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Crown Vic tips and tricks 2

Jun 05, 2021
Hello everyone and welcome to photograph Mike's garage. As you can see behind me, there is a 2009 Crown Vic police interceptor that I just acquired at a Canadian federal government auction and today I would like to go over a few things that I am looking for. when am I going to buy a Crown Vic at auction and things you might want to look for if you are going to buy a Crown Vic in the future and I highly recommend you do because they are fantastic cars so this 2009 Crown Vic Police Interceptor p71 is such as I picked it up from the auction.
crown vic tips and tricks 2
I haven't done anything to him. I'm going to clean it up so it looks a lot better, but this is what it looks like when you pick them up the first thing I do. I'm going to look at the front bumper and you can see here that it has rust marks on the plastic. A lot of this will come off with a little work, but this is because they have a push bar at the front. cars, so in Canada they remove the push rods before selling them to the public, so in most cases you can't get a Police Interceptor with the push rod or headlights still installed, they remove them, so You should get them separately if you want them.
crown vic tips and tricks 2

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crown vic tips and tricks 2...

I know in the US they often sell them still with the push bars, but not here in Canada. Okay, and another common problem with corona victims is having water and condensation inside the headlights. This is a common problem. I usually have one like in this case, this one is fine, the headlights are available on eBay. I'll put a link below where you can get them, they're not expensive, not expensive at all. I think you can get two headlights for a hundred and fifty dollars now, so this is not a deal breaker, these are not expensive, so if you have this condensation problem, don't worry, you can get another headlight relatively cheap.
crown vic tips and tricks 2
Here's another tip on the side marker lights, on the side signal lights, there's a hole at the bottom here. I'm on both sides and this is where they have these strobe lights. The police car strobe lights leave the hole, which isn't very good because water can eventually get in, so it's a good idea once you have your Crown Vic, get in there and seal it with tape or something else so the Water doesn't get in here and ruin these side turn signals. Now this particular bumper also has a mark where the push bar was and this could have meant that this car saw some action where the push bar was used and it was printed on the bumper or it could have been during the installation that compressed the bumper the rest of the bumper looks good so I'm not too sure about that but it has a mark on the bumper corona victims here in the great white north often come with snow tires this one it has snow tires because we deal with snowy conditions and they just leave the snow tires on all year round as far as I know and usually when you pick up these cars the tread is in good shape they usually have very good Be careful and you get good tires every time you buy a Crown Vic at auction and as I walk around I can see there is a scratch here, it's not too serious but obviously scraped against something, it doesn't affect the operation of the doors, it's fine, go on, and the rear bumper often breaks, this one has a small dent right here that with a little heat that could come out, it takes away the decals. but they do a bad job, a pretty bad job, so if you want your car to look really good, you have to do a lot of manual labor to try to remove these decals and it's a lot of work, a lot of work, but they will do it.
crown vic tips and tricks 2
They come off and of course there are always holes drilled and then they just use tape to cover them. It's very unattractive. You can remove the tape with a heat gun and you can put a plastic cap on it which will look much better. I can get them in black or white if they usually have one and ten, a hole at the bottom, another hole for the antenna right there towards the back of the roof, this is where the antenna disk and the GPS disk would have gone, and that also has a hole in it and then Of course, this hole in the middle of the roof is for the light bar wires that would have crossed over.
Sometimes you get dents in the roof because of the light bar. This one isn't too bad, there are some marks right there, so basically when you're at the auction, walk around, look for dents, look for rust. Cars often have rust right here because this is metal and rocks and everything else can chip the paint and the rust can start right here. This one is in good condition and for some reason it often rusts here this one has a small strip of rice rust sorry it's just surface rust no big deal it can be sanded and repainted so there is a little bit of rust there now it doesn't rust here because it's plastic but the paint gets The tires are worn here but that's not a big deal and of course remember the car is here at least here in Canada use e85 and gasoline, so either way you can use it.
These are flex fuel cars, sometimes they are victims of corona. their simple covers are missing here these covers are taken off because normally they have strobe lights here and when they dismantle the cars they take the strobe lights off and put these covers back on but if they can't find the covers they leave them off so sometimes you will have You have to get these covers at a junkyard. Another very important thing to do when you are looking at the car auction is to look under the front of the car and look at all the radiators in the front.
