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Crossover Compilation - Numberblocks & Alphablocks | Part 5 - Learn to count and read for Kids

Feb 17, 2023
of the best, that's right, us. They're all even numbers, yum, standing in an ever-growing row, so the missing number is two more than four and two less than eight, no matter how you look at it, sex is on your tongue, yum, yum , well done, oh, you're welcome, six, yum, yum. What's going on? Will the big Tom go to Alpha land after him? Hmm, my


ner has disappeared. One in the case, tell me everything. It was just a few moments ago. Hmm. I declare my magnificent new dining room open. Welcome to the fantastic foreigner, this looks like a capital place. for a big cup of tea new blocks Yum Yum Yum Yum who's in my belly I saw it was all tea the tea is on your tongue well made how tremendously warm here we go, big Tom, we'll take you back to Catch me if you can yum Mmmm, has someone What happened?
crossover compilation   numberblocks alphablocks part 5   learn to count and read for kids
We both ran down this back alley and then someone ran into us coming from the other side and ran into you. I don't know, my eyes were closed they grabbed my hand I grabbed B we all screamed and yum yum who's on my tongue we have to find out who's missing look for clues Is there anything strange or unusual here? I think this stinky container wasn't here a moment ago. a bin appeared out of nowhere alpha blocks can make things appear when they hold hands and say their letter sounds that's it if we can figure out what letter sounds make up bin we can figure out who is missing let's try it say the word bin, let's say it begins each sound. with a B that's my letter sound so what's my sound and the final sound is the missing letter sound n makes the sound so n is in Tom Yum Yum by Big Tom well done cute Catch me if you can hump yum yum here we go again what are your lyrics sounds what sounds like oh move away buzz bug the missing sound is ah that means you're on Tom from Big Tom yuck yuck you're stuck unfortunate it must be a vowel although a e i or u a makes an ah sound that would be my bag of apples annoying no e makes a sound and I ask for your forgiveness very excited to be here at Capital Tower no e you have great ideas I'm not inside that furry loop no it's no e no I no you so how about oh oh does one? sounds uh, a swamp is a kind of swampy swamp like this oh, isn't it Big Tom's Tom Yum Yum well done, we solve Big Tom's puzzles and save all the alpha blocks brilliant, awesome, cool, good, big, yum , yum, yum, this place keeps growing, big, big? tongues Tom is empty oh no big big tum stop telling him small big big Tom 10 it's on your tongue worth a try but it's too high up to hear you oh no oh oh 10. oh cool thought oh that's a whole new way to make ten big ten Big Ten I still have 10 blocks but I have 10 very big blocks.
crossover compilation   numberblocks alphablocks part 5   learn to count and read for kids

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crossover compilation numberblocks alphablocks part 5 learn to count and read for kids...

I have an idea. Can you swap places please next big net but I can't take either one home with this size? Oh, it's not big, it's not big, yum, yum, tiny. The lock was closed thanks to your quick-thinking detective, oh oh, and thus the capital city was saved. Little Tom became a big city again once we got to Numberland and his new friends gave him a gift to remember them because being a detective is so much fun and there's everyone. types of puzzles waiting to be solved well and also who equals woohoo, not a real sum, friends, the atmosphere here at Numberland stadium is electric, get


y for a joyous roar, the first optical relay race of hitting against blocks.
crossover compilation   numberblocks alphablocks part 5   learn to count and read for kids
I think it's time to reveal our racers, starting with a classic lineup for the local team one two three four five number blocks


y to take on their rivals to give a pink roar, but the foreign Alphablocks teammates certainly have some skills unusual, but will this team, friends, pass the opportunity, whatever you call them, will they be able to overcome the odds or rather the odds even odd odd even foreign ERS ready ah a block in the starting blocks ready one a block in the starting blocks ready then what are we waiting for oh yeah for me to say start the


down are you using miss something? no good, let's run by the rules the obstacle relay race has five stages reach the next stage and a new runner joins your team one runner in the first round two runners in the second round three runners in hell, already You get the idea, one reaches the point relay and meets up with two, let's hope they are not eliminated by this crazy maze, he says um um here his rivals are quickly getting into Tic Toc time is ticking agreed to speed up one two one two ah you know , I think these teams need to work on their teamwork, jeez, I'll do it, it's that way, annoying, another dead end, let's try teamwork, take my hand, ah aha, the arrow shows where we are fantastic , turn left and then turn left.
crossover compilation   numberblocks alphablocks part 5   learn to count and read for kids
Tip Top, alpha blocks are on the right track. but the number blocks remain The first runners I oh don't stop now oh game, down the stairs, down the snakes, let's hope we can avoid mistakes by rolling a six from the start, the rules require each team to get to the other side of the board, let's hope the alpha blocks land on some lucky stairs here they go, they come out this way excellent and eager to go up, let's take a time out, what are they doing and what are you doing drinking tea? There is always time for tea.
Refreshing, refreshing but risky, its rivals are. running forward with a very long ladder in reach roller two and I will climb to the top but one or three and down I will fall I have teamed up once and two and three the two of them should find this roller Breeze is not that is not right, it is better third time, good luck, that was lovely, but it seems to me that you are out of the race, take another look and eat well. I told you there was time for tea. The rules say to get to the other side of the board, but no.
I'm not saying how clever a bold move from the Alphablocks means that the teams are neck and neck in stage four, magnificent chewing teammates, my darlings, prepare to face that robotic Rascal block towards us, we better be careful, she is a unique wild frog four plus three plus two. plus one equals ten tapes and Away with Rocket Power high five very high five too complicated maybe we can do something ah, what can we do? We do to calm ourselves down and get angry. Excuse me, the number blocks are coming to the home stretch. They will surely return home now. poor alpha blocks I almost wish we could give them a hand, wait, wait, wait, they ran in reverse giving their rivals a chance to recover, but the octopus is proving difficult to control, who is this on the field?
I admit, it's magical and get ready for a long time. vocal hey hmm I blocked the bus maybe you can help us cross the lake oh amazing, it seems useless but we can't just stop we should look for a solution steam that's it if you can travel with rockets we could try e e hmm steam steam power, both teams run towards the finish line, but the Alphablocks are racing on teenage Rails, oh remarkable, both teams are now riding the train, it's a death blow, incredible, I don't think anyone could have predicted that outcome and the number blocks are remarkable when they work . together as teams, but it's so much more fun when everyone comes together as teammates, oh my gosh.

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