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CUMPLIR 40 A LOS 60. Con Raimon Samsó.

Apr 29, 2023
To turn 40 at 60 is the last book by



ó, a good friend of this program, whoever knows we take advantage of it when he publishes a book is always a great opportunity to chat with him and for him to give us advice to be happy or to be more free or to be more authentic good to have a life with meaning and to the fullest raymond welcome thank you very much hello congratulations on this book edited by obélix editions obviously it can be found in all bookstores I guess soon a second edition because as is usual for you if you take a book from me in two weeks until security and now we are going for the third the works of art in fact turning 40 at 60 look at it if it is not an indiscretion it remains has


I will not turn 60 in September September turns 66 but the appearance is 40 more hair than I have it is good if it is a matter of inner peace the patient helps but many more things and if you want we can talk about them we will talk about them because you had or seemed like headaches migraines or very severe pain strong and then what did you decide to do because you saw that with the pills there were many remedies but they did not solve this problem for you, it does mean that since I was 7 years old I have had migraines practically every week and I have had migraines for 50 years and I have had a problem That is a problem because 50 years of migraines is a lot of pain, it is incapacitation, it is having to retire from my professional and social life on many occasions and it is suffering and I never found the solution, that is, if you do what everyone does, it is not to take painkillers the analgesics stopped working soon because you get used to them and then the analgesic no longer does anything for you I have taken them all after one I took another and then another and in the end and in my despair I went to all kinds of therapist therapies doctors my parents took me seven years of course because they migrated to all doctors my extracurricular activity was to go to the doctor imagine I went to a different doctor every afternoon and none helped me and you think that three years ago when I was 57 one day reading a magazine there was an American doctor who had written a book that related food to migraine and I thought he told me this and if it was food and if the key was here, well, I went deeper, I read about 70 books, more than 70 studies, reports webs times of everything and in the end I found the solution today I am free of headache and what is the solution or what was the solution is the fight basically about food food basically 80% is food because this book brain of bread that says that we eat too much wheat, for example, too much bread, that is the problem if in very sensitive people, which is my case, I am not saying that it is the case for everything because migraine has many many origins in many cases if it is sensitivity to a protein called gluten that is in many cereals, including wheat, which is the most popular, so not only that is the fern.
cumplir 40 a los 60 con raimon sams
I am celiac, but it reduces or cancels the intake of cereals and also in my case it helped me a lot and I say in my case because this book speaks In my case I am not a doctor I am not a nutritionist I am not a dietitian nor am I going to dedicate myself to this you talk about what works for you before in all these books exactly so I tell people that if they have a migraine problem that is Whatever it is that they try with a change in food because food in the end can be a great poison or a great medicine I would say that they try it I know what they have to take or that they do not have to take it but I would tell them to try to investigate what to do what I did when I read more than 70 books until I found the solution and keep trying, you have to listen to the body and the body responds so you gradually realize many things and in my case an answer to your question basically by eliminating the cereal and by eliminating the carbohydrate in general I noticed a spectacular improvement not only is it all kinds of cereals all kinds of cereals including rice that does not have gluten but it is also a whole grain cardoza also yes yes all all yes the word whole grain seems to give it a quality or quality to the food and it doesn't have to be like that, it's not like that, it can't even be worse than what the refined one can be, even that's a myth if I was to believe it, that all the interior and integral whole wheat bread obviously has the completeness more nutrients more nutritional information and everything else but be careful that it also has more gluten and it may also have more lectins and another series of substances with which the problem is gluten, for what I am seeing in my case if it was in your case In my case, yes, and a relationship has been verified, not by me or by the doctors, between the gluten protein and neurodegenerative diseases, from Alzheimer's, for example, to others, and others, and many more, with which migraine is not so far from that you realize the curious thing, I would tell people who listen to their bodies not to accept all the things they have been told about food as true, there are many things that I believe that no human being should eat, none of them are, for example You are healthy or you are sick, well, for example, sugars, no sugar, sugars are not even panela, which is unrefined, nothing in the end, the body detects the sweet taste, it does not matter if it comes from a sweetener of a sugar of the same kind and even from It doesn't matter to stevia, the body reacted to the sweet taste and began to generate diseases such as diabetes, etc.
cumplir 40 a los 60 con raimon sams

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cumplir 40 a los 60 con raimon sams...