I can see here that we have the air conditioning radiator, the normal radiator plus an oil cooler that's right up there. I don't know if you can see now, sometimes the oil cooler fittings leak and then you can see the leak on the right. Here everything looks very dry. I don't see any signs of oil leaks here, so not bad. It's also a good idea to check the reinforcement bar at the front of the bumper, right here, the support in front of the radiator, is what you want. To make sure it's not dented, this one looks nice and straight, no major collisions here and as you can see the front suspension looks very clean, no leaks from the shocks and yeah, it's not bad at all and here you can see the tread of winter tires, good tread. and I always check the tires for even wear, which will expose any suspension problems.
If there is uneven wear, these are worn nice and even. Look under the undercarriage of the car. There is a little rust on the surface. Nothing serious. This car is in excellent condition. In fact, I've seen many that are much rustier than this one. Now take a look at that transmission shop that is silver - right in the center the Crown Vics have a special aluminum driveshaft that is not available on any other normal civilian Crown Vic, that's something I really want to see that helps the vehicle to go at high speeds and is one of the unique features of the police interceptor.
These vehicles are actually raised, I think about an inch or inch and a half above the ride height of an original Crown Vic to give them a little more clearance so they can go over curbs or wreck completely the car, so actually, yes, your Crown Vic is made to go over curbs without fatal damage, a quick look at the rear of the vehicle and again very minimal Rust. Everything looks great here. One more thing to watch out for is any cracks in the windshield. They often have some small chips and usually the reports you get on the car will tell you if it is cracked or not. but you better check it yourself because this will cost you some extra money if you have to replace this windshield, this particular wind chill is okay after the outside, head inside and I look here because this panel, the switch panel, sometimes cracked or broken, I've seen some with screws right here to hold them on.
This one looks great and the interior looks pretty clean and the federal government's Canadian GSC surplus does a pretty good job of cleaning these vehicles before they come out. Take a look at the engine, there we go and we have a very clean engine bay. I mean, for a car that's used this much, it's pretty clean and this one looks cleaner, what you want to do here is check the radiator fluid. make sure the car is not on, make sure it's cold, open this up and you want to check the fluid to make sure it's really clear and you also want to make sure there's no Younis slime around the cap here because that could mean that maybe the oil is getting into the radiator fluid through a crack so we don't want that so we want a clear fluid and let's check the power steering fluid and I don't know if you can see it there but it's red it should be red, check that the motor belt is not running. check the belt because they are usually well maintained now so this is pretty rare but I have seen some with cracks and a very worn belt so look for cracks, look anywhere on the belt, this one looks in good shape too.
You have to be careful because I found that the hood shocks, the hood struts, are often a little worn out so all of a sudden the hood could close on you so I don't want you to get hurt so be careful with that. some that almost tried to rip my head off, but there you go, everything looks pretty good here, pretty clean. The other thing to consider when you're just looking at the engine is that these are plastic intake manifolds, they look great and this one is pretty good shape, but they can crack with heat and time, they can crack and if they crack, sometimes coolant can start leaking out of them and sometimes you will see a crack here or here so look for coolant leaks or cracks in the intake manifold sometimes you can see fluid inside the valley right here this one seems fine now we need to check the oil before we start the engine look to make sure it's pretty clean this is pretty clean it's up to par now while we're in this area, take a look at the steering shaft here, that's the rod here, As you can see, it's exposed to the elements and some of them are starting to rust and when they rust, you can feel it on the steering wheel, it's not in that bad shape.
I've seen some that are much worse, so you should look to see if that one looks good. Down here we can review the different hoses that go to the rack and pinion and we can also see here. hoses that go to your oil cooler there are no leaks, this is where sometimes you can see a leak, everything looks in very good condition and now of course at the auction you can't really check the brakes, you can't even take these cars for a test drive but I found that the brakes are always in good condition, they change the pads regularly so you shouldn't have any problems and most of the time the disc is very smooth so I think they are the pads or maintenance but I have had very few problems with the brakes the brakes seem to work very well on these cars one more thing about the exterior this car does not have any particular problems but the paint on the corona victims on the interceptors of the police is terrible, everyone knows it's terrible, it comes off easily, you try to remove the stickers and sometimes a pink color comes with the cover.
