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Cuphead by TheMexicanRunner in 48:42 - AGDQ2019

Feb 27, 2020
ok time to try again come on hi everyone this is take two so im the mexican runner and i will introduce my couch real quick. I have black emu boom-boom mcar nice hmm and i have caramel donut here in the cold and i have the audience right there yeah the worst report is all the time well firstly i would like to explain that this category is all smp , so in the first category I'm going to use the expert, but I'm going to do a glitch which is the failure of the French expert, so in a Beatle file I just go in and put the featured experts and then I just go to the title and that was magic, but very important, you need a little bit and fire, so it is very important to take that into account for this category. on expert despite starting a new game it's going to be expert and i didn't test my controls both i'll just take care of it oh ok then let's calm down we're all ready ok five four three two one ok everyone welcome to


this game is crazy so two insanely hard and not just typical TMR as you mentioned its going to play expert not only its going to be all s&p rank but rank is the hardest thing you can do in levels of boss.
cuphead by themexicanrunner in 48 42   agdq2019
The range is the hardest thing you can do. on the go what voice acting I love so the game the game if you don't know it has four pretty basic moves jump shoot and e^x special special let's get off to a good start in this race against the level , so each run and gun TMR level needs to get a rank P which stands for pacifist which means you can't kill a single enemy in this level so you can unlike the other boss stages it can take damage and theoretically it might take a bit longer but it can't kill. a single enemy, so when you reach the end of this level, normally, you will need to beat this final enemy that blocks the level. quick setup here it's very important that you do this he was going for the supposed cliff aaron you didn't get the gear off the ledge he used the parry thing which is the most intended way and he did it. -being in the first level is amazing so we will see this grape appear because Tamar did not defeat any enemies but the next level is another, the next level is another God running, it will be called a treetop problem, it will be very similar, but you I'll note that TMR is running as fast as possible through these levels at the beginning it's the level where you're actually going to reset the cooldown on your run by skipping this level because as soon as you land from a run the cooldown cooldown resets. and you could just chain those dashes really, really fast as he does it again he's not killing any of these enemies he's just cruising through because naturally this is a sprint as he goes through this level but it's You may notice that in the previous level he Washington is collecting coins that were not for P rank, P rank was just because he needs, since exiting this level he will enter the shop, he needs to have 11 coins in total, three of the intro, five from the first stage and three from this stage on, he's about to skip another enemy just so he can't get that P rank so I hope it goes well, it was a simpler job than the first one, but still it is very difficult. go directly into this shop here to make it this is the only time you will visit the shop all the time you will buy two weapons called the lover and the roundabout and you will buy the lobby roundabout and you will be buying the smoke bomb too which is a charm that for each of those scripts he's going to be invulnerable between the beginning and the end of his, so it's actually very helpful that there's a new gift as I recently found out that I can go out in the store 'perfect frames' there and I can buy the other two weapons he needed are only two seconds more than the four seconds he was saving normally, so we skipped a bit of dialogue there and we were able to get out faster like he said, but this is the first boss we are. he is going to emerge on this is expert difficulty so in order to get an s rank you have to do several things first you have to stop the three pink items that were first in each of these boss fights that he goes for. for the pink elements in French that interrupt the frames in some way, no computer, please could you help us?
cuphead by themexicanrunner in 48 42   agdq2019

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cuphead by themexicanrunner in 48 42 agdq2019...

He needed to reset there because he doesn't really need to take any damage in any of these fights either, not one point of damage, so he needs to power up three times. he takes no damage you need to beat him in the short amount of time which is usually not a problem but depending on luck it can be and you need to land 6px hits those are sorties he's doing right now so during the fight he needs to land. six of those and I think that's right for the ice rink and because he's expert that's the final kind of criteria for expert so he only got his three perry now all he needs to do is finish this fight this it's the final phase of the fight well done well done i really want to justify myself just sometimes the game especially when you first play on a computer sometimes you can just keep the frames don't worry when that It happened, I was pouring, I mean, in my defense, you did it.
