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Counting Rainbows with Numberblocks! | Learn colours and counting | @LearningBlocks

Sep 11, 2023
foreigner S I thought it was great, what are bananas? It's a picture of seven bananas and they all need to be colored yellow, oh, they're not yellow bananas, they're curvy. Stripes hmm, I think this is some kind of puzzle, a coloring puzzle, let's try to color the other stripes. Now, what happens between red and yellow? How about some red and yellow mix to make orange? I must be the next blue, hmm, maybe the next blue, eh, but what comes between yellow and blue, hmm, another mix of yellow and blue, to make green. Whoops, so we have red, orange, yellow, green, and blue.
counting rainbows with numberblocks learn colours and counting learningblocks
What could come next? Is here? Finally we found a rainbow. Who are you? Oh, I'm Indigo and I'm Violet and we're rainbow hunters, but we've never really seen it. one wow, what is a rainbow? It's when you see colors in the sky together a bit like that. That's our puzzle, but we're missing two colors. Oh every rainbow needs indigo and violet. Oh, what's going on here? Purple, I imagine you are oh new colors. wait I've seen you before I'm indigo I'm like blue but a little more purple I'm like you purple but a little more blue oh so what's this a rainbow oh oh so I figure this must be a rainbow stick what's going on?
counting rainbows with numberblocks learn colours and counting learningblocks

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counting rainbows with numberblocks learn colours and counting learningblocks...

Wow, we've unlocked another puzzle. Maybe this one will lead us to a real rainbow. We'll finally see one. I figure everyone needs to stand on a stone, but we're two colors short, we can't finish the puzzle. Worry we have friends that can help us mix time ok red yellow mix to make orange yellow and blue mix to make green we need your help to solve this rainbow puzzle everyone stand on your stones orange , yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, alien, cute picnic. I can't wait it looks so delicious it's a five star picnic let's get stuck in ok oh the sun went down that's unfortunate it's starting to rain that doesn't seem like it's raining hard now IM so lucky.
counting rainbows with numberblocks learn colours and counting learningblocks
I only have one, very lucky. share it six plus one one equals seven I am seven I am in heaven you are in the land of numbers wow what happened look oh a mirror that is lucky one two three four five six seven colors and all the colors of the rainbow Now it's not that's a lucky break luckily I know what to do now seven nine nine one equals six foreigner all of you cute blocks are my friends I'm the luckiest number block in the world I'm lucky number seven I'm in a happy place always the sun it shines and there is always a smile on my face and throughout the day I have good luck.
counting rainbows with numberblocks learn colours and counting learningblocks
I'm lucky number seven and everything is falling into place. I'm lucky number seven and as you guessed I always beat the rapper with seven on your side you're seven blessed in a bind you're in luck I'll help you when you get stuck and if you stick with seven everything will work out for the best time of the rainbow my first block is the same as you orange my second block is the same as two yellow my third block is like the number three green my fourth is green as you can see blue for five Indigo for six Violet is for seven oh that's B I got seven rainbow color blocks that make me unique i have seven pairs of pants and socks one for each day of the week monday tuesday wednesday thursday friday saturday sunday one two three four five six seven i have seven golden tickets one two three four five six seven all my ducks are in a row five six seven nothing will stop me you're my traffic lights are on i'm lucky number seven i'd like to risk my arm in sticky situations there's really no reason to be alarmed i take trouble in my strike i have fortune on my side i love you number seven When you are with me I will be your lucky charm.
