um what he did i mean every time you invited me you said come you better come do my show you said you would eventually i didn't say you'd regret it i don't regret it so now we're at the end do you regret it?
I think this was one of the best I've ever done. I'm sorry. I do. I do not believe you would do it. i know it's going to be great it's going to be so good it's not going to be honestly i really think this was a dream come true all this you know when i found out you even said i wonder if you told me five days ago that davis yeah , maybe a week ago yeah i was like you schwar yeah because and i was so excited i was like it's perfect you know and the sugar on top was steve


young coming here young gilbert and um this it was really magical organic thing and i actually you know i changed i really think i think you got to him i think you really got to me look at his face he looks clearer dude i mean we said we said we were like man if we could just throw compliments on him Bobby and make him cry.
That would be incredible. I thought you weren't going to listen to it. Yes Yes. I feel uncomfortable. No no. that's for me too wow that's my consumption yeah but that phase of the podcast is over we did it we're over it I'm not there anymore wait I'm at the end of the thing where are we going eat i know i'm so hungry though man i'm hungry too my brother doesn't have a car how is he going to get there i should pick him up yeah get him an uber bring him here or let's see near him ok i have a car um you want to go to k-town steve lives in k-town no i can pick him up if we go to k-town he's on his way here where do you want to go choson parks are you going to eat with us yes me I'm coming to meet you come on to the parks.
I love the park. Do you like parks? Yes, the parks will be great. We go to the parks. he said we're both on the wall we got up there remember oh wait but it's you what's not you wait it's you that's up wait wait you're getting on the wall aren't you on the wall? I went in there guys no I went in there dude I don't want to go. that's not what you need to be we're on the wall now we're not a fan it put it i know after that they removed it ok not ok so when you walk in it's directly to the right when you first walk in i just care about the wall we put on the wall, ok, you have to do it yourself, yes, yes, do it, dad, you did well, so, thank you very much, oh foreigner.

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