There are things that I think should never be taken because human beings have not taken them in their evolution for more or less 3 million years. It has never taken and only the last 5,000 or 10,000 years has started to eat them and the body is not used to it. Right now, life expectancy is longer. What we do know is that our ancestors perhaps lived less because they obviously did not have the medical technology that we have now, which is very good and helps us with many things, but it is true that they were true athletes and it is also true that there are diseases that are chronic today and that They are an epidemic like diabetes, obesity, cancer, which at that time is not that they did not exist, of course they existed, but they were practically unknown, practically unknown, and today they are an epidemic, so we are doing something wrong, and I believe, and it is an opinion, I think that the The main cause is a very poor diet.
cumplir 40 a los 60 con raimon sams
If you are a supporter of that theory that says that there are two brains in the body and the brain that we have here and then the one we have in the total stock increases the brain, then if we take care of our diet, we take care of our digestive system, we will also think as it happens with more clarity if it is some things that happened to me I read books by doctors who said that when you stop eating carbohydrates and cereal I would have more mental clarity I laughed because I thought that mental clarity is what I already have it, look what a surprise the mine when you stop doing it a feeling of freshness in the mind of sharpness of transparency of clarity of well-being that I had not had in my life you got that by stopping eating cereal leaves algarve air carbohydrates stopping eating sugar for example the one that more dairy too And by the way, now to put it in the bag, well, the legumes, the legumes and also the lentils of a lifetime is to name very good and everyone's is very good is very good a cake is very good good a good paella everyone is very good me I sign up for all this but we have to think about the price we pay so that does not make us fat, it can create health problems such as diabetes, it can create that mental fog, but for example, in the case of those who are used to it, lentils have iron that is based on a good open diet everything has everything if everything has nutrients the question is what price do you pay for those nutrients above all it has a project it has a downside I am not saying they are bad I dare not say that there is a food that is bad but you I will say that perhaps it is better not to take it because the nutrients that you get there you can get elsewhere without paying a toll if I tell you since you have to put chorizo ​​in the lentils you get up and go directly well I also like chorizo ​​but It is also true that there are chorizos and chorizos I am not speaking secondarily there are sounds that have preservatives and colorings and there are those that do not so choose well if you are going to have a chorizo ​​choose well where you are going if you are proposing the most natural diet without food at least processed and real food yes yes because I am going to give a metaphor so that the people who see us listen to us understand the idea when we have in a supermarket most of the foods are things that I am saying they are things that I do not I dare to say that this food because since most of them have more than five components, probably that it is not food, it is already a thing and that thing is dead and is wrapped in a wrapper that we will call a coffin and now the question is who wants to eat it a dead thing inside a coffin we are going to think a little about that we are going to think about that because we still think that because out there in the packaging they put signs of what or why it is natural or you know and all marketing everything is not real food it is that if we pay attention and read the label of any package, every lottery product came in the case of serrano ham serrano ham with sugar sugar is used as a preservative for serrano ham, well, yes, preservative, preservative, I don't know, but I will tell you why.
cumplir 40 a los 60 con raimon sams
They put it I know they put it if I tell you quickly look at sugar and cereal is also addictive so the industry knows it the industry knows many things it knows that if they put addictive products in certain because in all the products because sugar gives it to you they are going to put it everywhere they are going to make you addicted to that product and buy it many more times and not only buy it more times but you don't consume more you consume more and on a regular basis because you are a junkie you are addicted to that to that product, in that particular one, the sugar, the cereals are also very addictive, the cereals are totally addictive, so well, in the end, you no longer command your body, which needs a new replacement dose, but we already have, for example, raimon, tell me about a diet you follow you bora diet or diet what do you do on a regular basis you get up in the morning always have breakfast every day 2 eggs every day two organic eggs fried every day I make them scrambled scrambled but mind you, the egg of which it is a has also been demonized super complete food is the most complete that is the most complete and it is also super good for health forget about the fantasy of cholesterol all that about the connector is a movie that they have sold us so that people can then take statins which is the medicine that lowers cholesterol or buys more danacol, exactly, all of that is absurd and it lowers cholesterol nor is there any reason to lower it, according to what I know two scrambled eggs at least scrambled eggs with an apple and some fences the fruits the fruits the red fruits the reds and even with that you have an antioxidant you have a little carbohydrate with the apple and then you have a lot of fat of great satiating quality which is a couple of eggs at mid-morning well some macadamia nuts which are one of the best fruits There is a very high quality fat and it is hyper satiating.