Laughter, welcome. Color blocks. I imagine you are wondering why you are here. The purple one had an incredible idea. Everyone can help me decorate the gardens of my castle. a style fit for royalty I've created a little practice space for each of you to come up with a wonderful new pattern. The one I like the most, I will use to decorate my gardens. It's a competition. Let the pattern competition begin. It's time to make an amazing puzzle. exciting wait what's the pattern um check this out red blue stripes stripes stripes I have an idea for a pattern huh green I can make a pattern sick zag Zig Zach Sig this makes me happy I'm making a high energy irregular pattern dot space space dot space again not again oh i get it a pattern is the same thing over and over again doing something that looks good in an irregular pattern you repeat the dots and in a wavy pattern you repeat the wave the line sits and zags and so does the next line and the next repeat Stripes over and over again alien already has such exciting patterns what kind of pattern should I make red pink red dots it's time to judge your patterns yes yes oh I like that one oh you followed the summary good nice I have finally decided which pattern I like further.
My favorite pattern is all of them, that's right, they're all wonderful, so why not put them all together for one big, super duper mega pattern? Wow, I think that's a great idea. We were right, purple, this is really the best pattern out there and there are many more we can invent, come on. Oh what a wonderful world, oh what was that? Hello, one, two, one, two, one, oh, what's that? It's a fluffy thing. I wish I had a fluffy one, okay? one two two furry everything tickles tell the others c'mon look at me one two three three full of these look fluffy squares ok one two three four four furry oh yeah could you look at that one two three four five five furry? in five fingers yes too, aren't we all?
Lucky ones, come on, pencil one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, furry ones, how lucky it is, oh, have you had enough tickling yet? that's better equals seven oh that's better three and four three plus four equals ah everyone has stopped we are very lucky now oh eight don't be afraid octoblock is here one two three four five six seven eight tickle oh my gosh ready to More welcome to DJ Ducky's disco dance floor. I can see DJ Ducky, but where's the dance music and what's with the cool hats you'll see? Now everyone finds their place on the dance floor.
DJ Ducky says to go in color order. I did it well. I like what you read so I'll go next in orange and I'm like you in orange so yellow goes here this place has blue all over it and naturally I go between you two because yellow and blue mix to make green. I guess this must be my purple dot the royal place between blue and red oh we come together in a circle of colors it's like a wheel color wheel who wants to be the first to dance in the middle i'll go first i chose the color to my green side they go like this Well, together, that's because blue and green are close friends in colors, we are similar colors.
I will then choose the color next to me as well. Hi, they look good together too. That's because yellow and orange are also close friends in colors, they are similar colors. Who will be next will obviously be me. I'm next to the red wheel round and I have the best real dance moves. Green, but red is nothing like green. Green is on the other side of the color wheel. Your opposites. Green is the opposite thread, but. who do i want green if you sure wow their two colors really stand out they look so bold together they are opposites but go well together oh it's time for the next office of athletics oh I see let's be similar oh yeah let's go opposite similar and opposite wow great Court let's play useful one two two sides we need two teams I'll start one team I'll start the other we can take turns playing on my team and then one on yours three you're with Me four you're on my side it's in the mix.
Heaven over here, eight fantastic nine, yay, last but not least, ten, choosing sides and playing. Both teams need original names, that's a great idea. Sex. Each team thinks of a name. um, we can be. the yellows but we're not all yellow oh right hmm look easy look at me it's not fair we don't all have big flat uniform surfaces like you that's it when we're two blocks wide everyone on my team has a uniform surface, look, ah. So let's call each other even tops none of us have flat tops we all have an odd block sticking out oh you know what I mean okay then let's call each other odd blocks let's play basketball oh it's Christmas events here wait wait wait who's going to keep score?
Hello, what is this for odds two for evens? Let's play those four. We're off to a great start. The ball is with the pairs. George Foreign. Two points for the pairs. Now let's look at that again in slow motion. Look. in that two two lots of two three lots of two in fact each of the pairs is two more than the previous one let's see what the odd box can do one three five seven nine thing two points to the probabilities that make the score for everyone stop and there she is again on top of two making three and again on two out of two look at each of the odds is two more than the last with an odd one sticking out on top with the school level everything is at stake what can they do ? now do three five seven nine we're hot and feeling good nine seven five three one the gods are having so much fun the odd blocks beat the even blocks by a magnificent three points to two what can I say even we couldn't beat the odds. well if you can't beat them join them oh what is it?
