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Dana White reacts to Adesanya vs. Romero: “Listen, the fight sucked” | UFC 248 post-presser

Mar 09, 2020
whats up guys ok buy in was 2.75 million 15 000 77 attended


of the night no think about it co main event you know and zhuang Benilde you know Malli got the other bonuses 50 grand and then the 50-50 raffle tonight I raised 52 grand and that's for the Three Square Food Bank here in Las Vegas, which has the first question. The main event was a bit strange, to say the least, no. I guess maybe what we expected. on why that


played out the way it did right there are two things that it was a tough act to follow after the co-main event and then I think Israel out of Sanya fights at the level of his opponent, the fight of Anderson Silva was similar. to that and then you think about the gas fight was just a war you know gas ylim going after him and trying to take whitakers head off go after him trying to take his head off that fight was great and you better believe paula kostas going to go after hi and that fight should be ridiculous you know i was waiting for you Romero you


ed all week he was literally talking more about the co-main event than the main event i knew that fight was going to be ridiculous you got to these two incredibly talented savages. that I wanted that belt more than anything and you know I didn't know if there was going to be a knockout or a submission or something, but I knew I was begging people to see you know me man when I sell fights.
dana white reacts to adesanya vs romero listen the fight sucked ufc 248 post presser
I'm not begging anyone to watch anything. I was literally begging people to watch this fight and it was amazing, but I think what he was saying is I'm shocked that Romero knew this was his last chance at a World Championship. He was going to come out like a bat from hell. Put tons of pressure on him. Shoot. out he cut off that leg and the picture of him threw the punches at him and did what he did. You know Romero moved a lot and acted like he was trying to fight, but he never really did. Costin was here tonight and said he thought the tentative plan was for July 11. for that fight he has to calm down I want to hear from a doctor again they told me he went crazy tonight and he jumped the door K and he was going crazy we kicked him out you know and I just had to calm those guys down in the back you know that he wants this fight so much when he is healthy and a doctor calls me and tells him that he is like a friend from Brazil when a doctor calls me and tells me that he is healthy we will do this fight, this is the fight to do this is the fight I want to see and I guarantee that when that fight happens you will hear me freaking out about that fight that is going to be ridiculous because paulo costa will keep going he will not stop hitting he is going to throw big shots and try to knock him out and his rail will fight with the K homeini vans you said , I mean one of the biggest fights I think we've ever seen, I want to ask, I mean, when he fights this well as a promoter, it seems like it's easy to say, let's run him again because who would? don't sign up to see them fight again do you see it as an option or it doesn't make sense did you see what those two girls look like after that fight man they're both in the hospital right now they didn't go to a press conference, they didn't talk to the press, they both went straight to the hospital, they need to go home, take some time to heal and everything else before I bring up a fight with either of them again, you know, the elastic media had reports of a backstage incident involving Brian Ortega, do you have any details about that baby that happened tonight? heck i could have said it would g et Ortega to start freaking out but yeah it was weird ok it's like punches thrown or yeah it happened right in the wrestlers section and it wasn't backstage did it? the Wow fight, any legal involvement or just type of fighters, but yeah, we want them to arrest everyone, they say they know, just to elaborate on the Talib co-main event and as you mentioned going into this fight, you said that you were more excited. this more than anything on the card is this the best women's MMA fight you've ever seen is one of the best fights I've ever seen but yeah yeah I think right here I have to say yes special women's fight I've ever seen seen one of the best fights I've ever seen, can you give us any insight on the level of interest in China for good Eve and the size of this show performed very well everywhere? this was telling olli this man earlier that i love our fans our fans are amazing you think about you know what's going on right now and you know one of these reporters tried to say something about this the other day on the thing and they booed him and they took it out of the place where everyone shows our ticket sales this week we're just like a normal week you know and the walk was huge tonight our fans were amazing man I remember when we did the first fight in Vegas It was the week of 9/11 and we were sold. since the fight had been on sale for months, the fight was sold out and Vegas was a ghost town, nobody was doing anything, nobody was flying, we didn't know if anyone would show up to the event, the place was packed, there was no a free seat nowhere and it reminds me of tonight so thank you fans you guys are amazing any other performance please flip off the page.
dana white reacts to adesanya vs romero listen the fight sucked ufc 248 post presser

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dana white reacts to adesanya vs romero listen the fight sucked ufc 248 post presser...

