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Dad Keeps His DAUGHTER’S HIGH IQ Secret, What Happens Next Is Shocking | Dhar Mann Studios

Apr 19, 2024
That's amazing Ella, you're going to win the school competition for sure, not just the school, you should totally participate in the


state competition, it's


ever, don't let Stacy get to you, yeah, she's just jealous that since you transferred here you got all the attention hey guys look at my project yeah thanks that wasn't cool Stacy yeah


are you going to do about it? I'd love to have a forest battle with you, but it wouldn't be fair, you're obviously unarmed. Are you going to pay for that? Ella, what's going on here? Who did this to you?
dad keeps his daughter s high iq secret what happens next is shocking dhar mann studios
Stacy, you can come in now, Mr. Diaz, look at Principal Stevens. I am very sorry for Ella's behavior. I don't know, I don't need to apologize. Don't know. After reviewing the camera footage and speaking with several students, he was clearly in self-defense. Oh, okay, why did you call me? Well, I want to talk about Ella's academic performance. Isn't she doing well in school? I mean, she's only been here a week. It can't be that bad, in fact it's quite the opposite. A+ A+ A+ A+ is extraordinary. I have never seen a student excel so quickly, which is why I think she needs to be sent to a school for the gifted and talented.
dad keeps his daughter s high iq secret what happens next is shocking dhar mann studios

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dad keeps his daughter s high iq secret what happens next is shocking dhar mann studios...

No, thanks. to keep her exactly where she is she needs to get that? Excuse me, is there anything else? Mr. Diaz. I don't think she understands that she is so much more advanced than any other fourth grader. If the problem is money, they have a great money program. That's not the problem, I just don't want to put her in any other class, that's all but Dad. I have made my final decision. She was now in the middle of a job and she really needed the money, so I have to go. man, please extend my apologies to Stacy's mom once again.
dad keeps his daughter s high iq secret what happens next is shocking dhar mann studios
Oh, good morning, Mrs. Stewart. I would like Ella to sit in her class for the rest of the day. Oh, did she just go trans for a yes? Recently, she is in fourth grade, but I want to. to see how she's doing in fifth, she's okay honey, take a seat, it's okay, I'll talk to you later and I'd like you to go ahead and fill this out as best you can, don't worry if you can't answer anything. and don't worry about time because everyone else started before you, you did well, so now, be careful, make sure you start here, here, done, oh, you have to try to solve all the problems, okay, I did it , I've finished now.
dad keeps his daughter s high iq secret what happens next is shocking dhar mann studios
Wow, have you ever seen one of these before? It's called the Rubric Cube and the goal is to get these same colored squares all on the same side just by rotating it. Test it. I'm so sorry, my work was delayed. That's fine thanks. you for seeing it you are Mrs. Stewart I'm Ella's new fifth grade teacher, fifth grade, but she's in fourth grade. Principal Steven thought it would be a good idea to see how she does with slightly older kids. I specifically told Director Stevens that he wanted to keep it. her in the same class that wouldn't do her any favors she's too advanced I can hardly keep her interested in my class just please give her back She come on honey, let's go Mr.
Diaz, is it possible to talk to Mrs. Diaz? I know. This is a big decision, but is it possible to get the information from Ella's mother? Mrs. D is no longer here. Oh, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have assumed that. I'm sorry, why don't you dance with me, honey, dad? Can I participate in the Lego contest? there's a grand prize of $5,000 Legos are fine all you have to do is play and build things right M except in this one there's a time limit so it's like a competition to look smarter and then No, I do not understand.
Why don't you ever let me do competitions, skip grades, or go to special classes? I don't want to get into this again Ella, you're 9 years old, instead of worrying about competitions, you should live enjoying your childhood, you know? What your mom would have wanted, that's my girl now, how about we have some fun on the beach and watch the sunset? Okay, dad, come on, dad. Did you brush your teeth with dental floss? Did you wash your face? I'm so proud of you, darling. I was thinking tomorrow after school what if we went to buy ice cream, but I thought we don't have money for that.
Who told you that's not true? And even if we didn't have it, I will always have enough to buy your ice. cream good night darling I love you very much good night dad, you know what to do so that you are in our class again. I think it's great, I miss you, okay kids, now you'll have 30 minutes to finish this test, okay, good luck, come on in. She graded Ella's test and 100% are you kidding on an advanced