Hmm, I'm sure I've seen one before. He's a um, what do you think? I think he's a lever, but what does he do? Let's find out what it is. around and around like a wheel with seats for four colors it's a color wheel okay, everyone take a seat blue yellow green Oh, I thought it would go around and around and around and around maybe we're sitting in the wrong seats yeah, and Yeah? the color wheel only works when we are in the correct order hey oh it changes yellow then green and blue it worked oh colors it looks like someone is having fun I see it's something round it's a purple color wheel any room for us oh I'm afraid it's not orange , there are only four seats, oh, let's try to pull that lever, imagine one, two, three, four, five, six, six seats, room for everyone, but we have to sit in the right order.
The orange is a little red so I think I'm next and the orange is a little yellow so now I'm next. Green is close to yellow so naturally I sit here and green has blue in it so this seat is for me. We have saved the best until last. Purple goes between blue and red. Six colors. orange yellow green blue violet wow this looks bright yes it is cyan and magenta. My print team love a spin room for two more. We're going to need a bigger wheel. A wheel of eight colors. Look, who wants to pull the next lever?
Find the right places for magenta and cyan, well I look a little blue so I should go yeah and I look a little red so I should go here okay everyone take a seat magenta if you're sitting comfortably, then I'll start with the right one. at first what's up what's up a little goodbye I'm one this is fun I'm one a block this is my number means one me and this is a wonderful world Oops but one was alone so he decided to make friends oh a magic mirror hello I'm one hello I'm another for tennis one last one is two me too how are you thank you chapter two me and you yes me and my best friend I too am one two two blocks and this means two I love things there are two of one two two dance shoes one two one two oops two plus one equals three I'm three look at me yeah chapter three I I I'm three I'm one two three three blocks could I juggle one, two, three, three balls and this means I'm three, one, two, Three, I'm so amazing, who could follow me?
Oh come on, three plus one equals four. I'm full, did we meet before episode four? The house of Four, hello, I'm one, two, three, four. four blocks and this little one means four can you guess what my favorite shape is? That's right, a square with one, two, three, four, four sides and one, two, three, four, four corners, oh no, someone has chewed four holes in my tablecloth, ask, cheeky little square, as? can we fix this one two three four four plates hello everyone who wants a square cookie oh I can't get to four plus one is five I'm five I feel alive chapter five the star twist I'm one two three four five five blocks high five Me love Stars, they have Five Points, which makes me a rock star and good night, sweet dreams, laughter, great, oh, I also finished building my Playhouse, we're not done yet, huh, what have I forgotten?
I see you saw it on the ceiling, no, we need to color. them, oh yes, yes, now let's think carefully about what colors we can choose and down here, wow, yes, it's very red, red, red, where are you?, now I'll color the slide blue, but I want to choose the rest of my colors more carefully, hmm. Whoever wants to help me color my Playhouse, be happy too, of course, thank you yellow and green now let's choose a color for the ceiling ah I don't want it blue because that's not the caseIt would stand out against the blue sky well I was thinking of another color uh, how about mixing red and yellow to color it?
Yes, yellow, orange, okay, blue, the orange really stands out against the blue sky. What about the sides, naturally? I think they would look good in green or yellow. Hmm, green or yellow would look good. with the blue slide, ah I know I will choose yellow and green together in a repeating stripe pattern, yellow, green, yellow, green, yellow, yes, perfect, now what color should I choose for my cushion to relax and think? I know something dark, black and white, you can help me. mixing blue and black to make the dark blue look cool now let's relax and think hmm the inside could be light blue, blue and white mixed together to make the light blue look cool but we're not done yet there are plenty of other parts to color.