Sean O'Malley O'Malley looks good, man. going back in and looking as good as he did i got to talk to the guys but i want to turn them around as quick as possible and bring him back. Do you think we see him take a significant step up in the competition? Yeah I don't know I don't know well so we'll do it see who's available and who we think and like I have to talk to the matchmakers about it and see if we all agree I don't read just say I'm going to do this I talked to them and then we talked about it we argued and then we figured out what's the right thing to do and lastly off this card we saw Max Hall and Alexander Volkov ski through the crowd and they got the split screen treatment on the internal matter is that the fight closed and the rematch closed down I don't know by heart but I think I have thought about it I don't know not to be Perth yes thank you who's next go here Dana oh hey over the years you've been promoting fights you've created many champions and built many careers what are some of the challenges you think will advance the war? d with a guy like Israel after a performance like tonight and what do you think it's going to be so easy to promote John Whaley in the future based on his performance yeah


he wanted Romero on his resume he got it he won the fight and you you have to take these things fight by fight listen if anyone thinks I'm wrong raise your hand right now we can talk about it Costa's fights are going to be crazy Costa's fights are going to be ridiculous Costa will come forward throw big punches will make him throw combinations, he won't stop hitting and israel, lots of signs that he's going to have to fight him and I'm telling you right now, like I told you, li-jiang and you want to go crazy.
dana white reacts to adesanya vs romero listen the fight sucked ufc 248 post presser
Costa vs. out of Sanya will be a ridiculous fight I guarantee I guarantee absolutely positively so he got what he wanted he got it on his resume he beat him and Costa you know a lot of us think Adesanya is on the cusp of being one of the biggest superstars that you guys have i In this sport, you've seen a lot of guys come and go from GSP Anderson Silva and then there are other guys like Johnson, who might not take off, but they're great at the points where you really start to see these champions evolve. from when you know he's just a champion to when you meet a world class superstar well again I think you know you keep fighting and you keep winning when I go into the Costa fight he'll be 19 I know and then whoever comes out of that.
dana white reacts to adesanya vs romero listen the fight sucked ufc 248 post presser
Romero Coast to fight the winner, any of those guys are going to be big stars if he, if Costa beats Israel out of Sanya, he'll blow up in Brazil, then start spilling over to the other countries, you know, and obviously if he out of Sanya he beats . Costa, it will be spectacular because Costa will try to decapitate him. I can't wait for that fight if you can't tell when I'm sitting here today talking about it. The matchmakers did not love that fight and no. i dont want to do that fight they didnt want to do roma ro vs out of sonya but the dumb fan in me said huh you can come this is going to be a fun fight in fact he wants to fight a guy no one else wants to fight right now in hindsight it's 20/20 we probably shouldn't have done that fight we should have waited for Costa but hey we did what was the reason they didn't want to do the fight that I didn't oh they didn't , it doesn't make sense you can't tell the matchmakers anything that doesn't make sense it all has to make sense to those two you know how you scored the women's fight kevin was so into that fight iii didn't really score but me and me downey jr. we were like giddy kids getting ready for that fight and I think when it started I think we both felt like we were even going into the fifth round but honestly I can't tell you I didn't really write it down I was just caught up in it obviously Yohan, I had a good fight against Michelle Waterson last time, but do you feel like she upped her game even tonight to get to where she was? she's coming to hurt you she's coming to bust you and you know she's one of the baddest that's ever done it what's up you know her she was closing I think first round if I remember right yeah.
Also, I mean, you know obviously she got beaten up as the fight went on, but even early on when I couldn't see she was still going, not just not just the toughness, her cardio was amazing, I was the first time in two championship rounds and she looked great in tho se rounds and what was weird is the first round it looked like her face started to have whatever and this eye was getting a little puffy but then BOOM all of a sudden you wanna look so much worse than Whaley and I was like damn when did that happen?
Did you have a chance to talk to you? Oh, and she said something to you afterwards? No, I didn't talk to him. he's had to fight like that since the belt he just came out and stood there with his hands up it makes absolutely no sense i thought he was going to come out like crazy you were pretty pissed off in Abu Dhabi after Anderson Silva Demi and Maya's fight it was your level of disappointment, the same as yours after this was a terrible fight. I mean, if you look at the UFC as a whole for as long as we've been doing it, you can literally put in one hand shitty fights that we've done you know w I mean, and it takes two to fight, man, if somebody comes out and he doesn't want to participate and he doesn't want to fight and if you're a guy like you're a Sanya guy you know it's the stakes are much higher this is the way guys act and he'll stand back and tear it apart the way he made. him I'm sure he won't be you know he won't have a brisk step tonight that leg hurts and you know Sanya did what he had to do in my opinion why run there and go crazy against the guy ?
How dangerous when that guy isn't fighting at all. The last thing I want to ask you is that you announced UFC 165 going into the Hall of Fame tonight and I couldn't help but think that the next fight you had in the cage after the first one was Yoanna and and and Me and Whaley you have to think that that fight may one day be in the Hall of Fame I mean that caliber fight would be t you agree yeah it's definitely a 100% Hall of Fame fight I want I mean, I'm sure you guys had the same thing, my phone was going crazy during that fight, everyone was blowing me up, you know, saying it's the best fight they've ever seen. who is max hey dan right here hey mate yeah good to see you do.
