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Craziest Reactions Of Teen Killers Getting Life Sentences

Jul 07, 2023
Shondell shot and killed him my son is not a monster he is not a monster he smiled as his sentence was read aloud you will go to prison for the rest of your


that means you will die there what is happening why are these? People like this and Khalil repeatedly hit him on the head. The following stories tell: The story of three young


age murderers who had crazy


to receiving



abroad. He was born in February 1991. His life took a turn for the worse on July 6, 2009. He was walking on the campus of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee with a friend of Derek Thomas, 20, when they encountered a student who He was walking to his apartment on River West, which is no more than a mile from campus.
craziest reactions of teen killers getting life sentences
He was 21-year-old Nathan Potter, a senior in college at the time. Nathan was talented and creative, loved by friends and family, and had his whole life ahead of him. That would all change forever when he encountered Shondell and Derek, these two men planned to rob Nathan, they pulled a gun on him and demanded he hand over all his money, but when he insisted he had nothing, Shondell shot him and killed him. killed, both men would later pay for this cowardly and heartless act that it was. arrested and his case went to trial throughout the trial, he showed absolutely no remorse for what he did and no sympathy towards Nathan's heartbroken family.
craziest reactions of teen killers getting life sentences

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craziest reactions of teen killers getting life sentences...

At times, he could reportedly even be seen smiling and gesturing towards them once he even smiled at them. Nathan's mother, Denise, recognized how evil he was to murder her son while she was talking to the judge. We see how Eagle Shutdown is in court looking at us insulting us and smiling. Nathan's father, James Potter, addressed the court while giving a victim impact statement, Judge, there is nothing that can be said to bring Back our Nathan, but your sentence can ensure that Shondell does not get the chance, as a free man, to be like that again. We believe there is such a thing as pure evil, which is why he was convicted of first degree murder and robbery.
craziest reactions of teen killers getting life sentences
His sentencing came while he was only 19 years old, the judge presiding over the case believed that if Shondell were ever released, he would be a public menace who would quickly return to killing with no regard for human life and the need to protect the community, which I also fear with Mr. Jackson. um being in the community I'm going to move forward with count one, the first degree intentional homicide conviction and I'm going to sentence Mr. Jackson to life in prison without the possibility of extended supervision. That's when Shondell quickly looked over his shoulder, presumably to look at him.
craziest reactions of teen killers getting life sentences
At his victim's family, an officer grabs his head and tries to force him to look at the judge, but he fights her. A look of pure hatred on his face. Sobbing can be heard in the background and it's not clear if the person sobbing is Shondelles or Nathan. While all of this is happening, Nathan's parents and his little sister hug each other, tears running down their faces in silence as the judge tries to continue with his sentence. I know that's something reserved for the most serious cases and I think this case gets to that level where the officer starts fighting to try to keep Shondell from looking at the victim's family and eventually an officer has to come. to help her as the sobs in the courtroom continue to intensify.
A moan was heard in the background, probably one of Shondell's family members, the foreigner, struggled to regain control of the courtroom, someone out of sight yelling no at the top of their lungs, this seems to be all what it takes to finally push Shondell over the edge, he gets up and starts fighting. against the two officers, a lawyer dressed in a suit and Ty has to approach to try to help them. Shondell is fighting so hard that the wooden table in front of him is pushed with the help of other officers and with the use of pepper spray they reportedly managed to knock Shondell to the ground, there is a lot of crying in the background while all this is happening and even Shondell's own family can be heard offering words of encouragement and support, officers eventually managed to control Shondell and bring him in.
He stands him up, then quickly handcuffs him and takes him out of the courtroom. He continues to fight them and at one point an officer has to grab him by the back of the neck to keep him under control just before they take him out the door. you can hear a woman crying in the background probably Shondell's mom, oh my god another member of Shondell's family screamed in the courtroom, it was like he believed Shondell's sentence was his fault. Nathan's emotional mother was interviewed after the sentencing, she explained how terrified Nathan's younger sister was. Walking into the courtroom that day and being around Shondell, our little girl was scared, she was scared that he was going to try to kill one of us, she was scared, especially when they were yelling threats, she says how can I sleep now?
What's going on? Why are these people like this? I hope that while he spends the rest of his life in prison he accepts it and values ​​human life and that there is some redemption for him at some point, but that is totally up to him. and for his family to tell us: we hate you, what is it about? We didn't do anything to him, meanwhile, Derek Shondell's accomplice pleaded guilty to his involvement. He was sentenced to just 12 years in prison. The crazy reaction quickly went viral online. As many news organizations covered, a reporter who was present noted how quickly officers responded to Shondell's outburst. 12 News Nick Bohr is live in court with new information.
Nick's agents reacted quickly to that outburst, right? Kathy, almost as if they anticipated it, which they did. Due to the convicted murderer's actions last February during his trial, despite everything Shondell did, there are still people who believe that Shondell's sentence was too harsh and that he deserves a second chance due to his young age. . When I saw it on the news, I even cried. I'm like, Oh my God, I can't imagine what that mom is going through. I never had any idea my son had anything to do with it. My son is not a monster. He is not a monster.
For now he remains behind bars. He will probably stay abroad for the rest of his life. He was a beloved high school football player from Ann Arbor. Michigan had his whole life ahead of him when he was found dead in October 2016. The entire community was shocked. He had been the first homicide of the entire year and no one could understand who would have done something like that to an innocent young man. He was supposed to be in class that day at his school Pioneer High School but instead he had been shot and killed. His killer was a


