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Dave Chapelle Reveals How Hollywood Elite CONTROL Black Celebs

May 06, 2023
People think that I made a lot of money for the Chappelle Show when I left that show. They never paid me. They didn't have to pay me because I signed the contract, but that's how it is. I found out that these people were streaming my work and never. They had to ask me or they never had to tell me perfectly legal because I signed the contract, but that's how it is. They said even though his contract said he should get half, they said he did too much to make the contract valid, so we. I'll offer you ten percent of what you did.
dave chapelle reveals how hollywood elite control black celebs
You mean he made 500 million and they offered him 50. Yeah and he said what do you think my fans will say when they find out you offered me 10 of what I did to you and they? he said your fans will think you're a crazy crackhead by the time you get it why did you walk away from 50 million dollars? Well, I wasn't moving away from money, yes, I was moving away from circumstances. they were coming with Newfound Plateau, yeah it takes a while to adjust to the atmosphere, I was completely out of my frame of reference. I've been in show business since I was 14 years old and I've heard the stories. of what happens and i have seen this kind of thing unfold in front of me ok when you say you heard the stories what do you mean what stories do i mean you see before you look?
dave chapelle reveals how hollywood elite control black celebs

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dave chapelle reveals how hollywood elite control black celebs...

Mariah Carey made a 100 million dollar deal and three months later he's also mysteriously insane or Martin Lawrence punches when he's waving a gun in the street yelling that they're trying to kill. Hollywood Elite, the iconic actor and comedian, recently spoke out about the treatment of


celebrities in Hollywood, saying that the industry's


fans treat them like slaves and opponents like her question the seriousness of the problem after hearing comments from Chappelle. Stay tuned for more details. Chappelle's explosive accusations about the balance of power in Hollywood What's going on? Why is Dave Chappelle going to Africa?
dave chapelle reveals how hollywood elite control black celebs
Why does Mariah Carey make a hundred million dollar deal and take her clothes off on trf? Is it that a weak person can't sit here and talk to these aren't weak people who talk to you so what's going on Gabe also noted that despite their fame and fortune, the industry's


still treat these


superstars as slaves, moreover, made it clear that the way black celebrities are treated as both unfair and demeaning, moreover, the industry expects these Superstars to maintain a particular story in the public persona and those who do not risk being Banned or sidelined if they don't fit the business, nothing is a coincidence or you'll hear who's losing money in In all of these situations, it's only the artist who's losing.
dave chapelle reveals how hollywood elite control black celebs
Someone makes a lot of money when these rappers get killed. A wider audience received outrage at his refusal, and he was eventually forced to take a hiatus from the business. Dave Chappelle also


some interesting facts about Hollywood elicitors. You probably already know that the famous person has been in show business since he was a teenager and that his discoveries have sent shockwaves around the world in an interview with Oprah Winfrey Dave talked about the traumatic experiences of his youth and how those in power they tried to exert


over him as a result trying to get him to take psychotic meds, yes as I'm sitting you know I was stressed but the people telling me I was crazy I think Dave as we all know is exceptionally bright, he always saw these things coming and picked his battles wisely as a result he said that he I have witnessed the following I have heard the stories of what happens and have seen this kind of thing but I am not taking this healer because I know you are people are trying to


