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Copper To Diamond: Mozzie Countering Thermite - Rainbow Six Siege

Jun 11, 2021
a safe area, this means I can rush if they go to the basements. Hopefully I'll try to shock him and run over there. What's up, guys? Hey, no, no, this is my last location, or the ink is this, yeah,


. Oh boy, I played with some of my Friends, last night we lost like seven from my location. I was jumping like all the teams I've been playing with so far. I keep killing the team and shoot them after that. I get mean to these guys. Genuine ethers, let's get started. offers I was born one last season those friends I used to play with I like to stop playing mid-season last time look at this kick now I'm back guys and I have a 144 it's Bonner baby shall I try it?
copper to diamond mozzie countering thermite   rainbow six siege
Yes, and there is a 50- There is a 50 chance that we will pitch in the third round and lose because there is a glitch where they get more if there is a glitch where if your team gives up right before the start of their field, both teams become winners, yes actually. That could really help me get into a relationship, not even the same dogs 15. I'm not passing on this guy's photo. Oh, we'll have an offender, never mind CG for us, not this guy, we can't actually use lines again, playing with dogs, I was waiting. kill someone or do something, okay?
copper to diamond mozzie countering thermite   rainbow six siege

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copper to diamond mozzie countering thermite rainbow six siege...

How can I not check it? Maybe some of us are lost in the sauce right now. Finally he decided to change it. I feel bad for these guys because they are genuinely a heart. Copper stuck, some questionable plays though, but I need to try. I want to see if they made it worth it. Although the team killed from the beginning where we are. I think everyone voted differently. This is a big scam. Can anyone get the pig from my castle? Just turn off all the engines, I have three. Oh, he wants to just knock down all the doors.
copper to diamond mozzie countering thermite   rainbow six siege
Oh hey Superdog, every time I come back to this game I hear the Skype call. I received a Twitter yokai with Twitter. I was so excited about it that I want every location and then I want to leave this, but I don't want to have a castle, what you do, these doors are really that crazy medical education that wastes hunters, although they are just I'm going to get, oh yeah, I was supposed to go up and get hatches of yours at first, which to hold them first they're going to grow, frankly, I thought let's kick him out.
copper to diamond mozzie countering thermite   rainbow six siege
I have it, I have it, I have to lift it. I have momentum, trick. Not that guy, I use Twitter even more wildly oh you mommy Oh mom, you have a tic o-o tic buzz so much


load so bad as we say next level yes, it's about the popular wish story, they're better, but I I'm strong dead on the stairs and then they'll probably throw me, you know, keep you're my bulletproof, please, because you can see through what there was another me, oh, I hope we don't lose this round. well run by me cooking in a small office device the small office is behind the bulletproof no this is a completely free weekend are we playing on the Copper team?
Just no, this is a Copper event. I had fun, other teammates left, now it's time to add. a 4v which is hard for me to watch while everyone does everything if I can't go to the garage they will go to the manager it's good to add a marker I think I'll be wrong about the fuses. It's good to know what my fuse is. Honestly, I like this. I don't even care if we lose anymore, that's got buses running, made it worth it, he used to do everything I did, money nice to the manager. I really hope his manager gets mad anyway before my visa.
I wish this guy was in/this video, yeah, yeah, the Cavs are closed, left, she's haunting, yeah, I told you she just ran down, hey girl, okay, what happened there? Come back, try to see the godfather, he really only used a grenade there and then just our, there's a taxi coming. or you know oh my god I'm sorry I'm sorry we pushed the fuse just let the dog walk towards me this man just walked straight the man laid him down I'm the same one on the loan that was a threesome with the shield you even put the fact that he closed the Sharks, his teammates, I'm his friend, I just came and picked her like that, only, she says, oh, I have a good one, more, suit, I'm the right move, now he's just slacking off, he was trying to Be like yes, I have an older girl, the funny thing is that she is my girlfriend's best friend, what is a scrub?
So for me, monkey and I didn't, his father gave me a free 1072. I was this guy living today so this guy has a custom 59 30k swag in tow that's like painting a 1630 eight core I don't know it's like 2013 I really don't know anyway with all the custom blue water which we built in 50 unless you're rendering because I don't think ten seventies roll your eyes like 4k 15 this guy built a rig I'm pretty sure they weren't like 2016 20 I don't love amputees Just no I can PC like last week bro and now I'm using it my other PC from streaming PC it's amazing to change now like GTV for certain custom email client to Oh, beep, I'm hoping, oh, if only I have to build it, I made it to say, Can you let me out?
He left, yeah. Tefik is going to get angry very well, we don't have any bandits, our sugar level in the garage, okay, yes, what are they down here. We enter? Didn't we get any hatches or something? I do not know what is happening. what no, he's a concept I'm looking at like you know, look at my steps, I'm confused, he's like a guy in the left corner of the garage, there's another one, he's a, but there could be a far left compliment to your look, oh, he's a pillow, get that. ship that was stressful, hit it, they just walked to the right and the receivers like 30 seconds on this girl, I can accept this is what I mean by it sounds like high school, something I remember in high school, everyone would say, oh yeah, like i had this girl. finished or like we hit oh, okay, but I know it's weird, it's like, yeah, I'm a good manager now.
Can't. I feel like I can't even talk because of how many people they're talking to, so if I talk, I want to count. This one dominates them because you know I'm so, so focused, this is, oh god, they're all gone, no joke, dude Rogaine, I title the hair products, okay, not the UFC maker, they're fun at least Lee, thank you, thank you, they are not. They're not without brocks Tom, yes, yesterday Dean, I know what you were thinking, I didn't know, I'm learning walking around the team, players are arrested, Jeff, someone is wandering around here odo, it's a cat, not him, she He didn't get shot in the head for that. the screen was shaking like it was the toe I was landing on that's how I do the exact jump oh we got kid I know why these guys are in


oh there was only one person left there were two I knew Frost was there I was.
Okay, there's another one, I'm really depressed, but really all she was shooting was where she was because she moved. It's okay, it doesn't matter. I just played the next level with Frost and destroyed her. Let's see how many kills that guy has on his team. five eleven nineteen fifteen eighteen twenty-one and two deaths I think it was two deaths in the first round, so it's a bit shocking, it sounds not too bad, but there are no graphics, there is no webcam, it's out of curiosity, precision and it doesn't bother me I mean this in a derogatory way are you in high school? yeah, hey, that's me, that sounds just like me wait 9 9 followed by 30 viewers hmm no, don't add up, they're going to go to the gym, come back, you remind me a lot of Myself it's time for your PRS to bet that my PRI just got your Robin, huh, it's all here.
My only one who cares and loves more. I'm strong, yeah, your guys are trying to take advantage of it too. You know, they were definitely nice, but I can talk too much. I didn't even touch myself, but this was an amazing match, I managed to pull it off, especially that double twitter, my own double break, oh my charges, I just smashed the copper, these guys are so nice and genuine, even though they're just having a good time . in the rankings, remember when I used to play like that, okay? and now I hate my life. Just kidding, it's not that bad, but coppers are much healthier than platinums, where everyone yells at you for being stupid.

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