cuphead by themexicanrunner in 48 42   agdq2019
I totally saw it with these eyes and those guys would probably check the ball that's homeboy yeah yeah so we approaching the next fight this is the first well this is the first time the weapon switch glitch has really comes into play, usually in a casual game you will only fire one type of weapon but if you look towards the bottom left of the screen your investment will alternate between these two weapons throughout the fight and the reason is because each weapon normally has a cooldown, but if you spam that weapon swap, then the cooldown is as if the two weapons share their cooldowns, so between, say, between two boomerangs, you're fitting a balloon or shot and he's just doing it like double damage that you normally wouldn't in a casual game which allows him to basically skip the second phase when the second phase started and immediately the game says you've done enough damage to go directly to the third. phase but go ahead and do it so we're already in phase three right now and once again team art is going to be spamming these shots but as quickly as possible he and again wanted to reiterate here not to get damage doing it looking quickly for three things to Parry and fit in es5 and it did I hope I did yeah we honestly don't know what they are the weapon The ax can be a bit glitchy so sometimes with the super meter it will be misleading but but dont worry also about the skill level that ass has got the skill level only showed one star which is honestly a bit of a glitch the important thing is we see that is when the level is complete so finally we have a little break in the action as we approach cupola grant aaron you know this game better than i do.
cuphead by themexicanrunner in 48 42   agdq2019
Do you think I'm the one who missed something in that intro to this game? I think we covered it. There will be many more things to talk about. the things you cover did a great job Larry yeah always great um so yeah this is a much slower fight so keep in mind he's looking for three pink things to parry this boss hasn't fixed it a lot, it's about to generate those three question marks. and tmr he already has it so he never has to worry about perry at this level. Some levels are very random. This level are configured.
He is already in Phase three of this fight. while we wait for the results screen yes they normally used an auto splitter and it doesn't actually complete and unless you've met all the requirements you can just look at the timer you know you've done it and you're happy you didn't we are. let's know here there's going to be a little bit of lead time to make sure we see that in that excel weekend we have it coming up it's the first time we're going to see the plane boss there are a few of them throughout the game which are mainly the platforming bosses, but this is the close-up boss and it's totally different.
I mean the criteria for S rank is absolutely the same so once again three non-damaged Perry's do it quickly and yes he will be looking at this particular level the main danger is there's actually a lot of danger in this one level, for one thing, these planes going out are semi random and you just need to make sure you stop your pink boats now if the first phase is called the Gemini phase and if he if the Gemini phase spawns this type of meteor at the wrong time where, oh my gosh looking out like it was a black bullet I think Tamar knew it would be a terrible bullet but if it was a black bullet oh that would have been bad um so it just depends on how she can dodge the bullet alone he can also dodge those spinning bullets alone but combine them and it's really hard now this Sagittarius is the truly hardest part of this particular stage just because those stars make it so hard in the episode the ax fight the shot extra for the plane is if you see that tmr is doing damage and the bottom left of the screen is filling up these types of cards that are his those are the X meter and that's for both the platforms and the plane you can use a type of card at a time to shoot those giant bullets or you can wait for all five cards to appear and then you can use your best e X which in this case turns you into a giant bomb and allows you to do a lot of damage.
However, because the hitbox of this boss is so wide, if he uses these missiles then he can cause the boss to take multiple damage, so while I'm blathering on and on, PMR doesn't have to be, he's looking everywhere on the screen. well done his eyes are all over the screen just making sure that for all these different projectiles whatever the boss is throwing at him let's see that like well done another one appears is what i feel like poor early bosses they're kind of a tutorial and then this simple mode it's a bit of a tutorial okay but here we have this boss that's going to be a cat Cagney Carnation I think so Technical our nation so there's actually a lot of improvisation in this first phase of this boss because he is oh he has to make decisions, should i damage the boss or should i clear all these bullets off the screen and make sure i have enough room to navigate so he will always adapt and should be careful because t The things you're pairing up in this level are those pink seeds called falling from above, but when you parry something you get a double jump so to speak, so you jump higher, while the damage is all the projectiles are coming from the top. to top. of the screen for the parry to send you higher and then you risk potentially launching yourself into another enemy so the team just have to make this judgment do it through the screen I kill the boss here we are in phase two, phase two usually lasts very short we'll see how this goes and then phase three begins phase three begins team art does so much damage not too bad he can crouch on the right side but what is really careful , it's good, they're good, it had to be cancelled. noise Michael runs Oh, what do you think could have gone wrong?