You drink six macadamia nuts and you don't need to drink anything else and hold out until three in the afternoon to eat once. The typical coffee is not mentioned. Yes, I recommend what to do. a coffee or two this is one of the most powerful antioxidants that there is being investigated there are many there are pros and cons but if you look at all the analyzes and studies that have been done they win by a landslide those who recommend a couple of cups of coffee a day is one of the most powerful polyphenols and antioxidants that still exist, we interviewed here in the fernández doctoral program that they are eminent in nutrition and he told us that coffee is the best there is, it is the best, the problem is that people take it Take it with sugar, salt for coffee, it's sugar, but coffee itself is a very healthy drink, very healthy, and I recommend it to everyone.
Nespresso coffee is good, there are coffees and coffee, coffee from organic coffee capsules, you have to do it, it's better quality then there each one enters and makes it biological that what can be allowed goes away, of course, although according to we have more or less the morning arrives at noon we are a little hungry what we do to eat to eat a little protein now For example, a wild salmon, if it can be wild, if it can be, it works better than farmed. of vegetables, that is, the dish is made of vegetables and the accompaniment is the protein that can be one day fish one day meat fish one day meat well I always alternate between chicken and ham chicken and salmon you don't do without meat it's not that there isn't to do without what turns something on, you have to do without, no, well, in the program of our producer, eva caballero, if there are laws, it is vegan, yes, I know, and vegans and vegetables, better every day, well, and there are people who have made the round trip, for example I also lived a few years as a vegetarian, I made the return trip because because human beings have a genetic code and we are omnivores, if it wants to be a book that says that we can eat plants and animals, it depends on what there is and how hungry we are for it. our body is designed to eat from aragon to eat everything so in a famine the body can eat whatwhatever it has if it finds herbs it will eat grass if it finds animals it will eat an animal whatever it has we are not designed to survive with both so to do something contrary to our nature is like punishing ourselves there are a number of amino acids that the only place you can get them is In the meat, good quality meat always have a quality of carvajal animal layers of white coca and of an animal that has been released and that has not been and has not been inoculated with antibiotics and others and how can we know that because Sometimes it's good because they put the label on you, you have to trust that it means if you can trust it and there are their mini farms that can supply you with confidence and there are also stores that can supply you with meat from a good house, a chicken that for example a Hen, no, what a cake, and without a doubt, it shows that I listened to classical music, that Lake Masahito, it's not necessary, either, so much good, but let's go better, happy, in agreement, to eat a dish that is not a dish of Simon, especially once over a soup because it is a custom in a few hours and one there is a Japanese custom that is a plate whatever and a soup every day a plate and a soup I always have a soup for lunch and dinner and if it can be I recommend something to people that take our grandmothers which is the bone broth which is a real bomb for health it is great for health it will make you have those 40 to 60 and the people in the chat also on facebook and youtube are taking note and following the conversation with great interest and with many questions that we will transfer them like this but now I want to do one thing I am not an expert nor do I pretend to be, this book says what makes it work yes but it is a promise because look at me on a day of despair when I my head hurt so much you choose my god if you free me from this you tell me how to free myself I make a book it is because everyone and this is the promise kept and I made this book simply for those who have migraines and for those who want to have a healthier, longer and more functional life, having said that, I do not dedicate myself to this, nor do I intend to give advice to anyone nor do I go to a consultation, it is not my thing, I am a doctor, something else but well, based on your own experience, if many people can measure it, their food yes because I feel cheated I feel cheated by the food industry I feel cheated by the education that they have given me about the food that I had to take and I also feel cheated by the medical treatments that I have followed that have been killing the symptom take the ones from lita and tomorrow you'll be better no that's not the solution but sometimes you don't have another solution people my head hurts method of removing this of course that is, I take the pastry is that in the end the human being thinks that others will They have to say what he has to do or how he has to live his life.
In this book, we need a pastor. What I want to say, exactly, I want to tell the readers is, don't accept any diagnosis as definitive. you will have to find them and I will tell you one thing your body is designed to be healthy and to live functionally for many years if you give it what your body wants your body will make you live well for a long time that is the message I want to convey and having said this I I don't know what each one has to do, but then you have to learn to listen to your body to know what it wants.