Many of these cars only have bare patches where you can see the primer, so some of them are now in very poor condition. Of course, you can spot paint it, but it really affects the look of the car. This one isn't really good, it doesn't have any of those stains, but it's something to pay attention to; It depends if you care about the appearance of the car. how much do you care, but some of them are in very bad condition, this one is in good condition. Now let's move on to the interior and know that I'm going to start the car now, so I looked at the cold engine.
I'm going to start the car, leave the car, okay I'm about to start the car and this is a very important part because you can't drive the car so all you can do is start the car and even that sometimes They deny it to you. in Canada but you want to start the car anyway and what you are hearing hopefully the car is cold and you are hearing any unusual noises when starting these noises will sometimes go away but they are very telltale noises and let's see if this one has noises unusual, so I started the car and you see this one has one hundred and ninety-five thousand four hundred and eighty kilometers because we are here in Canada, but I can change those two miles just by pressing down. we pressed the little button and we have one hundred and twenty one thousand miles on this vehicle there are no engine lights that's good you don't want that and there were no unusual noises like clunking or knocking but there is an airbag light that's annoying, now you saw that airbag light, now it's on constantly and when you first start the car it flashes and flashes one flash with a pause and then eight more flashes, that means it's a code and the code for evil airbag light operation. areeighteen, a long flat pause, a flash and then eight flashes, which makes eighteen.
Now, if you know your codes, you know that it's possibly a lamp malfunction, a lamp malfunction, and what that means is there's a lamp right here that comes on to warn you. If the passenger side airbag is on or off, depending on whether there is someone sitting in the seat or not, this light there is a light behind here that sometimes goes off and then causes the airbag malfunction light to come on. airbag and then you I can't really do the auction, but once you get home with the car like I am now, you can check if that's true and I'll do it right now.
I think this light is burned out, but let's find out. simple, all you have to do is grab here here and pull like this, it comes off, everything will come out easily and this is our trunk release right in the center and this is our little light a little light let's separate this I can okay, I I've taken it apart and there's your little light bulb little little light bulb now I don't think you can see on the camera, but I can look, I've got my glasses on, I can see that light bulb is broken, that's right, the little tiny wires inside the light bulb are broken, that's why the airbag light is at code 18, so all you have to do is replace this bulb. and that airbag light will disappear and you'll be golden.
Now you can buy these bulbs on eBay and if I can find them I will put the link below which is a direct replacement for this bulb but I think there are about nineteen of them. dollars fifteen dollars I don't know, but you know what you can do. You can take a regular LED bulb, like a very small one, and you can solder it to these contacts. It will light up and also eliminate that light. If you're really cheap and just want to get a small LED bulb, I don't know if I can show you one, but anyway, a small bulb of any kind, if you solder it here, will solve the problem.
Plus, it's relatively cheap, so there is a simple solution to the airbag light. Okay, the engines are running and you want to hear the engine. This is basically what Crown Vic engines should sound like. It should be smooth. It can vibrate and you should be. hear a ticking, but that's okay, those are the few targets, it's the fuel injectors that make that ticking, it's coming from up here, what you don't want is any sound from below, where the crankshaft is, because it's You may have a twisted bearing or something. so if you had a weird noise down there, but there's nothing on this one, this one sounds good, make sure it accelerates well and runs well.
One more thing to check while you're on the instrument buddy is going from miles there's your trip odometer oh look at this 4624 hours of idling that means the number of hours this car has been idling and that causes where, so it is important to know the idle hours because that is extra wear and tear on the engine and of course they use it to calculate how often to change the oil and other maintenance aspects. The fewer the hours of downtime, the better. Unfortunately, this is a fairly common number of hours of downtime here in Canada. I have seen up to eight thousand five thousand, it is quite common if you can.
Get it under two thousand you're doing pretty well this is 4624 that's right where it happens and yeah this is how you see the idle hours and up here you have this is where your ticket light would have been normally no they do it. Let the cars go by with the ticket light, which is a shame, then you'll get this ridiculous spot, but you can always buy something to cover this other light if you can find it and you should also make sure everything is working properly when you arrive. When you are at the auction, make sure the air conditioning is running, make sure the fan is running and make sure that with the dial here you can make the air go to the floor in the middle and to the frost because sometimes there is a leak of empty and therefore will not change from floor to defrost, so you need to make sure it is working.
