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Controvertido Ritual Masculino

Nov 22, 2021
well friends here we are back ready for the next case today we are going to receive it with a quote from the spanish philosopher josé ortega y gasset that says not everything that is called tradition is morally correct not everything that is tradition is morally correct let's see how does the appointments relate to this next case let the litigants pass please I respect all religious beliefs but I am not going to allow this man to endanger the life of my son this is a family and religious tradition and none of my family have the cuerito good afternoon and you are the plaintiff in this case davis and in this husband remarkably ok explain to me why you are suing david and what you need to resolve the case well doctor as I told you nobody called me and I came to file for divorce and no have any kind of contact with my son, what can I say about him also if he only has a five-month-old baby and well, it is the product of a relationship that we have had for two years, he and I met In one scene, we have a Jewish family in common who invited us to do a Shabbat ceremony.
controvertido ritual masculino
I was there, we met, we maintained a healthy relationship for a period of time until I realized that circumcision had become an obsession for him, not it's obsession an obsession mission this he thinks that all men have to have circumcision because it's the only way how they could function in bed which I don't think is because it doesn't even work totally at all well like the one that not the good system now but if it's beautiful it's wonderful a little moment of spirit and musician they got married because of the jewish religion they got married explain everything to me because because this is an issue between you it's an issue doctor because he is jewish we met in a relationship healthy and good he decided again to return me to Catholicism because I really did not feel committed to it therefore catholic churches catholic and we decided to keep and put aside all As these traditions and all these


s and we decided to be Catholic and up to the moment that he really embraced the urbanism for his what happened because this is here one asking me for a divorce and not just a divorce doctor I don't want my son have contact with him this man explain to me why my son has my baby he is barely five months old and a month ago he took him on vacation he told me he was going to visit his sister who is there in colombia the one in colombia and well I agreed that you shared a weekend with the one who met his aunt when he returned he had circumcised him without my consent because when the child was born in the hospital he shouldn't have done it because it wasn't a matter of something mystical It was not a real issue to do it, so they talked in the hospital about the issue of circumcision because it is done to many children by conscious parents or by mail, please, the day he goes with him to Colombia for a weekend he knows r the aunt and when she returns they already have the circumcision to you no one told you no at any time he told me that he was going to do that not only not only that he did the circumcision but the child came with an infection the child had and he He started to have a fever, he started, you were hospitalized for practically a week and he was diagnosed with herpes, here I have the internal tests, the child comes with the pc, Eserp, he is a doctor, it is a normal flu due to the change in climate, but anyway, doctor, look, I have one. and I'm alive I'm here a baby was a week doctor and that's all over the world if it won't be clear to you ok then when the child acquires this erte I don't know how where he did the operation on the baby I mean I don't know what measures Hygienic measures apparently took the doctor here explains that it was an infection at the time of doing that operation but he does not know specifically if it was a lack of hospital or a lack of hygiene hospitalized on the verge of dying as a result of he l It is to make that mine, which is perfect, we are going to take a short break when we get back, David answers if he wants a divorce, absolute custody of the child and that you do not have contact with the child. the hooded member now worries me that your child has herpes and you also have p in your mouth no one sues her husband david with whom she has been married for two years and a five month old baby demands divorce full custody of the child and In addition, the father does not have any contact with the child because she considers that the father's actions and behavior have caused permanent damage to the child that almost cost him his life. harm to my son is normal this is a tradition i come from abraham i come from the land of israel doctor she who is crazy there is where at the time not because she when i am with her in bed Because when I'm in bed with her, she looks at me in the face of the tenth but she is a doctor.
controvertido ritual masculino

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controvertido ritual masculino...