ager. named Danta Wright, he and two other men had tried to rob Jordan at gunpoint, the robbery ended with Jordan's death, the community was desperate for answers and the answers were finally obtained from Danta himself, the victim in this case He loved playing football here at Pioneer High School, but his death in October 2016 shocked this student body and the community.
It was the first homicide in Ann Arbor in 2016 and today we learned what happened when his admitted killer came forward. Dante Wright was supposed to have had a pretrial hearing for the case. Instead, he admitted that he and two of his friends were trying to rob Jordan at gunpoint. Dante answered the lawyer's questions calmly and directly and who are you going to rob? George's heartbroken mother was in court wiping away tears as she sat a short distance away. away from his son's killer, he had no choice but to listen as he learned for the first time what happened to his beloved son and, as a result of that armed robbery, what did you do with that gun at Mr.
Police Jordan, where did you shoot? him and the top was everything and you killed him with that shot? Yes, Jordan died in an apartment complex not far from his house. His body was discovered by a maintenance worker. It's hard to understand why Jordan was the target, but at least Jordan's mother. she had the satisfaction of knowing who did this to his son throughout all the legal procedures he went through. Dante never seemed to truly regret it, nor did he even seem intimidated by the fact that he knew that because of what he confessed he probably would. spent much of his life behind bars he didn't even try to be respectful in the hopes of


