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Dad Reacts to Plain Potatoes Compilation! (Cops Called)

May 08, 2020
you guys what are you guys I'm nine years old and I'm a dad and welcome to cube animation today we're here playing daddy


you don't know what that is isn't true I'm pretty sure a lot of you know what that is guys so I guess you probably don't they're on twitter or anything but there's this guy who walks around with this camera and he basically likes to mess with people to get our reaction and basically he's pretty funny I think he's funny like him. heroes some people sometimes sometimes pushes it like there's some videos where it's like oh but I think they're really really funny it's really funny so I think you're going to enjoy it okay so before Before we get into that video, he likes me, will you?
dad reacts to plain potatoes compilation cops called
We haven't hit it on the walk. We can hit 10,000 likes that's 10,000 of you guys hit that like button below without further ado let's go 3 2 1 No no haircut on my head I don't know wait look what everyone is doing looking I know his sweat is very ugly everyone is not okay she didn't want to do it he is a little drunk dark most of us you are harassing me and everyone in this restaurant please leave me alone go to the nose the only point you almost broke my phone screen stop stop you look like you look like the zombies from I am Legend why don't you get out of business?
dad reacts to plain potatoes compilation cops called

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dad reacts to plain potatoes compilation cops called...

I'm playing, why don't you play this now? Look what you did transporter man you just kicked my ass as transporter man and you look just like him why are you here huh why isn't your hairline oh before I go I just want to let everyone know I thought that this was my neighborhood i got you it's ok if i call you dad health point of view i think he's not completely thinking clearly ok dark wait that's what you're saying because if not i'm worried he'll get hurt no It's gonna hurt nobody, but somebody's gonna get it out, oh yeah no you gotta stop this, you gotta stop this so make it right. what did you ask me to want to hurt you for anyone else darkness darkness what does that mean look at it to me that's our concern that's the point i should stop cause it's no longer fun when they catch the Popo it's no fun no i don't care how well you think It's not funny, no, and I get what you're saying, but it's kind of funny, although hey, it's this Peter, it's just because he knows that he knows that they're relieved, I think it confuses them a little bit, but they really can't. pretend he's not doing anything, yeah, but it's all when you, when you pull a practical joke, that's what he's doing, yeah, he knows he's pushing it over the edge, but once they call the police, it's no fun or things start to break or people start to put their hands on you it's no fun yeah maybe i don't know you're interrupting me oh my god you can catch this man you're just watching this happen tell him to leave me alone who did you braids we know we will come back there later just tony hawk uh don't leave me alone uh yeah a the breeze blew here right now i think you were holding back you needed yourself you know just eat a couple eat some noodles or something gain some weight uh stop stop stop oh who's your dentist that's the one that's really ruining tonight yeah yeah yeah sure sure why do you keep talking to me man I was just letting her know if a breeze came in here she ripped in half, she is as thin as a snake it's a twig branch that's salt if my mom said go grab a twig so she can beat us with it.
dad reacts to plain potatoes compilation cops called
I'll go get her so let me understand this she insulted me because of my breath you're insulting her what's the point what's your game you're recording everyone trying to measure their insults here your reactions to your insults is that your game is did you notice I don't know what, I'm just a dentist and I'm trying to fix your teeth. avoid that question because someone is calling you out for being a bully in the middle of a rest house to someone who is very observant yeah you overlooked brushing your teeth this morning we keep going back to square one what the hell is it happening?
dad reacts to plain potatoes compilation cops called
Colgate Colgate Crest Aquafresh Arm & Hammer anything I don't even know what the hell I'm talking about ma'am right now look good calm down please have a nice day Tony up have a nice day sir making a documentary about nose piercings no I can film what are you? what is your problem? I'm going to like your nails I don't care oh it's okay what's wrong with you this is what happens at home husband nothing like husband get away from me because I thought this was my head who is that touch is very generation get that damn dinosaur out of me face I'm going to cry you want to see an adult man cry today I have no opinion on that you know nothing it's that you don't know what you want not to want and that's why you will continue being a child child excuse me oh you said they wouldn't be why would you call that's my daddy that's my daddy oh well why would you do that why would you do that sorry daddy i didn't mean to do this don't take my D s man my Z this this is that crazy lady right she's so Daddy's love is stiff, you give tough love to your daddy, huh, are you raising me right?
I like it though now, hey look. he hasn't had any problems yet so oh this is coming though you know it's coming i mean he's not really doing he's just trolling he's stupid that's all yeah but all let me tell you something he has to learn that there is a point where he has to stop, yeah yeah cause when they call the police you know all I have to do is Lyle and you and you get the wrong cop to come to you yeah some of the things some of the things he says are funny yeah , pushes everything. the way to let me imagine that catches that cop honestly gets you if you get the right cop who's had a bad day all day and then has to come deal with you and you're cracking wise jokes and he's not willing to do it he first thing he wants to do is punch you somewhere now that you've accepted a joke and now you're in jail yeah but to be honest he's got his camera yeah but the camera the camera saves you no no the camera saves you later when you smack your ass in the growl yeah yeah i don't know but the camera does save you though yeah and those


