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Dad Sews A Pillowcase - Epic Fail at 18:30

Jun 01, 2021
this is how it works with shows ok this is our first episode of the project dad




now historically a


is supposed to be the easiest project because its just a simple bag but what Why should I make things easy for my first project? I decided to sew a Sausage Roll French Seam Pillowcase that I saw on YouTube at Crafty Gemini you can watch it right here ok now this is a little more intense than sewing a regular pillowcase because you have 3 pieces of fabric and all the seams are hidden now. I didn't record myself cutting through fabric, but I probably should have, so you could have watched me for 2 minutes trying to figure out why this wouldn't cut because I didn't realize I had a lock, yeah.
dad sews a pillowcase   epic fail at 18 30
That security is for morons and I tried that it should be there fine so I already have cut my main piece is this Batman fabric believe it or not this is for my daughter Melina she loves Batman the great detective and wants to be when she grows up like she always says a cop dad i'm going to be a cop when i grow up well this one's for my daughter melina there's also a blue cuff and there's a red accent piece now you gotta iron all your cloth heck i didn't even know the press didn't i was running an iron back and forth across the fabric until last week press means to press the iron on the fabric and not run it back and forth because it stretches it.
dad sews a pillowcase   epic fail at 18 30

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dad sews a pillowcase epic fail at 18 30...

I didn't know yes, it's in the name. press, but I wasn't smart enough to figure that out, plus as you can see I rarely iron so the main piece of fabric is cut 24 inches leave Selfridges Selfridges what's that word Selfridges? first i thought they were saying suffrage and i thought it had to do with the suffragette movement and all the women pricking their fingers with needles and then i realized a lot of the tailors back then were men so that wasn't true and then I thought it was Selfridge as the guy from the Jeremy Piven PBS show I don't know people these terms are new to me and they're driving me crazy but a Selfridge is the piece at the end of the fabric when they cut it at the fabric store it's that little white strip which by the way is not on all pieces of fabric.
dad sews a pillowcase   epic fail at 18 30
I'm figuring things out, ok, the main piece is 24 inches, the cuff is 12 inches, and the accent piece is 2 inches. Now I have to finish pressing this. Press this piece in the middle and I have to say I have four children, I have diapered two of them as we adopted the first two at 3:00 and at 5:00 my three year old has a kidney disorder and my five year old well when i adopted him in my five year old he tested me everyday by lying and i have to tell you folding this little piece of decorative fabric and trying to straighten it and iron it is probably the hardest thing i've ever done in my life this includes learning how to handle a stick imagining my life with two teenage daughters yes this is the hardest thing i've ever done i doubt it straight up i really don't believe it ink it's even cut correctly it's crooked all over it I look but I'm going to try because my misery is for your benefit you can enjoy watching Daddy Zoe's and maybe watch me destroy another sewing machine, okay?
dad sews a pillowcase   epic fail at 18 30
Now this self-healing mat is plastic and I'm already starting to imagine I'm not supposed to press things on it because the heat is already starting to bubble up. If there's anything special I need to press leave it in the comments below ok I'm going to straighten all this fabric out so you can get a good look at it and then we'll be back right away ok I've got my fabric laid out so you want to lay the fabric all the way over your table. you take your accent piece with the raw edge and you put it right on the edge of your fabric and if you want you can put a little pin here now you want to do it lengthwise so it comes out nice well that was the first puncture on daddy oohs you could think it's the second one now you're going to pin the very far s because you're going to do a magical little sausage roll to get all those hidden seams and now you place the other piece, the cuff, along the edge you want to put the side nice down but my side is blue on both sides I'm a newbie.
I can't really tell if there is a better side or not, so I just went with the edge that looks darker. ok i'll take this one and put it that way too now i have two opinions on daddy soz on the one hand i really like


