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Cops Vs Bikers - Encounters with Cool Cops/Lying Police [Ep.#14]

May 04, 2020
oh what a day, what a beautiful day, take a break. I don't really mind the cold, it's just that if you get too cold it hinders your ability to control your bike effectively. My main concern. I think Congress said something to address what was right, I exactly have my driver's license here, it's under a couple layers, so take a few seconds, get it out, can I get off the bike? I walk in the same way before oh there we go yes sir yes I just got this play on over the weekend but couldn't get a plate back on and the inspection plate is dry.
cops vs bikers   encounters with cool cops lying police ep 14
Hi it was inspected about three months ago by the triumph dealer turned it upside down yeah hey ok you got that bracket upside down yeah but it does have a bit of a kink so it's a little weird but that's ok , i will, it was so cold when i was laying i just wanted to do it you know till the last minute absolutely it's bad not to make it be anyone for someone else but when you do it on wheels you come, no i know i saw you there oh i didn't want to do nothing more reckless, absolutely thank you, sir.
cops vs bikers   encounters with cool cops lying police ep 14

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cops vs bikers encounters with cool cops lying police ep 14...

I appreciate it when I got lucky. the coffee should be like this i didnt even check my insurance or anything i dont know if the head took pity on me because i was obviously so cold or they just wanted to stop me just to give me some or i guess to see how i reacted and if i was a jerk i probably would I would have given a fine. I think the fact that he wants creatures that had an old school bike probably helped. Oh I'm sorry. part of a crew shoulder my license my insurance is under my status yes this we are going to have a regatta half the regular here with that saturday is near your bike is your bike a new one yes would you like me love it yes oh is is behind the plate here I forgot to put it upside down when I put it in it's a new game in I couldn't figure out how it got put back that's how I put it there okay okay sorry I didn't hear what you were saying when you stopped together with me for the first time, we stopped to drive a movie. and Mark Lane, okay, go to the right point and security is okay, where were you?
cops vs bikers   encounters with cool cops lying police ep 14
I didn't see you at all. that again, thank you, I appreciate it. He was a friend of mine at work. He just showed me a website in Texas about the DPS. It says something about lane splitting. I know it's not legal. Is it technically illegal? we see you look before a period of time taking jill not on your bike oh no way oh wow ok yeah cant be considered breakfast commander ok for you and then a low speed situation where you can operate ok i thought i was still inside the line but i guess sharing that width lane you want to discuss that?
cops vs bikers   encounters with cool cops lying police ep 14
Oh no no I'm not arguing I'm just trying to understand a bit but a bit more ok I got it thank you sir sure good afternoon I'm sorry if we can get within inches of your tags that's fine I'll start packing the baby is alive really I thought she would be 70. it's a bit finished but keep up with the traffic you know you don't look like a man no not at all it comes back and changes a lot every weekend it's great thanks again ok thanks yeah that's a good thing . Problem yeah Oh look at this you have like a promise just ten to Loza let me go get it let everything go well you have some options there if your autograph here it's just a promise in the contract in the next 30 days and I'm going to get all this out okay info of contact can be defensive body together dismissal can set up or pay in a bunch of different ways there's even a pearl if you've already done it recently so okay okay she ate you help thanks for contacting them oh wait, Elise the bays website, a whole new perspective and all the different options, we have good enough to tell you. a little bit more about each one knows okay defensive driver no give it three more months yeah that's funny I was reading about it the other day and I think I can take a couple different courses on the motorcycle so it's not So. it has to be like the online course or some motorcycle thing but i know they like to do the classic this loses the ticket also knows your time right right yes in fact im in the process of signing up some really interested to see the new laws in place for hands free and all things bicycling i see a lot of dangerous drivers out there so the first month is just a wrong warning that's what i had yeah , Billy I got about the city organ trash I mean walk 'em o ff if you don't know right yeah yeah but I mean as far as I'm concerned it's common sense too so exactly , yes, yes, yes, yes, I wrote for the end. yes absolutely yes that's why I have to use the camera for security and yes exactly yes yes very good I wasn't in a hurry but I'm a little late now so get out of there headless yes yes exactly, yes, I appreciate the time, thank you very much, I say looking at his phone: what a stupid morning, nice and safe, can I get off the bike?
It's just a headlight because you've been driving without it anyway. Sorry, well you just turned them on because when you got to it. light up there when you ran, you know, I kind of ran to look at the light. I asked the next guy when he said he's fine every morning that's not good. I don't do that every morning. I watched you three or four times. I have not done it. Done more now maybe I will once I get my license my headlights don't work g would alert before you turn them on when we go up.
I know I didn't cause he's this is the main headlight here that should always be on with the ignition yeah there we go so no or your taillights until you're done over the light on these this here is just these bumper guards hand here yeah these levels not on so dont say it was i mean lucky winner thats new to me i mean thanks for pointing it out i had no idea i thought if it was working yeah i asked the guy i thought i needed i guess he was coming but i asked the guy next to me he said ok so i went what was the excuse? last week we could be fine so 2015 so there was a motorcycle that looked like you.
I've seen a couple of supermotors, first of all, I've been riding for 40 years. I have ridden professionally for 20 years I think. and i dont know what kind of bike this is and then i get it mixed up with someone else but it looks pretty


ke you would do it at the same time everything else is ok ok sure not i get it but if you do i did, i certainly don't remember doing it, so he died dr650 partner when you arrived. go through the light, you know, from the opposite lane. I thought those are the guys to go up and do it so okay so honestly I think I've done it maybe three times maybe three times oh I don't like it over the course of like three months or so no no I didn't say that I said I never did last week which is what you accused me of I know I'm willing to admit I'm wrong so if that's what you want I saw that's what you saw but I'm pretty sure you didn't i did that like i'm pretty much i saw my light was working right now because it's on the ignition look i turn the ignition on i can't run the bike without the lights on how many other switches we have on a bike this just to turn on these hand guards , that's all then i guess you need to make your bike work ce because there are real lights that don't work i don't agree but you're


we both saw it when you were going down the road there was a red truck to my left you talk d And that's because I'll know I've got the most I respect you guys, especially the carbs, but I'm having a hard time believing my light wasn't working and I'm sorry if that's the case, if I'm giving you shit, but hey, you know, I mean which are the first two that I've been told and I'm always mindful of my lights because well I need to be seen right so we pulled it over it came on the light came on maybe there's a loose connection in the brake pedal or something because obviously yes , I mean no since you know it's broken and it's really good so I'm going to review it as soon as I can because I absolutely don't like the mission one summons with the drug trap control device bumper from the disk.
I'll give you a warning to break the lights. You got me really worried now that my life and I'm like it's not working out. Yeah, no, they like it. Lots of guys put kill switches on their bikes for me. I have flashy straps that I usually wear when it's dark too because you know I'm really worried. I don't know why, that's why. that's not working on the course right there make sure you call them before that day this here you can still drive defensively for this here if you prove to the court that you know how to fix the bike on the you know the lights actually work you might miss that one yeah so do you man thats absolute yeah i have a lot of respect for


but when its like that they give everyone else a bad name because thats absolute.
My lights have always worked. I have never stopped working and now I have to pay a fine for their



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