ain't gonna be stupid with the camera on him it's ok you back that you want to kill me you go ahead but you wanna back that please oh that was that it was beautiful thank you appreciate it your phone don't be mad right you're messing with your phone what's going if you spill on my phone i'll be honored if you don't have money for you man he just does random things yeah can i help you with something more or less? nothing, don't belittle my work, but don't worry, soon we will have a lot of colored invoices, so unpleasant.
Uh dammit, can I enjoy my lunch? you eat daddy daddy you're not enjoying this huh i'm not asking about your eating habits sir i'm just trying to enjoy my lunch drinking but it's friday it's time for you to go i mean i need you to calm the dark i don't know miss snit don't record why he's armed so long looks like a skinny grew out of Despicable Stop talking to me this is bullying this is bullying sir put away your fucking iPhone talk to me like that again and I'll call you 9-1-1 that's your fucking iPhone oh , you are bad.
I'm not playing on your ass per minute right now, but what's really amazing is that people don't tolerate people bottling it up if you annoy people. you're seeing it they'll call the police just like that and the police have other ngs to deal with but we've gotten used to it in this country to call the police on everything or anything yeah and this is a perfect example that I haven't seen Wow, Amy survives now, can you send someone here? What is that on your necklace? You're eating powdered donuts, dammit, get a better haircut. I sweat here, talk to me.
I think I need you to calm down. are you ok please go you have to go and go to the nearest CVS and buy some crest your breath stinks your wife use your head as a mirror yes or no thats racist you like to be known for hundreds of years there are iranian people the italians persians they are greasy, greasy, this is unheard of. Did you know that darkness? I thought this was my neighborhood. It's ours. It is not a single person. hid what don't cry it's ok just walk away listen no wanda sykes she said stay away i thought this was my neighborhood what a neighborhood darkness wait now you can take the racing card darkness come on guys honey boo boo unfollow me please go away ugly white ugly black go away okay oh so they have small dicks no i promise i don't have a small dick you do i could show you wanna see sure go ahead take it out you're weird yes they have small dick cause they can not lay down correctly, so stupid things like this are going to be done.
I can't lie down properly. What left me out? Are you saying right now? you spit on me four times she's been on them tastes like a lot of digging even something big lately put away the knife you have to stick the knife in me now you're going to stab me for the life of me excuse me could you just walk away are you following me how am i threatening your life? Yo, now you're crazy, I knew you were crazy by the way you put on your lipstick, but now this just shows it, just put the knife away, what are you, Batman, what are you doing in my life?
You have to upload all this. shopping list you're an assistant manager at Sprint you don't have all this mall but I have the right to throw you out of the store I have the right to call a doctor you just spit on me and you have herpes give me herpes what is it that your lip hurts this is a guy who hit you this regardless came true this is a guy who will go to jail at some point if once he goes to jail he will stop downstairs to get charged but i have no idea but the police will find a charge yes nuisance nuisance rape some they have a charge in the book there is a book your gums will use this and that is what they are going to do to it and then it will stop i start if you saw me fight if i kiss you if you touch me in any way no if i kiss you just answer the question just say if you kiss me i'll hit you if you touch me i know what they'll say if you kiss me so you'll let me kiss you so if i accept you some of his parodies some of his things that annoy people are a couple of them are funny but once a catch the police, all jokes should be off the man, if you threaten, call the police, he should tell you what he's doing, drive him to the edge, drive him to the edge and all. the thing is, hopefully he doesn't have that cop pushing him over the edge the day he gets there and gets his hands on him and then you know when he takes my time they get the movie back on the phone. yeah it'll be a couple of days and he'll be in jail for a couple of days like it happens on a friday he and I can go out on monday yeah so he's ok guys hope you guys enjoy the video. to make sure you leave a thumbs up everyone have a wonderful day thanks for stopping by appreciate the love see you guys

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