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Coronavirus: Britons in quarantine on cruise ship criticise government

Feb 18, 2020
the diamond princess is the largest


cluster outside china with more than 300 confirmed cases, its passengers and crew have been


d in this floating isolation unit, but for some us citizens at least that ordeal has come to an end end tonight from services this message is to all of our US customers disembarking on the Diamond Princess today, we have just received a final confirmation from us. embassy that the new baggage collection time will be at 7:00 p.m. tonight it's okay even better to know they were on their way home and to a safe place okay let me turn it around here or can I 13 buses they have the curtains closed we're going to the Air Force Base Travis, yes in California for Laughlin AFB in Texas but many are left behind in their confinement including British citizens there is currently no UK evacuation scheduled every country except the UK has involved and that's really wonderful for the people on board the


every country except the UK can I tell you UK how does this really make me feel?
coronavirus britons in quarantine on cruise ship criticise government
It feels like we've forgotten that they don't really care about us and don't really want us to come home. A spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that we are urgent. Speaking with the authorities in Japan and the UK, we are working around the clock to ensure the well-being of British citizens on board. The situation on board the Diamond Princess is serious. There are only a few hundred cases in China. Now there are more than 68,000. the vast majority here in Hubei province and there are more questions about the Chinese authorities' handling of the epidemic it was learned that President Xi Jingping chaired a meeting on how to deal with the crisis on January 7 well before everyone else The world and the Chinese public even knew a crisis was coming, but maybe there was also some hope today or with the third consecutive drop in the number of new cases reported, it's too early to tell what that means for the trajectory of the illness and certainly for those on the front lines overwhelmed and exhausted there is still no respite Tom Cheshire Sky News Beijing
coronavirus britons in quarantine on cruise ship criticise government

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coronavirus britons in quarantine on cruise ship criticise government...

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