That's because it's like everything else. There will be people who like green tea and there will be people who won't like it that coffee will give you a feeling of pleasure but not only that but energy vitality that perhaps other people not not each body if it is a world as we can begin to learn and I say it for people because it is how everyone is interested in health especially how you get older when you are 30 years old you spend a lot of health of these things that part of the 40s to the 50s that the first ailments begin to start worrying so as not to be late for the people who are there on the limit but how can you tell them face suddenly change your habits from one day to the next because it's a mental issue it's also not that easy well I'll do it for myself if I'm not there there's no way it's not easy and we can't make others do it either what they don't want to do but each one has to ask themselves what they are going to give their body if they respect their body by giving it what it is giving it and something else and this is very important I think in the end all this already It is not for you or to be more handsome or to live longer.
I think that this is to be functional longer on the planet and to be able to be there for your children. If people do not want to do it for her, they should not do it for her, but to do it for their children so as not to be a burden for their children and to spend the maximum amount of time with their children functionally and being able to support them, I believe it is given in the key because there are many people who when they arrive, well, in the fall at winter of their life they realize that it's good that they've already done everything that their life perhaps doesn't make much sense and therefore they don't take care of themselves either but I'm going to give all the pleasures that I can more and I don't care and that's how it bursts and so everyone who does what they want to build here we are all free but perhaps we should think of our children our children I think that's how we are going to leave them and not to become a burden either and to be able to enjoy life with them without thinking so much in oneself not to think more about others if someone says it's that I don't have children good but we can also give an example and a testimony to others the people around us our friends and teach them that you can live a healthy life and Also, well, I am going to be a little more incisive, let's even do things for social security because if we all have a bad behavior with age with food, in the end we are going to collapse the health of the country because the health of the country is not going to to be able to cure so many sick people so let's give social security a hand on this issue but that had cut you off in your eating routine without food that you follow every day food according to snack again macadamia nuts another dried fruit It doesn't matter, there are a lot of nuts, well, look, there's like a campaign against nuts as policies that make you very fat.
The fruits they have are very caloric, so we have to reduce the amount of we can't eat a whole bowl and there and on top of it. Everything, do not take those that are dried because when dehydrated, the amount of sugar increases, so they are excessive and have too much sugar load, but a little of nuts every day is fine and select some are very allergenic, such as peanuts. you have to dismiss the input which would be the best there is no brand of medium the sayings and the nuts and well, the hazelnuts also the brazil nuts in short there are several dinner dinner all green and adobes in protein all green directly salad fruit and a soup fruit is another controversial issue regarding fruit, for example, excess fruit makes you have a fatty liver, good fruit we must not forget that fruit is a natural candy candy means that they have a lot of fructose which is also sugar before you have to Eating fruits that are not very high in sugar, there are some that are not so high and in a measured way, taking 23 pieces of fruit a day is fine, but as long as they are pears, apples, the berries that we mentioned before, the red fruits, the end of things, bananas.
Trying not to make them excessively sweet and in large quantities and always whole and never in juice is orange juice is a very serious mistake because you are taking all the sugar and you are disregarding all the fiber is a mistake that no juice says, for example, Monica Caruso so the healthiest thing is to live from prana the energy of the sun is from whoever can and there is and we eat early if you know if you can because now even milk is said to be poison for the body be happy and eat from All good people, what do we say to Mónica?
Look, I'm happy when I wake up wanting to get up with full energy, with a super clear mind. At that moment, I'm happy. I'm happy when I respect my body and don't touch it. I give it things that my body They make you happy and then I am happy. You know how to know that the body is happy. It had happened because I am now living a second life, a second chance and I have never in my life found myself like now, never even when I was 20 or 30 or 40 years old, it is never the time for me if you are in your best period totally, that is, I have an amount of energy and mental clarity and health that my life had never taken and there is one thing that has never happened in my life and that is that sometimes I am driving or walking doing something and I stop what I am doing because It strikes me how well I feel this has never happened before I know you have to count very well for you to say you realize how well I am feeling at this moment for me this is happiness happy body and happy mind happy and spirit happy we are with raimon


ó who has been presenting his latest book turning 40 to 60 healthy young and free from headaches barefoot because barefoot in the photo I don't know it came out a bit like that it didn't come out a natural way and I wanted to show it in a way very very natural very go home nothing pretentious and this photo has nothing nothing photoshop nothing but I wanted some law filter which is if there is no cell phone or light nothing I did not want any retouching and I wanted to take off my shoes for that To give a touch of familiarity, decorate people who say that a good way to recover your health is to walk barefoot, well, you have to do it every day in nature, you have to do it every day like this because the body needs to unload on the ground and also functionally the all the muscles that are related need to do the exercise of walking without shoes let me also leave some touch of beauty I know that the women are here they are very interested in the conceited to me yes look at one thing that we can use very cheap very cheap every day and that it will help us to have beautiful hair it will help us to have beautiful skin and it will take away a few wrinkles it is coconut oil use coconut oil as a cosmetic you put it on in the morning you leave it on for half an hour and if you can in the body too and that will hydrate you and it will disinfect and it will smooth your skin and it will give you a lustrous bright and young look so coconut oil which is dirt cheap oil with much cheaper than Any cosmetic you talk about in your book about the 3 super foods, well to say 3 but in reality there are so many.
