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Das passiert vor HOUSE OF THE DRAGON! - Vorgeschichte von Westeros (mit Spoilern ab 15:04)

Aug 25, 2022
(Jonas:) In this video today you will find out everything that happens before the new series of Game of Thrones House of the Dragon. So you are well prepared for the new HBO series and also you directly check who is related to him and what are the reasons for the dance of


s, the great Targaryen civil war. So welcome to a new special here at Cinema Strikes Back. (Upbeat music) No, it's not clickbait when I say that today I want to tell you everything that's going on before House of the Dragon. That's why we have timestamps on the video, so you can jump straight to the Targaryens, for example.
das passiert vor house of the dragon   vorgeschichte von westeros mit spoilern ab 15 04
But now we are traveling tens or hundreds of thousands of years into the past of Westeros. The continent was still covered by a dense forest and only the children of the forest and the giants lived peacefully side by side. This era is called the Age of Dawn. The first great upheaval occurred around 8,000 to 12,000 years before the start of the series. The first humans entered Westeros through the Dorne Arm in the southwest of the continent. It is not known why they did this, but they entered the country by thousands and thousands. The first humans cut down the sacred weirwoods for their settlements, which the children of the forest did not like.
das passiert vor house of the dragon   vorgeschichte von westeros mit spoilern ab 15 04

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das passiert vor house of the dragon vorgeschichte von westeros mit spoilern ab 15 04...

Started a generation war that claimed many lives. On Both Sides. However, the conflict ended with the so-called pact. The children of the forest gave up all the land except their deep forests. This is why early humans would never cut down a weirwood again. The era of heroes began. The first humans multiplied, kingdoms were established, and then collapsed again. The Age of Heroes produced legendary characters like Brandon the Maker, the first King of the Starks and builder of Winterfell and the Wall. Or, for example, Lenn the Sly, the founder of House Lannister. However, during the Age of Heroes, an event occurred that nearly wiped out humanity.
das passiert vor house of the dragon   vorgeschichte von westeros mit spoilern ab 15 04
The Long Night. Between 6,000 and 8,000 years before the House of the Dragon came a winter that lasted for generations and darkened the world. The White Walkers came to Westeros, bringing death and destruction. Many legends from all over the world tell how the Long Night ended. For example, there are stories about a last hero who sided with the children of the forest and was able to prevent catastrophe with the Night's Watch. The truth is that the Long Night ended and the Wall was built to protect it. As Westeros recovered from the effects of the Long Night, a new empire arose to the east of the continent of Essos.
das passiert vor house of the dragon   vorgeschichte von westeros mit spoilern ab 15 04
The Free State of Valyria. The Valyrians were originally a herding people who found


eggs near the Fourteen Flames volcano ridge. They managed to subdue the dragons and use them against their enemies. The Valyrians conquered the Alt-Ghis Empire, among others, and continued to expand into Essos. Their conquests wiped out entire nations like the Rhoynar and unleashed entire migrations like the Andals. Between 6,000 and 2,000 years ago, the people of the Andals lived east of Essos. They worshiped the Seven and mastered the art of forging iron. But the Valyrians' hunger for new lands caused many Andals to leave their lands.
So the Andals built ships and sailed to Westeros into a new future. Of course, the early humans didn't think this was a good thing at all and a new war broke out. Despite being outnumbered, the Andals achieved victory after victory with their iron weapons. At that time, the first people knew only about bronze weapons. Desperate, the first humans joined forces with the children of the forest. But it was in vain. The children of the forest were almost completely wiped out during this time. However, over the centuries, the first humans mixed with the Andals and the war ended.
Over the millennia, Valyria had created one of the greatest empires of all time out of nothing. But it all happened on one fateful day. The reasons are unknown, but in the year 102 before Aegon's conquest, all of the Fourteen Flames erupted simultaneously. Within a few hours, the Free State was laid waste. Every hill within 500 miles of Valyria spewed smoke, fire, and death. Almost all the dragons and their masters were killed. Only a few dragonlords survived the fate of the Free Cities. But later they were destroyed by intrigues, betrayals or their own stupidity. All the Dragonlords except one