No anticipation because sometimes if you don't get the boss suppression you don't get this round and yeah that's a really scary time so this is the end of the first few islands I've built all the bosses and I have everything I H island has run and gun levels and they have some bosses so right now this is the first time we come across the King dies here. I'm not quite sure what he is like. collect the contracts from the soul contracts, yes that's right, there's no contrast from, I mean, the devil who's trying to mortify the citizens, well, I'm going to go borrow the harness, okay, here we go, the baroness von bombon, the backgrounds bombard the first couple of the The first three stages are made up of a few minibosses.
There are five possible. This is the hardest. There are five potential mini-bosses. TMR is going to fight three of them. also these kind of jelly beans at the bottom of the screen and that's where the powers come from at this stage so if you're unlucky you already have two which is pretty good especially for the second mini boss here's the third : no TMR is good on Perry now, he just needs to worry about these mini bosses and make sure he doesn't get hit by either the mini boss or the candies flying across the screen, he actually had pretty decent luck. actually he candy corn is the hardest so it doesn't matter i would actually say ok learn now he's just spamming these attacks in Phase three of this boss our face for this boss al that we've already hit and that was a great phase. three that boss could be really hard on harry so its very hard when you get a quick kill yeah absolutely that was a really good time too do you realize that but yeah sometimes like recently , I found out that it is better to try to get the Paris? in the first or second mini-boss because in the third like her the baroness responds with a like shotgun and ispretty hard and not only that after like sometimes it can miss and you dont do damage till the last phase so its kind of a cheat and this is another run and gun level you probably want to talk about the smoke bomb a bit, yeah definitely so the smoke bomb always helps throughout this run but in an SNP run it's actually necessary because later in this level there's kind of a wall of enemies that spawn and unlike the first couple of running weapons we saw, there's no way around these running enemies, he's got a smoke bomb through them just like that, there's no way to do it any other way and there are so many you might be able to sneak under them but there's so many especially with this 100 it doesn't matter yeah yeah so again we're back in this run and gun set where damage doesn't matter it just makes sure you don't kill any enemies who really hid under that investigation that they are in the jukebox so that it did not suffer any damage and because it has a little security, I think it is quite healthy, and so that it can, there are hot dogs stuck as condiments and stuff, so it could damage impulse register.
Yeah I have to slow down a little bit because because I took a wrench I didn't want to take that last part the hot dog kind of really throws the mustard right off I mean I just don't know how it rides like prostitution but that's very good programming channels for developers oh let's go for the guy from the barbershop. I'll save it for last time so yeah I mean this barbershop chorus yeah leave the comments so here we have wall-e warbles there are ridiculous amounts of stuff on screen the Perrys aren't much of a concern these pink birds always show up exactly when you want them but between the birds and the eggs on screen there's just a million things to watch out for and the expert difficulty actually adds a sort of the ones coming out the side as well but we want to get us past that phase yeah it's worth noting expert difficulty is much harder not only are things faster but there are more projectiles on screen these feathers are more fast when those eggs exploded shot shrapnel Adam all those things are not on normal difficulty so there are more than twice as many things to follow and even you can't take any damage we have to remind you no damage at all or else, you have to reboot restart to fight team art that pause was intentional it actually does it to spawn this base faster it's quite interesting and now there's a safe place in the pa top left oh that was a late hit so we have to read that that was very very hard to dodge please yes he can take the he was going to use the axe the new piece that gives you some owner ability if you get stuck in that corner but you were out in seconds Mulaney yeah we're looking at this boss again there's so many projectiles and especially in that phase four where he died there's so little room to navigate it's incredibly difficult you'll notice which is actually doing the weapon swap issue here as well and if you look in the bottom left but unlike the platforming levels where you're just spamming that weapon swap because the bomb cooldown is so long that you're actually shooting bullets and then every now and then right when the bomb is available, timing that bomb, so let's see how this goes. two, we just