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COPS vs 300+ Honda Groms!

COPS vs 300+ Honda Groms!


in oh no oh yeah actually put in front of us what do we do all right what a Blockheads we're gonna be pairing up with forest for this ride you guys have seen him in a couple previous videos what up forest intercom pairing hello you there yeah what are oh they're doing announcements I gotta get down there hear this screaming license plate what's up yeah were you in there really are right on intercom pairing all right go back into pairing mode hey who's that yeah
cops vs 300 honda groms
somebody else connected it with some chick we'll figure it out on the way hello hello who's this it's pretty I don't know you're Britney so long rock randomly connected okay no you know never let you yeah that's me I just gonna get this on my random chick named Brittany she's like hey I'm like who is this finally we're on the road always ship it's a larger on the scene I'm gonna pretend motorcycle sounds dude this is so many people right so many happy
sayst mio the Saints DeMayo brahbrah this is Brittany again I'm so pretty again they gotta be in pairing mode soon well good luck oh are you feeling like having a mini bike or Mini or scooter and a bunch of mini bikes it feels a lot better than having a big bike dude they were lying we're gonna seriously go on like 23 yeah I'm doing like 20 20 miles per hour like bicycle speed have to go like it - like a GP mode we go faster yeah gotta push my MotoGP button they didn't install
that button on mine for some reason I don't know how I tried to activate it when I was in the track earlier but uh there was too much power for me too much power you hit your nos too soon so what do we go through like downtown Jacksonville I am I think so a guy came up to me he's like whoa are you really riding that thing yeah dams on a lot of bikes a lot of Mike sounds like a giant Rumble going down the road all these Harley's yeah damnit I gotta get a new visor are you crashed
yeah there it is straight on my face apparently seriously I need to think of like a title for that that red phrase plant from Grom first first trash that seriously that's my first motorcycle crash ever really yeah hell of a way to do it I guess I mean the bikes still running so I see the Willie the only thing is bad about the


crops Willie's is it doesn't have a loyal return or the cylinder true you don't Willie as you can pardon your edge enough later got that fix you and
all your technical knowledge oh ma on tech school smells like somebody's burnin oil right there's there's bodies on the front of that car where they Chucky dolls make some weird Halloween come early there's our first cop it's coming up on us easy boys run how I see you now slaughtered Hey and saw have you ever seen this before you almost got me accepted other hand was in the way ah didn't quite see it but Oprah meta got it though so for all of those that are watching in
cops vs 300 honda groms
the GoPro forest showed you that congratulations is there a name for that I think it's like the ball gazer mean ball gazer yeah you just make that up as out for real I think that's what it's called pop gazer looks funny why because you're supposed to buy rolls hey why you looking at my balls stop Dave stop tasering at my balls feel offended this is got to be a hilarious your people just chilling on the side of the road does a bunch of little bikes run by hey bro you're about
to hit 30 slow down this the scooters weird so you have your front brake and then the rear brake grabs the front in the rear that's kind of cool I mean it slows you down evenly Mike was telling me and his dad paid like I think four thousand dollars for this thing really I was like whoa you get a girl for that get a crumb brand-new out the door for 38 dang well didn't that miss the manhole we Don yeah now you people on the side for me can't afford it run for it oh I didn't cut it
short I was going fast you ain't first you're last rigor Bobby a male let's do a slingshot shake and bake slingshot engage what is for yeah that's so weird oh we're coming over at officer on the knee down drag me bro I tried ragging the earlier today and I busted me instead you gotta taste what the ground tastes like yeah that's right real good I got a mint taste like chocolate got a faceful it tastes like what does pain taste like I don't know they have it come out
with that flavor yet a little bit more than it would have been blood flavored I can tell you what pain tastes like get these don't know we had true that we got the Popo away then I do the ball gazer me metal oh I see him he's up here on the left actually Cochran does Parfum yeah he's part there that's a big blue crop motogp I'm coming up how fast yeah 41 dang it things fast don't hit the nos bro I hope those tires are able to hook up gel like it's really cool back
here wow thanks TST I don't even want to around and like pretend to drag me after that wreck was not pleasant I'm gonna be feeling it fo sho what happened oh you know just I sided on the ground when I go kart track because I'm an idiot and they said do it anyways even though you have nabis I have nabis on mine at the moment but I have to get those swapped over I probably eat on nabis trying to drag me you know that's e15 that's right in front of you on to your right
cops vs 300 honda groms
it's smoking bad yeah I see that we get it bro you babe everybody has a four-stroke and is smoking like a two-stroke daddy that's like I think it's like a symphony or an 80 was it's like half half a groom well they did say we'd be going through the ghetto so old train tracks I am going 41 I think that's the fastest this thing can go look at Toyota widowhood we heard and yo photogram or we found where to hood it an answer to every time you wheelie and play that play that
song we we found would hit it it's by the water reclamation facility where the hood at right here right here I don't think my bars are bad I think they're yeah they feel pretty straight watch out there's a lot of guessing somebody went down there really gravely right there oh it's gonna kick my feet back there yeah yeah got


I hear sirens oh yeah they're they're trying trying to stop people oh yeah actually pull it in front of us how do we do them somewhere else
they don't even care about us that's crazy way to hood and in the hood into hood in the hood or the for the


don't even care about the huge thing at the rounds yeah I think I'm more serious to deal with we going on a big track hey you can go off-road here alright I don't want to around and fall you know what the police pick you up that's right it has to be serious here damn maybe bitte bitte bitte bitte tonight on channel 5 evening news hundreds of Brahms shut down
my way let's first put on the hazards how nice of them your blinkers on dog oh my bad man Danu a turning left oh I'm always on their left do to live do to live with a hood right damn it photo robber him the hoods right by all those mattresses in the road in a bed people love us he can't get it up personal problem here's a little blue pill I've got some car stop right behind you I'm drifting your brother or well a deuce you ready to shake and bake ready let's do it
slingshot engaged coming up to the side shake and bake here we go shake it on try there we go Orlando goons water I got a ride to see yesterday father 0:25 yeah it's nice would you do that around Grom there's more accessories your crops what about the count is on this man there's got to be over 200 that's me as far as the all I can see it's a sea of grounds and make sure of other place well then mistake there's a wheelie there's a police car we're at unmarked car
there's a guy surprising they're not messing with us that's crazy today's cop I'm a-gettin with the ball mr. Bogg yeah he's like man now I gotta pull him over a little on the scooter are you the only scooter I think so thing well there's a rockiest but to look at Matt Jesus that beautiful bean footage down I was a good man yeah all wonder if I could peel a sticker and slap it on him while we're at it that's it they're the Deaf do it I might
have done it yeah nope did it dan Lazar we don't want another accident like I'm slowing down turn the left oh we go way back at the place yeah this is it man Oh time flies me up for that is a shitload of likes photo Robert when I includes the ride session of video yeah I was crazy man that was crazy I had fun sir good brother I miss it I'll see you later good ride guys wait oh I don't even know where get him for me later all right later guys all right guys well that concludes
the grande ride I have got to get back to Orlando so I'm going to pretty much pack up and then head out but big thanks to photo grammar for the invite for again awesome awesome event thoroughly enjoy myself well yeah if you guys enjoyed the video be sure to hit the like button if you guys aren't subscribed already hit that subscribe button as well hit that Bell icon so it sends you notifications of future uploads and all that and until next time you guys ride safe out there stay vigilant
thank you guys later