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CTV National News | Wednesday, August 9, 2023: Remembering Robbie Robertson, wildfires in Hawaii

Aug 10, 2023


the music of Canadian rock legend Robbie Robertson with a mission on the track of an instrumental Force and inspiring the voice D for Indigenous Justice chills and I thought I have to do this Ontario premier criticized his handling of the space protected green, the process was skewed in favor of certain developers and landowners we have nothing to hide we need to build houses the outrage after a scathing report Applause fire Chaos on Maui it's scary to see a huge wildfire coming towards you the desperate Escape while A deadly inferno ravages the Hawaiian island, oh my god, look at the harbor,



with Omar Sachadina, good night everyone.
ctv national news wednesday august 9 2023 remembering robbie robertson wildfires in hawaii
Robbie Robertson's fascination with music began when he was a child watching his family perform in the Six Nations of the Grand River, Canada's most populous foreign reserve. From there, he transported his talents to the world and tonight music fans around the world remember him as a master storyteller whose often difficult upbringing inspired the words he wrote and the notes he played. His close friend and frequent collaborator Martin Scorsese wrote that his effect on the art form was profound and lasting. There is never enough time with the one you love and I loved Robbie Kiefer Sutherland said Canada has lost an icon and Neil Diamond continues to make that beautiful noise in the sky Robbie, I will miss you.
ctv national news wednesday august 9 2023 remembering robbie robertson wildfires in hawaii

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ctv national news wednesday august 9 2023 remembering robbie robertson wildfires in hawaii...

Robertson's death coincides with the Inter


Day of the World's Indigenous People. and even in death his connection to his community continues to request that in lieu of flowers donations be made to the Six Nations for a new Cultural Center ctv's Joe McAshan on the musician who never forgot his roots was a Canadian composer who captured the soul of American South Toronto's Robbie Robertson, the lead guitarist, gave the band his voice with Robertson's lyrics and the band's unique musical style. The four Canadians and their American drummer became one of the most respected groups in rock and roll.
ctv national news wednesday august 9 2023 remembering robbie robertson wildfires in hawaii
I mean, they brought the composition back into the storytelling. The Mountain Bluegrass harmonies they brought to the music made country music sound great and helped change the entire course of rock and roll once Bob Dylan's band influenced the music of Eric Clapton and George Harrison at their last concert. together in 1976. became a Martin Scorsese film The Last Waltz Robertson collaborated on Morris Scorsese films his life with the band later became the documentary Once We Were Brothers I think about Levon Richard Rick and Gars all the time I was an only child, so this Brotherhood was so powerful for Robertson, the end of the band was the beginning of a solo career, he had a series of hits in the 80s, but this man who always embraced the soul of music founded again on his indigenous heritage.
ctv national news wednesday august 9 2023 remembering robbie robertson wildfires in hawaii
I was drawn back feeling really comfortable and longing for something and deeper than that, Robertson grew up learning music as a child while visiting his mother's Mohawk family in six countries in southern Ontario. He brought a lot of public attention not only in Canada but around the world to two indigenous musicians and that was positive. Robertson left Canada at just 16 years old to pursue stardom and found it leaving his mark on music history Robbie Robertson was 80 Jill mcashan CTV News Winnipeg Apocalyptic scenes in Hawaii tonight as fires rage through Maui six people are dead and residents terrified are jumping into the ocean to escape ctv's bill fortier on mass evacuations as deadly