the judge to be nice to him, in fact he smiled as his sentence was read aloud, it's safe to say that the presiding judge case he realized.
His behavior was disrespectful to him and he took steps to teach him a lesson. Well, Stephen, it's a murder case in our routine and there was quite a stir in court today. The judge asked the prosecutor to throw out the sentencing agreement and take this case. Before the trial there was a long recess as everything was put on pause due to the behavior of this 17-year-old while he was being sentenced for murder. Donta Wright had nothing but a cheerful, happy smile on her face as Jordan's mother read her Victim Impact Statement and expressed her pain. She felt for the loss of her son, tears streaming down her face as she tried her best to be strong.
Jordan's mother, Karen Clee, was too emotional to read her Victim Impact Statement in court, so she asked Courtney Clee to do it for her. Courtney tried to remain as strong and stoic as she could I have lost laughter and love I no longer have hope for grandchildren I have lost the enjoyment of holidays and birthdays and everyday life as this statement is read Karen wipes away tears while Dante appears unapologetically when Danta finally gets the chance to address the court and the victim's family. She offers no apology or remorse. I just want to tell everyone that I'll be home soon or I'll be Kion.
I love my family, the presiding judge. about the case he was completely sick of seeing you sitting there, smiling, laughing and shaking your head like this was no big deal. I'm so tempted to just say I'm not going to take this sentencing deal, we're going to go to trial and if you're convicted of felony murder, you're going to go to prison for the rest of your life, that means you're going to die there, as you can see here at this picture. Jordan and his mother were very close and must have had a very good relationship. Absolute torture for her to realize that not only had the baby been taken from her, but her killer was completely unapologetic the night I managed to sleep.
I wake up hearing my son scream for me only to realize again night after night that my son is dead, take him for what, why can you answer that question? why do I have an answer? you will never have it your answer will never be good enough there will be an answer that will never be a good enough answer to satisfy why you were involved in shooting my son why you thought he should be like what you thought he had should be yours for what you felt you were entitled to what you wanted why you thought his death was an acceptable response to your jealousy or desire to have what he had clothes money jewelry phones shoes whatever it was you felt like you needed more than his life The vibe will never be better than your life your wish will never triumph the death of my son you can live you can wake up every day your life continues my sincere hope that whatever it was you wanted so badly that you felt the need to murder my son was worth the next few years of your continued existence as more information came out about who Jordan was, this case became even more disturbing, this year was supposed to be a year of celebrating senior pictures with proms and parties, instead it was a nightmare , a nightmare that no parent should ever endure wanting to leave this whole terrible experience behind.
Jordan's family opted not to move forward with the trial and instead go ahead with the original sweet sentence. The family wants to move forward with us. They want to close this case. They want to try to forgive this defendant and all of his actions. For the first time in my life I feel hatred in my heart. This is what I hope. I hope that every time you want a jacket you stay cold. I hope that every time you want some shoes they put a hole in yours. I hope that every time you want to eat you go hungry.
I hope that every time you want a bed you have a sleepless night. I hope that every time you want your mother she doesn't come to visit you but more than anything because I'm not like you I don't want you or expect any of that I just want you to go to prison for the immense amount Many times your plea agreement allows you become something more than what you were taught to be in your miserable life and because it is obvious to me and everyone present that you need help, your actions have landed you in a prison cell, but you have also created an empty cell in the that I live every day Dante's lawyer apologized for him in court his smile was in no way men so disrespectful neither to the family nor to the victim nor to this court Dante was sentenced to 23 to 50 years in prison for robbery at gunpoint and secondmurder in degrees Do you think this is harsh enough?
Let us know in the comments. This is the story of 17-year-old Frenetia Torres for Nature, along with 17-year-old Nicholas Evans and 18-year-old Khalil Miller, who took the life of a 21-year-old man named William Tanchez as they did to her. promised sex Nicholas and Khalil knew that William was in love with the furniture and decided to take advantage of it, they told him that by nature they agreed to sleep with him if he paid them three hundred dollars and he arrived at a wooded area in a subdivision of Atlanta, he agreed when William arrived at the place decided.
Nicholas pointed a gun at him and Khalil hit him on the head with a stick. There was a struggle as William tried to grab the gun. and Khalil repeatedly punched him in the head during the fight, the gun went off and struck William. The three teens took all of William's valuables and then fled the scene. Cleo then checked to make sure William was dead. William's body would be discovered the next day. At first the police had no idea who William was nor did they know who did this to him and why there is no identification on the body as we will check our missing persons reports and see if there is any.
Matching any missing persons reports and this possible victim, police were finally able to identify William and piece together what had happened. The three teens had been seen at the crime scene and the three teens were arrested. Both Khalil and Nicholas admitted what they did and were charged with felony murder, aggravated assault, and armed robbery. By nature they remained silent because technically nature had not physically harmed William. William probably believed his charges would be less severe than the other two teenagers, you could clearly see their surprise when their charges were read. out loud in court you have three warrants for armed robbery and one warrant for felony murder.
Francesca's eyes were wide and she shook her head in confusion and shock. Khalil also seemed confused by his second armed robbery charge, while Nicholas simply remained stoic and expressionless. A beautiful service was held in William's memory by his church family, sometimes young people are in the wrong place at the wrong time and with the wrong people, said Minister Williams Rogue, several researchers say they are not sure how to measure inches and the three teenagers made their connection. There is no connection, I was told, to the neighborhood where he was shot to death. Jail records show suspect Nicholas Evans lived just down the street and all three were identified as being on the scene in nature.
Nicholas and Khalil didn't just go down for William. murder, were also identified as part of other recent robberies in the neighborhood, including one that occurred just five days before William's death. It's safe to say they were all facing quite a bit of jail time with Khalil in the worst position since he was legally an adult, all three teens being held in the local jail without bail. One of the


parts of this case is that it took place in 2018 and the case has not been discussed in a public sense, there must be a lot of details. behind the scenes to explain why after all this time these individuals still haven't gone to trial after so long but they are all facing serious charges that could put them in prison for the rest of their lives for those teenagers we lost our kit but there are Three more there have to suffer the consequences of what they have done.
What sentence do you think is fair in this case? Let us know in the comments.

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