, the Targaryens of Dragonstone.
The Targaryens were never among the most powerful dragonlords. But twelve years before Doom, Aenar Targaryen sold all of his possessions in Valyria and set out for Dragonstone. His daughter Daenys the Dreamer foresaw the catastrophe in a vision. But Daenys had another epiphany. House Targaryens would perish if you didn't subscribe to Cinema Strikes Back and ring the bell right away, or we'd unleash our dragons on you. More than 100 years after the Targaryens moved to Dragonstone, a special man set out to unite the kingdoms of Westeros and rule as king. Aegon the Conqueror, with the help of his two sister-wives, Rhaenys and Visenya, and his three dragons of his, Balerion, Vhagar and Meraxes, conquered Westeros in less than two years.
Although he initially had few allies and faced large armies, his dragons gave him victory at just 27 years old. Aegon's Invasion was to introduce a new chronology, as from then on all years would be counted only before Aegon's Conquest and after Aegon's Conquest. The newly crowned ruler of Westeros was able to conquer all but one of the kingdoms. Dorne would hold out for centuries to come, even if they paid for it in blood. After his conquests and the war against Dorne, Aegon ruled gently and wisely. With his sister Rhaenys he begat Aenys. With his other sister Visenya he got Maegor.
The Targaryen line of government was thus secured. Aegon died peacefully on Dragonstone at the age of 64. And five more kings would follow him, until the dance of the dragons broke out. Aegon's son Aenys became the next King of the Seven Kingdoms. His father's rule lasted 37 years. But now the unrest spread throughout the empire. Many lords could remember the good old days when they themselves were kings. It didn't help that Aenys wasn't the most decisive king and weighed issues for a long time. Revolts have broken out in Westeros and self-proclaimed kings are springing up like weeds. There was also a great dispute with the Faith and the High Septon.
Aegon's incestuous relationship with his two sisters was grudgingly accepted at the time. But meanwhile, things were bustling all over the empire. Incest was an abomination. The bad news did not stop there. Aenys's half-brother, Maegor, had secretly married a second wife, a great affront to belief in the Seven. Aenys had no choice but to banish the brother from him. Aenys' decision to marry his two children, Rhaena and Aegon, brought her the unabashed hatred of the Faith. The news was the final straw, and the High Septon, the people, and many lords turned openly against her. his King. These sons of the warrior and the poor fellows, two military orders of the faith, took up arms and revolted against the Targaryen ruler.
The king had to flee to Drachenstein, where he died a short time later. He left six children and his son Aegon would succeed him on the throne. He should. Visenya, the second wife of Aegon the Conqueror, cared for Aenys in the last days of his life. After the death of the second Targaryen king, she wasted no time in bringing her son Maegor back from exile. He wasted no time in crowning himself king and usurping the Iron Throne. There was not much resistance as Maegor Balerion mounted and wielded the Valyrian sword Blackfyre. Aegon, son of Aenys and heir apparent, was furious.
He rode his dragon, Quicksilver, and faced his uncle Maegor's. But Aegon was unable to counter the power of Balerion the Black Terror. And so he was killed by his uncle. Dark times dawned on Westeros, because it was not without reason that Maegor I was nicknamed the Cruel. Violence, war and death were his faithful companions. No one should feel this more than the poor fellows and sons of the warrior. In numerous battles and massacres, Maegor slew hundreds and thousands of believers and burned the memorial sept in King's Landing with Balerion. His second marriage once drove Maegor into exile.
But he did not leave it in the hands of two women. He needed a successor. But none of his six wives should give him a child. With each successive marriage the wrath of faith grew more immense, and the warrior's sons and poor companions fought still more fiercely. Although the cruel king went through six marriages, he wasn't exactly known as a family man. The death of his mother, his Visenya, did not seem to affect him too much. And his nephew, Prince Viserys, Aenys's second eldest son and next in line to the throne, was tortured to death with his knowledge.
Due to Maegor's cruelties, more and more lords turned against him. He was surrounded by enemies. By force Maegor the Cruel came to power. And he finally he resigned by force. One night he was left alone in the throne room. The next morning he was found bleeding to death on the Iron Throne. Maegor's arms had been severed by the throne's swords. No one knows if the cruel man chose suicide, or if someone else or even the Iron Throne itself killed him. Maegor the Cruel was childless, and Aenys's sons Aegon and Viserys died during the reign of his uncle.
However, Aenys had a total of six children and Jaehaerys, the third son, became one of the most brilliant kings Westeros would ever see. No king carried out more reforms in the empire. Jaehaerys created a unified legal code and also prohibited, for example, the law of the first night. He had sewers and wells built for King's Landing. And he commissioned the construction of a vast network of roads, the King's Road. Jaehaerys's nickname of Conciliator was also no coincidence. Because he could reconcile the Iron Throne with faith. The poor companions and the sons of the warrior laid down their arms.
Jaehaerys swore that the Iron Throne would uphold the faith of the Seven for all eternity. Also, one of the most intelligent acts of his was to justify the incest of the Targaryens in Westeros. Seven men and women wandered the land spreading the word that the Targaryens were not from Andals, the ancient land of the Andals. And that is why they have no rules regarding their incest. So Jaehaerys married his sister Alysanne and everyone loved them. The two often traveled the Seven Kingdoms together on their dragon. But the 55-year rule was not only marked by luck. Jaehaerys and Alysanne had 13 children together.
