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CORONA: Covid19! Nach hitziger Debatte stimmt der Bundestag für neues INFEKTIONSSCHUTZGESETZ

Nov 19, 2021
the nationwide epidemic emergency should expire that the parties have now decided and for that the stricter infection protection law of the spd green and fdp should come into force, let's ask our colleague michael Höhlen weber in the federal parliament for that really means the thing is clear that it will end the emergency and this new law if it were not for the federal council tomorrow and then there is still the possibility of blocking the law and this time it is not so unlikely then and the story is that it did not end however , yes, now it is the first hurdle that has been overcome, since the federal council has yet to pass the infection protection law and there were some statements that suggest that in the end it could fail there that there could be a mediation process. last-minute negotiations already on Sunday maybe Monday special of the federal council tzung in the special session of the federal parliament and then maybe shortly before next Thursday the epidemic emergency will end, then maybe a compromise solution, I think in in any case is that if it didn't exist, if it failed, in the end it would have no instrument at all there would have to be an ad hoc reaction somehow that would mean chaos which of course you don't want in the meantime now during the day the situation may have developed a little there are voices from the cdu csu di st if the conference of the prime ministers now the innovative measures are still on the way brings talk that he will also apply what he has available through the new infection protection law in the future, in all the country and quickly yes then more maybe this law could find a majority in the federal council and what the b side want the countries led by the union is clearly 2g nationwide for gastro for events planning hotels around that could be the bridge if you do it now, for example, and decide together with the federal chancellor in the federal states that tomorrow the problem for the union will go through the federal council is that they would have a bit of the dollar stood communicatively on the wall because they were accused of preventing measures that are then necessary for all of us for our health in the end, so maybe it was based on this calculation, but tomorrow they will rise hands in the Federal Council, we don't know yet, but there is a possibility that they will hear that here in the halls, then they would meet again in two weeks in the federal parliament, and then there could be a further tightening on the agenda because there is no it is enough to really fight the pandemic. , which is now gaining momentum
corona covid19 nach hitziger debatte stimmt der bundestag f r neues infektionsschutzgesetz

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