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D'Andre Swift's CAREER NIGHT Lifts Eagles Past Vikings [FULL RECAP] | CBS Sports

Sep 15, 2023
44th pass attempt of the


for an armed and sore Kirk Cousins ​​will come with a ninth a Hail Mary gets a lot of juice behind the six but that one unfortunately falls to the ground was Justin Jefferson obviously aimed at Jefferson passing over a buck 50 for the second game in a row but no touchdowns for the star receiver and in the end it's the Eagles 34 the Vikings 28 2-0 on one side Owen two on the other okay, let's analyze it Emery Hunt in the studio Tyler Sullivan In the Mix it up guys, a Interesting ball game, lots of eye-catching numbers came out of it, but not the cleanest 60 minutes of football.
d andre swift s career night lifts eagles past vikings full recap cbs sports
Emery, as you evaluate the Eagles right now, last week it wasn't really this opening argument against the Patriots and here again, not good quarters. A great game from start to finish, what do you think of the Eagles through eight quarters this season? Well, their offense is still trying to figure things out and how to work with Brian Johnson, the new offensive coordinator, the passing game most notably, they have shown. They could run the ball, we saw that to


and how well they ran the ball to the win, but their passing game is still trying to find its way and I feel like that's going to be the work in progress, hope


y, you know, playing a game in four days.
d andre swift s career night lifts eagles past vikings full recap cbs sports

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d andre swift s career night lifts eagles past vikings full recap cbs sports...

It's the pre pretty much the reason they didn't have continuity, but we saw this in the Patriots game to get that nice long break and hope


