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May 30, 2021
you call what do you think of this? I mean, I think we'll be on top with the killer, don't you think about me? Hello, a little sexy with the looks you told them. I told everyone that they could fight for a place of the most incredible Wow, so when we get there and your mom, dear dad, give me the spinach. I'll slow down the law, you could get punched in the face telling the wrong joke. Let you win this round, give them the world. It seems like the team picked me in the lottery and drafted these ships once.
cortez math hoffa vs rum nitty ill will smack url rap battle urltv
You have to be six years old. I hit him with the drug habit when that Tommy spit, let's see if they get in deep when they try it. he is missing though along hello okay Edith okay p2p everyone rafi peace okay peace we


miss the giant but these live too close just but by the nose like 69 hey hey hey hey let's miss the giant these are just lying too close , but on the nose like 69 this illmatic went all out for six and


take knives down memory lane hey and it should change that way when we used to bring bendy chrome kids that left the kids what's that Jim Jones?
cortez math hoffa vs rum nitty ill will smack url rap battle urltv

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cortez math hoffa vs rum nitty ill will smack url rap battle urltv...

I can adjust, yeah, so I can adjust, just keep them off my rocking stone cause I fell off the rock, it'll be like a Flintstone, damn these from my pay grade fall, this doesn't work. what's it like going back to that 8th grade or that egg came right in my face they stole it when I'm extensions at your door they should knock on the door you know what you used to do I said okay, you point no, no, with the meters I like my toast bug in the chat I think the fans are big showers on your neck licking your head Jody shit room upstairs for my class Tommy Lee rock with you Thanks Bret j-roc I had the biggest show with Shana Mourdock she was watching you she'll turn out the lights, you'll see the dots on the No and like I said, I appreciate you reaching out, but the third Nexen round is something because, oh, leave it, let's move on, man, hey, they're done.
cortez math hoffa vs rum nitty ill will smack url rap battle urltv
I'm very much the latter. round with clean with classic we are here is what becomes tragic you said everyone was going to eliminate a prodigy while everyone left us happy now what do I mean are you doing this dance to them I'm angry - I'm so tough I'm tap dancing, you and Your 30s are still trying to get stripes like shorts. I'm not sure, okay, okay, I heard a rumor, can you hear me? Because I do not know. yard, but I had a rumor that if they lose tonight,


is going to beat a broom blindfolded, hit a piñata, show your ass, cute, that's not cool, bro, that's how you don't relax , relax, bro, blink twice if you need us to lose, fool.
cortez math hoffa vs rum nitty ill will smack url rap battle urltv
I'm 80 blink twice if you need us to lose Bo he don't need us to lose bro he laughs at you ain't that you bro I mean Don DiMarco bang bang bang like that hey you can't put your hands on it. you're like that why did you make your face like that all 40 make them curl up here or stand them straight permanently leave them smoked in the back of your truck like you're hiding it from a big worm in the area in the areas i'm in you're safe there , there are a lot of shots to run, but the next day you will discover the hangover, if it is a problem, dhamma dongsuk talks like it's so pop, stop it, get off my jimmy


, you're nobody, I thought it all.
The way I throw it all overboard, this D Clapton


ship slide with a lot of rounds for the man, that's like the abacus, they say, don't give me, wait, they say, don't get in my face with all that stuff The bathtub guy, wait. that's why we almost had to shake your squad your squad jumped on the rock the phone take my plate the two leaders claim what's that the fight bar that let me talk to you I brought the falcon for you top rock breathe hey dog for you that lets me talk to you I brought you hope upper rock bridge maybe a city dog ​​for you I have more heart than you streets lost in you hunting shots and you drop your door bohemian I'm offering you lift up kapo you, yes , the milestone is wide and the fare walks, don't eat, hey, hey, I'm not going to say no because behind the scenes it's not.
I think it's really familiar anyway, talk about yourself or rape someone, wife like Chris, I'm biased, you like to kill anyone. two, you can't really give me madness, no ill will towards women, you'll have to commit a bigger suicide. I've had stripes, he likes late night snacks, pants, I focus on you with the top, only the real one will know who I am. I've had the governor's roses for your mother some like a little sunlight you stand in the wind back away Rude wait but like we said but not like we said we appreciate you reaching out but this is round 3 there are some with you let's think about the week Last was Father's Day.
I feel distant from you, why wouldn't they receive gifts from you? look what we gave them these claim they are from the streets look at the way we pay for you we will fight with guns street we even built the set for your movies make the blood sweat on your chin ok how are we doing? We sway even closer. Liebeck Food Show. We got a break dance for you. No, no, we take it from the corners to the sand. We got here in less than four, so you. I think BT was looking at you and the nudists, well your dumbest and poorest Fork is this one seeing legacies born without knowing that this legacy was born from us Saget, should we go crazy for Summer Madness?
Drop the bag. I'm taking summer classes. You should come. with glasses your first lesson is in will with these two eyes I see a W and for the elves that is your average we have been fun the first lesson is sick receive two eyes I see a W with 4l that is your butt one per decade not yet, that is your moment. I'm cutting, I'm cutting coffins if I cut 'em, where's the ABS? If you could run away without your other half, that thing about being magical, get it, go find it, girl, I have the information, I know everything.
Trump specifications, I directly disrespect the scope, they have a wide view, let's put his bed, Trump, his head sunken: Jaime is lying next to the planet, richer with two bodies lying next to the stairs, the bunk, looking, They got mad, they caught a fish, you know, the whistle on that. Be warned or your representative the six guards will drink the mask to walk there is no future I'm going to install the clip it broke the clip broke I had to take Maggie I put them in the air like Alma take that I know this is gas, now it seems that came from Charlie smoking old jeans with this poor guy, us?
I'll make sure you sleep forever today. It will mark you as cheap and these bullets will free you. Well, I'll hang up on you. a wrapper on the balcony that I will protect will fall on the next check, so I shouldn't ask if you are in the top ten, we want these to dance, since you double the value now the one that is, get it.

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