rage across maui the state of


is pleading with tourists to stay away even since this morning um planes were landing in Maui with tourists this is not a safe place Multiple injuries have been reported, including a firefighter who was treated for smoke inhalation.
Already at least six people have died. We're still in search and rescue mode, so I don't know what will happen. It happened to that number. This was a house. Several houses and buildings have disappeared and thousands are without electricity. Many communication systems are down, including 9-1-1 service in some areas. I still don't know where my little brother is, um, I don't know. I don't know where my stepfather is. Every Latino I know, their houses have been burned, we haven't seen this kind of devastation and it's really a tragedy that we're dealing with right now. Thousands of locals and tourists have been forced to evacuate. so we are happy to be praying all night for people to be safe.
Yeah, yeah, the US Coast Guard says they had to rescue 12 people who jumped into the ocean to escape and I just ran out onto the beach and ran south. I just helped. everyone I could along the way, I actually didn't think it was Maui Carolyn Frolic grew up in Hawaii, she even had her wedding on the popular Front Street in the city of Lahaina, that strip is now being devoured by flames and many of the friends from Frolic have been evacuated. several times so it's like we're running out of space and it's absolutely terrifying, it's kind of an apocalyptic feeling, the fires on Maui and Big Island have been fueled by dry conditions and reinforced by the wind from Hurricane Dora to more a thousand kilometers away.
Hawaiian state officials say they really don't know at this point how many homes and businesses have burned. The main goal is to do everything possible to prevent further loss of life. Omar, it's okay, Bill, thank you. A deadly fire in eastern France today killed at least 11 people. stay at a holiday home for adults with disabilities fire race through the building trapping the guests incredibly 17 people escaped the investigation will now focus on whether the building met adequate safety standards here at home a man was recognized Ontario who died fighting