y they can help them find their way as the season goes on because this passing game this season. So far it doesn't look like it did last year, it's still a little clunky. I know there are some yardage totals that you'll say, oh wow, maybe they're starting to figure things out, but it was actually two bombs, the Devonte Smith out. That really wasn't too impressive now that the Minnesota Vikings allow you to run over 200 yards, you don't have to throw the ball as much, but it's clearly still a work in progress, but the first thing I can take away from that. they're 2-0, it doesn't matter, it's not losing games right now, they still have the hard part of their schedule ahead of them, they have a soft part in the soft part of their schedule ahead of them before they get there. to that difficult point there they can have time to figure things out in the passing game, it's not costing them games at the moment so that's the big takeaway again, it's a work in progress, but in the end they're 2-0, yeah , I mean, this is a short week.
d andre swift s career night lifts eagles past vikings full recap cbs sports
Week two, really difficult situation for both teams coming off a season opener and it's a Philadelphia team that was really plagued by a banged-up secondary, a Minnesota team that was plagued by a banged-up front line in front of Kirk, there I want talk. about some of these yardage totals, but on the Vikings side through two games, guys, 743 total yards by this Vikings offense, 69 of them have hit the ground, that's nine percent of their total offense in the running game. I don't see that being sustainable. The model moving forward for a team that had playoff designs a year ago does so once again, but begins to owe two Tyler, what have you done with that balance or lack thereof?
d andre swift s career night lifts eagles past vikings full recap cbs sports
Well, not only are you talking about a poor running game, but it feels like he just talked about the passing game not costing Philly any games, Bay's running game is really costing Minnesota specifically Alexander Mattin said that He doesn't feel like a capable replacement for Dalvin Cook to this point again, we're two weeks in, it's a short week, there's still time to figure this out, but ultimately passing is ineffective in the running game. It clearly doesn't set them up for success. You saw what Philly was able to do with them again. The passing game was not great, but the running game was successful.
Having opened up those deep shots for Jalen hurt to at least try and he connected on a few. It's not the same with the Minnesota Vikings right now and I think a lot of that has to do with Alexander Matt saying just not being explosive. Like Dalvin Cook was in this offense, yes, and this was a perfect storm for Minnesota's bad matchup, but also a situation where they're facing two Elite defensive tackles, so it's going to be impossible to run up the middle and that's The other part. this equation is fine, yes, we know that Madison does not have the explosiveness of a Dalvin Cook that Chandler has exposed in this, but he did not have the opportunity and even if that had been the case, neither this offensive line, this reserve offensive line, these The pieces that kept plugging away couldn't handle it up front against Jordan Davis and also Jalen Clark, so it was a bad matchup for Minnesota, but they have to bring out more of the running game.
I think they are going to the free agent market. There are two. guys in particular, I know keep campaigning for these guys, Kareem Hunt and Leonard Fournette should be wearing purple as we close business tomorrow, they're going to have to figure out those tackle positions and the wear and tear that's already occurring on the Minnesota front line Vikings we know Emory Tiso he prays at the altar of Bill Belichick that is not a secret to anyone I want to talk about that middle 10 that coach Belichick always talks about because the Eagles beat the Vikings 17 to nothing with five coming in and leaving five and there it was a big turning point in this game with Justin Jefferson trying to get to a post.
I think we're going to queue up some of that video here. Emery, how big was this moment where Justin Jefferson was trying to get to the goal line and lost control? a pylon was initially declared out of bounds but then overturned and called The Touch back a football game is determined by three plays of the entire 60 minutes and right there it was the most important play to be completely honest because they didn't just lose on the touchdown but the Eagles drove down the field and scored a field goal before halftime, so when you turn the ball over and you can't run the ball and the other team runs 175 yards to DeAndre Swift, you don't just lose possession. but you're also wasting time, which subsequently allows you to lose even more possession, so it was just a cascade of problems for Minnesota tonight, with those turnovers being huge, especially the one going into halftime.
You talked about Bill Belichick, what does Bill Belichick preach? all the time the safety of Sioux Falls and if they can't hold up and protect the ball, they won't be with the Patriots much longer and because they're going to lose their games and that's the fact that here with the Minnesota Vikings you can talk about the Justin Jefferson Touchback fumble outside the end zone is certainly difficult. I thought Powell's was just as bad. You know for me you were going to put the ball deep in Philly territory. It felt like the upset was kind of swung in that direction and then all of a sudden you coughed the ball right into the arms of the Philadelphia Eagles and it just completely fell from there too, so again you know the one with Kirk Cousins, who It's tough, it's on the offensive line, that's exactly what Philadelphia is going to do to you, but Powell and Jefferson in particular, those two turnovers to me were the most important thing for Minnesota.
Bill Belichick's players here tell stories all the time. Can't reach that goal line? on the next play, Tyler Sullivan will take us full circle, let's talk about Jalen it hurts because this is an Eagles team, like Tyler said, rounding in a still a little clunky way, but talent everywhere, specific to Jalen It hurts, the numbers haven't been there. for two weeks, Tyler, but the results have what you've done specifically. Yes, I still think they are working on a new offensive corner. Yes, he was in the system last year, but they still have to replace Shane Steiken, who was very in sync. with Jalen it hurts and when you have a new voice in your ear, that will certainly change things a little bit, but ultimately, I think they will be able to figure this out now.
Look, Minnesota did everything they could to keep Jalen from hurting. having success through the air, they were only sending three most of the time they were saying Hey, listen, if you want DeAndre Swift to run for over 150 yards and as a team he ran for over 200, that's totally fine. Jalen hurts, you're not going to beat us. with AJ Brown and we tried not to let you beat us, with Devonte Smith again we got burned a couple of times, but ultimately the Minnesota Vikings Brian Flores was selling out to not get beat in the air, so it's hard to understand. evaluation that you know for Jalen being injured is on a short week with the defense telling you Hey, listen, you can run all you want, you're just not going to make it through tonight, so I think that'll be back under control, especially because somehow way to go through this sort of extended mini purchase after playing on Thursday night, so I'm not too worried about them yet, especially with a soft part of their schedule before the purchase and then things get a little tougher , but ultimately I think Jalen hurts. will be back on form through the air, it was interesting to see early in the game.
Jaylen Harris tried to get going in the running game and we were watching this play. Joe said, you know what you want to keep giving the ball to DeAndre. Swift to Boston Scott because they're having success and once he realized that and just leaned into giving these guys a football, letting those guys run a running game, we didn't see the passing game with the efficiency that we normally see in a jail and pains that will come with time, as Tyler talked about it, even the passes that he was preparing to throw deep down the field, he took some ill-advised catches and got them out of field goal range by beginning of this game and To me, that's where you have to find that continuity, but the running game was still there, they could still lean on their Vikings defensive front, just a painful part of the running game outside of the quarterback sneaks in short distance and goal line situations.
Didn't it take the Philly faithful to make a two-drive early in this game to allow the Bluebirds to start raining after Jalen hurt the goalie, but they have a lot to be happy about because for the first time in 30 years the Birds 2 ? -0 start in consecutive seasons, they are among the best in the league, we will see what they can do in the future, but I want to talk about the Vikings' progress because the only score from a year ago is 11-0. now 0-2 their first two losses were by one score this season 11 chances history tells us you have to make the playoffs when you start 0-2 where's your panic regarding these Minnesota Vikings on this schedule specifically?
I'm Rick, I'm not panicking yet because If you watch the game tonight, you should at least be impressed with how hard they fought through all those turnovers, all that adversity, all the things that went wrong for this team. of the Vikings and they still had a chance to come back and win, and we keep pointing out. where the problem is the running game, the running backs, the offensive line guys are going to bounce back, they're going to bring in Christian Daryl, so at some point they're going to find a way to get the ball running better and I think that's going to be the biggest key. but you like that those guys didn't give up on the field and played hard for Kevin O'Connell, to me that's the only positive you can take, they didn't tank, this wasn't a blowout, this is a competitive game not very close, this was a game that the Minnesota Vikings could win, I mean, again, four turnovers, that's what will lose you the game.
I'm a little more concerned because if you look at the next few weeks' schedule here and you're asking Kirk Cousins ​​to go toe-to-toe with Justin Herbert and then you're asking him to go toe-to-toe with Justin Herbert a couple of weeks later Patrick Mahomes. You have Bryce Young in the middle rebuilding the Carolina team, but it is very conceivable that he goes one and two in that stretch, so we are looking at a one in four start to the season and in an NFC North that we hope will be a little more Competitive, obviously, the Detroit Lions are coming off their victory against Kansas City in the first game. in Green Bay beating Chicago, they look like a team that will be here and now instead of rebuilding this year.
I'd be a little more worried about them, like you said Joe, they were kind of Fool's Gold last year. I think we looked at 13 wins and I'm like, wow, this was pretty impressive, but ultimately when you saw it week to week it wasn't that impressive, so if all of a sudden the water starts finding its level this year, you should be a little bit more worried uh seven turnovers in eight quarters of football aren't going to get the Minnesota Vikings on the other side of this Shirley 28 of 175 and a touchdown raise a question for you Emory Hunt, is there a new rb1 in the Eagles land, I mean, we were looking at a


