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Cops Get Owned And Taught A Lesson

Jul 22, 2023
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being possessed and polite, please take a moment to like and subscribe. This police officer should return to the academy he owns and then be trained by his sergeant, who are you? I don't need to provide that, yes, you. Do it now, I don't. If I ask you who you are and why you are videotaping our facilities, you have to provide me with some form of identification, so you must demand that identification be requested by law. You must be able to do it. articulating a crime that I'm about to commit or have committed, okay, you're running around, you're videotaping our state police facility for no apparent reason and if I ask you who you are, you have to provide me with identification.
cops get owned and taught a lesson
I don't have to like anything else no, it's not yes, you do, I don't, yes, you do, in fact, your public information officer has already dealt with this here and has also done it with some other officers, as well I don't care who you dealt with. I'm asking for your ID because I want to know who you are right now. I want to know what your reasoning is for recording our facilities well on video. First, the Supreme Court has covered that filming in public is perfectly legal. Don't know. Be careful and that is not a suspicion of a crime, therefore you have no suspicion of a crime, listen, you can quote whatever you want, why are you recording?
cops get owned and taught a lesson

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cops get owned and taught a lesson...

That's what I'm asking now. I don't have to answer that. Well, I want to see. a form of identification that identifies who you are why are you off my premises right now video game I guess I don't have to provide that either why not why do you feel like you don't have to do any reporting because that's the law? It's not that if you're here and I want to know why you're recording our facility and you have to provide me with some form of identification, you can't just come and leave whenever you want and just go up with your stuff and fly over them a lot of times I want to know who you are and why are you videotaping this right now, you probably want to call a supervisor or someone higher up, sure, here's my sergeant, he'll come out right now and say, "Okay, no." problem, hey Elaine, he was flying the drone out front recording video, all I'm doing is asking for a form of ID so we can identify who it is.
cops get owned and taught a lesson
He rejected your first charges, it's not a problem, it's not a problem, you can video everything you want. to get any ID I can, video games are not a problem, okay, so you were wrong, uh, you were wrong, go ahead, Mr. Sergeant, yes, I was, so today you learned something that's good, okay, don't you worry, this policewoman is ready to abuse her authority and get personal with this guy's tattoos, so I'm free to go, yeah, you're pretty good, thanks, very good, I appreciate it. Am I being detained or am I free to leave? No, I'm asking you a question, but they can take you out of the car and I can look for it if you really want.
cops get owned and taught a lesson
How is that? Yes, any way I want doesn't mean I can use whatever I find, but I can do it, so you want to do it. I want to play that game a little harder so you don't come back, no, no, all I'm saying is don't talk, no, no, I'm not talking. They're everywhere, a bunch of tattooed gangsters. I can't even park the damn car right there, you're there, she's all padded and everything, not even around here, they tell this guy he can't go home, watch his channel to see how this ends if he doesn't live It's not allowed here I live here sir just around the left corner there on the right teal blue house do you have a license?
I have it, but I prefer not to show it if I am not obliged by law. I need to prove that you live on the street. You're saying I'm bound by law. I can't prove that you don't live on the street. No? You can pass my label and see the address appear. You're going to make it that complicated, I don't know? I'm trying to get home if you're one of them if you want to make it complicated go ahead okay we can do this as long as you want just stay here. and I'll be checking you out, you'll see my press ID, if you want, okay, I didn't write your ad, I just told you my address, okay, I don't know what it is, excuse me, there's not enough going on.
I know exactly what's going on sir and that's why I'd like to get home, so I appreciate you not holding me back, excuse me, so we're not going to turn this around, you're the ones holding me back. They are the ones who contacted me. I'm really trying to go home, so don't play that cop attitude with me, see if you're going to let me go home. He didn't stop you, it's everyone who comes. I don't care who you stopped I live here I don't care I live here you're in my neighborhood you're in my neighborhood I'm not in your neighborhood I don't care you're in my county I'm waiting for the car to go by I'm waiting for the car to go by you're blocking traffic Sir, you won't let the car pass so I can pass, how can I go? in my way you're in my way jesus christ competent you're incompetent stupid I'm trying to get his attention now he's trying to ignore me officer can't you hear me can you hear me can you hear me can you hear me can you hear I, it's okay, I'm not armed and I don't have weapons.
I just want you to know that I am not armed and I have no weapons. Okay, so you know he just played the game of pretending he can't. Listen to me I just want to let you know I'm not armed I don't have any weapons with me Hey, were you the guy that said this is your county? Were you the guy who told me this is your county before? I got here when I got here you didn't stop me in the car before and you tried to identify me and I didn't give you identification yes I was there you didn't say this is your county are you a supervisor? all my cards I can order them uh I don't know you seem fine man I just don't like how you demand an ID and then get shitty when I don't want to give it why is it good just people?
It's allowed to live here, it's allowed to come back here, he says who doesn't, you don't want to go talk, no, it's not that I want to talk, I just want to have a conversation, let's have a normal conversation, what do you mean they're not allowed? Now these public roads are under martial law, basically public safety, the only people who are allowed to come back here, people who live here, so they don't want to, what if it's not safe for me? Then you can go, sir, I can leave my own neighborhood. If I want my mom who doesn't live here to come visit me tell her to come visit you so she can come I don't care you don't care but you say it's not allowed if you don't live here but If I want my mom who lives here to come, You will see that there are so many gray areas and you demand that what you say is right and what you do is right, but I am not going to talk to you because no matter what I tell you, you will not be satisfied, this guy is quite aggressive with the police, but he knows he can't do anything.