But one after another they became extinct over the years and decades. Plagues, gray scales, a broken neck or a crossbow bolt. There were many reasons for his death. Only two children should witness the next king. Vaegon, Jaehaerys' sole male successor, was bound by his oath as maester. Now we come to an important person who will star in House of the Dragon. Rhaenys Targaryen, daughter of Aemon Targaryen. But who is Aemon Targaryen? He was the prince of Dragonstone and would succeed his father Jaehaerys to the throne. Therefore, many believed that Rhaenys should rule after her father. But it turned out very differently.
Aemon was killed by a pirate with a crossbow to his throat at the age of 37. Rhaenys' timing seemed right, but Jaehaerys decided that her second eldest son, Baelon, should be her heir. So Rhaenys was passed over and she has been called the Queen of Hearts ever since. Rhaenys, however, was married at the age of 16 to an illustrious personality, who will also play an important role in the HBO series. Corlys Velaryon the Sea Serpent was a legendary navigator and one of the richest and most influential people in all of Westeros. Rhaenys and Corlys had two children, a son, Laenor, and a daughter, Laena, who will also be important.
But fate was not kind to Baelon, nor was the heir to the throne. He died of a ruptured appendix before he came to his time as king. Because there were so many Targaryens and Jaehaery's heirs died one by one, a great council was convened in Harrenhal in the year 101 after Aegon's conquest. Lords great and small from the seven kingdoms traveled to clarify which Targaryen descendant had the greatest claim to the Iron Throne. There were nine minor and two major claims. A great one was Laenor Velaryon, son of Rhaenys, who in turn was the daughter of Jaehaerys' eldest son, Aemon, who died.
The other was Viserys, Baelon's eldest son, thus Jaehaerys' second eldest son. So a great grandson or grandson of Jaehaerys should then take a seat on the Iron Throne. The council chose Viserys because it was important to many lords that the male line take precedence over the female line. This was also one of the main reasons behind the next civil war, the dance of the dragons. After the death of Jaehaerys' previous hand, Otto Hightower was given the honor of assisting the king in all important decisions. Otto brought his daughter Alicent to the royal court, who cared for the aged Jaehaerys, reading to him, bathing him, and even helping him dress.
Both Otto and Alicent will have major roles in House of the Dragon. Jaehaerys I the Conciliator died at the age of 69, one of the wisest and most beloved rulers in Westeros history. Two years before Jaehaerys's death, the great council had chosen his grandsonViserys as the new king of Westeros. Never have so many Targaryens and dragons lived at the same time as under Viserys. But the beginning of the end began during his reign. Viserys had a brother named Daemon who had long hoped to inherit the Iron Throne. To his brother, however, she was more of a constant nuisance.
Known as "Lord Fleahole", Daemon spent much of his time in the brothels of King's Landing. But he also reformed the city guard, re-equipping it, and from then on they became known as the golden cloaks. The reason Daemon was able to ignore the royal heritage was born in the year 97 after Aegon's conquest: Rhaenyra Targaryen. She was called the bliss of the realm and no one loved her more than her father, King Viserys. However, Viserys's wife, Aemma Arryn, died shortly after giving birth to her second son, Baelon. Yes, another Baelon, sorry. There are also Aegons all the time.
But that's the thing about the Targaryens, they've never really been creative with names. Baelon would have also had a chance to become king. But he died only one day after his mother. Thus, the question of the succession to the throne was left open again. However, Viserys did not care for a male heir to the throne and he quickly announced that Rhaenyra should be the next Queen of Westeros. For this, he had many lords from the seven kingdoms arrive in 105, who swore allegiance to Rhaenyra. In the same year, a certain Kriston Kraut was inducted into the Royal Guard.
Princess Rhaenyra was in love with the handsome knight and the two became inseparable. As you can guess, both Rhaenyra and Kriston Kraut are two of the most important characters in House of the Dragon. The evil ran its course. After Aemma Arryn's death, King Viserys remarried. Alicent Hohenturm bore him four children, including three sons. However, Viserys still believed that Rhaenyra should be queen. Otto Hohenturm would rather see his grandson Aegon on the throne, he was a man after all. The king's hand went too far and he was replaced by Lyonel Kraft. In the year 111 after Aegon's conquest, a great tournament was held in King's Landing.
The growing animosity between Rhaenyra and Alicent was already evident here. Rhaenyra was supposed to be queen, but Alicent would have preferred to see her son on the throne. Alicent wore a beautiful green dress and Rhaenyra a black one. The followers of the respective women should only be called "Los Verdes" and "Los Negros" in the course of the following years and during the Dance of the Dragons, depending on the color of the clothing. Rhaenyra was married to Laenor Velaryon and they had three children. Alicent's three Velaryons and three Targaryen children, as well as her mothers, were at odds with each other.
Finally, four tragedies were to seal and start the dance of the dragons. The death of Laenor Velaryon, Rhaenyra's husband. The death of Laena Velaryon, wife of Daemon Targaryen. The feud between the children of Rhaenyra and Alicent that cost Alicent's son, Aemond Targaryen, an eye. And finally the death of Lyonel Kraft, Hand of the King. This led to Otto Hohenturm being called up again as a hand. I already anticipated one or two events that will happen in House of the Dragon. But that's the starting point of the series, so it's checking in a bit more early on.
The seeds of the great civil war were sown. And with the death of Viserys I, the dance of the dragons began. If you haven't had enough of Westeros and Game of Thrones, check out our Game of Thrones playlist. We have more exciting videos ready for you. I hope to see you here again soon at "Movies Strike Back" with me, the Jonas. Valar Morghulis.

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