hope the shells go where he wants them and he's saving that special right there for right where he wants it so they can use it for the embalmer. because when the heart comes out he can't damage the boss at that point he can only shoot the heart so he wasn't actually doing damage when he was in that corner at the time yeah that's the main reason why he didn't I did it. transform into the bomb that gives me the invincibility frames just because I wanted to hit the boss to kill him always faster but it is that we only make evil longer if you are giving us more time to talk about it yes thank you very much there is a lot to talk about in this next level this is the first time we see the boss of this game so you have seen a few different boss phases usually they are transforming into something but at this stage they will come from the office the screen so that TMR is bombing like he's there, he's actually filming a later phase of the boss that's offscreen and that's not just to optimize his prey. it's that i didn't just went to the powers so i'll have to intentionally go to the later phase ok i'm going to see more of this fight that would be cool yeah we'll see the ba splits i mentioned certainly in later bosses so keep in mind the way i explained it we will talk again as it comes up i still think there are three more phases after this one for this boss and each one of them is so crazy so here we are waiting what which is that onna is ok so we just have to do as much damage as possible to that boss b Because very quickly now the puppet shows up the puppet is actually what we were attacking when we were shooting off screen because you'll see it's coming out from the screen, it was there the whole time, so we were damaging it with bombs, but now it's on. the screen and this is the phase i think four out of five if he would have gotten his three perrys and gone and done the glitch he would have actually done so much damage that he would have moved on to this phase but when the sarcophagus phase comes it just goes away locks in that phase and we wouldn't even have seen this.
I'm not sure if he played with the coach. I hope soon. I think you too. I don't have a safety net, okay, let's see. you have it too, but I see that we are heading to Pepe the clown, who is already another boss, so you'll see if everything goes according to plan, I mean it's not a big waste of time if we can't get there. but if all goes to plan TMR is going to be doing just enough damage at the end of phase 1 for phase 2 to kick in, but the team art is so much damage that it's actually in the damage window for the phase 3 so team R is doing very specific damage and trying to get the parries against the pink conduits so it jumps out like it's ideally going to be phased in for the rest of the fight as well got it and it got it shows by those explosions at the top let's give it a round of applause that's very very hard for you to can tell by those explosions at the top of the screen and the way the boss says ok i'm dead, stop stop attacking me he wants he is there and there is phase three but he's still in phase two so this is where the boss is. it will be over though there is one more problem ok as always waiting for the dog tits or the drink ok the dog swells and now it will only do enough damage to finish off the boss ok let's see yeah just I have to do it. see as a man I have to make sure well so we have the second run-and-gun here I think it's called funhouse Brazel would you mind if Aaron explains how these giant eyed doors work on this level so you're meant to shoot them and then they die and you walk through them you can't actually slide through them when they open to release the vehicles but what you're going to try to do here is really take damage and miss through them you already took a hit , so we'll see if he does it, he'll do it here and there, he just pushes through the wall and he didn't need to shoot anything, he didn't need to wait for anything, but he's going to have a harder time. the rest of this bike as it only has one hit point oh and i think there is actually a second of those wall of eyes yeah there is another one at the end of the level that will be a lot more risky and we'll see when we get there , so those two card stoppers are going to flip gravity, let them go for a walk. on the ceiling they walk on the floor and these guys that are coming out are random which side they're coming from yeah be careful and be careful what you don't come on as you can see I was like okay I'm gonna try from making a smoke bomb here the two bad guys alright it's just for this final wall he actually uses a damage increase from falling into a pit to fall down and use gravity the way he wants. nurse poppy here we have the boss who actually gave me the most trouble in my grim game nick the dragon boss i you're not alone in that it probably gives most people this is a real barrier for most people when they hit this better the boss is going to be another boss but here actually hopefully TMR so TMR is ideally there are three possibilities he fights normally he fights enough he has no damage within this phase to know to help .
