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Dave Coulier & Full House Creator Remember Bob Saget | Ep 1

Jul 24, 2023
from Full House seem to be everywhere you look. Internet and we like to bring them to you on Full House Rewind, so check out. I made my smart bulbs after Full House Alexa goes on Danny Joey Uncle Jesse DJ Stephanie Michelle and Becky Nikki Alex Kimmy Steve Comet Alexa Full House goes on I guess All I can say is how many fans it takes to screw in a light bulb. It's a very brilliant idea. Waka Waka Waka. Do you have a video you would like to send us? We'd love to hear from you, so send it to us. the link to your video on Full House rewind on someone's at the door hello Dave Hey look it's my friend Mr.
dave coulier full house creator remember bob saget ep 1
Woodchuck the show looks great Dave well thanks Mr. Woodchuck one question , Dave, what is that? This set is made of words, a lot of them, yes, Cyrus didn't intend for Splinter the Show. You, Naughty Pine, get out of here. Okay, see you, Dave, see you, Mr. Woodchuck. We thank you Full House fans, it's time you got it, man, you got it, man, all through the show. We'd like to give one of our lucky Full House rewind audience members something special, so I've got a Full House cut out. autographed jersey by Moi


to email us at Full House rewind on are you eligible for our next giveaway its like my grandma used to say its better to give than receive unless you win the lottery wow speaking of grandmas its our neighbor Granny Tanny Hi David Hi Grandma Tanner I love this Full House rewind you're doing.
dave coulier full house creator remember bob saget ep 1

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dave coulier full house creator remember bob saget ep 1...

I've been watching it on YouTube and I thought those kids over there probably needed a cake, so I made you a cake. Wow, thanks Grandma Tanny, that looks delicious. Well, don't get it all sticky, make sure you wash your hands before and after and brush your teeth. I'm sure I'll do it, Grandma Tanny, and I'll be nice to everyone, okay, I'll do it, and I love Comet, but he chased that squirrel all the way to my


. Okay, I'll take care of that. Thanks David, you're a good boy. I have to run. I mean, I literally ran in the San Francisco Marathon, so I have to go put on my new running shoes.
dave coulier full house creator remember bob saget ep 1
Goodbye David, Goodbye Grandma Tanner, which of course rhymes with Danny Tanner, my dear friend and brother Bob Saget, who left this planet too soon. I met Bob when I was an 18-year-old comedian in Detroit and we became instant friends. Bob meant a lot to everyone, he could make you laugh until you cried, he would listen to you with his heart and then hug you. We're dedicating this first episode of Full House Rewind to Bob Saget, who will always be the lovable Danny Tanner to everyone. us so in the spirit of Bob Saget we would like to close each episode of Full House rewind by giving a hug to everyone who needs one so here's your Full House hug bring it yeah that's better and that It's our program.
dave coulier full house creator remember bob saget ep 1
I'd like to thank Jeff Franklin for stopping by and thanks for listening and watching, you are the heart and soul of Full House Rewind. Now go out and share the love. Thank you so much for watching this episode of Full House Rewind to see clips. from the Pod go watch the podco YouTube channel in the link in the description see you next week

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