I'm talking about bone broth, heat, bone, matcha tea and coconut, but we could add more. Nature is very generous in super nutrients. very generous and points out these because they are really very very powerful tea matcha tea is the paradigm of the three greens it is the most powerful there is pain recommends that we have an Argentine who asked us about mate because I have never been one of to drink mate but I don't know no no no no no no no not taken or studied but in any case it should sit well with his compatriots so go ahead with him I'm asking why we also have Argentines in the Chilean public there forgive me I already told you Changed nationality but there they also drink mate not in Chile which is drunk hello for me the mate was spectacular for the digestive issue it works very well and for the energy issue it also keeps you in my opinion and according to my experience more awake from the coffee thank you good to enter now here on the set no this brand new producer eva caballero eva hello good afternoon thank you a pleasure to be here with you as you already know the voice of the public is the voice is the person who conveys your questions and queries to our guests that the truth It's that they really like the interview with Raimon Samsó, they say there are only three times on the program, well, I would like to see what he says on the networks every week, well, look, there are many questions and comments and the first question that appears is from Lucrecia from Spain and she says that If I should change the mate for the coffee, what question I don't know, I would tell her to try it for a while and to listen, to observe, to look at how she feels and she will see if she sleeps better or sleeps worse, she will see if she has more clarity Mentally or she has less she will see yes yes in short she will notice everything to try it and in the end it is the best we can do to try things the body does not lie and also gives us an immediate answer almost when another question from samuel when one is used to eating food processed, removing them from your habit is quickly it can be bad because in the end what the body was is having a faster and more intense reaction and it is probably possible that it seems to you that you feel worse for a few days but what the body is doing the body is in some way responding in a very aggressive way to that aggressive change with which it is possible that at first, well, you have a feeling of tiredness because the body is doing like a detox you won't notice it much that happens with the caps and well it happens with all this I would be addicted to coffee and when I stopped it it gave me some headaches well it's the first four days of course super strong it's logical coffee is also very addictive well I I know there is a withdrawal syndrome I know the friend that the coffee precisely took away the headache towards the headache towards both things it is done exactly both things an excess can give you a migraine if you havemigraine having a little cup can take it away in minutes I have tried it many times then Ramón also tells us he makes a comment and says that if you are happy in mind and spirit the consequence is the mental clarity of loving yourself with which eating well also influences but not only eat well then he says that what he explains is going to eat well that not only we not I have already done it that it is a sum of many things in food it is very important but I have said that inner peace is very important and there are other things that we have not mentioned here that they are also very important as it is a sensible exercise this is very important the body is designed to move not to sit all day then also rest and stress control if we have stress control we rest well we exercise and we eat well, in addition to having to cultivate our interior and spiritual areas, we have everything by our side when he says it is raymond to rest how many hours a day is it advisable to sleep yes this is a very interesting topic and there is a lot of debate but about age second you have to sleep more or less hours but for an adult you should sleep a minimum of 7 hours less than 7 hours it is not recommended I do not need hours no it is not it is not I know that there are people who watch no I am fine with 4 hours if you do but you are overloading your system it is thought that the body needs to repair itself and it repairs itself when it sleeps so we have to give them this rest 45 is little is little if you have to sleep at least 7 if I don't sleep 7 you are not people even if we are older than most people sleeping less than 7 hours is adequate and also how you sleep in those 7 hours how you sleep, that is, it is not the same to go to bed at 12 and sleep seven hours than to go to bed at ten and sleep seven hours, it is more important to go to bed early than not going to bed late the disputes it is difficult to get out of the hoop of course every day and you get up at six o'clock at five o'clock at six o'clock at 6 o'clock every day, whether it is Sunday or a weekday, whether it is vacation or not, whether it is regularity It is another important issue, the body needs to prepare to sleep and you need to know what is going to sleep and then making schedule changes does not suit it at all, so