prop for DeAndre Swift somewhere in the mid-30s coming into this game Las Vegas didn't know who was going to Tote The Rock seemed to theBeginning of this Eagles game, their offensive coordinator didn't know who was going to go. a Tote The Rock in the end is Swift going for 175 and a tub what is this kind of performance?
Tell them if they should have called me early in the season because I told them, hey, it starts with he's the guy that's all tied together in unison when you have those things working for you as a running back, you can work from front to back, you see everything in slow motion, you can work three frames ahead of everyone else and he still has that Elite level explosiveness that comes out of the hate, he's slow, too fast and that's something you want from the running back position. I think all the other running backs have talent, but they will fall in line.
Swift is a guy moving forward, he has 175 reasons why that should be the case, you know? I was really excitedEarlier this week when I picked Kenneth Gainwell in my fantasy league, I thought it was a nice little hit I got on my waiver wire. Now I'm sitting here thinking, you know, maybe they'll drop it next week because DeAndre Swift. he looked like that guy like you were saying Emory over 170 yards, I mean, just too impressive again. I don't know how much we can put into that because, like I was saying before, Minnesota was just saying Hey, listen, of course, run as much as you can.
I want all day and all night because we're not going to let AJ Brown beat us, but you still have to like the explosion he had coming out of the backfield and I think this is going to muddy the waters here a little bit, I think they have so many talented backs who are going to mix and match and keep everyone fresh, could be annoying for fantasy. But ultimately, for the Philadelphia Eagles running game, it will be a prolific 2-0 for the Birds, the reigning NFC champions. For a perfect start, there are things to clean up, but the record is the record.
Tyler Sullivan Emory Hunt always wanted to know in my book and don't forget the conversation continues on the Pick Six podcast. He is the main pod in the entire NFL. Our team breaks it. every day with the latest news and notes, read and bet, also download, subscribe and enjoy the pick six podcast

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