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Cruise Live Stream with Tony and Jenny

May 31, 2021
it's falling down do you remember when I look at you now a rush of adrenaline we're always looking for something closer to the action never before hear what's up everyone what's going on this is


and I'm timmy and we are the crazy lita and it's the broadcast on


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on no no tuesday thursday edition welcome one welcome all welcome everyone from all over the world it's both here in florida on the natural coast but I know it's not both everywhere no, it's not a hashtag, but It's five o'clock somewhere, hashtag, time, right, that's the time, that's how time works, welcome to the




, if you're new here, that's how it works, we'll talk a little bit about cruise news and then we'll get into the chat uh once we get into the chat if you're new please write new we'll try to say hello and if you have any questions we'll do our best to answer your questions uh just ask a Put a big question in front of your question to for us to see it and, yes, cruise news, it has been interesting.
cruise live stream with tony and jenny
Yesterday we received the great news. We reported today on the show that the first paid cruise in 14 months is scheduled in the United States. and oh and you have the right color it is scheduled to leave fort fort everglades port everglades fort lauderdale on june 26 2021 the celebrity advantage with the amazing captain kate mcclure how about that i mean come on and that is hot on the heels of Jenny's ship? leaving Slovakia absolutely and her hairless cat, yes, mistake, and that's on the heels of the other big news that Royal Caribbean got approval for a test cruise from Miami, Florida, taking place next month, so the cruises will return to Florida.
cruise live stream with tony and jenny

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cruise live stream with tony and jenny...

There are still some obstacles to overcoming the vaccine law here in Florida. I just read an article from the governor. They're already pushing back on the celebrity announcement, so we'll have to see how it plays out, but I'm sure we'll be able to figure out something, something, something, what else is going on. New CDC guidance five 15 minutes every 15 minutes. We'll have to see how it develops. It's just good, as well as good, absolutely. How was your week? Jenny, um. you know what my week has been productive um wait stop the presses what we're celebrating today one of our kids has uh is celebrating a birthday yeah let's get that out of the way it's not like the kid watches the show maybe he's out there Gregory your birthday gift depends on it the key word what is the key word we have is uh pizza pie now if he says pizza pie later we will give him his birthday gift our son Gregory will be 23 years old 23 years old Omg happy birthday gregory we love you the blue team is in the house ellen ian robin sarah phillips joe flanagan making sure the room is safe we ‚Äč‚Äčappreciate you guys we love you thanks for everything you do


how's your week?
cruise live stream with tony and jenny
My week has been productive, like I said, I met with Bob who is helping me with all the reservations on the group cruise, so we've started, you know, at least booking in those groups and just as a reminder, I said. On Tuesday the group price will be the same regardless of when I take them there, I just need to get there of course before the 60 days, but yeah, it's been productive, there haven't been some cancellations, so yeah, just busy cancellations. always means more work for the lovely Jenny yeah if you missed it last week we announced a couple of new group cruises that we didn't even post on the website because we loved them uh la prima in march 2023 ncl prima and then. the carnival celebration in October 2023, we got about six, maybe probably 700 emails, so I think Jenny is already past the halfway point of Jenny and Bob, that's Jenny's team, so if you have an email from Jenny, she's working, I don't have it yet.
cruise live stream with tony and jenny
I don't want to post a picture of Bob because some people say what's wrong with Bob? What's up with Bob? We don't know why Bob spells his name backwards. A very unique guy. The boat show. Thank you very much for the super chat with a question. How many bags? Are you going to bring adventures? Let me tell you this. I am sharing accommodation with John from the Adventure of the Seas boat show. Did I mention it's in 16 days? I don't think he has Jenny. How could you let me forget to mention that my cruise is on 16.
I mean, this kid is going on a cruise. I know this kid is going to sit down. This kid. John printed three luggage tags. I've never even seen Jenny carry three suitcases on a cruise, but I had to remind John. gently, you know he only has half the closet. I mean, you can bring as many bags as you want, but the big man should have his storage space too. John. I'll bring a bag. Am I in my camera bag to balance it? It will be as if we had four suitcases, but three of them will be yours.
I mean, I think our first and second cruises probably carried that amount of luggage, but then we decided, you know what I like, to just take it and go. and after 14 months without sailing, I'm carrying a lot of baggage, you know what I'm saying, thank you so much John for the super chat, looking forward to this adventure we're on, uh Jennifer Wilson, thanks for the super sticker. very cool hello I'm back she said hello hello what's interesting is the little icon on the sticker it looks like a scared person I like it like me oh let's talk about the mardi gras coming to florida next week the mardi gras coming to florida next week we'll be there on June 4th to welcome Mardi Gras and we have a meeting on the 5th.
Information about it is in our Facebook group. If you're not in our Facebook group, send me a message. an email to

