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‘Cruel Decision’: Judge Slams Double Murderer Mackenzie Shirilla For Deadly, Planned Car Wreck

Aug 22, 2023
no, your honor today is the sentencing of the defendant for the intentional and intentional murders of Davion Flanagan and Dominic Russo and in some ways it is the second time that their families have gathered again to grieve, it is also a day that Mackenzie's family will mourn for her daughter's future, all three families and the friends of these families are suffering and all of their lives have been irrevocably changed due to the actions of the defendant. The unintended and collateral consequences of Mackenzie's selfish, intentional and



will ripple through time forever. It has literally changed history because it has ended two lives, two young people are dead, their deaths were horrible, terrifying and tragic.
cruel decision judge slams double murderer mackenzie shirilla for deadly planned car wreck
I'll say it again, if any reasonable person reviews Exhibit 802, there can be no doubt about what happened tonight, there can be no doubt. the absolute Terror of the two people in that car the defendant controlled all events she chose the day specifically she chose a date just before her 18th birthday she chose to drive the car the time to drive the car you chose a previously explored dark route to through on Industrial Parkway, chose the target to be attacked and the victims, chose the means and method to be followed, and intentionally


and executed the events of July 31, 2022. review of the evidence supports the factual findings forensic testimony testimony of first aid the testimony of the emergency room doctors who treated the defendant the testimony of the medical examiner the testimony of those who knew the victims and the defendant and the testimony of the BMV official who provided evidence that the defendant did not He only denied any medical condition when applying for his license, which his mother signed and attested to, but also that right after the accident, McKenzie renewed his driver's license and again denied any medical condition; in fact, the defendant was so concerned about driving that, as the state mentioned during the investigation.
cruel decision judge slams double murderer mackenzie shirilla for deadly planned car wreck

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cruel decision judge slams double murderer mackenzie shirilla for deadly planned car wreck...

She asked if they could suspend her license for 10 years. It's hard to imagine how a person could be concerned about their driving privileges after being responsible for the deaths of two people. There was no medical condition that caused this. There was an accident. there is no mechanical failure of the car the record is clear on the facts and evidence the corroborated statements by the mother herself without any testimony or medical records are not convincing, it is also important to remember that even if Mackenzie intended to die in this accident as well , that's irrelevant. a failed suicide attempt is no defense against murder and even in a murder-suicide attempt when the perpetrator carrying out the plan survives the other death or the deaths are still murder, there is only one person responsible for everyone's pain in this room, that person is You Mackenzie, no one else is responsible, this is not the fall of Dominic's family or Davion's family or your family, and I know that each of you have asked your questions, and If I had done this or that?
cruel decision judge slams double murderer mackenzie shirilla for deadly planned car wreck
The truth is none. Of us can control the intentions of another and when there is a deliberate intention to harm or kill someone, it is the perpetrator who alone bears responsibility for the choice and the consequences and harm that follows. The difficulty in judging honestly today is yes or no. I think they should receive consecutive sentences. I'm worried that if I give them a concurrent sentence, people will think I'm somehow being disrespectful to one of the victims and, on the other hand, I have to weigh the punishment. There is a very good one. Mackenzie probability that you will spend the rest of your life in prison that will not depend on me that will depend on the parole board and that will depend on you to a large extent I understand that the pain in this room wants to impose the harshest sentence on me, but no I think that's the appropriate sentence because I think McKenzie won't be out for 15 years, so she was sentenced on count two for the murder of Davion Flanagan, to 15 years to life, as she felt on count one. the murder of Dominic Russo 15 years to life to be served concurrently with credit for time served a wave finds fees and costs and your appellate council will be assigned if there are any questions from the state any questions okay thank you
cruel decision judge slams double murderer mackenzie shirilla for deadly planned car wreck

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