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Dak Prescott’s response to Trevon Diggs' trash talk: ‘That’s iron sharpening iron’ | NFL | SPEAK

Aug 04, 2023
oh um, what are the words I'm going to have to say respectfully, of course, disagree and once again warn everyone to please not


to me this way? I don't think words are words, but they ask me Shady, do you like Dak Prescott?


to this



. I mean, I'm going to say yes, because as a quarterback they're forced to recruit to a standard, they're always trying to be the bigger man trying to get away, you know, he's trying to diffuse the problem. they could have had on the field and I understand the competition part a little bit.
dak prescott s response to trevon diggs trash talk that s iron sharpening iron nfl speak
I don't really understand the similar words part, like it's hard for me to watch a quarterback from a guy like that, Prescott. Who is he? I would say he is the face of the franchise. A guy like Jalen hurts. I don't see anyone saying those kinds of words to their leader, their captain and then to James, could you


about this. I mean, I'm sure you do. I've never seen someone, you know what Aaron Rodgers told him to shut us up, oh, that doesn't happen, so I guess on the one hand it's like, yeah, I get it, the quarterback is trying to be the bigger man. , keep the team together, probably not.
dak prescott s response to trevon diggs trash talk that s iron sharpening iron nfl speak

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dak prescott s response to trevon diggs trash talk that s iron sharpening iron nfl speak...

I don't want fights, or arguments, you know, and another part, it's just words, words like if a grown man says certain words, other girls, men, there's always a consequence, you know, that situation was that there was no trust too, he just walked away, but others. It may not go so well, I'm telling you right now, so James, I love you to death, brother, don't you ever say that about me and I won't say that about you, okay, here we go buddy, we're good, I'm going to go When you're like that guy, we decided Joy wouldn't come looking for you like that and neither would we, we're all good, but Shay, we know how when you're at training camp you get into heated moments like this?
dak prescott s response to trevon diggs trash talk that s iron sharpening iron nfl speak
We have seen fights. Shady, right? I see fights, guys going crazy, right, sometimes they fight, sometimes, one on one, there's a lot of crazy things said, 15 minutes later, dusted off, hey, you know, I mean, we go back to practice, like this I understand what Dak Prescott is talking about. the number one defense, we, the number one offense, are going to attack them all every time we take this football field in training camp. Iron sharpens


, so hey, you can get some whenever you want, get some Trayvon Diggs and ditto, Trayvon Diggs. telling the deck that you guys are not for us and that's not going to happen.
dak prescott s response to trevon diggs trash talk that s iron sharpening iron nfl speak
I get it okay, but there's a fine line here we go, here we go, thank you, the truth in words, you know what I'm saying? You feel so comfortable saying that word too because you don't feel like he's not going to do anything. Oh, there are certain people you automatically know, like it's not even Finna. Try Bruh Bruh, so even in the heat of that moment, that will be your reaction. Wait, bro, wait, wait, wait, like we have to have some words and we have to handle this right now, like you're disrespecting the wrong person. Wait, I'm cool with the competition, but that's disrespectful bro, any other word you can get.
It occurred to me true, but that right there seemed like there was some truth at work, come on, come on, you know what I'm saying, video because the way he said it with the force is like he really felt that and wanted to do it. say that hey Jay, hey James, I was, I thought about this, I mentioned this yesterday. I want to ask you because you know you were in the locker room, you played with some of the best quarterbacks. My thing is when a player says something like that. right, it's like you've been waiting to say that and two is that you don't respect me as a player and how sometimes coaches might protect certain players, so let's say if everyone has a problem with a player, I can see the coach he protects the player enough and I feel like now that he got his money here at that level, man, you lost that Game Force against the Niners and I feel like that's where it really came from, like the respect part, do you feel that way?
I'm tripping, so number one, you're not tripping? Okay, okay, and then I was in some battles in training camp right when I was with the Raiders, we were fighting the Cowboys. I was not. I ended up in training camp. fights and all that with my own teammates, true, but it never occurred to me to use words or things like that, number two, it's competition, I've been there too. Aaron Rodgers and AJ Hawk are best friends, right, they used to have a competition in In practice, AJ Hawk once intercepted Aaron Rodgers. He was throwing the ball to Aaron Rodgers.
Sometimes Aaron would pick it up and throw it to her, but this is here. Somber joy. We both know when someone looks you in the face and says what. Trayvon Diggs just said, "Wait, wait, like that, that's fighting with words right there and I'm with Shady. This is not something that just happened walking in that practice here. This is something that Trayvon likes. It's Like I really felt this." Well, you know what I'm saying, they don't really respect that in that locker room because I'm telling you right now, the way it came out was like, bro, we don't care who you are, we don't care.
I don't care if you're the quarterback, shut up, you know what it is, although I have considered a third option, um, and this was before I heard this, this new story update, but I had considered this option before I heard Diggs was asked about this today and he said, stay out of our business. Zach is the leader of our team. Well, sorry, you play for the Cowboys. People will be in business. Jerry opens the door and leaves. Business came in so you're playing for the wrong team if you think we're not going to talk about this he was obviously on camera during training camp too so obviously it's impossible to stay out of business it's like someone would have slipped in. the house and is going through your