regularity is important to go to bed early, Ayurveda tells us it is important to follow the rhythms sunscreen and getting enough sleep is important away from gadgets having made a small diet of gadgets and screens before going to sleep in blue light is very toxic for us there are a number of things we have to respect to rest well and prepare to go to sleeping means that, for example, I know why sleep, you don't put in work at the last minute, even though we're there hurrying up work, sports, a few hours before going to sleep, not watching movies or news or things that excite your mind before going to sleep, etc. and how do you do it so as not to excite the mind, well, not putting on the news on television or watching violent movies for hours of tension, you know, well, all of that is very easy if in the end they are issues of habits, yes, and in the end it is easy and difficult to change a good habit I was a great rowing discipline no it's not that easy I always say how much you love yourself if you love yourself a lot any habit no it doesn't cost you it doesn't cost you because in the end you're investing in yourself no and something else you're not just investing in yourself you're also investing in yours I think we have if we have a family we are responsible we have to be with them as long as possible and in the best conditions that is our responsibility being a father changed your life totally I tell people to get a boy a girl in his life because it will change him I have a seven-year-old boy right now it's for a seven-year-old boy who weighs 22 kilos he demands that I be able to handle him just like I'm doing now if he wants me to do this I raise it, lower it, threw it, threw it, you know what it is to do 20 with 22 kilos, do this every day with 60, well, you have to be prepared, so every morning when I get up at five or six I am doing kettlebells, which are weights Russian one of those Russian Russian weights which is one of the healthiest weights there is because it unbalances the body and that makes all the muscles have to work at the same time those weights that are two are symmetrical they are not what are they called state welsch what Maybe those Russian weights are fantastic, what more questions?
Aitor Hondo asks us about the probiotics. They are important. I take the probiotics in batches every day throughout the year, but in batches within the year. Yes, I do take a few weeks off. I go back to zero after weeks. rest because because we have said it before intestinal health is the health of the whole organism I believe that 80 percent of diseases begin in the small intestine if we have a well-cared for and healthy microbiota we can lead a healthy life because everything starts in I believe that everything starts in the intestine if anything of note is immediately in digestion if there is an always positive issue when talking about food that is water yes how much water do I have to drink a day the minimum is two liters how much more water should be better no this is a myth do not overdo it with water and think that here in the west or nobody dies of cc.oo but I do know if anyone has died from excessive drinking there are people who have died from excess drinking can be a problem, even eight glasses a day is a myth, you have to drink whenever you're thirsty and you end up drinking it, well, I don't know about three or four large glasses a day, well, sure, there's water after the fruit and vegetables In the salads there is water in the soups there is water, that is to say that in the end you end up drinking a lot of water the infusions also have good water so I don't think there is a minimum or a maximum and simply get up and drink water because you have all night without drinking and drinking on a regular basis but not obsessing us that going all day with the plastic bottle is absurd it has neither head nor tail you have to see mainly the man the paleolithic did not go with a bottle of water and Nothing was wrong with him there are more questions Maite tells us the book is called the phenomenon no sorry no it was not a question in the book if it is turning 40 at 60 samuel tells us that if someone has trouble sleeping what do you recommend well I would have to see what It is what we want from life if it is that you do sports or what things you do before or if you go to sleep having eaten recently etc.
No, but if you have any problems with sleep I am convinced that I know that with changes in diet and in habits it can be fixed I do not dedicate myself to this nor do I dare to tell you what things you have to do but I would examine what I eat because it influences and also what habits I have and changing everything you can sleep well because at the end of the The body always somatizes the body is not against us the body will not initiate I am not going to sleep to annoy you, the body does everything it can when it can no longer somatize and insomnia is one of the ways or one of the exits that they have or if the body is doing that it is because we are giving it war elsewhere how much time has to pass between you having eaten that it has started and you go to bed you have to have digested two hours a couple of hours calmly there is another question from maite What are the remedies for hypothyroidism?
