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Dante Gebel #401 | Cuando Jes˙s estuvo muerto

May 02, 2020
To smile well, once I mentioned something that I will say today on this resurrection Sunday, I said it that Christians celebrate resurrection Sunday or Good Friday, but there is a day in between which is Saturday, yesterday is the day on that jesus was clinically dead jesus was clinically dead a day when there was no resurrection there was a day that was not him neither the day of the crucifixion nor the day of the resurrection is the day when there were no answers to prayers the day between hopelessness and joy between confusion and clarity between bad news and good news is the nameless day the day that is not called anything if there is a death on the cross and there is a resurrection because there is a Saturday in between because god needs to do two events cross and resurrection and it takes three days to do it that is my question not only with respect to the resurrection of the lord but with respect to your life and mine if you pay attention you will realize that if Whenever things happen to us there is a day in between the day that what happened to you happens to you then silence and then victory life is always a story of three days even if there are two events they are always three days and we are always prepared to the first day and the last day they do not help us how to cope with the environment how to cope with the during they do not tell us they do not tell us what is going to happen during the journey and it is during which we sometimes take the longest because some of us live or have lived a endless eternal Saturday of pain of anguish I am no longer talking about mourning necessarily but an anguish in your marriage with your children with finances with the ministry the day that God called you we talked about it a few weeks ago the day that the blood and the day that You go before Pharaoh to tell him let my people go free, but in the meantime the doubt passes, it will be that the sauce burned, it will have seemed to me, it will be that God spoke, I could be the ideal man for this job, the lord will not have been wrong r I'm not up to it I don't have what it takes no one tells us anything in the meantime until god makes silence in the meantime he sends us to do something and he shuts up and doesn't not speak again until we are doing what he told us to do always happens like this and those who want God to speak to them continuously the day after the day before God spoke to them does not speak to them and they get sick and say I can't live from yesterday but the thing is that whenever there are two important events in life like a call and an action there is also a means there is a saturday a nameless day a day when it seems that jesus is clinically dead he does not answer your prayers it seems that they are addressed to a sky of bronze and i always insist always god does things in three days even if they are one or two events I read the scriptures I reviewed what Paul wrote and he says I transmitted to you what I myself received that Christ died according to the scriptures He was buried buried forgiveness and rose again on the third day according to l The scriptures and then I will look at the Bible a bit and I find that they will have found the place of sacrifice three days on the way that Jose's brothers are put in jail and they take him out on the third day that rap tells the spies to be hide and that they will be safe on the third day esther now and fast and on the third day she has an appointment with the king when joseph was in jail he told the cupbearer within the next three days pharaoh will pardon him and put him back in his charge moses told pharaoh we have to make a three day journey to the desert to offer sacrifices to jehovah when israel reached sinai god said bay with the blood of the people and prepare for the third day when israel descended to the promised land he gave he said be strong and be brave within three days he will cross the jordan osseous he said let's return to the lord after two days he gives us life and on the third day we will rise up in his presence it is a pattern all the stories of the third day share a The structure on the first day and problems on the third day and liberation and the second day that there is endurance the problem with the stories of the third day is that you don't know that you are in a three-day plan until the third day arrives with the suits On the second day you say the Lord abandoned me the disciples don't know that a third day is coming even though the Lord told them they say Jesus is clinically dead if they hadn't been crying as they were there wouldn't have hadn't been there wouldn't have been Tomás said let me see if it's you let me put my hands in your in your wounds they are not trusting that there will be a third day you are not trusting that there will be a third day either you say I know that God can get me out of cancer but there is I have to see if it is their will because I have seen people die also if they are not sure that it is a third day then you will not know until the third day arrives how do you know that a third day is coming it is because it is always a third day Always h oh victory the bible says that in the world you will have affliction but trust because I have overcome the world in other words victory is assured what I say makes sense 12 follow me there is victory because as Friday and Saturday go by it seems that liberation never goes to arrive is the day of silence is when you have to let go of what god asked you to let go but you still do not have the victory of god in the new holding god by the hand and you are left with nothing is the leap into the void the leap into the void is Horrible, they want me to give you more examples of the wait of a bachelor for his partner and the years go by, the wait of a married couple who cannot have children and she, as a little girl who combs dolls, wears Barbies and marries the man of her life and One of the two has a problem and they cannot conceive children and they come and receive a word from God that she will not have infertility that she will no longer be sterile may God bless her and then they get to work but the children They don't continue and that wait sometimes becomes so agonizing so hard that they say in their bed he will be old that we are really going to have them we will have to adopt them, it will not be that God spoke to us metaphorically or we did something wrong and there will be no resurrection of my womb waiting for a child who feels clumsy and slow at school is they think that when I was the clumsy and slow child at school as I was I imagined it doesn't matter one day in migration they will say who is



I think I thought about it and I thought that Someone would mention me at the US border.