This could have gone wrong. That's why you should always film police officers. I do not have one. It's none of your business, you have to bring good luck with that good luck with that punk boy, punk boy, listen to me, stay away from me, stay away from me, I'm telling you, you won't give me a fine for writing shaking the opponent. clue stay away from me then write a fine write a fine come back how much does it cost how much money do you want depends on the judge how much money do you want bastard listen listen how much does the fine cost bastard here bastard it's retaliation we're telling you because they give you the finger look at you you're out of breath man look at you bastard sir you are a bastard I'm going to tell you one more time sir are you going to arrest me why what are you going to arrest me?
Are you going to physically arrest me? Are you going to physically arrest me? Are you threatening me? Are you training me if you're not going to give your name? Are you threatening me or not? getting your ID, you're threatening me, okay, I don't know who you are, the rest of you know exactly who I am, they harassed me, good citizen, what's your name, good citizen?, you're alive, there are almost 100 people looking at you, your name is already, tyrone. Yeah, oh, you know my name, you heard it, right people, this guy has followed me. I recorded it four times.
Look at him for reaching out to me and training me. Look at him invading me. What's your name? With threatening body language. What is your? name you should stay away from me because you are following me I am live and you are being watched by so many people around the world what is your name it is none of your business go away and write me a ticket if you want write me a ticket for walking on the opposite track after you followed me four times to look for a violation you have harassed me so you understand what that means you understand the title third excuse me title 18 241 242 code your violation reilly what is your what what code you took did you take a oh, I'm going to write you a ticket , you're going to write me a title, right, don't be mad, I need your details, see this, guys, see how close he just made it.
I got here, I need your details. See how close you just came, sir? I need your information. See how close you just came? Mister. I need your name and date of birth. You should stop trying to challenge me, but I'm not trying. to write me a fine you know exactly who I am I don't know who you are you know exactly who I am you write me a fine I have to retaliate retaliation don't try it friend it's retaliation because you don't like my words that means you're weak inside you're weak inside traffic lane, I'm not going to do it, I'm not following your instructions, that's not a legal order, sir, I'm not following your illegal order, leave, why not confront, will you?
You know my name, I know your name, oh there we go, what liars, guys, you heard right, this guy knows his rights, although it seems like the lieutenant doesn't watch the full video below, it gets real, what you're doing here, Can I please crazy? your negative IDs, can you tell me your negative name and why you are stopping me? Like I said, sir, he's acting suspiciously on police department property. taking photographs is acting suspiciously taking photographs is acting suspiciously is taking a photograph and answers the question. photos acting suspiciously you are a public servant so I am still detained are you going to tell me that I will not regret it? okay cool do what you have to do and then i got one why don't you let me identify you what's your nameplate number plate 33 mara villas nameplate there you have official nameplate number 10 188 what's your badger number is your badge number you don't have your badge number available I need to see your badge number there you go I didn't do it take a photo or say it or let me take a photo of it you know who I am Lieutenant there you go and you refuse to identify yourself with your license plate number you are fired you are fired you are fired rebound why are you here why are you here?
I will not leave. I will not leave. They'll be gone before I'm gone. I promise you. So bounce, see you later. Buckle and bounce. Break it and get out of here. It's that simple. You can't stop me, no, no, no, no, do you mind listening to me? No, because I don't want to listen to your nonsense. I don't want to listen to the lies and manipulation of the situation. Let me ask you a question how reasonable suspicion works you need a reasonable and articulable suspicion that a crime is not being committed that is about to be committed or has been committed where is the crime that I had that I am not going to deal with you you never had that you I have never had no reasonable suspicion, is it true or not?
Yes, see you later, goodbye, discard the negative, I will not leave, the negative, go back to work exactly, we are all leaving, we have a tyrant here and we have someone here who is not well. sir, we have someone there, I didn't, you guys are horrible, your tyrants, it's not a point, you guys are tired, no, if you would have come out and said hey, you need help and I would have said no and you would have done it. she left there wouldn't have been any of this but what happened you didn't leave you're still here you didn't do any of this they stopped me we're having arguments we're getting silly now you guys are surrounding me she's playing Yo, this guy won't let me come take pictures like I wanted, you guys are over six feet tall, dude, I got it on camera, I got it on camera, tyrant, you were right, you got a gun, you got five officers around you, man.
Yes, that's what you're going to see on camera, you're going to see that I started all this, I started this contact, I stopped without any crime or anything and then I just screamed and yes, don't touch me, don't touch me, my investigation bounces, go buckle up and bounce, you're leaving. here I'm not leaving I'm not leaving and you don't yell at me or put your damn finger in my face you're nobody without that damn badge gun, you hear me right, here, yeah, all I did was get closer, yeah, exactly, look at it, Look closely, this is my thumbnail right here.

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