Also, the male member is the cutest thing without a piece of cloth that he has on top. I show him mine, it's not divine, it's beautiful, as if they were the best to ask you. Something, however, God, the creator of the human body, not in all his omnipotent wisdom and his creation, sent the new hooded member, but he also sent it to him when he spoke and made the pact with Abraham, he also commanded that it be like that, where it says so somewhere in the mind of the one who is obsessive and sympathetic to him says that some instead of the old testament jesus was also mended he was born of a jewish mother i imagine yes although they did not circumcise i come from the womb and listen to me like this here where all this worries you he will take the child he knew your wife didn't want him circumcised they circumcise him a tradition i'm not talking about religion i'm talking about a christian tire couple they're supposed to and they communicate with their minds regarding a child so now I'm worried that your child has herpes and you also have pp in the mouth what happened here here is something that doesn't work for me there are doctors easily if I have been where you told them You sent them to do it I sent them to the best clinic in Colombia with the best in clinics there may be some infection some bad manipulation but you you claimed to the clinic that they have infected your son with a herpes simplex and no no no no I have not I sent the papers, doctor, no, I didn't even know who has witnesses in this case, I called your sister who lives in Colombia, let's go to the witness, he hasn't brought me documents, where was the clinic where he was circumcised, nothing more than talking about all the quarry that had come to say colombia good afternoon doctor your name which one jasmine jasmine and you the brother of the half sister is peruvian gossip guys ok doctor I am super outraged because they know this ti Because he is my half brother, unfortunately I am not Jewish.
controvertido ritual masculino
He came to my house with a precious baby that I love and I was very happy to meet him because I had them in my house. One night he asked me to accompany him and take a video of them, which I I didn't see a circumcision doctor. I agreed to do it because it seemed very normal to me living on his religion but he's crazy he's insane he asked me to take some images of his son's circumcision and you did it I did it because the doctor says First we are going to take a short break and when we come back we are going to see the images because nobody tells me where he did this, doctor, you have to know that there is a child who has suffered serious injuries with 08 hours and you are going to see the fabulous clinic and we will return with the evidence of this case do not leave and that is the stop that is done this that you are fine is the behavior of a truth to others they use a glass tube and insert it into the child's penis and suck we continue with the case of no one Y David married couple, they have been married for two years, a five-month-old baby, she wants a divorce, full custody of the child and that he not have contact with the child, the mother somehow contacts his sister in Colombia who came here as a witness of She tells us that he asked her to make a video when the boy was circumcised.
controvertido ritual masculino
We are going to see those images please, Mr. Clinic Director, and at this moment the car is not a tournament, so doctor, this is the same, yes, he is in the team or fast to make deliveries and that is done that sir that is not like that what you are seeing here is the behavior of an aberration I do not know please we have with us his professor álvarez to doctor moisès irisarri and to the gentleman and run to more anselem who is a writer and member of the rabbinical council of america good afternoon rabbi welcome thank you for being here with us it is done before all of us we respect all religions what we see here i know it is It is an aberration, can you explain a little to us?
That began in the time of Abraham in the Bible. It is the pact that God made with the people of Israel, and the first Jew to be circumcised was the white patriarch, but what is the idea? Why is circumcision done? to tell me that it is a dogma because it is a divine mandate and there is no explanation the jew frames himself in his body that belongs to the people of israel something similar is done to the woman not only to the man not only to the man ok and usually the process How is it who does it?
A doctor does it, not your doctor. Paul does a professional in that. But what I have learned is that the foreskin is usually cut, but I also understand that the rabbi puts his mouth on it to extract part of the blood that remains after the foreskin is cut, it is the third step, it is not natural. natural arrangement of the eighth day the book of leviticus also now the exposure to the eighth day and jesus remembered lucas was circumcised on the eighth day but none of the texts that the aforementioned doctor talks about that third step that occurs in a very sacred book for the Jews that are called the mixed and the talmud but if you are going to say to a traditional ultra-orthodox rabbi no no no that third step is in the mixed but it is oral and it goes back to moses that is to say well it is the third step this care in the sinai love and there also comes the attention among the most liberal who do not believe in that step and the most orthodox the secretion yes but not sucking the blood that the third step that the same commands does not agree to the torah rabbit not exactly that they disagree that this third step is done with their mouths but they put a house first, the building is fine so that there is no blacksmith contact between the lips and the twig to be cut from that creature, others they use a small glass tube that is also sterilized they insert it into the child's penis and they suck and there is no contact between the mouth and the child's mouth thank you very much for this explanation the performance of the rabbinate considers it a concession to liberalism and secularism modern, whatever is traditional is exactly good, the truth is, doctor, that there are reports from the new york health department in other states that, for example, between 2006 and december 2011 there has been a severe increase in children infected with herpes simplex, many caused by due to this practice among ultra-orthodox jews in new york city there is a danger in this practice yes in the case in the case of this gentleman but we are talking about the herpes virus type 1 versus what was previously said type 1 type two type 2 is genital type 1 is oral not really herpes type 1 and type 2 are just two mutations of the same virus each can be anywhere and The problem with this is that it can be hit and transmitted to the other person even without having had the injury one or two days before, this position may already be at risk.
The virus is not in a key to be clear that if I need to have a change lately with the idea of ​​circumcision, before it is completed, all children had to be circumcised or it was for health or hygiene, a doctor at that time, it was very hygienic at that time. time to do it precisely because there was a lot of dirt he wants it the same the argument of many Jewish modernists even not more liberal is that the conditions have already changed we live in modern times more hygiene therefore the reason for the solution no longer exists a decision In case, I grant you the demand in its entirety, the divorce, the total custody of the child and they will contact you until you go to a psychologist who gives you a treatment that helps you understand. der that you are deranged that the children have talked to her about things that you had already agreed upon and number two do it there in the room I don't care and you having the water duvet so much from where the table would be the demand I said for accompanying us Dr.
Colo is back in the new season of closed cases that comes stronger than ever this season has what no other

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