dante gebel 401 cuando jes s estuvo muerto
I never expected to inspire anyone if I couldn't give an oral lesson in front of three classmates because I was urinating on myself. time was going to pass that clumsiness would finally heal with age or not what I would have given to know that it was three days what there was was someone I do not trust that my clumsiness I am sure I am clumsy I am more ornate now I say what I had I would have given to know that it was three days that I would have given to know that the pain was finally going to end the wait for an old man who awaits death the pears for not having more debts because the divorce papers will come out whether you wait for the legality in the country or a divorce when you have a dream and the dream dies and the dream is clinically dead what do you do because the moment the dream dies what does it do with a dead dream they bury it and then what does it do with the chair empty where your dreams had to go I have spoken with parents who have not looked beautiful a room to wait for a baby they have painted it light blue pink according to the sex of the child or baby they were expecting and suddenly the pregnancy is cut off a fall a bleeding a malformation whatever it was not expected and the abortion comes to occupy the cradle and now in the cradle there is hopelessness and pain the mother says I don't even want to go there I don't even want to get pregnant again - not again not anymore the husband insists e but we can try it later said the doctor no not this pain no what do you do when the dream dies and this is what we do because my dreams have died I also say all the dreams that are of God have to go through the death if they are not from god otherwise god cannot bring glory to all the dreams that god gives you at some point they have to die you have to let them die at some point god tells you they will have seen the dream that i gave you how it is call isaac in my son well sacrifice I put them on the altar that is a modus operandi that is a god pattern if your dream did not go through death and then resurrection most likely it is not a divine dream it is an effort is something that came out that you made an effort and it was given to you but I did not call it divine if it did not go through the grave everything that has fire on the altar is because first there is a cross there is no Pentecost and first there is no cross there must be death which means death that we come to the altar and say sir and He gave my life, do with me what you want and we are willing for God to use us and all our dreams all our visions die at the feet of Christ so Christ takes some and says good but I wired you from you who were a child with these capacities I gave you gifts so it lifts us up again and restores our dreams but now they are dreams that have the signature the endorsement like a check payable from the Lord different from what I wanted to be before meeting the Lord I explain what I'm trying to say yes or not that is to remain in the faith because some when saturday comes they choose hopelessness paul said some of you say that there is no resurrection paul said some say there will be no sunday and they get used to living like this things are not going to improve that It is an option, it arrives on Saturday and if I was already born, if an elephant urinated on me, what do you want me to tell you?
dante gebel 401 cuando jes s estuvo muerto

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dante gebel 401 cuando jes s estuvo muerto...

I was born to suffer, almost to suffer, people who like to give air like this, to suffer, they have never seen people who complain when they breathe. Once they saw that there are people who make the sound of death, it's called more, but dying, stop complaining radically, and because they get used to it, it says there will be no Sunday, they get used to that apathetic life, that gray life, says there will be no resurrection, and if it loses Hope, if you lose hope, I'll say it so many times until it stays in your head, in your heart, it ages you, who said amen, when they lose hope, an aunt of people, this one on curves makes you sad because to see something in the distance, you have to stand up straight and say there is my hope and here it is all gray but my hope is already when you have hope where you look down and the angels say sir wants us to take it to you it does not take place no why some choose despair another choose another choose the positivism that is faith without christ positivism in faith without christ is the denial of reality forced optimism artificial optimism false triumphalism paul tells timothy says some are saying q that the resurrection has already taken place and thus upsets the faith of some in other words some saying already Sunday already Sunday because that is the other one no I like to think positively I have met people like that no no no no no no no I don't confess the bad things I know I did not see the disease sometimes I did not practice therapy because I did not see the pathology I know there is a day of resurrection but if my son gets sick and maybe I have to prescribe or the doctor has to give him a medicine because If I don't give him the medication, I'm hurting him by denying reality.