, however, the option I had considered because sometimes I think, wait a minute, I'm offended, I would, I would faint, I wouldn't, someone else would have to tell me what happened.
If someone told me this, there's a difference between talking trash and having a little competition and telling me to shut up, beep, beep, I'm not going to accept that request, however, what if I'm just an old chick, what if Am I just that old? dirt and this used to be an insult that required violence and it's not so serious anymore this is how kids talk to each other he's saying stay out of our business so what it is, this just isn't a series of insults I'm already making it clear yes please don't tell me this I want to be clear don't talk to me like this I'm going to react exactly how I feel about it but they're trying to do It seems like this is just a competitive thing for me when you say words or words yeah , some words are words and then some words are more than words, some words mean exactly what you say them and the tone in which you say them.
What I mean is what we call Shady we've all gotten older and this is an insult listen those words the way they use them are the same way you react in high school the same way you react in college and the same way you react in the NFL and you know the funny thing about Dallas fans, so I said what I said yesterday and since everyone wanted to talk about Josh Allen and Stefan Diggs, I'm thinking yeah, it seems like Stephan was bad. won't go into the ball or whatever he's putting his hands on the snack, but I can guarantee you, I can guarantee you that I wasn't calling him this or that and I wasn't doing that with him and I think part of it is that first of all They don't respect each other because we are teammates and the other part is that you are a man and I am a man and I value you as a man with respect and that is why when I say that I No, I don't know if they respect it in a certain way because they don't just the NFL players, but also the players in the locker room, we're talking about quarterbacks, not just any quarterback you're talking about, the franchise quarterback probably gets the most out of it. team and the cat who makes the most of the team and has been seen as a leader who is seen as a franchise guy, you never see this James played with Aaron Rodgers, Dave's players, no, I don't care what AJ Hall They're best friends or whatever.
I don't care how happy he gets about the interceptions. He won't tell everyone to shut up. You won't see any of the other big guys with Pastor Mahomes, Josh Allens and Joe. Burrows like, let's think about that for a second, although coaches might say, wait, wait, what are you saying? I guarantee you that this and the Cowboys locker room after this video came out and everyone's talking about it and you see the level of respect between the "Two guys had a meeting after they had all the time in camp. Have you guys practiced?" , you had lunch and you had a meeting and you probably said without saying it like "Hey guys, you know, we're fighting together." We're fighting hard but we have to respect each other, we're a team and all this and all that and they say that because you can't show that your franchise player is being disrespected like that in front of the team, because even if you felt that way or thought this, you're not going to say it until someone says it and then when they say that you're like, oh well, he feels what he feels like.
I feel and nothing happened when he said it, I could say it next, so don't be surprised if you see another video on the surface that doesn't pick the man you're pitching, that could happen, could happen first, first, first, with the enemy, enemy, right, this is an altercation that I'm trying to wait out, like it's okay. He's got a Cincinnati Bengals helmet on, he's got a Philadelphia Eagles helmet on because that's something you say to one of those Philly players or something in the heat of the game, you know what I'm saying, you're in the dressing room.
I don't care if it's CD Lamb I don't care who was in this video on the offensive side of the ball that Trayvon Diggs was also saying this that's your brother that's your teammate wait bro like the disrespect you're talking about that that en It's not going to fall, yes, it will be a meeting with you and me in the locker. You know what I'm saying. I don't need any team meetings. It will be a friend meme to say that I don't respect him. That's why I'm sitting here saying and I'm still watching the video and the force with which he said it, you can say it, be honest, you can say it, hey man, that's been on his mind, you know what I'm saying, that's how You feel like that's how I feel.
I'm saying I'm not going to put words to Trayvon, man, but what he said and the force with which he came out shut you up. You know what I'm saying, in the game that came up, he gave it to me. a look down like when he said how and what it is. Anyway anyone coming at you like that shut up oh hey that's a problem and if it's a teammate then this ain't the enemy bro that's a problem and this is something that's how you feel the way he's doing it that's how you feel I don't care what anyone says no you're not putting words in his mouth the words were in his mouth we heard him say how he feels about Dak Prescott right there he should have put it in , I should have done the hand too, not even worse, it's so hard.
I know, I don't know, maybe we all got older. It's not such a big deal anymore to call someone that, but I just want, I want to reiterate, please don't. Don't do it, please, no, please don't make me, don't put me in this position. Subscribe here to receive the latest from Speak and check out some segments from our other shows on FS1.

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