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Cuando Voy Al Rancho Con Mi Mujer - Rogelio Ramos

May 04, 2020
I really think I had such a good time with my wife when we were young we went to the disco uff cool because we had the disco era a music fly robin fly see since you smell robin flies light robin fly the eighth and then came the song to dance here come on come on it was all in English or that there are two in English height and all in English 200 shadows 4 and 2 6 and 2 alone in each also in each again I have a nail how nice to work for bilingual people I have not I've gone to other cities that are fine and don't know any English at all no no you stayed up late bilingual pinchi since I entered I said the pure ticket people came here bastard web look back here pure san isidro the villas the colonias del campestre by the colony chingona looks here doesn't see with another fart another but I'll turn to them later corporal I didn't tell us here the people of altozano remove egg from my mouth so in all this but since they are bilingual we are going to take the opportunity to sing one of the vitis the mustaches the m The best group in the world after the rancheritos del topochico of course guarded but the best group in the world usually hurts these were the friends also in returning to measure themselves gods stole Guanaceví they bring two horses I know the governments of the clothes hangers but you say for me Pedro also told me that he came from the sea, don't worry, we're going to steal the train that comes to love and I don't wear what he stole three great rows of love to live for me, these were, we already saw that he came to live with one, I'm not surprised lightly when he knows no no no no no no no the blades or national I surround his mother no another but another hit no no no because there are people who then do not go out to tourism out there so when we were already dating in high school I never cared I like to see the ranches never never that we go to the press that I don't like that the house is cool and today so that it seems to me that it has granite floors and marble bathrooms well you would have said it here that there will be a city because if not I don't like p Because I'm from a ranch and struggling a lot to get out to go back to it is bastard and one day one day my wife told me, hey, notice that a little while ago the daughter of the compadres the eldest is getting married congratulations good ok request it no but They are going to have a party at the ranch I hope they have a great time I have a lot but we are going to go I said who it is and then you see how the units when you and I you and I look for who you and I are going to go lightly I don't like going to the fucking ranches I don't like the big road you can drive because you're coming back with the girl no I don't like going we're going because I already told the compadres that if we go face make it possible I tell him when sharing that this is going to be the ones that go through you I am not going I am not going to go look I don't want problems' Rogelio there will be no problems I simply do not want to go what a pity because we are going then when it comes to me He made an appointment like this I have to assert my authority to park there Right now, not in a little while, right now we're going to go to the ranch, just right now you're going to tell me what time I'm going to want to return and she answered scared, they know me, I'll tell you, okay, don't tell me because I don't think it's you, and here we go Go to the ranch look at all the stadiums bastard how good how good my wife was because I am sure that after 40 minutes they are at the ranch and she already wanted to return and I presented her with my life that I chose now I want to leave don't let bastard how good that He came because how come I come alone I don't want to leave I really don't feel like God takes care of me with God takes care of me after 22 hours let's go now and I got up and I was very lazy like this from month to month and see you later having a good time and my wife told me in front of everyone I'm going to pee first how is it possible that she yelled that at me in front of everyone besides I didn't feel like peeing but that's how I thought who is going to know more clearly than her when my wife sends me to be beeping and I have to go pee and I don't just have to i to do I have to be hot because if I don't she realizes I don't know how she does it the other day I came out of the bathroom I didn't wash my hands and I came out from the network and there I was outside you peed me and the other life I told you that I react As they say and I feel a little bit of me today is a lot it looks very good for here I am going to pee and I went corporal and I open the sink to stimulate I go because I did not feel like today and then I remember that I I wanted a chemical no but it will be to be a populist until the cucumber is ready when we leave let's go now I'm driving on the highway well because ranches usually when they are in the city if they weren't ranches I come to my wife there and they fall asleep chin but snores ching or something like that but it's like that and after a while she picks up a rhythm and doesn't stay quiet for a little while I say let's fuck not again well there have been times when she wakes up alone and I do and drive ahead and then do the voice like a girl oh drone no no no because one day I told him that if she got angry you are the one who snores it is with the potato of the belly the questions that do not spend
cuando voy al rancho con mi mujer   rogelio ramos

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