tony and I'll give you the details yeah we're going to have a couple of giveaways a couple of giveaways and then there's a cash bar and then little light snacks like little pretzels, light snacks that are what do I call it, yeah, but since the snacks can be so many, they're pretzels, it's a mix that's the name of a light, patrick griffith, thank you very much, I'll probably post that, I'll make a post on the website, uh, but again , most of it.
I think people are in the Facebook group so we're trying to do it through the Facebook group so we can get an account and then if you're one of the people that's only on YouTube email me that way . get a count that way uh instead of just throwing it away because we're trying to get an account make sure you stay on the right deal uh what email to tony at l-a-l-i-d-o-l-o-c-a dot-com patrick griffin thank you so much for the super chat let's sail oh yeah I'm on the NCL epic in september braggart from barcelona love all your hard work no man that sounds like a wonderful cruise did you know barcelona is in spain that's right it's geography with tony, ask me any city?
I'll tell you what country it is in, Florida, that city, the city of Florida is in the country of America, how about I know exactly my job on stage, Jay Mockingbird, thank you very much, super chat, hello Tony and Yenny, They ask why they are both so wonderful and always happy, they are both the best, the best hugs and I appreciate them both. Look man, you're so sweet, Jake, we only have to be happy for an hour, three hours a week, so let's live. three hours a week and that's how we save it we're basically scruffy grumpy uh we yell at each other this is probably the quietest we talk to each other and that's why we spend the week yelling so we can spend time with you we can be wonderful that's not true wonderful I think I talked to James he knows best wonderful commander redhawk thank you so much for the super sticker I wish we had coffee I'm getting my caffeine through diet soda and it tastes horrible but you know?
I'm trying to wean off caffeine. I need something. Where is the intern? Why didn't he bring us coffee? It's his birthday. You can't ask the child to run around on his birthday. Larry Rickman. Thank you very much for the super chat. I appreciate all the good comments you leave on the videos. No doubt, I just want to thank you for everything you do to calm people down. Hey, look, yeah, this is the epiphany I had, Larry, you know? We are all cruise passengers and we are all doing everything we can to get on the cruise. Now we all have some differences about the way life works, but ultimately we are beholden to what the cruise lines decide and therefore we shouldn't hate each other. each other as cruise passengers, we should figure out what to do when the cruise lines tell us what to do.
That's my take on the trip with Josh. Do travel agents make it a rule to change cruise prices for their clients without being asked or do they do it? You always have to ask a, um, that's a really good question, so I mean, if you're going to be keeping an eye on your reservation anyway, so yeah, I would if I emailed Travel Age every time you see it. , changing it absolutely. It's true, let's look at any other one, do you think you will sell the Independence of the Seas out of Miami, in September, I don't think we will?
We don't have anything like that booked I don't think I have anything in September at this point it's 10 minutes now but things will line up uh jj cruz is here you have something in September I have something in I forgot I'm going to Alaska on September 12th I have forgotten I don't know where it's going, I do know it's coming out of Seattle, there's so much going on, uh, when they announced that the edges were happening fast, yeah, when they announced that the edge was going down, I immediately said we should book and then. I realized that we already have things to do that week, so it's time to clear the calendars.
Any family that wants to come visit us has about three weeks to do so and then we won't talk to you because it's time to go on a cruise. Well, you better come now, that's the right question from John Peterson Jr. What's the name of the song that plays before the theme song plays when everyone goes live? It's called uh what's called particle house infected soil, right, I always want to call it. something different, but I like the lines so you remember when we first played it, Jenny, don't you? He doesn't remember me at all. We went on a blind date and she thinks my name is someone else, whatever.
So Renee thinks that I. I'm awesome because I'll stay home while you surf, but yeah, I just really didn't want to travel to Nestle. Yes, I have to say this because I have caught a bit. I do what I want well, I want to go out and I do it. I haven't told Jenny that she may or may not go on any cruises. It always depends on her. My preference is always to travel with Jenny and if she wants to go, we do. We sail together and if she doesn't want to go, it's great that she doesn't make me not go if I want to go and she doesn't want to go, so, yeah, I'm very lucky that that's how I get her.