or maybe this credit david drew saying he learned the hard stuff. how getting away from the bad guys trying to suffocate him was the best way to get free, now we can guess their tactics, if your false diagnosis doesn't let them access the wrong recipe they will just label you crazy and hope no one takes you seriously furthermore Dave's supporters were unwavering in their faith in his claims saying the industry is evil to death the ranks of people revealing the inner workings of Hollywood elites now include Katt Williams Williams claims high profile incidents are actually staged by the powerful michael smith supposedly slapping chris rock at the oscars believes these gatherings are planned to make money off the disgrace of the most ridiculous black celebrities and if you're going to slap them all you need is the best guy the best guy who will shows us, being on her best feet, one of Kat's followers noticed and confirmed the cat claim by tweeting.
The elites, as usual, have that slave control over black people, they use black celebrities or black people with a bit of power to divide and conquer and keep us fighting in the background the obvious. but a simple tactic that always works now Kat isn't the only famous person to bring this up recently, however Kanye West has argued that a lot of black celebrities are under the rule of elites, son you're in Hollywood a lot of people disappear. Of course, Connie also said that the industry was sacrificing human lives, but no one took him seriously and thought he was crazy.
I mean, what do you think now? Charlie magni thought that God also brought up this topic when he interviewed Business Insider. the promotion of the drug use industry His lifestyle and his efforts to recruit artists led him to ask why he is opportunistic, yes, I have people to feed, uh, I have to run a business. just that, but Kanye has also talked about the seedier side of the music business, what does he have to say? Apple right now, go to Apple Music, let's load the top 10 songs. accusations such as that the media profits off the death of black people and as a result is cut off by the system the truth is this group of young black rappers keep dying, you know who isn't dying, record execs, the record executives pushing for them to continue. making songs and creating a culture that is Hannah is not completely crazy to be concerned that the murder rates of black musicians and rappers are through the roof to ignore the influence of the culture that is promoted through their music and the fact that they are being used as puppeteer Nate is obsessed with it but those record execs aren't dying because they don't push this culture among their own people but they are encouraging you to push the record companies and it's Hollywood elites to blame for encouraging black youth. boys resort to violence so they can profit from it and treat them no differently than slaves, not just one they are promoting.
For Kaine to point out that the rich are profiting from the dangerous face of black musicians black music continues to glorify violence despite the tragic loss of so many musicians so who exactly is the media's negative portrayal of black people most hurts? it is and well let us tell you it is the black community and to add insult to injury the record companies are openly promoting these harmful practices rapping about violent events is a determined way of making black artists take notice and that is precisely what they want the Wilds record labels, this tactic certainly does.
The damage to these musicians' reputations also fuels a self-destructive cycle. At the end of the day, our enemy is not a man of another race but the devil who is trying to make us fight so we don't have success together, Kanye said. what he said because of who he has been, fans are pleased and have shown their support for black celebrities speaking out against the


elites who have treated them so poorly. to sports i have seen a lot more blacks start to speak out against it and i hope the trend continues black against white its not the problem its the Elite Class against everyone which is good another fan appreciates kanyes commitment to blacks and his the willingness to expose the elites dammit slavery wasn't an option at the time but now it's black they just want to fight back if this story doesn't wake up rich black celebrities all over the world we will always be slaves even if If you have millions in the bank, you will continue to be less human to them.
Remember we saw it happen to Tupac and Biggie in the 1990s, when executives like Diddy owned the rights to Biggie's album and made a fortune off the victims while Jaguar took over for itself. put it puffy has been making money off the biggie name for longer than biggie was alive what happened to that album was being mixed and mastered after biggie died even dame dash did her best to clear up the mystery of the alleged deals 360 from the industry said they gave money from the artist's efforts while leading them to believe that they will get money after publicity when you sign a record deal because it's corporate money they spend a lot of money and a lot of people get paid and you don't really have too much margin but everyone gets paid, but artist Dane went on to say that if an artist signs one of these contracts, executives essentially have complete control over their careers, now you can't.
I own your ass on the road and your clothes. and also anytime he makes money from endorsements so he actually tells someone to give up their whole ass and James says he's freaked out by the prevalence of this setup in today's society despite popular belief to the contrary . he is not a slave nor is he poor and Dame provides an easy to understand explanation for those unfamiliar and slave bankruptcy is when someone who has a job considers you bankrupt because you have no liquid because all your money in your business is on their real estate and has cash flow and independence it's like a slave's fear it's like the industry however it seems to want the artist to serve as virtual slaves so they can read the artist's party rewards .
B also started sharing videos on Tick Tock in which he talks about the seedier side of Hollywood just like Dame oh did when I was 16 he went so far as to say that those who work in the industry are selling their souls to the devil let's see if the devil is good for you and then I'll give you a hundred million dollars, but I want you to turn your back on God. Looking at the music industry as a whole, we find numerous youth deaths, such as those of Nipsy Hustle and Pope Smoke, in addition to all the well-known artists who have passed away.
Pope died. at the early age of 20 years. Notable debts also include that of Juice World, who died of a heroin overdose. Conspiracy theories tend to gain traction when tragic deaths occur. her painkillers prescribed by doctors and nurses painkillers are extremely addictive that's why i try not to take them one of the fans commented it's crazy how many black celebrities who die are killed shortly after making a positive change in black communities and the world Trina i say the hood did not us the hips the government is so dirty all these depths of youth in particular young black artists gave credence to claims that elites treat them like slaves and regulate their every move thats it all good people goodbye for now and see you later

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