I need many different colors. It is up to you to choose happy times. Green. Incredible. This is my amazing dance. Now my Playhouse doesn't look so exciting.blues oh wait longer to choose my colors okay red we can always color it like this so I can choose new colors I choose a purple roof oh different I like it I choose one two three types of red dark red bright red dad , wow, fantastic colors, thank you, welcome, welcome to my fantastic and fun fruit factory, where we serve fresh fruit all day, wow, how do they work? Oh easy, lemon squeezer, obviously, silly broken things, there are two oranges in there, maybe if two try, two alike. one plus one two equals one seven one um look two up divides into one and one down I want fruit it's my turn three equals one plus two three equals one plus two four where is three let's try this lever one plus two equals three oh, it works both ways ah, hey, those are mine three equals two plus one no, there are two here and one there but three won't get bananas again I'm still hungry look at apples Square apples two plus two poor dumb machines three we need to find a way to make three apples come out oh look four new apples on top I know how to make three here I go yes yes no no no oh five equals five equals two plus three more three equals I told you easy lemon squeezer Oh, it's a colorful world, it's a world of color and where would we be without red, the color of jellies, some ribbons and bows the color of wellies and roses and rows in a flower bed?
It's a colorful world and where would we be without bread? It's a colorful world It's a colorful world and where would we be without blue The color of bluebirds and blueberry pies You always need glue for the sea and the sky Yes, you know it's true It's a colorful world and where would we be without blue and where would we be without yellow, the happiest color? I know I'm the happiest, funniest guy with all my ducks in a row with mustard and custard, bananas and canaries with cheese, ears of corn, butter and peas. Yellows are happiness, happy candy, it's colorful.
The world is a world of color and where would we be without dreams? Call me to order green peppers and peas. You will find me on all the leaves of the trees in a nature scene. It's a colorful world and where would we be with our? green and where would we be without orange the color of carrots and beans there is no way to rhyme the word orange instead we can say clementines purple is perfect for kings and queens for kale and cabbage and ripe over jeans I like to walk with them my cape and my crown imagining life in purple City black and white darkness and Delight mix them that's how cool it's done with black and white and shortly and bright green now you have light and shade it's a colorful world it's a colorful world it's a World of color and where would we be without pink, the color of shells, carnations and pastel?
You will always find me in a strawberry milkshake it's my favorite drink it's a colorful world and where would we be without food it's a colorful world it's a world of Color and where would we be without brown the color of the boxes and it's a chocolate spread my brown toasty socks and my tasty whole wheat bread and when the leaves fall it's a car and where would we be without a frog and where would we be without red and blue, yellow, green and purple too, why stop at the rainbow when there's a color? Adventure is waiting for you, there are millions of exciting colors, yes, if you are sitting comfortably, I will start chapter six, jumps and tricks, I am six at the time of mixing. for rhymes and skips skips count my blocks one two three four five six i got six to see this here also means six and i love games as you can see come on quick six tricks one two two tricks three tricks four tricks five chicks six tricks six more one equals seven I have seven and I feel lucky after seven Falling on my feet I'm glad to find you here how lucky I am seven I thought one two three four five six seven seven block four Cheers mate that cloud is red and here comes orange yellow green blue indigo purple check this out oh ok seven plus one equals eight i have eight this is great chapter eight the secret story of octoblock once upon a time H was just an ordinary good natured number with eight blocks and that means eight kinda good but a day eight a radioactive octopus tickled him and gave me special powers, so if anyone needs help they can call the octo block to rescue him. how to block catch one two three four five six seven eight catch eight one equals nine i have nine and i feel good chapter nine i sneeze a very good friend hello i'm not i'm one two three four five six seven eight nine nine blocks thank you need help nine there's something wrong action eight plus one equals nine nine action minus one equals eight the last one equals nine see if you like it nine plus one equals say it again i have 10. chapter 10 the space race 10 here ready to take off starting the countdown of my ten blocks ten nine eight oh dear, calm down everyone, come on just use the backup rocket.
I'm 110, which means I'm also 10, so that's one small step for ten, a Giant Sheet of 10, ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, and everyone lived happily ever after. forever.

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