When she get it when she want to get caught and then I do what I want When she don't want to have God so good and you know what I do what I want When he's cruising yeah I'll tell you what to do Do it girl you better ask me, you got something, it's America Boyard, thank you so much for the super chat, uh Jenny, for all your hard work and for cleaning up my mess, you're the best, she's the absolute best, so now it's part from my office. like she works out of the office now so now she sees the back like this but yeah I'm really glad she booked some cruises with me beforehand but yeah I'm glad it's over jeff zacks I spoke. about bayonne on the show, i feel like last week i think they said they were preparing for cruises in august, so i know that puts a lot of july cruises at risk, but i found a local bayonne news source and they were talking to the port people there and said they thought their cruise would start in August, that could really change, who knows, things are changing quickly, but that was the last information I saw about Bayonne, uh 57 Chevy, is there anything like that?
I get off at 57 chevys uh, thanks for your great videos and your mature, reasonable and optimistic approach. I have a Royal Caribbean cruise from Barbados in February. I wonder if those types of cruises will return to an American port. I'm a newbie to cruising. So 57 Chevy we've seen it twice already, so we saw Royal Caribbean leave Bermuda as a home port now that things are improving in the US. We saw the Norwegian cruise line do that with Jamaica, so I may not rule it out. as a possibility, uh, but yeah, only time can tell, you know again.
I'm still worried that they're going to do that with Nassau, but I think we're close enough now that that won't be the case. Yes, I hope it's yours. It stays there until February or, if not, they give you a good deal so you can get out of there. Hi Tony and Jenny, any chance to get fully vaccinated. Ready to travel lively to the home jersey. Sorry Terry, no, I fancy the vaccine. The conversation is too divisive as it is, I need to talk about it because it's part of the cruise, but I would never want any member of the local family, uh, you know, to be bothered becauseShe will be my friends.
Understand it. I will be a wild card dad. Cruise world question. Cruise lines must request test sailings 30 days in advance. Time is running out and Ryzen will schedule full test cruises before the first dates. Any news on this. I don't know how tough those schedules are. It appears that the cruise lines are working closely with the CDC, so there is probably some wiggle room. The fact that the CDC is approving things like two days from now, I think they'll be able to include them, so Carnival has to announce something soon. I think you guys are planning on doing some kind of trip in July, right?
Jim, ask anything. information on South America cruises in March 2022. Another Canadian from Camp Loops, British Columbia is coveted by many countries dealing with this. I haven't heard anything about cruises out of South America. I looked at him as he looked up, maybe I don't remember which cruise line maybe. those ncl cruises. I want to leave South America now and go to Antarctica, but yes, the question is: are service dogs allowed on Royal Caribbean and where to go? Where are you going? I don't know the last part of your question. We saw a service dog on Royal Caribbean cruises, so yes they also have a place to go to the bathroom if that's what the second part of the question was, and I guess they stay in the cabin, the lady has a He asks, what's wrong with him?
Cruise insurance covered. I keep hearing that most of the major cruise lines that we see here in the US offer Covet as part of their coverage and even to third parties, yeah, that's what I was thinking, like the third parties that we looked at, uh. Offering to covet how much the Alaska cruise will cost you. Booking with Don costs the cabin, I don't know, so I'm very low, I think it's close to three thousand dollars, which is expensive, it was, but I was trying to get my brother out, but I don't think so. He will go, but I think it will be worth it to go to Alaska and do it, but that is a little more than I would like to pay for Cruz, but it is Alaska and I will be able to fight a polar bear.
I'm feeling really excited and I mean we're setting it up, so there's a lot of reasoning here, like I like Tony to visit these places before me, so, um, I'm not doing it, so we're both not going to go in. into something new. because I add a lot of anxiety, I'm sure for you, so I appreciate you going to say yes before me so you can say "hey, you know, this is what you might not like about this exact question, right?" Airlines require proof of vaccination status on some international flights departing from Miami. How is it different?
Yeah, I don't know, I haven't seen that I haven't flown out of the country, so, you know, look, here's what's interesting to someone. They're like, oh, cruise lines can't ask for my health information. I've never been on a cruise. The cruise line has not asked me about my health information. Now the vaccine is something new and different, obviously, but the concept they say fill. Take a health quiz Tell us about your personal health. It's happened on every team, so I think they'll find a way to do it that way. Sometimes it's hard for me to speculate because I don't really know how it's going to work.
It's no big deal. It's new to crossing them asking for their health information, so we'll have to see, let's see if we can get to 500 likes. I heard we're close. That will be available for the latest and greatest. That's how I got there. Ask why this happened. at carnival right before cove coke or pepsi uh me personally so I'm drinking I like diet pepsi better but if I'm drinking a soda with sugar I would choose a coke so I think uh carnival is pepsi now, yes and I am Coca Cola, both regular and diet. I like you guys, how dare you?
Diet Pepsi is very sweet, they have different tastes, that's right, it's true, Minnesota Mickey is in the house, oh Mickey, you. you're so fine you're still fine you drive me crazy hey mickey hey mickey that's why