s i would love to


so you can have a little laugh and i can make a new destructive video but i also want to hit my girl a really amazing pillowcase and there's nothing better than handing your girl the perfect gift and then having her snuggle next to her dad on the couch so if all fails I'm totally happy with it and you'll see it from fail to completion but I'm also crossing my fingers and hoping this goes well after you have the thing fully immobilized you raise your fist then roll the main material into a sausage roll like they say ok then we flip this I think I need to decide that once again, I will say it. you this is kind of hard to do at least on the little table i'm working on and trying to give it a good view too right now we flip all of this together smooth out the edges and then reattach because we're gonna do it like this that now everything is uneven at the end, but that's not going to matter because we're supposed to cut it after we sew it all together.
I'm going to try to hold this from time to time. now i have regretted everything vertically instead of horizontally like we had it and its all tucked away in the roll now why i decided to go with a french seam sausage roll good for one is because i thought i was going big or going big home and if i fail a lot it's better for you and my views but the real reason i didn't want to have to rethread my machine if you watched video number one you realize using this automatic threader is a headache and i didn't want to have to go through it again so soon with the hidden seam it didn't matter if i used white thread yellow red pink it doesn't matter because it doesn't have to match if all the projects had hidden seams ok now you're supposed to sew this with the quarter inch margin I don't really know what that means because I've never taken a lesson before, but I see there are quarter inch markers on the machine.
I'm not afraid to admit that I'm a little scared. I'm not sure you get it right. I can already tell it's crooked and I pinned it real bad and also my cut is very very crooked but as the first few projects go I'm hoping this doesn't suck well it really is a crooked crooked cut. and i probably didn't put enough pins it goes faster better probably not oh th in a quarter inch the thing isn't happening ah ok i can already feel underneath this fabric is lifted but i'm going to keep going because my girl does a lot as he'll appreciate an awesome pillowcase he's also very forgiving except when he comes to his little brother because he wants to hit with the real cane I bought him for his cop halloween costume ok let's step on the pedal and go because Jeremy Clarkson says more speed, I really have a bad feeling about this, I think I've already not only sown a really crooked line, but I also think some of the stuff that's rolled on the sausage has been backstitched.
I know I have to cut this out, so I really don't know. how much back stitch wow that's crooked ok i'm going to flip the foot up i'm going to take this out i'm going to cut it with these handy-dandy Fisker trimmers ok let's see what we got probably the most crooked ones see there's also a loop sticking out of what which I know is bad I don't know why it happened I don't know if the machines threaded wrong if I went too fast this is horrible but you know it's a pillowcase so let's go ahead and get the material out this is what you're supposed to do now if this doesn't come out it probably means I sewed the inside of the sausage roll wrong you saw the videos on youtube they always make it look easy now that's because they've been doing it for a long time but it's also because they cut out all the bad stuff.
I told you I would let you see my flaws if they happened and I mean you can see all the sewing flaws. no yeah wait ok now im tempted to go home right now but there you go i got my accent color my cuff and piece of fabric all set now let's move on to the next step and i'm i'm going to move my camera ok now looking at the stitching work i did is really horrible but i have to admit i'm a little pleased i'm pretty happy with how well it turned out the first time.
I trimmed all the edge ridges with a quarter inch. I'm not sure I made a good quarter inch margin but I came up short on the other side look this isn't going to come out perfect the first time but it trims all these jagged edges now all you have to do is take your sausage roll, previous sausage roll, previous sausage roll and you want to match these bits match these to make it look like the red accent line goes all the way around now I think I'm supposed to press it on this point i can already tell how wrong i did because the blue and red on this part doesn't even match the blue and red on this side but i'll do it folks ok i think you need to push this first and then you want to set it to this side and then pin the other side as well and then you're going to sew all the way around with a seam allowance and if you think you were doing it backwards because you're sewing on the front, you're not doing it because you're going to flip it over and then hide the cos ture later so I'm going to pin this real quick and then we'll come back to stitching stitching step number two okay now we have our fabric pinned with our edge okay our accent piece lined up on this end as nicely as I could I said it's very obvious that I did an uneven job sewing I grew up thinking of you too You could leave the pins in the machine while you sew, I'm just sure I saw my mother when she was buttoning my pants leave the pin in when she sewed.
I also remember going to school with clenched fists, so maybe that's part of the problem. I'm going to put my foot down and start sewing. I think you're supposed to do another room assignment. There's my brand room. Oh no, yeah that's the fourth brand. I've been doing everything completely wrong. off let's put our foot on the treadle as they say and start sewing if you see me doing something here that is completely wrong and you are not a novice seamstress Taylor please leave a comment below and I would be very interested to hear from you I am also very interested in improve I want to improve in sewing that is one of the points of dad's sewing is not only for failures, but also to improve sales. making a good quarter-seam allowance.
I'm trying to keep it as even as possible, which seems almost impossible to me. Right now, I'm coming around the corner now in the sneaky Gemini. She said this was pretty easy. She just leaves the needle down. and i pulled the pin or the foot up hey guess what i forgot to do when i started sewing backwards ok hopefully it doesn't matter ok i don't think i went far enough this is going to be tricky folks. I'm going to keep going I'm going to put the foot down and keep sewing a little bit The little bit you know I'm going to do I'm going to do that backstitch thingy here just to come back to where I think like a quarter I don't really know I'm going to lift the foot up I'm going to turn it like she said yes it's pretty easy to do but how well is it going to turn out that's the question ok now i do a backstitch here.
