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Coronavirus: Pakistanis stuck in Wuhan- BBC News

Feb 18, 2020
I am currently in Wuhan and here I am living with my family and this is the apartment where I live with my wife and three children, PhD student Joseph and his young family have spent almost all of the last three weeks inside their home in Wuhan where The outbreak of the


began. His family in the eastern city of Fez. Labov is desperate for them to be allowed back. They don't have enough to eat or drink, so we're really worried. They can not go out. Children have too little phenytoin. and Nikita, all the other countries have been getting their people out, our government is doing nothing, China and Pakistan, close allies, flights between the two are running now as usual, but no one from Wuhan has been allowed back fearing the virus could Chinese officials have praised the authorities here for not imposing a travel ban on all passengers from the country and for trusting them to care for the Pakistani students stranded in Wuhan, more than 500 students and the ci pakistan


citizens are safe and sound they are well looked after and taken care of by the local government and they are embassy pakistan embassy in beijing is also following the situation this is my community and i am outside the apartment you can see here all the roads are empty no , here I am in the vegetable market, there are concerns about how Pakistan could deal with any outbreak of the corona virus and some Pakistanis in Wuhan say that They better stay there for others, they just want to go home second Kimani BBC News Islamabad
coronavirus pakistanis stuck in wuhan  bbc news

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