in BC last month for his bravery, Zach Muse, 25, was the last of four firefighters who died fighting wildfires last month.
Ctv's ben milger in the powerful tribute office is a big cat won the last call for firefighter Zach Muse, the big cat Bravo 20. brother of the big taxi, rest in peace sack A procession of firefighters and police officers was joined by family and friends to honor the life of Zach Muse, who died last month fighting the largest wildfire in provincial history. Zach will be greatly missed by all who knew him, this world is a lesser place without him. Originally from Ontario, this was Muse's third summer on the front lines fighting British Columbia's wildfires. He was working the Donny Creek Fire with a private company called Big Cat Wildfire on July 28.
The utility vehicle he was riding in overturned on a steep embankment and he died while being airlifted. Members of Muse's family came to the hospital from Ontario to receive this service and asked a close family friend to speak on his behalf. It's all you can do to get through the day. A very wise person told me that it is one moment at a time to endure pain. celebrate the wonderful memories where there is great love, there is great loss, family and friends watched a tribute video and then as bagpipes played at the service, first responders lined up in honor of a fallen colleague, firefighters never die, they just They burn forever in the hearts of the people they touch well.
Zach's memory will live and burn forever in our hearts. Your last call has rang. My brother, rest easy. Zach Muse was only 25 years old. Ben Milder CTV News Vancouver. A scathing report has revealed Premier Doug Ford's controversial decision to remove Land from the green belt for housing. in Ontario gave preferential treatment to certain developers who stand to make billions CTV's Adrian Gabriel reports the world's largest protected green space became embroiled in controversy the process was skewed in favor of certain developers and landowners in its scathing Ontario Auditor General's report describes how in mid-September the Housing Minister's chief of staff received packages from prominent developers at a dinner held by the construction industry.
An application was made to remove five green belt sites for development. These five line sites represent about 92 percent of the approximately 7,400 acres removed. Green Belt criteria for land development were modified and consideration of agricultural and environmental factors was eliminated, raises serious concerns about the exercise used and the way in which standard data collection and data collection protocols were set aside or abandoned. of decisions this field used to be part of the greenbelt belt in September it was still protected when the company would develop ties with the provincial conservatives bought it for $80 million a month later the Ontario government revealed that this land would be approved for development there is corruption here and I think the auditor general's report shows that's largely the case Calls for the resignation of Ontario's Housing Minister and his chief of staff went unanswered today I approved it at the end of the day I take full responsibility for the process auditor general made 15 recommendations Prime Minister Ford said his The government will adopt all but one: a call to reassess lands being removed from the Green Belt.
We have a housing crisis like the Witches province in this country has never seen before. Prime Minister Ford has promised to build 1.5 million homes over the next. Today's report of the decade points out that land scarcity is not the cause of the problem. There is land available both within existing urbanized areas and on undeveloped land outside the Green Belt, when we know that the best evidence and the biased evidence were presented, then we end up with a process of failure and bias, the director of the Greenbelt Coalition believes that radians across the country need to pay attention in Ontario, they went after the largest piece of environmentally protected land, cut it down, sold it to their friends and no one did anything about it, so what's going on?
They say this wouldn't work here either the province's Integrity Commissioner is also conducting an investigation into the Ontario Provincial Police confirm they are reviewing today's report Adrian Gabriel CTV News King City Ontario an American nurse and her young daughter kidnapped gunpoint in Haiti freed after almost two weeks Alex Dawsonville was part of a Christian Aid organization it is not clear who was behind the kidnapping or if any ransom was paid 41 migrants are feared dead off the coast of Tunisia after the ship that sank already more than 2,000 people have died or gone missing crossing the Mediterranean to Europe this year compared to 2,400 throughout last year here is Chris from ctv and educates two men, a woman and a teenager rescued by a cargo ship and the Italian Coast Guard, both capsized in the Mediterranean off the coast of Tunisia, if you could surprise these people, another 41 people who were with them, including three children, are believed to have died, survivors clinging on to pieces of the shipwreck, then they found an abandoned ship and have been at sea since then until their rescue today, this man says, thousands of people have been trying to leave North Africa and enter Europe desperate for a better life, repression or violence or extreme loss of their livelihoods, maybe due to climate change or whatever.
There are many factors. On Thursday the ship left the port city of Spax. In Tunisia, which has been a hotspot for migrants for years, Italy has seen more than 93,000 migrant arrivals by sea in less than a year, compared to more than 44,000 last year, we are seeing people coming from places as faraway areas such as Bangladesh and Pakistan and areas far south in North Africa, meanwhile, Tunisian authorities have been accused of leaving hundreds of migrants in the desert along the border with Libya without food, water or shelter, an allegation that the Tunisian government denies that they beat the men and let us walk for hours and then Libyan police found us while this nurse was waiting Libyan authorities say they have recovered the bodies of 35 migrants who died from heat exhaustion since July.
The International Organization for Migration says more than 1,800 people have lost their lives or are missing on this route in the Mediterranean this year alone Omar, okay, Grayson, thank you. We will soon see how effective the conservative leader really is in a new advertising campaign. Plus, I know all the people and we all look for Taylor Swift tickets when demand is soaring. Supply Global Affairs says China is most likely behind a smear campaign against a Canadian lawmaker. False narratives about Conservative MP Michael Chong circulated on a popular Chinese social media platform in May, around the same time as Ottawaexpelled the Chinese diplomat who was accused of intimidating Chung's family, the Conservative party is leading in the polls right now in a new ad campaign that attempts to reframe how Canadians view their leader CTV's Annie Bergeron Oliver on what what's behind the new strategy unaffordable insecure divided known for his scathing political attacks on Pierre Pauliev The profile is being revamped a little later, the country needs in a new series of big money ads, the Conservative Party of Canada shows a softer side of the politician, this is the house I grew up in, often seen on screen alone, we'll leave it. you have a little more money to stretch your dollars further before aiming for the Liberty.
I don't think the branding that we saw during the Trucker Convoy or in the uh leadership campaign was necessarily conducive to the broader national election that he played in. a certain base in the population and now we see a much more identifiable person. Pauliev's wife, Anita, who has taken center stage with him at many events, appears prominently along with his children and I know him as a God who loves me for who I am now. The Conservatives are almost 10 points ahead of the Liberals in the polls, but Pauliev's popularity is lower than Justin Trudeau's and among female voters, 22.8 percent feel that the Conservative party is the most representative of their personal views, compared to 28.4 percent of liberals, so I think the message is resonating.
The women who hear this kind of side of Paul have their motivations for why he is doing this. I think it brings a little bit of a different lens that we haven't seen in many typical Canadian political ads posted on social media less than a week after the Prime Minister and his wife Sophie Gregoire Trudeau publicly announced their separation is 100 intentional. I think this is probably the only way for him to send a message without directly addressing the separation. The Conservative party says the new ads will run over the coming months on TV, radio and other platforms.
Omar's announcement. It's worth over three million dollars, okay Annie, thank you, there's still more to come this year, we're honoring the late Queen Elizabeth II who was lost within a royal and intricate work of art. A young British Columbia rapper with millions of followers known as Lil Tayonline has reportedly died at age. of 14. Lotte has a new Ferrari. They have never seen this car in their lives. The social media star whose real name is Claire Hope gained popularity in 2018 for her controversial videos in which she swore and flaunted an extravagant lifestyle when she was just Nine years ago, an anonymous post on her Instagram page announced his death as sudden and tragic.
The publication also mentions the death of her older brother. Both deaths are still under investigation according to the statement, but neither are Hope's father or the BC Coroners Service, North Vancouver area police departments. They are corroborating the