dante gebel 401 cuando jes s estuvo muerto
Positivism. Faith without Christ. Faith in faith is useless. come on come on faith in faith doesn't get you anywhere so there are people who are so foolish that they have faith in faith I've seen people who give me when I'm talking I'm not a negative man I do not consider myself a man Negative bre but sometimes I say you have to pay this debt because no no no there are no debts I believe that God says when I told you do that stupid thing and put yourself now I'm going to bless you I'm not sick you don't have fermat and sick time brother use that for people who die and I got there and teach them and why did you die you brought me new ones the lack of cholesterol pills for others you took the hamburger brought you here then it doesn't work either I say this because sometimes I will think positively there is no that you only have to think positively, you have to act in faith, which is different because faith is not work, everything that is dead is dead, and everything that is dead from that law of entropy collapses if it becomes putrid, then we have to understand that neither we nor can we despair or we can have a superficial positivism then is that what we have to do when we are on Saturday you say cough pastor that it is that they are saying that we have to do whoever wants to know what to do tell me men will continue tomorrow at 76 center remember link remember the grammars of god never put a comma where god puts a period and never put a period where god puts a comma never say it's over and two just put a comma goodbye and the third is still missing day for you is over but the third day is missing and don't put a comma when you say full stop it's over because when god finishes the sentence you can't stretch them those are god's grammars that faith does faith inserts a comma at the end of the sentence death sentence faith inserts a comma after the diagnosis of cancer I will give you the diagnosis and they say look believe nothing can be done do not put a comma on your grandmother nothing can be done I have God's favor with me and by her sores I have been cured that was is a comma in which the doctors wanted to put a full stop so when your dream seems to be dead and buried you have no right to put a full stop on it you cannot by definition the dream is a desi genius of god and it will always be beyond your ability beyond your resource of what you can do if not it's not a dream of god if it's a dream of godhehe has to take the glory and if you feel that your dream has not died and is already buried it is because perhaps it was never a dream of god all dreams go through death and the resurrection is the final test if it is not of god it will continue to be dead If it's from God, it's going to rise again, that always happens, you always love someone with all your heart and with all your soul, sometimes you have to let them die, if they're yours, they won't go single. nothing what I'm trying to say is that sometimes you have to allow something to be buried so that when it rises there is no doubt that organically it was from God yes of course yes or no there are two types of faith preventive faith in faith we say let's pray So that nothing bad happens to you on this trip, we are going to cover a fence of protection for our children. of lazarus if you had been here my brother faith in the resurrection would not have died Christ says death is a detail death is not going to put an end to your illusions to your dreams even when they do not grant you adoption when the business goes bankrupt when you do not heal it is not a full stop for the lord because god is still god this ends with a dream buried two meters deep because of some some some crisis and they say I am not going to get up anymore but god does not want to kill the dream that he has given you but If he wants to crucify everything that can prevent him from taking the glory when you finally reach him, he is not willing to kill dreams because his sport is telling you what has to die so that he can be resurrected and so that you know that I jesus intervened he cried for the death of lazarus and he also cried for his disbelief the sisters lived with him they saw him and now they say jesus i'm sorry but death is still too much for you jesus says death is not too gift for me of this death as a son and where oh grave your story there is no death there is nothing that can prevent what god wants to do with your life your dream has not died his call has not died nor does your sin stop the call of god in your life and You say if I stop the ruin, no, because then it would mean that sin, even sin, has more power than blood, which is more powerful to cleanse you over and over again, every time you repent.