wears the bun because it looks like one of tony basil's ponytails hi my favorite friends your tan looks good jenny i was busy at work and forgot to hit myself Get in but jump in but I'm here so everyone says I'm a little tanned but I mean we only went to the pool twice last week for half an hour man you sunbathe easily.
Unfortunately not. Understand this awkward, let's see yes, no, she is pale like me, come on, I like you, there is just no good light, that's true, we have to rearrange these lights. I'll do the rest of the program like this, thanks, I'm still so. Doesn't Jenny look beautiful? Yes, she is here, raise your arms, let's do it, look how different the colors of your hands are. Bigfoot Israel. Thank you very much for the super talk and I have to turn off this light. It will drive me crazy. Thank you. So much for the epic super sticker fail it's a sad uh hippo thank you so much for the super chat oh I still love Aj I hope Aj still loves us because Pepsi Pepsi so I just have to say I must point something out right now, yeah, Tony. the phone is always dead all I hear is oh my gosh it's down to four percent this guy as we sit here for almost an hour now he has two places he can charge his phone and it's not charging that's not it's true. the phone is currently charging fine, it's now at 71 miss, it's okay, but you know it's late, oh it's only four percent, I shouldn't have done it, don't make me invade your personal space, you always do, like this it's OK. you're the only person allowed to go on those adventures on Table Rock Lake by aaron cruz cruz cruz we're back dropping the truth bomb probably one of the most moving comments so far today that's true what larry said that the reason you're so tanned i'm so pale look i can't help you larry it's my home country i can't help it ian and i could be related ianno o'reilly so i mean jared as a question do you think insurance is necessary ? for adventure travel, even with the extra procedures of the royal promise, um, so I'll tell you, and this is not a task, this is a personal thing.
I don't want to be stuck in a foreign country and have no money. pay a medical bill because they won't discharge you from these hospitals until they have their money so um and that leaves and leads to something else always get primary health insurance on your insurance let me tell you pretty Lindy Lou says that you I have beautiful olive skin, let me tell you how soon I'll tell you how shallow I am, uh, you know, look, I wanted a girl with olive skin, so I found the perfect combination of a Hispanic woman and an Israeli woman, so I have a Jewish Hispanic woman and uh yeah, her skin is a beautiful olive and I have the accent, so again that's me being superficial, but once I met her about four or five years into our marriage, she's great, she's a good person but I basically went with the looks to start with and that went so far and I think she went with me because of my hair in the past but now it's gray and going Bigfoot Israel, should I show that pizza?
Oh yeah, do that Bigfoot Israel, thanks. I really appreciate the super chat, uh Jenny, yes, so you can contact Jenny, she will put you in the queue, uh, it's a very busy time right now, just be patient, but we are always accepting new customers. We both had good hair. Back then, look at the look, this is us from 2003. Jenny gets distracted even by our weight, we're supposed to be praying to God right here and she looks at the ground like, what am I doing? and she was wearing a high bun. at our wedding, there you go, thank you, look, that's my natural hair color, thank you very much, uh, it was marriage and six children that changed it, that's my mom over there too, that's my mom, right there , oh, that's right, uh, let's look at travel insurance, oh yeah. that's what I was going to say I was going to follow what Jenny was saying uh my philosophy is that nothing is a problem until it's a real problem and uh I buy travel insurance every time I probably spent thousands of dollars on travel insurance that I never I've used it, but the one time I have to use it it's going to cost me fifty thousand dollars, so I'm happy to pay you.
