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Craft time with Jenna ep.01 | crocheting emma chamberlain's vest (erika maish)

Nov 22, 2021
something i like so yeah every other week zodiac sign i'm a pisces i don't know anything about it but i'm a pisces if that means anything. anyone, yes benson is sleeping can you see this, yes he is sleeping he is a very light sleeper yes he is opening his eyes you look like a pisces. I really don't know how it works. I haven't really researched how long you buy. Usually, I assume you're talking about when I'm saving up, so when I'm shooting a video, it usually takes me two hours to do it. and I get about eight minutes of footage to put it into perspective, so when I'm shooting a video and you guys see me doing it for 15 minutes, the reality is that it takes several days if it's a DIY project and I usually have about three four hours of footage i revised to get it down to about 15 minutes um chri christmas


videos when december starts yeah actually i have a video plan i'm going to do a little bit of chris i'm going to do some things to give away some diys and all that stuff things soon so yeah i got you girl you did paint some of your art in your house um none here not on this wall behind me but yeah there are some things um not on purpose for my home.
craft time with jenna ep 01 crocheting emma chamberlain s vest erika maish
I usually don't like to put my artwork out there like a lot of it is in my closet like my portfolio with similar things from high school to college like I have this big thing of all my art which is fun of looking, some


s like going over my architecture because I took a little bit of architecture in college and I went through all my sketches and drawings, it's like you know it's crazy to look back and know what


it is 4 46. How do you pronounce the words about and hungry that sounded canadian sorry it didn't but i did when i was in college in the us not all people but you know some people would notice you're canadian because you say bathroom lol it's a washing machine yes it's bathroom yes and they say bathroom so there are a few things you would notice but no really i feel like canada is so similar to the united states i haven't done much um what is your favorite season or holiday my favorite season probably fall I like it I like it cold I'm not I'm not a big fan of heat I just like to be cold so I like to warm up on the couch and be super super cuddly so I think fall is my favorite even though it gets Kind of depressing because it gets dark like it's already dark, you know, very very early, but yeah, fall or spring are my favourites.
craft time with jenna ep 01 crocheting emma chamberlain s vest erika maish

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craft time with jenna ep 01 crocheting emma chamberlain s vest erika maish...

Could you try a great crochet project like a blanket? floor like it has to sit on a blanket so I really wanted to make it a blanket or make it a bed so yeah but I'm so inspired just to make clothes and that kind of thing so I haven't really thought about making blankets like i thought scarf you know very simple things but blanket thats like a big question unless you are wearing a super super chunky yarn necklace have you ever made a winter jacket from scratch before? pattern like I definitely don't want to do it by myself drawing just because a lot of the things I've learned for you know how to sew and make things you know how to pattern are just things I've learned online I don't like going to a school to learn how to learn learn none of that, so I probably wouldn't try to do one of those.
craft time with jenna ep 01 crocheting emma chamberlain s vest erika maish
Have you ever done arm knitting? No, I have wanted to in the past, but never have. knitting the embellishment arm because you have to do it all at once you can't take a b Reak you just have to keep going so that's also intimidating. What is your favorite color and why green? My favorite color is green and why I don't know. I just like the color green. It is a very pretty colour. Tones so green How do you wear a T-shirt? It's so cold in bc My house is really that warm right now I think our fireplace was running too much today so Yeah I'm actually pretty warm right now but usually.
craft time with jenna ep 01 crocheting emma chamberlain s vest erika maish
I'm freezing here but our place faces south so it gets a lot of light all day so it actually gets warm when it's like a warm day so yeah but yeah it's cold in bc no you know really clo cold like you know central canada or like you know the east but it's still cold any knitting projects going on um i have quite a few going on i'm actually trying to make benson like um a touch um aka a beanie for winter because he doesn't really have much hair on him like he's very skinny so I've been trying to make him some clothes so I'm working on that I'm also working on a sweater