Out with the rest of the fight, the explosion passed. The ability is that he doesn't take damage after he exits the screen, but only between when he enters from the left and his tongue unfolds to simplify the fight, so let's see how this fight goes. He needs the only time in this stoppage fight, yet it's the three rings that I haven't been following. I'm not sure if he's done them, but he's clearly done it because he knows what to do, so he's got a glitch, so he's blocked. He is locked discipline a place. you won't get phase three yeah but you still have to dodge these little flavors so you can see the boss is exploding so the boss again is in that kind of Phase three window and just appreciate killing myself I didn't have doors TMR whoo let's do it show me that ass yeah boom baby okay Timur how you feeling on the way to aisle three?
I feel like a good start when the screen store feels kind of fun the first one I'm pretty nervous like it just cut out any other time and it will make an unwanted error yeah how I feel good I'm nervous because the robot yeah , the robot is going to be a tough fight definitely yes and a lot of bosses here are tougher than the previous ones because he has to get all three perrys in these fights that he is playing in the legacy version. I don't think we mentioned that this is the original version of the game without any patching so it allows for the weapon swap glitch and there are also a few other things that they made easier or fairer once they did the patch which is that they added some places where you could do Perry because some of these can only do Perry in certain phases so you can see him stop damaging the boss in some phases where he can draw launch more attacks so he can do all the Perrys before absolutely moving on , this is one of the stages most dependent on luck and the one that requires adaptation.
I think our team already has all three Perrys and now he needs to be and You'll notice some of these rigs are missing if you look at them and these diagonal rigs so the team always has to keep in mind what rigs are and which rigs aren't showing up now , we're just looking for a finisher before us actually before she actually leaves the screen she's in her transition to her finale and there's no problem at all yeah the platforms meant the right side so I had to move to the left side oh yeah you gotta follow through like first place first you land on the plateau and then the bull hurt you because yeah this category must be very accurate in the heat and does great improv yeah yeah , definitely ideally you can just jump over the heat but no it wasn't like so I was lucky I didn't shoot myself so I headed to the rugged ridge here it's another run and gun game he actually has auto scroll which is pretty rare in this game honestly but the main thing here is that in this first part h level he's actually going to throw a smoke bomb pretty accurately to see if he does well with this, but Bryce is nice, nice, and then he's getting close to auto-scrolling now and I actually want to take a little bit of time to talk about what we're not. watch this run because there is so much in this game there are as many as there are different types of weapons the charging gun the homing spread the pea shooter you saw very briefly in the stars but you don't see those it's because in So that bliss of the exchange of weapons is as optimized as possible, it is only these rounds and the launcher that are most effective. special it takes way too long to get one of those specials and even if you got it it's just not worth it so the nice thing about this auto scroll is it allows you to keep pressing the ford screen and he's going to do it but you have to have great care.
These flames may be in the wrong place and you can go right to them. It's a bit dangerous. Yeah, you're so far along on the right hand side of the screen that it's nice to have that. 1 HP buffer and you can't even be shooting because you don't want to kill the flames or else we won't get that correct P. TMR noises at the end, so just - this to the other and then like five minutes later. the guy that was chasing you so maybe we have time for a quick donation oh yeah real quick because i got you.