school exam, we call it this girl is special, are you going to call her dad and tell her no?
He doesn't seem convinced that we need to find a way to show it to him. he how brilliant she is some objective proof daddy look I'm in the newspaper I told you she was special why would you do this do you realize that kind of problem this is going to cost this is going to cost getting in the car Ella, now we're leaving home, you can't deny she's a special girl, gold always shines, Mr. Diaz, no matter how much you cover it up, it didn't go as planned, you should be proud of me, I'm proud of you, I just didn't do it.
I want to attract too much attention, that's all, that's why we moved here. I'm sorry honey. I know this is very difficult and new for me too, but together we will figure it out. Okay, as soon as I get out of this. Let's go buy ice cream, don't think I forgot, there is too much sugar in ice cream. I've been calling you, yeah, sorry, we've been so busy with the move, it's a struggle, I can see there's a reason. you're here I came to see my grand


and congratulate her in person you have a great mind like your mom you know she was also in the newspaper when she was 10 I'm nine oh that's even better you know the youngest child graduated from Harvard at 13 years old, you have a chance to beat She doesn't need to break any records now.
Your excuses, Commander, you know, Arthur, if you keep me away from my grand


, I might file for custody. Ella, honey, go wait inside, what exactly are you doing? Do you want Ella to be with me so I can take care of her and if it's not going well she can spend the weekends with me so I'm sorry but that's not happening either well I'm sure a judge would rather Ella be with her well off grandmother than with his father who doesn't have a job and is being evicted from his apartment. I mean, what's the problem with me taking Ella under my wing?
I did a pretty good job with my daughter, I mean, her. She graduated


school at 12, she got a PhD at 18 and she was even constantly depressed and I took pills when she was 28, all because of the pressure you were putting on her. Actually, you're not blaming me, yeah. See how ever since Patty was a little girl you never let her be a real little girl? You always put a lot of pressure on her to do well in school and grow up too fast. Patty was never able to do any of the things other children could do. do while everyone else her age was playing and having fun, you forced her to work constantly, yes she advanced faster but what you didn't see was the impact it was having on her mental health, she became so depressed and that depression only increased.
She got worse as she got older, so much so that she became addicted to taking painkillers because she felt like a constant disappointment to you and eventually that pain ended up taking her life, so see if it weren't for the pressure you were putting on her. Patty, she may still be with us today, you know, before she died, she made me promise to let Ella be a kid and just have fun and not put as much pressure on her as you did, which is why I'm so protective of Ella. That's gold, pure gold Arthur blaming me for my daughter's death, how dare you?
Did you know this is hard for me too? I didn't know she was taking pills, but clearly you knew, it was your responsibility to make sure she did. I didn't drive, it was too late when I found out. I only found out after reading her diary. Daily, it doesn't even matter. I'll settle for alternate weekends. It's either that or we can go to court and we both know you don't. I do not have money for that. Oh, why are we here again? Well, Professor Xavier is one of the best mathematics professors at Harvard. He met your mother when she was just a child and helped her.
I want to see if he can help you too. don't play with it you'll break it ah Janet it's good to see you pleasure and you must be She you look like your mother I'm sorry again for everything that happened well thank you teacher but She not only looks like Patty, she also has talent like her. She was hoping you could size her up and tell me what you think. Well, how about we try the problem on the board here? Don't worry, it's not surprising that she can't figure it out. I just gave it to my PhD students and they couldn't solve it either it's not a problem inside the answer it's inside the question M who wrote this forgot the negative sign in the exponent now I'll be easy to solve dad I missed you oh I I missed you too , honey, hey, go change, okay, I'll take you to the movies, yes, to the movies.
I hope it's at least a documentary. I introduced Ella to a Harvard professor today and he was very impressed with her and wants to work with her regularly. I asked her if she could be part of a summer program that she wouldn't be at all. No, I won't allow it. She needs to be with me and be a girl. Well, I don't think you have much choice, don't forget. I'm sorry about your situation, can you help me with something? You know you really weren't right, it was my fault She doesn't have to go to Harvard or any other special school, she could just be a girl, I promise I won't interfere with her life I've already ruined enough ready She honey I have a great news for you you don't have to go see that professor anymore and you don't have to go to Harvard during the summer he said no I don't want to and time I think the answer is clear eloin congratulations thank you you were amazing honey oh congratulations I was talking to you dad and he agreed to let you go to that school I was telling you about I couldn't help it If I tried, gold always shines no matter how much you cover it.
I spoke to the head of Admissions and they have an opening right now if you want to go see it. M. Actually, Dad, can we go somewhere else? I was being a baby. Strawberry, that will cost $22 $22, jeez. I remember when ice cream was a dollar a scoop, here you go, dad, have it, I'm sure, okay, well, we're eating ice cream. Thank you so much. Ella, grandma, do you think you could? Show me how, how about we just enjoy our ice cream?

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