You need to make sure the air conditioning is working. These cars have adjustable pedals, not all corona victims not all police interceptors have this. This is great as you can see the pedals go forward and backward, so anyone of any size can fit in this car. Another thing to check when you have the car running is to check that all the window switches are working. This is because there are often faulty window switches. I haven't come across that very often, but it can happen, so you need to make sure all the windows are working. One more thing to worry about is that often the steering wheels are all worn out.
This one is not in bad shape at all but sometimes the foam is really cut, it is quite common to have marks and this one is in very good shape but sometimes they are really terrible so you have to consider the other thing too is the seat . this seat looks in good shape sometimes the springs are broken because you may have had a giant police officer here and he could be breaking the seat and this one is pretty good and if the seat is broken but the springs are broken here, It will have a kind of depressed and lumpy look and it won't be comfortable at all the seats always break a little bit right on this metal stand they are always broken but sometimes they also break here this one is in good shape but there are quite a few that are broken here, so this is normal, they are always a little bit broken there.
Also, these seats have lumbar adjustment and the seating position is completely adjustable from the door, which is very convenient and they put it on the door because there is no space on the side here because police officers often have belts with a lot of equipment and it's very difficult to get to the controls down here, so they conveniently placed all the controls there. Another thing also is that there is no carpet, of course. just a rubber vinyl cover, but that's great because it's easy to clean and easy to make it look really pretty. You can actually get a vinyl spray, a black vinyl spray and this one isn't bad, but you can spray it with a vile spray and it will. looks fantastic, okay, now we're in the back seat and man, this back seat is looking.
I have a cut there but they are usually in great shape every time I get in these back seats they are in great shape and for a long time. I once wondered how they can be such a good blade because you know these cars have been used. I'm back here, how can they be in such good condition? This is because they have not been used normally. What they do is when the car starts running. service they put a plastic prisoner seat here a plastic prisoner seat and then when they dismantle the car they take it out for reuse and put it back in the unused seat and occasionally they can't find an unused seat and they sell cars with plastic prisoner seats occasionally, but they usually come with this beautiful vinyl rear seat that is almost perfectly shaped.
Now the only thing I notice is that they don't place them very well, as you can see, so all you're going to do. It's like pushing it in and they will lock into position. You have to make sure you have put on your seat belts. It's not a big job and your seat will be ready to go. One more thing. I know I'm rambling all over the place. the place here, but I'm just doing this while I think about it. They're always missing this little tray that's supposed to fit in here. You can get them on eBay if you want to deal with that, but there is a 12 volt one. outlet right here that comes with a car there is another 12 volt outlet that goes in this tray but there are two right there okay all the windows are working now that you're in the back seat not only are the doors not working also the windows don't work, as you can see, the windows don't work.
The windows don't work. This part is because the RCMP, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, take the rods out of the doors, so you have to get the rods from a wrecker truck. to get these handles working again, that can be done, but what about non-working windows? How are you? I'll show you a simple little trick right here, let's see if I can show you that you need to take out this center plastic piece. look what I'm going to do, okay, I managed to get this center piece, this is your B-pillar, this is your B-pillar, right next to the front seat, here, I managed to get this loose, assertive, I had to remove the sill panel. a little bit of rubber and I let it go and look at this, there's a connector, oh look, there's another connector and they're supposed to go together, okay, let's see if this fits here, click good, windows work, now look what it is Okay , all you have to do is turn that switch on and the rear windows won't work and of course the trunk is pretty simple, it's a huge trunk, you can fit everything in here.
This one comes with a spare and the jack, but often. They don't have it so it's very rare that they actually come with everything you need but this one does, it's perfect, sometimes they're missing the trim here, this one has the trim, everything looks good, this is a Crown Vic Pretty good, agree. You got it, it's Crown Vic Tips and Tricks Part 2 and just a few things to keep in mind when buying a Crown Vic Police Interceptor at auction and I suggest you grab it while you can so thanks for checking it out in full at Mike's. garage I will see you next time

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