Jenny got me a quote for seventeen dollars for this trip and I haven't booked it yet so I have to book that interview you didn't tell me to book it you just sent me the quote but 17 and so yeah it's worth it to me jim has a question yes, when will we do an Antarctic cruise? I'll have to do it first and maybe that's something don and I will do next year I know he wants to do it joe doherty go to the bahamas you braid your hair and go to alaska and shave your head look jenny can tell you that really I've been wanting to shave my head not bald but just have a crew cut and wear a hat all the time but she won't let me, she said I can't do it for this vlog series but maybe when I come back I will. uh shave my head just because I'm in the mood and start over yeah I need to lose some weight because I really look like one of those bad old prison movies when I have my head shaved like I look like the big guy. in prison, oh that's good, yeah, well, in ATVs, I think you've only shaved it once, how much time do we have, guys, do you want to see a picture of me with a shaved head, we're talking, guys, now we have overcome it.
Okay, it will be worth it, I don't think so, Angie, I missed the whole show because of my phone call, we'll have to watch it again later. Well, Angie, I'm glad you at least stopped by and said hello, so now, Andrew. I'll be able to see it, how are you? Yeah, it was 17, so there's um, if you have anything you want me to quote you for insurance, just email me Tinker Bell. Thank you so much for this, I'm Jenny and Circa 2008 and uh we checked it out oh wow how about those skinny skinny minis we used with the wow is it too shiny?
I guess it won't show up there, but it was a little better. We went and you said "oh you." re sexy, what questions guys, sorry, another insurance question. Do you think that coverage through credit cards is enough? I don't like coverage that says crude as travel coverage. Now I'm not an insurance expert. Jane it's not safe. expert, if you read everything on your credit card and feel like it's enough, then you can make that decision, but you know, for 17 dollars more I would get what it says for travel insurance, but that's just me, I'm too cautious again .
I don't want my life to be ruined by some financial deal so yeah, yeah, Tony was that Michelle Tony without the band him, he looks like a kid, I look like a little baby, yeah, I look like a baby, Bill Turn, yeah, you heard that correctly. They have six kids together six kids bigfoot Israel wants to know why he loves our channel so much because I don't know I don't know man you know we do everything we can to piss people off but you guys keep coming back for more and more. that I'm grateful trip to buried treasure thank you so much for the super talk enjoy a beer for me on your cruise I will do it yeah, I sure appreciate it uh I was going to say something on camera what I was going to say no I know, yeah, our kids this year it's going from 30 to 20.
That's pretty wild, no grandkids yet, you'd think one of them would, okay guys, thanks so much for stopping by on a Thursday, thanks. for watching the videos thank you for all your likes and all the love uh we sure appreciate it uh we will be back here live on Tuesday of course there will be more content on the way and man we are getting close so I guess The big events coming up for us is that we'll go see Mardi Gras, we'll do the lovely gathering there at Port Canaveral and then the next thing after that will be the cruise, so we're very close.
I'm close to embarking on a cruise, so that's great. Will you get double points for the junior suite? I don't know, do you know the answer? I think so, yeah, that's awesome, okay guys, thank you so much for stopping by. my name is tony and I'm jenny and we're at the li de loca and until next time we'll see you at the later see you at the lido bye bye bye foreigner

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