Hey, last June, you came on my podcast with LD sports biz, chill, and you actually talked about, well, he's on to something much different. I remember and you were a great honor. even before he won the belt and I wonder at this point once he recovers what do you see for his future with the UFC and I wonder if he could be in the same category as Amanda Nunez who is a very talented woman . fighter with a big personality and I was wondering what the UFC could do to make these women a little bit more marketable so that they like mainstream America, you know, yeah, we always knew she was special, we knew she was special and we started to move it the way you move. someone you think is special then t her madness happened where she was ranked number six I think and all the people in front of her had a fight they just lost the fight something like that and she ended up fighting she was in line for the title to fight Jessica and Raj who is an absolute beast and we were saying if she's ready for it we don't know but she's next in line let's do it so we decided to do it and the result was amazing tonight You faced the best in that division, right?
The woman who built that division defended the title five times and you want to see jung-jae. She came in ridiculously amazing shape. The amount of experience that she has on Whalley jiang is huge and she wears it. how good she looked she tonight i just hope she looks better and i think she made a lot of fans tonight you know she got a good pop from the crowd when she came out the fansthey were after her and she murdered him in china which is more important to be the new usa you know great people like her in the usa i love her and i want people everywhere to like her but in China it was a great success. in a star there's a pattern and what you do we did it with Conor McGregor we've done it with Ronda we've done it with all the greats and we'll do it with her Dane here yeah this was generally the first big pay-per-view event the first newspaper where he also had to deal with all the coronavirus and all the media and all that can you talk?
I know he had an amazing performance can you talk can you talk? about how he dealt with everything that was outside, oh yeah, you know, he had to deal with first he went to Thailand and he had to go to Abu Dhabi, then he came here and once he got here, he had to be here early of all ways, which I don't know. I don't think her team really knew that you need to get to Vegas early to get acclimated to the time that er it's super dry in here and it messes with the wrestlers so it ended up being perfect that we brought her here earlier the other things with she had to deal with were the pressure, she knows who the hell she's fighting with, she knows who you want. knowing what Jay check is and what she's capable of and the other things she coped with pretty well too, but you could tell she was uncomfortable with it, it was the mind games you want you to play.
Johanna started trying to play mind games with her. and everything else this was her first time going five rounds she dealt with a lot of you she's right and she handled it like a true champ and you know we have an American perspective obviously being here in America but the I know guys. you've probably done your research as far as the chinese market how big a star can be she's going to be a massive star you know just like wrestling sport it's so crazy you have to keep winning if you keep winning you're going to be a star even g Oops, we had a bad time.
He just used to terrify me all the time in a day saying when Anderson Silva will become a star. What is Anderson Silva going to do? What is Anderson Silva going to do? Then he kicked Vitor Belfort in the face that madness no one has ever seen before and boom he blew and blew and became a huge star and speaking of the minivan you said you know it takes two to fight but it almost looks like you you feel like the lack of action in the main event was mostly due to Euro Romero's part. What I mean is you're going to go in and face the world champion this is your last shot at a championship you shouldn't even be here to get this title fight it should be Paul Acosta if he didn't get hurt you don't even get it this shot you go in and do all ng you can to win that fight literally did none of that he plans to continue fighting for a long time he says he still has ten more years to go is there a way for him to get back to the title do you feel like this was it? a way back to the title after that performance i mean you're crazy even asking that question right now you look terrible tonight you look terrible he literally gave up a shot tonight you know maybe he'll come back and his next fight and be looks like Romero to you, but if he doesn't, I wouldn't expect him to fight another ten years looking like that and changing gears.
We spoke to Daniel Cormier earlier in the week. fight is the fight to do and do you have any update on that end? um, no, not yet. I won't be able to fight, so what will an interim Bell V be? be summoned or will they wait until the stipa recovers, what do they have in mind? here hey friend interesting stat here all the red corner fighters won tonight huh i dont know if that means a lot but you know i never seen it before so ask for you we had an amazing fight with Joseph Benavidez and Davidson Figueredo yes the winner is the guy who didn't make weight in the vacant titles is there any plans for that and who would be involved i think you have to fight again you know you have to fight again it's fair it's the only fair thing to do with those guys and we'll figure it out and definitely we will make sense the ref warned i think both israel and ul tonight is there something you wish he could have done more or was there something he could have second warning or would you believe me complementing like an old school pride yellow card or what you think it might be listen guys the fight