dante gebel 401 cuando jes s estuvo muerto
God says, nothing is going to prevent me from having luck. No one snatches from my hand what is mine, says the Lord, no one snatches what is mine, it is not that someone can take it away or snatch it, no one snatches what is mine is following yes or no that faith of resurrection that is what we have to learn the faith of resurrection, that is to say, you know we are on Saturday I am at the stage where nothing happens but I will have faith that he will rise again if you do not have a Saturday you will not have a Sunday it seems like a great revelation but it is like that if you do not have a Saturday you will never have your Sunday never never never you will say says it is nonsense pastor really clumsiness did not go away with adolescence of course Friday comes Saturday and Sunday is the order true no it is not I know people who jump from Friday to Sunday and as soon as soon like that Saturday appeared out of nowhere and that Saturday if it is eternal I know people who were there crying on Friday and suddenly they won the lottery or inherited a church they were not qualified they did not have a calling but they had the correct last name and they inherited the church because they had the last name and then the last name gave them the right until their life from a Friday turns into a Sunday and they began to spend squandering to become lords to kick people out because they had the last name from a Friday to a Sunday you see them and say wow they didn't have a process god blessed him at night look for them today they know where they are on a saturday that doesn't end i prefer saturday in the middle than faster saturday org nico is faster the other the other who comes by force is horrible give your son everything every time he asks you for a game console quick quick quick quick sometimes he goes and buys the sepi toy give him everything because later you can trauma give him the televisions he wants and when he says dad I want a new cell phone I run and bring him a new cell phone there I don't want to download any more applications and buy a credit card and I'll tell you what you'll have a boy living an eternal resurrection Sunday everything that he wants to pay, he also goes down and I'll tell you what will happen later when that boy becomes a man or a woman he will live frustrated and frustrated on a Saturday because life is not what I want and he already has it, there always has to be a flavor of it half has a lot of money to give to your children tell them to work to earn it even if I could give him the money tell him to make an effort you are doing him a good tell him make an effort don't give him money because he says it's not like I'm divorced iated and I want to compensate in some way for the fact that I am not there will not compensate with money your absence will say whatever works hard to earn it do what it is not to be a bad father is to train someone to tell life is a story of three days there are Fridays there are Saturdays and Sundays it is not always Friday Sunday the crisis and the victory the crisis the victory that is the cheap gospel that they are preaching to us on television to brothers and you are in crisis to a pact and take victory and victory sometimes It doesn't come because cancer takes time to go away.
We have one of the children who sometimes gets a rash or something on his leg and it takes a month or two months to go away and we are going to say that God abandoned us or we are going to believe that there is a faith of resurrection although the promise is late expected because it will certainly come it will come because god has said it it will certainly come those who say amen the apostles creed says that jesus descended into hell into the sun on saturday that we want to know that I think it surprised the angels because the angels were contemplating the entire birth of Jesus the angels only saw the son of God as described by John in the Apocalypse as a prince with his white hair his shining eyes his united limbs of bronze gold in his armor that is The king who walks through the heavens knows the shock that the angels must have had when God chooses a 16 or 17 year old virgin girl with a carpenter husband to come to do in a forgotten town called Bethlehem that the angels wonder among themselves I assure you that this is a plan of god the king in diapers the king in the hands of a carpenter the king brother of that little girl who neither had nor has experience of other children that I must have been to see the king the creator of the universe in diapers and what do they tell me to see him making furniture in the carpentry shop gabriel says oh miguel you have to see this look to think that those hands shaped man to think that those same hands leveled the mountains and look how he suffers going with a chair the leg is not fitting well well remember that he is made a man but I can't believe that the king is in a carpentry that I am here and that you gave me from jesus in the desert and there are boys he tells the angels come to to see this they don't stay with who jesus is with and they look out and see him there face to face with him imagine the angels when they see that he approaches him instinct is god and he is the son of god for this stone to become bread for choosing the sparrow from the pirates of the caribbean is the best I can get and the angels saying we have to defend it ok ok and what about the cross the same gentleman says do you think I can't give an order and legions of angels would come to my help a snap of fingers and millions of angels would have struck down even the last Roman soldier of each mob that screamed crucified the angels and those who believe they felt that when God turns his face and Christ says why the angels have paid them also think as in hell that they are The plan went wrong but it wasn't even Bethlehem and the carpentry, much less the desert, the cross, which will move heaven, Christ will show that he is a prince when all of heaven on Saturday sees him go down to hell when he when he enters the sun and the demons they cum and he takes the keys of life and death and meets again with that big mouth he saw in the desert and tells him don't touch my children because now they have been redeemed by your side it is not elegant

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