I don't want the stitching to be too thick because you want it tucked inside the pillowcase so let's just put the throttle down and get these pins out and as fast as a man ok that was a bad idea gone awry oh really. when do you get the pins out of yours just as he gets there you go as fast as i go slow i've seen different people do it in different ways and i think a lot of it has to do with skill which is inherent but i don't have it but it's Well, they say practice makes a perfect ten thousand hours, although 10,000 hours on the sewing machine is starting to scare me.
I don't know if I'll have all my fingers and maybe even my toes intact when it's done right. We are reaching the final stretch. You're looking at dad, so a pillowcase for the first time, oh. oh that went terribly wrong okay I really don't know if I'm supposed to sew this or not I'm just going to do it okay executive decision okay lift your foot use these handy Fisker scissors these things are amazing by the way every man in the garage is always looking for a sharp pair of scissors sewing scissors that tasted good here is my sewing is horrible too maybe you can see the loop sticking out here is half the width of my finger so that's a bad sign excuse me we're supposed to take this out now guys if you're watching daddy sew you saw me fail because you're supposed to sew this side and this one side and I've sewn the entrance of the pillow board cut to the scene of failure the reason why bad things happen to you isbecause you're a dummy-dumb you see what you did you're stupid stupid stupid sir see these 'they know what' I'm saying burn burn are you seeing balloons boo I was saying bloons right now how many of you were yelling at your screen idiot are you sewing all the your pillowcase yes i'm an idiot but how many of you admit it how many of you didn't even realize it yeah that's because the sewing thing is hard now what we have to do is trim the excess on this piece , all this extra fabric next to where we cut we need to trim let me move my camera for you oh yeah you can see my trim now ok we're going to get rid of all this extra just a little bit to the side of the seam I'm sure which I'm supposed to do a quarter inch. but I really don't know if that's going to work because I did such a lopsided job sewing this so what I'm trying to do is just stay the same distance from my seam which I'll tell you is going to be hard ok security this fisker cutting wheel is really awesome because i just don't think it's going to cut through all these layers of fabric like i do a bad job there but it does things on camera you can't go wrong that way ok now i'm going to cut this out now, i got really close to my stitching, my stitching, which is really very poor, poorly done, there's the fabric, okay, we throw that on the floor and have my son clean it up later, now we're going to turn this around and then this is where the french jean comes in we sew along our seam and then our seams should be hidden now the trick i saw in haha ​​i already cut one of my seams so hopefully we can get this to work again anyway the trick what e saw in the crafty Gemini was to roll the seam and your fingers and that would help this pops out or flattens so you can sew it but I haven't had any luck k since I cut the seam on the end I'm just going to iron this we'll give it one more pass of stitching ok i've turned everything inside out and pressed it real fast not a big job now i'm going to try to stitch this right inside the seam we already have and if you have a lopsided look like mine , that'll be a Jim I'll make sure our camera is lined up here so you can see my blindfold and see for yourself that it's hideous and then I'm going to sew the final stitch on our Sausage Roll French Seam Pillowcase I Got Caught with that thing again this little metal adjustment knob sticking out of the sewing machine it's a horrible horrible death trap ok i'm going to start i'm going back to sewing now the reason i'm re-sewing everything is because I heard it was good to do it, but B, this it is a pillowcase for my daughter, she is seven years old. she destroys most of what she gets her hands on i mean think about it my daughter would love a batman pillowcase her favorite oh man she's going through a really thick scene in there with all that fabric together i just hope she gets hold together she wants she loves batman she's not hanging around let's go and her favorite stuffed animal is a bat bear we have to build a bear when we went to build a bear my wife showed her the whole store and she just looked at batman and said i want that and my wife said are you sure you don't want to at least try a princess bear this time or Care Bear I don't know anything sweet no I want that and she didn't go for this pretty blue and gray Batman like the one I have in this case pillow no she went for the christian bale batman begins all black batman and that's her bat bear she sleeps with him every night she wants to be a crime fighter and she wants the best crime fighter in the world to come with her for the night right now it's easier to sew without having to pull these pins out i appreciate that but i also know my stitching is so lopsided that i'm not sure i'm really doing the best job of staying within that scene now we're getting to the corner that, like i said before you're supposed to leave the needle down and then lift your foot and turn, yeah that didn't work oh i did Don't leave the needle down.
Look, it's actually key to listen and then follow three things. Boy my son will laugh when he sees this because I've told him a million times in the three years since we adopted him. ok come on we're going home how many of you have already commented on the video that I was a jerk for sewing the pillowcase through which you put your pillow through and honestly that was the only flaw? i even went into my mind i thought of all the things that could go wrong one was i sewed my finger together and the second was i got frustrated and totally destroyed this machine but sewing over the hole the pillow goes in honestly doesnt even even entered.
I'm going to stitch back here like I said not sure if I'm the smartest thing to do but I know my little girl is going to destroy this so pull it out that back stitch actually wasn't that bad now let's see if the seams are actually hidden like they are supposed to be. Hey, look. in that it's not the worst I've ever seen it's the best oh I can already see the problems in general no you can't see the white thread I had here's a quick shot on this camera and there we go you can' Now I don't see the seams.
Can you see some of the threads sticking out? Yes, can you see any of the fabric where it was cut? and voila, I'll be able to get my daughter a pretty decent Batman pillowcase, so thanks for watching this episode, dad shows off a pillowcase, please share it with your friends, if only so they can see me sew the opening end. of this pillowcase and then watch our failed assembly please go back to daddy says that every week we will have new projects and new fun videos for those who so next week we will even have a video called 5 things I learned while shopping as a dad in a sewing store thanks for watching our video don't forget to click subscribe it's right there it's so easy just click subscribe and see you next time.

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