well done fights yeah but you just came out of the craziest thing you've ever seen the energy in that building was through the roof those guys you know you were walking into a no-win situation you know what I mean I don't think it was such a bad thing we're like god the ref should have made this rude I thought the ref he did a good job you know there were a couple times where they didn't commit and that's probably when he warned him and told him to fight but it was a tough act to follow after seeing that last fight was a tough situation for They'd both be pretty much each other, a fight


, yeah what did you think of Neil Magny?
A lot of people didn't think that he was going to come back and do something against Li Jing Leung, yeah, it was pretty amazing, he looked good tonight. it means Neil Magny is one of those guys who is always a tough guy and he's always there and you know he's the guy you have to beat if you want to get in as the top seven and you know he's a tough guy to beat absolutely last question for me any decision of the few I had tonight with which you did not agree. I don't know, nothing crossed my mind.
In my opinion, that was crazy. Usually by the time that happens, we're already so into the press conference and I did three other shows before. I came here, people would have been talking about it, you're the first to mention it, so I don't think I was crazy and I know I said the last thing, but would you be a little disappointed? Do you want to receive the decision? in that fight it was a madly close fight how did it go? Did anyone have their one on one in this fight? yeah yeah awesome you showed up it was a split decision that's the way it goes listen when you're in a title fight you really have to do everything you can to win that's not that these girls I didn't mean that it's stupid of me to say that but you know it's just that you never know which way it's going to go and you just have to do everything in your power to try and prevent that thing from going on the judges scorecard without a big doubt show thanks i appreciate it