and what else am I doing , it's like I have a whole bag of things I just did and haven't done.
I've finished them so maybe this weekend I'll have some time and I can figure out to possibly make some of them, but I also have some sweaters I want to make, I just have a bunch of yarn I like, I need to get started. using even though i keep buying more yarn, have you found a quilt for his quilt jacket? No, I haven't actually found it. looking through thrift stores I've been looking for them I've been going even by myself just looking at the quilt and haven't found any so I've resorted to looking online and doing some shopping and trying to find some know one that's already premade and I found one that I like but it's a thousand bucks so it's a little expensive and um yeah so I'm st ill on the hunt to try and find one I would love to find one at the thrift store but I just After coming to the conclusion that you can't really save quilts very easily because they take a long time to make and no one wants to give them up when you take that long to make them, you don't really donate them, you usually keep them in your family so which has been a bit difficult and i've also searched the facebook market for quilts and um they are also very expensive which makes sense because they take a long time to make.
I live in Winnipeg and we finally got snow today. Oh my gosh, that's crazy. You already have snow as I remember years past because I live near Vancouver and we have had snow. in november but that's been a while we usually don't get it in november that's wild to have snow already I'm not ready for snow yet though I have snow tires I'm ready that way but mentally I'm not prepared for snow you can't make a thick sweater um video from Sunday I'm ju I'm going to leave it in the video of that Sunday. I'm looking for a quilt for everywhere.
Everywhere. Make Benson a tube with a beard. Does that say beard? I'm making Benson you guys are going to laugh so hard when you see this this will only take a second so hold on a second I'm just trying to find the pattern I bought and started it but it's not finished yet. I hope I can do it this weekend because I really want to start putting it on Benson when we go for a walk in the morning, it's so cute, okay, they're ready for this. I'm going to knock your socks off in this photo. This is what I'm doing Benson right now.
I'm doing it in blue. But this is what Benson will look like when he goes for a walk. That's how I wanted him to look and I just think he's the cutest thing in the whole world and I can make them in various colors for him I don't know if he's excited like he's pretty cool with clothes like he wears clothes every time that I put it on, like he doesn't care, like it's nice, but I'm not sure about a hat, so that's why I'm going to spend a lot of time on this and possibly he won't wear it, you know there are many possibilities that i dont wear it but just when i saw i saw that pattern on etsy i will link it in the description after the video um i couldnt believe it i couldnt believe it when i saw this i thought if someone did something like that who thought of this and i thought im buying it so i bought it instantly. and this is what i imagined benson would look like this winter he is perfect i want people you know to look at him on the streets and be like that he is a trendy dog ​​that is sorry sorry unfortunately your mom knows how to do things and no no they're always good all the time, that's the next level isn't it?
No, I don't even know how. or explain it i like that everyone i've shown has been speechless it's just the coolest thing i love it love it i'm going to change it here because i already have this done it only took me 50 minutes to make it i know i know i'm so fast i'm so fast you have to be like


slow slow we can't follow you it's just you you're too fast what does the knit pattern look like? It's off etsy um I haven't done it yet I just started as the neck so I'm not really sure what it looks like um do you have any cats?
No, don't hate me, don't hate me, but I'm not a big fan of cats, sorry, it's not that I don't like them, it's just that I'm a little afraid of them, I'm a little afraid of their nails, of the ones. They scare me and I don't like that they can jump so high and they're unpredictable I don't like any of that no dog you know they can still scare certain dogs but um cats that's another level you're going I'm not getting another pet I want another pet I want a dog I want another dog um but I'm not getting another dog until we get a different place just because I live in an apartment and I can't stand two dogs peeing at the same time like two leashes that's not easy to do I'd rather have a door back and just open it so they can pee so yeah in the future hopefully where's my tissue? just a dog mom just doing her thing like i thought about it i was like oh imagine downstairs they have a baby and i like it right now i cant imagine taking care of a human right now i have a really hard time getting myself together taking care of myself um I don't know how moms do it I don't know how they do it it's hard enough just so you know feed this little guy twice a day and take him potty and remember to take him potty because he won't tell me that's the only thing i guess about a baby you know you wouldn't know when they need their di aper change with him he will sleep for 10 hours straight and not even care just hang in there he will be able to take it trust me do you read all the comments on your videos? um i used to but to be honest i try to read the previous comments and that's what i try to do but a lot of them after that some of them are not very nice and that's why i get nervous i get it gives anxiety to think about reading the comments sometimes just because sometimes they're not very nice and not very fun to read sometimes so i usually try to reply to the comments and read them at the beginning of my videos when i post but after that , yeah I don't read them all which I wish I could but some of them is I just don't like reading the bad ones than not having a great day after you know someone says something mean to you oh I'm a cat person that's funny yes a lot of people are cat lovers but i just don't because i'm just not afraid of them how often do you get recognized on the street rarely rarely do you recognize me not very often not very often ok this That's what I did in an hour, guys. not very impressive sorry I was hoping I could do a bit more so this shows how much time


and knitting takes a long time but I have to go now so I want to thank you all for being here during my live stream.
I'll wake up Benson to say goodbye to you one last time. I'm sorry, I know. I'm waking them up again, but people want to see his pretty face, here we go, but I want to thank you for being here. I hope you guys enjoyed hanging out with me today your guys comments sorry I couldn't reply to all of them I didn't think that many people would be with me live but thanks so much for being here we appreciate it Benson you guys yeah ok ok well i hope some of you haven't been up too late if not i hope it's not too late for a lot of you because i know it's getting late for me but i hope you have a great rest of your day , dandy, have a rest day and I'll see you all in my video on Sunday, okay?

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