a New Mexico police officer helped save the life of a newborn it all started with a father rushing to the hospital with his wife in labor she says hey this way I feel like the baby's back is turning its head , you know, pushing and I was like, "Okay, wait, we're almost there, just wait, state trooper Ismail Perez saw the car go through a red light and stopped it just as it got to the hospital, hey, like my son was on." the seat my son is in the seat open the door I see a newborn baby in the seat uh lying there motionless the baby was not breathing so Perez patted them on the back to clear their throat here we go meatballs there we are going to breathe job done PĂ©rez delivered The newborn approached the nurses and congratulated the child's father.
I'm happy to be part of this. And I'm glad the baby is okay. A beautiful image and a cornfield in Ontario received an incredible royal treatment. The farmers fulfilled these seven. a field of acres into a crowning achievement, a labyrinth the size of seven football fields created as a tribute to the late Queen Elizabeth II, so we tell people that aliens come and do it, but in reality it's all laid out in a grid and then we just counted rows of corn, the maze took three days to complete and has four kilometers of trails, including a scavenger hunt with hidden clues.
Looks like fun after the break. This is almost like this year's Hunger Games in terms of concert tickets, the fan frenzy over Taylor Swift's Canadian concerts over a year away, Taylor Swift fans have started to find out if they got a coveted ticket for his concert. Here's ctv's Heather butt on the emotional rollercoaster. Are you ready for it? The fans were ready and did everything they could to try. getting a seat for Taylor Swift's tour stop in Toronto this is almost like this year's Hunger Games for concert tickets spending time and money to see your idol I can't call back I'm going with heiresses Simone Chatta and her friend Erica among the lucky ones, we were both crying because it was such a special moment to finally get the tickets.
The Ticketmaster website crashed during the first leg of the tour, leaving many skeptical for this round, fans had to register and wait for a verification code to use it when the virtual box office opened. I think you shouldn't be too greedy, like you just get the seats, they give you the first ones that become available and you just take them. The rapids took the internet by storm today, my heart is beating so hard. Right now I'm sharing stories from the Taylor Swift era as I clicked on seats, they were disappearing, but not everyone will be able to get rid of the fact that they didn't get a code and were put on a waiting list, who's really getting the tickets.
I'd like to meet the first artist to perform six shows at the Rogers Center and still leave fans disappointed yesterday. Update Update throughout the day. The Pridefoot sisters were unable to take their daughters. We could see ourselves sitting there with them and then at the end of the day, it's like. Oh, okay, I guess that won't happen again. This tour stop is expected to boost millions into the economy. Ellen Estefan spent almost 500 on her ticket and will travel from Vancouver. I think it's worth. I think it's worth 100. It's a lot of money, but. I don't know, you only live once resellers already accused of price gouging by listing tickets for over twenty thousand dollars while speedsters with codes hope to buy online in the coming days for shows over a year away heatherbots CTV News Toronto we leave you now with more fascinating music from Robbie Robertson for all of us on CTV national news good night with me for abroad

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