I am not a specialist in this, but there are many authors who talk about the thyroid and the two problems of hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism, so this is a mismatch that occurs and probably taking a series of supplements now I am not going to give recommendations but taking supplements and going to a functional medicine doctor will fix that almost certainly not to say sure in functional medicine it goes to the causes and with some adjustments and some supplements it will be able to fix that and raymond there is a circumstance a problem circumstance whatever you want to call it that is basic in all of this which is motivation which is what motivates you if you are in connection with your passion with your life mission because many times the only pleasure that One has nothing left in this life, not after spending so many hours working, coming home is, well, the great dinner for the homage that I am going to give at night, so of course if we suddenly take away that pleasure, where is the emotion if I cannot get emotional before a plate of food, of course, that we can say to those people, among whom I include myself, sometimes because it's true, sometimes it arrives on Friday night and I want, well, I want my bread with my serrano ham and eat and a bottle of He came because he arrives and you come at night and I want to pay homage because I have earned it because I enjoy food for me it is a pleasure you always go and suddenly I see that I have to take off this the other where where then I find pleasure or the motivation for that change is something very powerful not to think about my son tomorrow so as not to be a burden for him to keep me very healthy for sometimes that is not enough you have to look for more motivation it's like finding the motivation to transform habits, which is what this book proposes to transform habits and well, in the end everything comes down to the question of how long you want to live and in what conditions you want to be well then if you don't care about living in any condition and you don't care about leaving Today or tomorrow of the planet, well, go ahead and not at the end.
This is a very personal choice. I don't know that when food is touched, people get nervous because it is a very personal issue and I shouldn't touch the chocolate with it. I touched the wine, the beer, etc. I don't touch anything first because I don't dedicate myself to this but in the end you have to choose, you can't have everything and there is one thing that I do not dedicate myself to but I do know that many people dedicate themselves to it, which is food. a very emotional issue so this therapy can be expensive for you I would try another I would try another therapy I don't know if sport or having well I don't know why in the end yes yes one has to indulge at one's own expense well I don't know if we are getting hungry for today eat for today hunger for tomorrow the emotional food tells us a lot about us that is to say that we do not have the job that we want our unsatisfactory life we ​​are not at a couple level well familiar 11 that then I would solve everything everything else so that we do not need food as compensation I understand the thing that is a lack of course it is a therapy that can be very expensive so I would try to fix everything else and in my case as I have a super happy life and very complete in everything well deprive myself of certain things for me it is not a problem because I have so much in my life of what I armed myself with because all of what you have mentioned before about the wine of the ham and the bread, just take a look at removing the bread and keeping the ham and the perfect wine, yes You only have to make a small adjustment, remove the bread and keep the other one, which is good, happy, yes, and the cured ham also due to red color.
Above all, they tell us that it is the healthiest liquor that there is more clearly, yes, of course, in what proportion in which prudence rules you know they are a couple of fields a couple of drinks okay we have more questions adrià was asking us how you can change a bad habit with a good habit in the end look for a habit that in which you get on and in which you stay away from that bad habit every habit has a contract so look for the counter habit of that bad habit and that counter habit will be a good habit because it is contrary in the end it is a matter of routines a bit of discipline at the beginning and then it is already a mechanical issue you already do it without effort so we don't give so much importance to habits a more varied question juliette tells us if you have any tips for fatigue or is there any food that gives you energy to exercise do not skip the important part that has said that he said about raimon here it looks spectacular it looks spectacular thank you khedira the question is if you are going to have more energy to avoid fatigue and have more to have if the clear thing is that when you change your diet you will have more energy in a natural way In a way, it is super natural, that is to say, when you remove the toxins, the body increases because the metabolism increases.
For example, there are foods that, although they do go up, increase metabolism, such as coconut, coconut, coconut, the metabolism goes up a lot, which means that it puts the machine on at full speed and that's very good because it gives you a lot of energy makes the coconut raw without raw oil coconut oil can be taken a couple of tablespoons a day as if it were a syrup that's great and you can also cook with it It is one of the best oils for cooking that has a very high smoke point and extra virgin olive oil is also great, it is raw, never cooked, now raw, always raw, raw is great, but cooked, it no longer oxidizes. a lot raimon samsó thank you for being well pandora del tiempo for more you know that it has been exciting as always that comes and I recommend reading this book to turn 40

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