We got a hundred and fifty dollars from the yellow devil who claims to leave aok i never know what that super meter is just cm ours is aware of that we have to distress them. that's the main thing I focus on I think we're all keeping track of that, yeah Tim are you like King Dice? What do you think about King Dice? Yes, actually the last of my favorite bosses along with Cala Maria. mean to me i didnt play there is a bug a game the weapons were heroes it has a very similar type of format for the boss fight which was but for me this was the first time i saw it so for me this is the right go to number two i really like that it has a lot of bosses and at the end the king dies there are nine different bosses you can choose from here you obviously have the ones you prefer depending on this group but depending on the route II you could do different or in some cases all bosses yeah the fastest ones obviously the fastest ones it goes with a little bit actually the sprint was wearing number three on the dice track but whats the cigar if y'all are familiar with this. game but this one was found to be faster just after accurately measuring it yeah no no i just wanna say definitely what to keep the cigars mate next we have four which is domino i think there is some danger to this again. mean like even though to reiterate actually you can get more health at this stage but still no damage even if TMR falls into one of the places that has more health he can't take damage on this for the three fights of minibosses plus King Dice's final fight and that's a consequence of playing the legacy version if you're playing on the current patch as long as you finish a fight with three health it will give you credit and so even if you use the five health amulet or something where you have extra HP you can move on. but in this case if you take any damage it doesn't matter how many you end up with it's not good they won't give it to you so a short safety break like a little coffee break here let's see what three good in the overalls it gets , then it gets dense and then in the monkey you want to explain the monkey yeah so come on you may have found this by chance I know I did this is we're going to have a glitch here he's going to try to freeze this monkey off from the screen and this is what he laughs very fast if he gets it right he'll try again he'll have a lot of chances here it's always faster to keep trying instead of fighting I think he got it and if I cover he did it normally there's like five phases to that fight and that takes too long so initially you would think i would never make that fight in a speedrun but it ends because the goods are good King dies himself this fight can be a bit unlucky depending on where the cards are it varies ble roses are like a big gap you can but yeah I hope I can't hear it I hope everyone behind me is finger walking here oh my gosh oh my Arabic is good very good.
I have to start over with the fight, how many pairs do you think you actually got? 54 55, so the devil himself approaches the final boss. The game has four phases in total in the simple mode. regular and expert modes these are ultimate and nature modes Seriously, we're not handing out those contracts. You have to fight us for a man. They are a lot in the first phase. There are a lot of different attacks. The devil can do. The spider is one of the worst. This attack is good and wood also the projectile ring type is hard too this is one of the hardest because it adds a lot of complexity and makes you have to dodge where you really just want to deal damage so the phases you get here are going to affect what he does because he's looking for parable items here so he doesn't have to worry about them later so far he's only taken one attack he actually has two he only has one fairy right now for you more you need two more he's doing something that's more hitbox off screen there it's done a bit more damn this is the phase where you're going to want to get the rest of the stops because phase 3 and the boring phase are the final two phases and stuff You'll forgive the pun. but this was it bruh hell b lets loose so the parrot is going to try this is the hardest way to stop but he is going for it the temple has very little help is enough he says the power has to get these tears time that was a 48:42 thanks come on TMR TMR TMR TMR I actually wanted to say before I take it to you guys again we had $10,000 anonymous and all they say is game on people thank you for that donation thank you very much well I mean this robbery could be categorized as as you saw it may look easy but it's hard it's hard well first of all I want to thank everyone who's heartily supporting like this charity marathon as well as all the people who work behind the scenes to make this possible I want to say thank you to the couch commenting and making this race more enjoyable because I definitely had a lot of focus to do.
I usually talk a little bit, but probably in this category I keep yelling because there are just too many dangers going on. I still want to thank everyone who came here to watch this this and all the people who donated to fulfill the incentives for this run to take place 75,000K no 7 Series 5k dollars I went a lot and all the people on my own stream who helped me to make the trip here to agdq possible I am very grateful to all of you and because the Coptic community has a very active community, you can ask anyone who knows that the people in Spiricom Lake have the usernames there on Twitch how they can send us a message even myself and i will walk you through like if you want to start learning the game if you want to start running fast this is a pretty awesome game as you throw it out as too much to talk about and we could spend hours and hours talking about every thing the music of the game the graphic of the game in this case was mainly focused on the dangers of difficulty and all that, but the game is a piece of art in my opinion and that is why I love it, it's hard, I tend to try to find something else and this category is one of the hardest and yes, I am very grateful to all of you thank you very much

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