how are you doing tomorrow yesterday ufc 249 press conference habib and tony ferguson warmed up habib kicked the belt that tony put on the floor mcgregor couldn't even make him flinch i just wanna get you i thought about that and all he broke down and Habib lost his temper. out in the middle of the press conference it's going to be a fun fight man it's a fun fight Tony is a super talented guy who can fight from wherever he goes stand up fight on the ground spinning presentations of stuff I mean guys they have everything a and Habib is from habibi, please, you know, one of the best ever and this is the fight that everyone wants to see.
This is the fight we've tried to make a hundred times and this is the fight that needs to happen here and now. Number two, how close did we come to getting there to fighting on this card. I know jer and gunner towards pectoral muscle was out or some back and forth talks. Maybe there are some problems with the visa. What's next for Darren? Until it's Dublin at that aaaghh in August for that fight night card, what's next for them? Yeah I don't remember how close it was, we were talking about him fighting a few different places and yeah I think Dublin is where it will happen and lastly I thought of Paul Acosta. he was kicked off he's standing right next to you no he wasn't kicked off they're kicking him out of the stadium not the arena because he was losing his mind and it scares people you know the main connoisseur is him here oh yeah look at him the guy was leaving freaking out look at him but nobody wants everyone to freak out it's weird that we had to accept it no no no excuse what if he was freaking out so they pulled him out to the back and tried to calm him down and then Volleyed I don't even need to say anything go you know that he's right he's crazy so you have these two freaking out in the arena yeah it's my fucking fight night and then these two start freaking out Dana Dana right in front of you yeah Can you talk a little bit about being a promoter who has you on her list?
I mean, she comes out, this is her fourth title, she fights a lot, she's lost but she still comes back better. great shows, so what does it mean to have her as a promoter for her? Yes, I am incredibly lucky, she is incredible, she is an incredible human being and if you look at the evolution of her since she came to the UFC, she watches her on social media. she's amazing on social media, you know? and you can honestly tell when you look at awana and what she's doing she's having fun she loves her life she's having fun she got another title shot she came for real she got in phenomenal shape she looks so good she made the weight cut easy played the games mentally as a professional like her and did everything she could to try and win this fight, we're incredibly lucky to have someone like her, someone who built that division and started it and you know after all these years I can get so excited about a fight and so awesome and you mentioned Brian Ortega early last month you said you were interested in doing a fight it was a hit in April is there any update on that or could we see a Korean Zombie Ortega fight all things considered what happened? yeah probably that fight probably the Dom I guess I don't remember exactly everything you know all these things in my head that we're working on right now we literally have fights done to the finish so we like what we have?
Hall me what oh yeah we have fights done till international fight week so I'm out of my head right now I don't know thank you thank you right in the middle yes ma'am hi so obviously you're interested in the chinese market for Zhang and her really becoming a bigger superstar there but you also said there is a pattern you follow and basically making stars out of some of these wrestlers what would be next in that pattern for you for Whaley it will probably take her to Madison Square Garden in New York and then also for the two women to be taken to the hospital they are going to be suspended for a certain period of time who knows what their injuries are who is there for a and for b so who could we Look below, in that strawweight division, you've got Tatianna out there.
Obviously, Rose is also looking to return, right? Rose is fighting, wrote Rosen and Roger fighting. I don't know, we'll see how the thing plays out, obviously the fight between Rose and Raja has to happen and these two have to heal. Hey buddy, hey, Dana, how are you kind of looking ahead? a month ago whatever saying he wanted to be first to fight at Allegiant Stadium how does that work with you and badeen and those guys with the Raiders schedule and NFL schedule and trying to be first combat sport? in that in that new Allegiant itself how well thought out I don't want to be first I never wanted to be first I wasn't the first to run out and get a TV contract I wasn't the first That I wanted to be right I wanted to be successful, like this that I'm not taking an event there until I know it's big enough to go to that stadium and it can actually be very successful, so you know I can't look to the future and say oh these fights are definitely going to happen, it's all determined by whether the guys win or lose and as the guys continue to win build the next fight and build the next fight and we'll see what's next you know and Connor we're trying to figure out if he wants to fight again or if he's going to wait or what's going to happen then I really don't have any answers and you have to see what happens with Habeeb and Tony but if that plays out Connor vs.
Habib will be the biggest fight in d sports history e bout. Speaking of the UFC will he ever beat Floyd vs Conor thank you very good thank you guys I really appreciate it have a good time.

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